*  A System for Three-Dimensional Visualization of Human Jaw Motion in Speech | Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research ...
With the development of precise three-dimensional motion measurement systems and powerful computers for three-dimensional graphical visualization, it is possible to record and fully reconstruct human jaw motion. In this paper, we describe a visualization system for displaying three-dimensional jaw movements in speech. The system is designed to take as input jaw motion data obtained from one or multi-dimensional recording systems. In the present application, kinematic records of jaw motion were recorded using an optoelectronic measurement system (Optotrak). The corresponding speech signal was recorded using an analog input channel. The three orientation angles and three positions that describe the motion of the jaw as a rigid skeletal structure were derived from the empirical measurements. These six kinematic variables, which in mechanical terms account fully for jaw motion kinematics, act as inputs that ...
*  Jaw wiring - Wikipedia
Jaw wiring is a medical procedure to keep the jaw closed for a period of time. Originally, it was used as the mandibular equivalent of a cast, to fix the jaw in place while a fracture healed. Today, jaws may also be wired for weight-loss purposes, to prevent the ingestion of solid food. Jaw wiring is performed by attaching orthodontic brackets to the teeth, and wrapping pliable wire either around or through the brackets. The wiring may be configured to place the patient's lower jaw in a semi-closed resting position. This permits a moderate amount of jaw movement and relatively clear speech, but inhibits the ingestion of solid foods, forcing patients to adhere to a liquid diet. The type of jaw wiring used in patients with mandibular fractures, or those who need orthognathic surgery to correct deformed jaws, is known as inter-maxillary fixation (IMF) or ...
*  Australian-first for reconstructive surgery uses a 3D printed jaw implant - Healthcanal.com : Healthcanal.com
Mr Dimitroulis said surgery is at the cross-roads of an exciting era, where an increased use of 3D technology will see customised medical devices become an integral part of healthcare in the 21st Century.. "Many people suffer from jaw joint disorders such as painful clicking and jaw locking, with thousands undergoing surgery each year to treat advanced arthritic and other degenerative joint conditions," he said.. Patient Richard Stratton was born with condylar aplasia - missing a jaw joint called temporomandibular joint (TMJ) that resulted in a lack of growth in the left side of his face and a noticeably skewed lower jaw. The condition also affected jaw motion, greatly affecting his chewing capacity and facial expression.. In early May, Mr Dimitroulis led the surgical team who reconstructed the missing jaw with a custom-made jaw joint replacement that was the result of collaboration between ...
*  Patent US6983559 - Fish jaw gripper to facilitate hook removal - Google Patents
A gripper to hold a fish upright during hook removal has a pliers-like body. This body includes a first member having an outer handle portion joined to an upper jaw portion and a second member having an inner handle portion joined to a lower jaw portion. The lower jaw portion is pivotally carried in an opening between sidewalls of the upper jaw portion. Bottom edges of outer segments of the upper jaw portion sidewalls have tooth-like abrasions. These abrasions mate with like abrasions on a top wall of a swivel element pivotally attached to the lower jaw portion. When the handle portions of the gripper are squeezed togther so that the jaw and swivel element abrasions compressively engage a lower jaw of a fish, downward movement of the swivel element is inhibited by a locking action between complementarily formed offsets on a bottom surface of the swivel element top wall and ...
*  heart disease symptoms and problem information: Jaw Pain and Heart Attacks and Heart Disease Caused by Lack of Sleep
Heart pain is often radiated to teeth and jaw. It is very common to have jaw pain before or during a heart attack. It is simply not possible to emphasize on the symptoms of heart attack as different people experience different complications during a heart attack. Chest pain is the most common sign of having a heart attack, but there could be many other relevant causes of the condition.. Cardiac pain usually involves the jaw, arms, neck and back. The pain is very strong and severe. However, the jaw pain has nothing to with dental problems, and it usually comes and goes.. It is the heart pain that affects the teeth and jaw line. Any problems related to the heart can affect both the upper and lower jaw. It is very difficult to diagnose whether the jaw pain is associated with a heart problems or sinus or any other dental complication. Also, as there is no proper evidence to establish a link ...
*  Jaw movement dysfunction related to Parkinson's disease and partially modified by levodopa. | Journal of Neurology,...
OBJECTIVES--To test the hypotheses that Parkinson's disease can differentially produce deficits in voluntary and rhythmic jaw movements, which involve different neuronal circuits, and that levodopa treatment improves specific components of the motor deficit. METHODS--Patients with idiopathic Parkinson's disease and control subjects were tested on a series of jaw motor tasks that included simple voluntary movement, isometric clenching, and natural and paced rhythmic movements. Jaw movements were measured by changes in electromagnetic fields and EMG activity. Patients with Parkinson's disease with fluctuations in motor responses to levodopa were tested while off and on. RESULTS--During the off state, patients with Parkinson's disease were significantly worse than the control subjects on most tasks. The deficits included a decrease in amplitude and velocity during jaw opening and closing, aberrant patterns and low amplitude of EMG activity ...
*  Headache / Migraine - Bay Area TMJ and Sleep Center
Tension-type headaches can be treated with a "specialized" orthotic appliance (a completely different design which functions differently than a night guard or splint) which is used to reposition the lower jaw so the jaw muscles are more relaxed and the jaw joints are in the correct position. This appliance limits the amount of force the closing jaw muscles can generate resulting in the reduction or elimination of headaches, migraines, jaw pain, facial pain, TMJ pain, neck and shoulder pain.. There are many nerves, ligaments, and blood vessels in and around the jaw joints. If the jaw joints are not in the correct position, the joints can impinge on these structures causing various pains about the face, head, neck, and shoulders. The jaw joints must be in the correct position.. Dr. Busciglio has treated many patients with chronic headaches and/or migraines and insures the ...
*  Lower Jaw Pain - Causes of Mandible Pain - | neo-people.ru
A break in the lower jaw bone could occur due to trauma caused by physical assault, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, and falls. Both men and women are equally susceptible to having fractures of the jaw bone. However, due to the more aggressive nature of the causes, the incidence of fractured lower jaw is 3 times higher in men than in women. The mandible may undergo a simple fracture, comminuted fracture or a compound fracture.. In a simple fracture, the bone does not fragment after the break, and there is no penetration of the broken bone into the skin and other tissues. In a comminuted fracture, the bone breaks into more than two fragments. In a compound fracture, the broken ends of the bone pierce the skin and other nearby tissues. Fracture of the lower jaw is typically characterized by tenderness and excruciating pain that worsens during any jaw movements. This makes activities such as speaking, eating, or just ...
*  Re: Jaws 8 and IE8 - jfw - FreeLists
MessageI have Jaws 10 and I won't download IE 8 because it's not supposed to work well with my version of Jaws. I can't imagine Jaws 8 would be any better seeing as how it's an older version. My advice to you is to keep ignoring the update prompt. Alex ----- Original Message ----- From: Jim L To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Sent: Tuesday, August 25, 2009 5:00 PM Subject: Jaws 8 and IE8 Heya folks, Got another reminder this morning in my microsoft auto updates asking to download and install IE8 but I ignored it again as am only on Jaws 8 and don't want any problems unless IE8 is fine with jaws 8? Any users here using IE8 successfully with Jaws 8? and is Jaws 9 better? just I need to purchase new SMA's so wanna be sure about alot of things first as too many bills for me lately. Cheers, Jim ...
*  Do You Have to Suffer with Headaches or Jaw Pain? | Real Web Marketing Client News
by Dr. Michael Vold. Dysfunctional Occlusion. Do you have headaches, neck aches, clicking jaws, limited opening range of the jaw or ringing in your ears? You may have seen your physician about your symptoms, but found no relief. You may even have been told that it is "all in your head." If so, you are not alone. Some 60 million Americans share these symptoms with you.. We know the cause of your symptoms.. Symptoms of a Bad Bite. o clicking, popping or grating sound when opening or closing your mouth. o chronic headaches and/or dizziness. o tenderness in jaw muscles. o earaches and/or itchy ears. o jaws that sometimes lock open when yawning or laughing. o spasms or cramps in the jaw area.. Problems begin when the muscles in the jaw and jaw joint are out of alignment (malocclusion), causing problems when chewing. Simply stated, the ligaments, muscles, bones, teeth and joints do not line up, ...
*  Angulus mandibulae - Wikipédia
A ramus mandibulae elágazásának alsó részénél található az angulus mandibulae. Jól látható, mert felszíne durva, és mindkét oldalán harántirányú tarajok tarkítják. Külső részén a rágóizom (musculus masseter), belső részén a musculus pterygoideus medialis tapad. A ligamentum stylomandibulare ezen két izom között tapad.. ...
*  Global Jaw Crusher Market 2016 - FLSmidth, Metso, Sandvik, ThyssenKrupp, Terex, Earthtechnica - NDM Columns
This report provides detailed analysis of worldwide markets for Jaw Crusher market from 2011-2016, and provides extensive market forecasts (2016-2021) by region/country and subsectors. It covers the key technological and market trends in the Jaw Crusher market and further lays out an analysis of the factors influencing the supply/demand for Jaw Crusher, and the opportunities/challenges faced by industry participants. It also acts as an essential tool to companies active across the value chain and to the new entrants by enabling them to capitalize the opportunities and develop business strategies.. For sample request click on www.marketresearchstore.com/report/global-jaw-crusher-market-outlook-2016-2021-66009#RequestSample. A jaw crusher market uses compressive force for breaking of particle. This mechanical pressure is achieved by the two jaws of the crusher of which one is fixed while the other ...
*  Square Jaw Reduction
A square jaw line is considered more of a masculine feature that gives the face a boxier shape, and it is for this reason that jaw line contouring has become a popular cosmetic procedure. Cosmetic jaw line contouring is typically performed on women. It has the ability to achieve a less prominent jaw line, create a harmonious balance with other facial features and soften the appearance.. People who have an enlarged masseter often have a square jaw line. The masseter is a muscle located in the jaw, responsible for moving the jaw when people clench or chew.. Some personal habits, such as excessive chewing of hard foods, chewing gum, or grinding teeth can cause a noticeable enlargement of the masseter ...
*  White spots on jaw - Things You Didn't Know
White spots on jaw - My husband had jaw pain. A panoramic X-ray showed white spots. Dentist queried phleboliths. How would this affect him. Could it be something else? Hard to say. Hard to say how it could affect him without evaluation. See oral surgeon to sort things out
*  Re: restoring jaws without sighted assistance - jfw - FreeLists
In my case, JAWS seems to crash when I try to select an RSS feed from my feeds list. When this happens I lose speech, and get a Windows error message on-screen that requires computer mouse navigation to access the various buttons. I can't close or unload JAWS until I get rid of the error message, which requires sighted assistance. ----- Original Message ----- From: Patricia To: JAWS users list Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2008 8:06 PM Subject: re: restoring jaws without sighted assistance I would personally recommend the jaws dump as well. I have not used it yet, but I have definitely tried unloading jaws with insert-f4 and that doesn't usually work for me. does anyone else notice jaws particularly crashes when in internet explorer or whenever a program performs an error? or is this just my luck. and to add to antoehr thread, I too have experienced this browse button issue, not recently but i ...
*  Patente US6887240 - Vessel sealing wave jaw - Google Patentes
A forceps for clamping, grasping, manipulating, coagulating/desiccating and cutting tissue includes a shaft portion having a proximal end, a distal end and first and second jaw members pivotally attached to the distal end of the shaft by a pivot assembly. Each of the jaw members including an opposing inner facing surface having a plurality of wave forms disposed thereon for engaging tissue therebetween. The wave forms disposed on the inner facing surface of the second jaw member being complimentary to the wave forms on the inner facing surface of first jaw member. A handle portion having an actuating assembly is attached to the proximal end of the shaft for imparting movement of the first and second jaw members from a first open position wherein the jaw members are disposed in spaced relation relative to one another to a second clamping position wherein the jaw members cooperate to grasp ...
*  Mark Witton.com Blog: February 2016
Secondly, given how ecologically variable modern birds with helical jaw joints are, and that there is no obvious correlation between asymmetric quadrate condyles and mandibular bowing, we need to treat them as part of a 'functional package' - a recipe of functional elements considered simultaneously to assess their overall effect on behaviour and lifestyle. The attempt here is to see the bigger picture of how such joints work with the rest of the jaw - do they function in a pelican-like fashion? It doesn't seem so. The amount of mandibular movement in spinosaurids is pretty negligible compared to what we see in modern birds. As noted above, quantification of of jaw motion by Hendrickx et al. suggests the lower jaws move only a tiny amount, each jaw splaying 20 mm from a skull approaching 1000 mm long. It's likely this motion would not even be noticeable in life. I'm reminded of the calculations Darren and I predicted for ...
*  TMJ Dysfunction Treatment - Temporomandibular / Jaw Joint Pain
The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the jaw joint where the lower jaw attaches into the temporal bone of the skull. If you have pain here, we can help.
*  Jaw surgery
I'm scheduled to get jaw surgery on Sept 20 at 8:30am.:cry: I'm getting my upper jaw removed from my face, heh, and moved forward a bit, screwed with titanium plates. The lower jaw, I'm getting bone removed from the back of each part of the jaw and it's getting moved back. Plates, screws, and I am wired shut with my braces. AAAH. A month - they told me rubberbanded for two weeks but now it's wired shut a month. Liquid diet for a month. Now most people owuld be thrilled to lose 10-20lbs
*  Jaw Surgery Murrieta CA | Corrective Jaw Surgery
Jaw Surgery is performed by Murrieta CA Oral Surgeons when jaws don't meet correctly or teeth don't fit within the jaw. 951-399-2239
*  Patent US5797957 - Endoscopic bioptome with a hard stop to control biting force - Google Patents
An endoscopic bioptome includes a flexible coil having a lumen with an axially displaceable wire extending therethrough. The proximal ends of the coil and wire are coupled to a manual actuator for axially displacing one of the coil and wire relative to the other. The distal end of the coil is coupled to either a jaw assembly or a cylinder. The jaw assembly includes a pair of jaws each having a distal jaw cup having a proximal neck and a relatively narrow bent resilient arm. The distal end of the wire is coupled to the other of the cylinder or the jaw assembly. The cylinder is slidable over the jaw assembly. Axial movement of either the wire relative to the coil or vice versa moves the cylinder over the arms of the jaws and over the necks of the jaw cups, thereby forcing the jaw cups together in a biting action. In one embodiment, the axially displaceable ...
*  Recurring huge abscesses in mouth on jaw gum, have sore throat, blocked nose, thick mucus, tiredness. Remedial measure? -...
Question - Recurring huge abscesses in mouth on jaw gum, have sore throat, blocked nose, thick mucus, tiredness. Remedial measure?. Ask a Doctor about diagnosis, treatment and medication for Sore throat, Ask an ENT Specialist
*  Patent US7559940 - Surgical biting punch - Google Patents
A surgical punch including an upper jaw and lower jaw that are coupled at their proximal ends. The jaws have cutting edges at their distal end configured to cut in a direction from the distal ends of the jaws towards the proximal ends of the jaws. The center of rotation of the cutting trajectory can be located above the initial cutting point of the lower jaw. The upper jaw can include a reversed slope leading edge. The jaws can be slidably coupled to each other. The coupling member can include a pin and slot to couple the movable jaw to an actuating rod.
*  Coronoid process of mandible (Processus coronoideus mandibulae) | Kenhub
Coronoid process of mandible aka Processus coronoideus mandibulae in the latin terminology and part of bony structures of the mandible. Learn more now!
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Corrective Jaw Surgery from oral surgeon Dr. Nigalye can easily correct misaligned jaws or poorly fitting teeth. ☎ 716-276-3553