*  Herbier Philatélique Pierre Guertin Philatelic Herbarium: Juniperus thurifera Espana
Juniperus communis est bien nommé sur un timbre de la Slovenie de 1998. La Macédoinie a émis un timbre sur le Juniperus excelsa ... Juniperus thurifera. Le genre comprend une cinquantaine d'espèces distribué surtout dans l'hémisphère nord. Les genévriers sont ... Sainte-Lucie a émis un timbre illustrant Juniperus barbadensis avec le nom latin dessus. ...
*  Screening of Main Japanese Conifers for Antifungal Leaf Components, Sesquiterpenes of Juniperus chinensis var. pyramidalis
Juniperus chinensis var. pyramidalis - Juniperus chinensis var. pyramidalis * listy - leaves * zložky antihubové - antifungal ... Screening of Main Japanese Conifers for Antifungal Leaf Components, Sesquiterpenes of Juniperus chinensis var. pyramidalis. ... Screening of Main Japanese Conifers for Antifungal Leaf Components, Sesquiterpenes of Juniperus chinensis var. pyramidalis ... podnázvu : Rozbor hlavných japonských ihličňanov na protihubové zložky listov, seskviterpény z Juniperus chinensis var. ...
*  The utilization of micro-and macromolecular data for the analyses of evolutionary problems : examples from Juniperus and...
Juniperus deppeana var. pachyphlaea and J. d. var. zacatecensis were found to be a part of J. deppeana var. deppeana. Juniperus ... In Juniperus sabina var. arenaria, the sand loving juniper, the oil was found to be very similar to that of J. davurica, ... The composition of the leaf oils from seven populations of Juniperus sabina L. and one population of J. sabina var. arenaria (E ... In the second study, another species of Juniperus, J. communis, was investigated to detect the genetic variation in Norwegian ...
*  Juniperus gracilior - Wikispecies
Genus: Juniperus. Sectio: Juniperus sect. Sabina. Species: Juniperus gracilior. Varietates: J. g. var. ekmanii - J. g. var. ... Junipers of the World: The genus Juniperus. Trafford. ISBN 1-4120-4250-X. ... Retrieved from "https://species.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Juniperus_gracilior&oldid=3071453" ...
*  Juniper (Juniperus communis) | Plant Profiler | Sigma-Aldrich
Juniperus communis, Juniperus deppeana, Juniperus mexicana, Juniperus occidentalis, Juniperus oxycedrus, Juniperus phoenicea, ... Juniperus oxycedrus extract, Juniperus oxycedrus tar, Juniperus phoenicia extract, and Juniperus virginiana extract. Int J Tox ... Juniperus scopulorum, Juniperus therifera, Juniperus virginiana, pencil cedar, Pinaceae, red cedar, Sabina, wacholderbeeren, ... Adams, R. P. Systematics of Juniperus section Juniperus based on leaf essential oils and random amplified polymorphic DNAs ( ...
*  Juniperus communis nana Juniper PFAF Plant Database
Juniperus communis nana is an evergreen Shrub growing to 9 m (29ft 6in) at a slow rate. It is hardy to zone (UK) 2 and is not ... Juniperus tetragona. 2. 0. Juniperus virginiana. Pencil Cedar, Eastern redcedar, Southern redcedar, Silver Cedar, Burk Eastern ... Juniperus sabina. Savine, Tam Juniper. 0. 2. Juniperus scopulorum. Rocky Mountain Juniper, Weeping Rocky Mountian Juniper, ... Juniperus communis nana is an evergreen Shrub growing to 9 m (29ft 6in) at a slow rate.. It is hardy to zone (UK) 2 and is not ...
*  Juniperus squamata ( Blue Swede Juniper ) | Backyard Gardener
Evergreen shrub with a particularly attractive, Pfitzer-like growth habit, with rich blue-green foliage in summer turning metallic bluish grey in winter. Grows 4 feet high by 4 to 5 feet wide. Very tolerable of dry soils, but can not tolerate heat or humidity. Susceptible to
*  Juniperus virginiana ( Pendula Red Juniper ) | Backyard Gardener
Evergreen tree with spreading branches and pendulous branchlets. Leaves are mostly acicular. and light green in color. Grows 30 to 45 feet high. Female, with bloomy blue-white cones. Excellent for use as screen, background or accent. Withstands a wide variety of soils and growing conditions. Very long
JUNIPERUS COMMUNIS. Juniper Berries. Catarrhal inflammation of kidneys. Dropsy, with suppression of urine. Old persons, with ... Relationship.--Compare: Sabina; Juniperus Virginianus-Red Cedar--(Violent tenesmus vesical. Persistent dragging in back; hyper ...
*  FRCE - Overview: Cedar Red (Juniperus virginiana) IgE
Draw blood in a plain red-top tube(s), serum gel tube(s) is acceptable. Spin down and send 0.5 mL of serum refrigerated in a plastic vial.
*  Juniperus Oxycedrus Wood Tar | Cosmetics Info
These include Juniperus Communis Fruit Extract. , Juniperus Oxycedrus Fruit Extract, Juniperus Oxycedrus Wood Tar. , Juniperus ... Juniperus communis - Common Juniper Juniperus oxycedrus - Cade Juniper Juniperus phoenicea - Phoenician Juniper Juniperus ... Juniperus Oxycedrus Fruit Extract, Juniperus Oxycedrus Wood Tar, Juniperus Phoenicea Gum. Extract and Juniperous Virginiana ... One report states that the chemical composition of Juniperus Communis Oil and Juniperus Communis Extract. is similar. No data ...
*  Juniperus californica in Flora of North America @ efloras.org
Juniperus californica Carrière, 3: 352. 1854. California juniper, huata, cedro Sabina californica (Carrière) Antoine. Shrubs or ... No other Western Hemisphere species of Juniperus has been found to have leaf-oil races.. ...
*  The Colonization History of Juniperus brevifolia (Cupressaceae) in the Azores Islands
Here, we analyze five plastid DNA regions of the endangered Juniperus brevifolia, which is endemic to the Azores archipelago. ... Methodology/Principal Findings The phylogeny of the section Juniperus and the phylogeographic analyses of J. brevifolia based ...
*  Juniperus horizontalis ( Prostrata Creeping Juniper ) | Backyard Gardener - Gardening Information
Low growing, evergreen with a uniform growth habit. Dark silvery-green foliage. Grows 6 inches high, but lacks density with many long branches overtopping the
*  Juniperus chinensis ( Hetzii Chinese Juniper ) | Backyard Gardener - Gardening Information
Outstanding, evergreen shrub with dense, upright branches clothed in sharply pointed, bright green needles. Depending on variety, works well as a ground cover,
*  Juniperus scopulorum ( Lakewood Globe Juniper ) | Backyard Gardener - Gardening Information
Compact evergreen shrub with striking foliage throughout the seasons. Excellent blue-green foliage, growing 4 to 6 feet tall in 10 years. Requires little
*  Juniperus sabina 'Monard' MOOR-DENSE - Plant Finder
Juniperus sabina, commonly known as savin juniper, is a shrubby evergreen conifer that is native to mountain areas of central ... It was discovered in 1981 growing with a group of Juniperus sabina 'Broadmoor' plants at Monrovia Nursery in Azusa, California ...
*  Juniperus virginiana 'Grey Owl' - Plant Finder
Juniperus virginiana, commonly called Eastern red cedar, is native to Missouri where it typically occurs on limestone bluffs ... This plant may be a hybrid, but it is usually listed for sale as a cultivar of Juniperus virginiana. ...
*  Juniperus communis, Juniper Berries
... Details. Juniper berries are a mild diuretic that stimulate urination without causing loss ...
*  John Martone, two new serial poems: 'Gamma' & 'Juniperus Virginiana' | Jacket2
To describe John Martone as our greatest living miniaturist, as I have in the past, is to go back for me to a time many years ago when Ian Hamilton Finlay & I corresponded about a poetry of small increments (one-word poems & other such concerns). For Finlay, I believe, some form of minimalism was at the heart of the concrete poetry he was then exploring & developing, & for myself it entered into aspects of ethnopoetics & appeared most clearly in the numerically based poems (gematria) that I was beginning to write. It's with someone like John Martone, however, that this approach turns into a life long project, for which the following, newly made & often self published, can serve as a presentday, irrefutable witness. (J.R.)]. gamma. light in your handwriting's ...
*  Juniperus communis pure essential oil
Juniperus communis, 10ml pure essential oil. Great for lymphatic congestion, urinary issues, swelling, edema, circulation, ... Juniper essential oil (Juniperus communis), 10ml pure essential oil. Great for lymphatic congestion, urinary issues, swelling, ...
*  Juniperus virginiana - Another Look | Scott Arboretum
Juniperus virginiana - Another Look Home > Plant of the Month > Juniperus virginiana - Another Look ... Juniperus virginiana - Another Look. Posted at 16:22h in Plant of the Month by Josh Coceano 7 Comments ... I'm in GA zone 7 and the only Juniperus virginiana I see planted state wide is the Burkii or Brodies the males. I don't ever ... Juniperus virginiana Emerald Sentinel (R) planted in hardy containers in front of Pearson Building. photo credit: J. Coceano ...
*  Online Plant Guide - Juniperus chinensis 'Torulosa' / Hollywood Juniper
This is the same plant Juniperus chinensis 'Kaizuka' and because there is some confusion as to their identification, both names ... Juniperus chinensis 'Torulosa' /Hollywood Juniper. Staked plants growing in nursery containers View Image (Full) ... This is the same plant Juniperus chinensis 'Kaizuka' and because there is some confusion as to their identification, both names ...
*  Juniperus semiglobosa - Wikipedia
ISBN 1-84246-068-4 Flora of China: Juniperus semiglobosa Conifer Specialist Group (1998): Juniperus semiglobosa Zsolt Debreczy ... Juniperus semiglobosa (English: Himalayan Pencil Juniper; Chinese: 昆仑多子柏; pinyin: Kūnlún duō zi bǎi) is a species of juniper ... Farjon, A. (2013). "Juniperus semiglobosa". The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. IUCN. 2013: e.T42253A2967149. doi:10.2305/ ... It grows at altitudes of 1,550-4,350 metres (5,090-14,270 ft) . Juniperus semiglobosa is an evergreen coniferous shrub or small ...
*  Juniperus occidentalis - Wikipedia
Hybrids with Juniperus osteosperma are occasionally found. Farjon, A. (2013). "Juniperus occidentalis". The IUCN Red List of ... There are two Juniperus occidentalis varieties, treated as subspecies by some botanists: Juniperus occidentalis var. ... Gymnosperm Database: Juniperus occidentalis Gymnosperm Database: Juniperus occidentalis var. australis Flora of North America: ... Juniperus occidentalis (western juniper or Sierra juniper) is a shrub or tree native to the western United States, growing in ...