*  Whose aid? Whose influence? China, emerging donors and the silent revolution in development assistance | Eldis
The term 'emerging donors' is used as a shorthand to contrast states such as China, India and Brazil with members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's (OECD) Development Assistance Committee (DAC), who are also referred to as 'established donors'. This article analyses the background against which these emerging donors are increasing their aid and what has happened to the pledges by donors to increase aid, reduce conditionalities, enhance coordination and alignment, and reform the aid architecture. The conclusions point out that emerging donors are not overtly attempting either to overturn the rules of multilateral development assistance or to replace them. Rather, they are offering alternatives to aid-receiving countries, thus weakening the bargaining position of western donors, and exposing standards and processes that are out of date and ineffectual. The result is a serious challenge to the existing multilateral development assistance regime. ...
*  OECD Development Assistance Committee Figures on 2007 ODA - Remarks by Eckhard Deutscher, DAC Chair - OECD
Remarks on OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) Figures on 2007 ODA by Eckhard Deutscher, Chairman, OECD DAC. Press ConferenceTokyo, 4 April 2008.
'Unproductive?' 'Achieving nothing?' Starr's investigations so far have resulted in at least 29 indictments, over a dozen malefactors who pleaded guilty or were tried and convicted, several more already serving prison sentences. Disgusting is having Senator Lott sell his vote and his political influence to the tobacco industry and do their bidding by killing the vote that might have saved hundreds of thousands of lives. Disgusting is Senator Lott accepting money from those people who fear campaign contribution reform and killing congressional reform of campaign contributions. If only Congress and the new media could break themselves of the self-deluding habit of grasping on to and boosting any news, irrespective of its importance, that would give them a self-preening moment in front of the television cameras, or a potential boost in paper sales. Can anyone tell me why, when the cheaper, faster citizens' task-force-approved plan to replace this dinosaur eyesore with a traffic-efficient, aesthetic
*  Gordon Cole - $9,050 in Political Contributions for 2012
... , Campaign Finance, Money, American politics, American political campaign contributions, presidential campaign contributions
*  OF TIME AND POWER: LEADERSHIP DURATION IN THE MODERN WORLD - O'Flaherty - 1992 - Economics & Politics - Wiley Online Library
*  Steve Kagen
Roth: Yes or no please. In response to calls for him to return the campaign contributions from Congressman Charlie Rangel, Congressman Steve Kagen issued the following response: "I'm working hard to bring jobs back to Wisconsin and responsibility back to Washington, and if that means leadership in the House of Representatives must change - so be it.". Congressman Kagen does not address the campaign contributions nor does he say if he believes Rangel should remain as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. In response to Kagen's statement, State Representative Roger Roth, who previously called on Kagen to return donations from Rangel, issued the following statement:. "Congressman Kagen's non-response to calls to return the $21,000 he's received from scandal-plagued Congressman Charlie Rangel is exactly why people in Northeast Wisconsin are so frustrated with Kagen and all of Washington. People are hungry for straight talk and honest answers, and they are sick and tired of politics as usual. ...
*  Core Financial Support Package - SFS
The Core Financial Support Package will provide you with a full range of financial management tools, including web based Budget Planning Software (BPS), along with in-depth training and guidance notes; FMS6 system support, with procedure notes and finance updates; a dedicated helpdesk answering queries on the telephone and via email with the ability to remotely access your network; step by step health checks and financial advice from knowledgeable, experienced staff.. The Core Financial Support Package can also be purchased without either the Budget Planning Software (BPS) or a supported finance package at a 10% reduction.. All services require four months' written notice to terminate.. ...
*  Additional Financial Support: International Students<...
If you are not eligible for financial support from the UK or your home country and have a disability, long-term health condition, specific learning difference (SpLD) such as dyslexia, or mental health condition you may be eligible for support funded by City, University of London. This will not include financial allowances or equipment. Please contact the relevant team for more information.. Even if you are not eligible for disability-related financial assistance, there may be other funding opportunities available to you. City provides advice regarding a range of alternative, additional sources of financial support available to all students both with and without disabilities. See below for more information. ...
*  Financial Support | UCLA Department of Mathematics
In recent years we have been able to guarantee 4 years of full financial support to almost all students admitted to the Ph.D. program. A 5th year of support is usually provided if the student is in good standing and advanced to candidacy. Guaranteed support provides income that is enough for living expenses (exact amounts vary from year to year), and in addition provides full registration fees, health insurance and, for students who are not residents of California, non-resident tuition. (US students are expected to establish California residency after their first year.) Financial support typically consists of a combination of teaching assistantships (TA), research assistantships (RA), and fellowships, including in some cases fellowships supported by NSF Research and Training Grants (RTG fellowships). Applicants are automatically considered for these kinds of support; no ...
*  Why NERC withdrew financial support for NECAN - SweetCrudeReports
NERC said recently in Abuja that its decision to withdraw its financial support for NECAN was informed by its regulatory stand as well as industry position that NECAN should have its operational independency, away from the regulator's control.. It also maintained that funding NECAN would amount to regulatory partiality whereas industry operators could interpret the gesture as an unwholesome bias to other players in the sector. Such act, NERC explained would be unhealthy to the development of a value-driven electricity market in the country.. Chairman of NERC, Dr. Sam Amadi made this clarification available to THISDAY, following recent charges against it by the interim Chairman of NECAN, Chief Tomi Akingbogun, that it has withdrawn its proposed financial support for the network.. NECAN was initiated by NERC to advance consumers' stakes in Nigeria's electricity industry. The network by the intention of the regulator is expected to place ...
*  Financial Support - Theory & Criticism - Western University
and may be adjusted based on external awards and overall levels of student support.. Master's students are eligible for financial support for the first six terms (two years) of full-time registration. Qualified students are provided with a minimum funding guarantee of $33,000 over two years and up to $51,000 over two years including external scholarships.. Doctoral students are eligible for financial support for the first twelve terms (four years) of full-time registration. The Centre for Theory and Criticism provides all full-time PhD ...
*  Food and drink sponsorship of children's sport in Australia: who pays? : Health Promotion International - oi
The creation of health promoting sports clubs may support the promotion and adoption of healthy behaviours by children. Sponsorship is one aspect of clubs, with potential influence on clubs and their participants. In particular, sponsorship influences brand awareness and attitudes, so that the sponsorship of children's sport by unhealthy food companies may contribute to food preferences and poor eating habits. This study aimed to determine the nature and extent of food and beverage sponsorship of children's sport. Sports clubs (n = 108) for the nine most popular sports for children aged 5-14 were randomly sampled from three large geographical areas in Australia. A purpose-designed telephone questionnaire was developed to determine the extent of sponsorship. Experts from different fields were approached (n = 10) to generate a consensus on the elements of sponsors that are more/less health promoting. The survey response rate was 99%. Of the 347 sponsors identified, 17% were food or beverage ...
*  Financial support company sold to Florida firm | NJBIZ
DRB Financial Solutions LLC, a Florida specialty finance company, has acquired USClaims, a Moorestown-based company that provides pre-settlement financial support to personal injury victims.
*  MP pushes for more financial support | Gawler Bunyip
MEMBER for Light Tony Piccolo is fighting for Munno Para Primary School to receive additional State Government funding.. Mr Piccolo said the school faces challenges with its high percentage of students living with disabilities, facilitating a need for greater financial support.. The school currently has 350 students, of which 73 are verified as living with a disability.. "Munno Para Primary School…is situated in an area that, unfortunately, has not received a great deal of investment from either the private sector or government, and is only funded at this point in time as a level-two school," Mr Piccolo said.. "I have taken that matter up with the Minister for Education because, given the level of disadvantage at that school, I think it should be funded at a higher level.. "I understand that the minister, through the department, has asked for that funding to be reviewed.". A Department of Education and Child Development spokesperson said the school has since been reviewed, ...
*  Financial support - The University of Sydney
Interest free loans are available to help cover your living and study expenses, and will need to be repaid.. Bursaries are awarded to domestic students on the basis of financial need, through trusts set up by private benefactors or the University. There are two types of bursaries available - general bursaries and advertised bursaries.. If you receive a bursary, you do not need to pay it back. However, we do encourage you to make a donation later (once you have graduated and found employment) to ensure future students also have access to this financial support.. ...
*  Funding and Financial Support
Find out here about receiving your student loan, information on bursaries, council tax certificates and the Money Doctors. This page also provides details of the funding and financial support available to part time students studying at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
*  QUT - Undergraduate fees and financial support
How to work out your course fees and the financial support you may be eligible for, including HECS-HELP loans, scholarships and Centrelink payments.
*  How Much Financial Support Will I Receive? | UC Psych
The Department guarantees all matriculated students five (5) years of financial support. This package includes tuition (including non-resident tuition in the first year, for non-California residents) and fees, and a stipend covering ten (10) months of the year, August through May (the first paycheck is September 1, the last June 1). This support typically comes in the form of appointment as a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI), but other possibilities are available.
*  Financial Support | Hood College
Federal immigration regulations require all international students to provide documentation of financial support for their study in the United States. Students must be able to show that they have the funds to pay for tuition, fees, room and board, books
*  Fees and Financial Support - Rotman School of Management
The Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto provides one of North America's most competitive financial support packages for graduate studies at the doctoral level. Read more for information on our minimum funding package, tuition fellowships and work opportunities. Additional fellowships and scholarships competitions are available throughout the school year.
*  Financial Support - MBA Program
Overview of financial support options offered by the Penn State Smeal MBA program, including scholarships, fellowships, military support, partnerships, and other financial aid opportunities.