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California (Alpine County), Kirkwood - 661 - Old Emigrant Road. Here the Old Emigrant Road of 1848 swung down across the meadow ... The wagon road was used extensively by immigrants en route to California . . . - - Map (db m33346) HM. ... California (Amador County), Kit Carson - Mormon-Carson Pass Emigrant Trail. Mormon-Carson Pass Emigrant Trail, the heavily- ... California (Alpine County), Bear Valley - Old Emigrant Road. This Sierra Crossing used by Jedediah Smith 1821 - Major John ...

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... emigrant : terming & migrant & raiment & garment & tearing & migrate & teaming & mangier (8-t) common words: reactors : rectors ... immigrants => migrants => grants => ants => ts (10-t) uncommon words: reafforesting => afforesting => foresting => resting => ...

*  Dienekes' Anthropology Blog: #paleoamericanodyssey tweets on 24,000-year old Mal'ta Siberian

La Brane mesolithic inhabitants appear to be closer to those original emigrants for having less to none Amerindian admixture, ... The earliest immigrants utilized the most easily available resources in the untouched habitat and spread rapidly, but thinly, ... La Brane mesolithic inhabitants appear to be closer to those original emigrants for having less to none Amerindian admixture, ... what sense would Lipson's additional elements for European ancestry influence the apparent back migration of glacial emigrants ...

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... emergences emergencies emergency emergent emerges emerging emeries emerita emeritus emery emetic emetics emigrant emigrants ... immensely immensities immensity immerse immersed immerses immersible immersing immersion immersions immigrant immigrants ...

*  Simpl012: Hepatitis B Knowledge, Testing and Vaccination Levels in Chinese Immigrants to British Columbia, Canada

ABSTRACT. Background: Little is known about hepatitis B (HBV) and liver cancer control in Chinese in Canada. Liver cancer, a significant health problem in Asia, is preventable and can be controlled through HBV blood testing, vaccination, and community education about HBV.. Objective: The overall goal was to increase HBV testing and vaccination in Chinese adult Canadians. The objective was to present findings on HBV testing, vaccination and knowledge in Chinese immigrants.. Methods: 504 randomly selected Chinese adult immigrants residing in Vancouver responded to the survey which examined HBV blood testing and vaccination practices, HBV knowledge levels and socio-demographic characteristics. Face-to-face interviews were conducted in Cantonese, Mandarin, or English.. Results: 57% of participants reported that they had received HBV blood testing, 38% had been vaccinated, and 6% were known HBV carriers. There were gender differences, with lower rates of testing and vaccination, ...

*  Nicholas Stix, Uncensored: July 2017

Gang culture. In his prime-time May radio address promoting amnesty, President George Bush invoked a marine, Guadalupe Denogean, as the embodiment of immigrant values. Like Denogean, today's immigrants are willing, said Bush, "to risk everything for the dream of freedom." Many immigrants do share Denogean's patriotic ethic. But for every immigrant soldier, there are as many less admirable counterparts. A selection of Hispanic portraits could just as well have picked out Connie Retana, a 38-year-old Anaheim, California, resident, who in February egged on her 18-year-old son, Martin Delgado, as he and his gang friends raped a 23-year-old for seven hours in retaliation against the young woman's boyfriend. A survey of Hispanic family values might also include the Santa Ana mother who threatened in 2004 to kill her neighbors if they testified against her gangster son in a gun-assault case. Then there's the extended family of criminals in Pomona, California, who raised Valentino ...

*  Mustn't grumble: immigration, health and health service use in the UK and Germany - LSE Research Online

A rise in population caused by increased immigration, is sometimes accompanied by concerns that the increase in population puts additional or differential pressure on welfare services which might affect the net fiscal contribution of immigrants. The UK and Germany have experienced significant increases in immigration in recent years and this study uses longitudinal data from both countries to examine whether immigrants differ in their use of health services than native born individuals on arrival and over time. While immigrants to Germany, but not the UK, are more likely to self-report poor health than the native-born population, the samples of immigrants use hospital and GP services at broadly the same rate as the native born populations in both countries. Controls for observed and unobserved differences between immigrants and native-born sample populations make little difference to these broad findings.. ...

*  Homeless People's Network: May 19 DEMO against welfare deform, immigrant bashing: Sacremento

FWD *excerpt* via Andrew Rose of SF Food Not Bombs May 19 day of action against welfare deform and immigrant scapegoating - KALIFORNIA Tuesday May 19 there will be a mass demonstration by poor people and immigrants in Sacramento at NOON on the WEST side of the Capital. The focus is on welfare reform and there will be a day long series of visits to representatives offices as well as speakers. Busses are leaving from Los Angeles monday call Frank 213 746 6511 x5# Busses leave SF Tuesday Morning from: Chinatown, 7:30 am Central Del Pueblo, 7:30 AM in the Mission Fruitvale BART 7:30 AM Castlemont High School Oakland 8 AM for bay area info call Anna Maria Loya, 415 243 8215 x 369 -Food Not Bombs List fnb-l@tao.ca -distributing food in opposition to violence -archive: http://www.tao.ca/~fnbtor/fnb-l/ -active cities: http://webcom.com/peace -send '(un)subscribe fnb-l' to majordomo@tao.ca HOMELESS PEOPLE'S NETWORK ,http://aspin.asu.edu/hpn/, Home Page ARCHIVES ...

*  Fifth Circuit Appeals Court Ruling on President Obama's Executive Order on Immigration: What It Means for #Health4All in...

Last Monday the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals voted 2-1 to block President Obama's 2014 executive order on immigration, dealing a major setback to efforts to shield an estimated five million immigrants living in the U.S. from deportation (learn more here). Issued in November 2014, the President's executive order would have allowed millions of immigrants to apply for work authorization and protection from deportation. From the immigration enforcement perspective, it would have allowed the Administration to prioritize enforcement of current law-such as it is. Ironically, the Obama administration has processed more deportations, about 400,000 per year, than any other president in history (learn more here). In February of 2015 a Texas district court issued a preliminary injunction, bringing implementation of the executive order to a halt.. The health coverage intersection in California came the following June, in the final state budget where the Brown Administration ...

*  2014 Ice Hockey World Championship: tips for fans from abroad

A visa-free regime will be in place for the official participants of the 2014 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship and foreign tourists for the period from 25 April until 31 May 2014: possessing a ticket to a match will qualify a foreigner to enter our country visa-free in the period of the championship. Will the city of Minsk be facing an inrush of tourists? Ticket vs visa. Foreigners may have to pay a considerable amount of money for a visa to Belarus: for example, a citizen of the UK might give € 535 for urgent examination of their visa application. The price for a single-entry visa usually ranges from € 25 to 117 depending on an applicant's home country. In addition, an applicant should be ready to take out insurance and provide all the documents needed. If there is no Belarusian consulate in a home country one stand the opportunity of getting a visa at Minsk-2 Airport (€ 90 - 350).. Thus, there is every likelihood that a lot of people would prefer buying a ticket for a hockey match to ...

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What is a Physical Sanctuary?. A Physical Sanctuary is a "sensitive location" identified by US Dept of Homeland Security policy to be houses of worship, schools, and hospitals. ICE agents are not allowed to forcibly detain an immigrant within these locations. As an act of public witness, a physical sanctuary congregation (host) provides hospitality (temporary residence) to an immigrant (guest) who usually is undocumented, and usually while the guest's legal appeal of an order of deportation receives due process in court. The hospitality becomes morally important because ICE is known to detain and deport before legal appeals are completed, or in spite of some limited policy and due process protections the immigrant may have.. What are the responsibilities of Cedar Lane as a Physical Sanctuary Congregation?. Cedar Lane takes responsibility to companion the immigrant guest while his/her legal appeal is pending. In coming to a sensitive location, the immigrant guest recognizes leaving church ...

*  Working with Western Michigan's vulnerable immigrant child population - W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Martha Gonzalez-Cortez of the Hispanic Center of Western Michigan works with the Latino and the broader community to provide education-based programs that support families, adults and children.

*  Philosophy, et cetera: Allocating Citizenship

I think that citizenship, even in the sense you describe it, is something given, something that we cease to deny, and something that is denied. Unfortunately citizenship is something that makes us special at the particular state or country that we are citizens of. I am the child of a Guatemalan family which was granted citizenship by Regan's amnesty. Some of the people I grew up with, Kids my own age who came to the us as 3 month old babies are still considered illegal immigrants and are denied things that we as citizens or legal residents take for granted. One of them had to jump through hoops just to be accepted into a university. Citizenship is a very important thing that most citizens just take for granted. If you aren't a citizen, no matter what your age, no matter how long you've been in the U.S. or whatever country you are in as a non-citizen, not having a citizenship is not just not having permission, but not having access to some of the most important and fundamental things in life ...

*  Bostons Immigrants: A Study in Acculturation, revised and enlarged edition by HANDLIN, OSCAR: HARVARD U PRESS 9780674079854...

AbeBooks.com: Bostons Immigrants: A Study in Acculturation, revised and enlarged edition: VG- Mild cover wear. Mild aging to clean pages with tight binding.

*  Ethnic categorization of immigrants: the role of prejudice, perceived acculturation strategies and group size - Kingston...

Kosic, A. and Phalet, K. (2006) Ethnic categorization of immigrants: the role of prejudice, perceived acculturation strategies and group size. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 30(6), pp. 769-782. ...

*  Working Together to Strengthen America's Immigrant Workforce: Partnerships Between Community Colleges and Immigrant-Serving...

This 2016 report from the Aspen Institute features models of effective approaches to partnerships between education and workforce organizations, such as career centers, community colleges, and community-based organizations, and immigrant-serving organizations to help expand immigrants' access to skill-building and career-advancement opportunities.. ...

*  Mulubrhan Mogos, PhD, MSc. | UIC College Of Nursing

Mogos, M. F., Salinas-Miranda, A. A., Salemi, J. L., Medina, I. M., & Salihu, H. M. (2016). Pregnancy-Related Hypertensive Disorders and Immigrant Status: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Epidemiological Studies. J Immigr Minor Health. doi: 10.1007/s10903-016-0410-6. Shieh, C., Weaver, M. T., Hanna, K. M., Newsome, K., & Mogos, M. (2015). Association of Self-Efficacy and Self-Regulation with Nutrition and Exercise Behaviors in a Community Sample of Adults. J Community Health Nurs, 32(4), 199-211. doi: 10.1080/07370016.2015.1087262. Mogos, M. F., Salemi, J. L., Ashley, M., Whiteman, V. E., & Salihu, H. M. (2015). Recent trends in placenta accreta in the United States and its impact on maternal-fetal morbidity and healthcare-associated costs, 1998-2011. J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med, 1-6. doi: 10.3109/14767058.2015.1034103.. Whiteman, V. E., Salemi, J. L., Mejia De Grubb, M. C., Ashley Cain, M., Mogos, M. F., Zoorob, R. J., & Salihu, H. M. (2015). Additive effects of Pre-pregnancy body mass ...

*  Healing the Wound: Immigration, Activism, and Policies | Tikkun Magazine

Both my paternal and maternal families have traversed the U.S.-Mexico border back and forth for generations; some uncles and aunts were born on one side, some on the other. Like hundreds if not thousands of other border families, we have maintained family ties and led lives across national boundaries. As a result, we are not your typical "immigrant family": my mother, after all, had been born in Texas-so returning to the United States from Mexico in 1948 was a kind of coming home.. For all my relatives, those who remained in Mexico and those who migrated to the United States, life has remained split. One cousin, Alicia, went to live in Los Angeles, leaving her daughter with my aunt and uncle in Monterrey, the capital of the Mexican state of Nuevo León; another cousin's child paid a coyote and came to the United States, only to be robbed and forced to return penniless. One cousin, Gonzalo, crossed the river, settled in Chicago, married, had a family, and then returned to the small farming ...

*  There and back again

There is a worrying rise of anti-immigrant sentiments across Europe at the moment. I'm an immigrant! I also don't speak the language of the country I live in, or at least not fluently enough to hold a conversation! Two criteria that should mean I'm ostracised, which thankfully I'm not. It is easy to make immigrants a scapegoat. It is easy to blame them for all the violence and crime without looking at the reasons. That is not to say that those who partake in violence are justified in what they do, but some of them are desperate, some of them have been brought up badly, some of them reflect the society that they immersed in, let's face it residents are sometimes no angels either and their behaviour can lead to retaliation too. It won't do any good to point fingers and throw verbal stones. We have to start looking at fairness and justice, both in the countries we live and the countries where the immigrants come from. Sometimes it is economics that make them move, but why? What ...

*  Skepticism grows over immigration

Never before have more Norwegians indicated that they want to halt immigration, according to the study. It showed that 53.7 percent of 1,380 persons questioned by TNS Gallup responded that they did not want more immigrants in Norway. In 2005, when the integration agency conducted its first such study, the corresponding figure was 45.8 percent, reports Aftenposten.. At the same time, 48.7 percent believe integration efforts are not going well at all, up 12 percentage points since 2005. Around 60 percent put the blame on Norwegians themselves, for deficient contributions towards successful integration of newcomers into Norwegian society, while 83.5 percent blame the immigrants for failing to integrate. That failure is often tied to failure to learn the Norwegian language, even though proficiency in Norwegian can be a daunting challenge for even the most highly educated adults moving to Norway.. State statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) has reported that 65,065 persons ...

*  With Few Other Options, A Rural Missouri County Relies On Head Start As A Gateway To Medical Care | KBIA

Lucia Sebastian is the Language Assistant at the Head Start in Noel, Missouri. She works with the numerous immigrant children who have limited English

*  History of Hawaiian Kingdom/Pacific Islands A - WikiEducator

Describe the coming of early immigrant groups (including Chinese, Portuguese, and Japanese) to Hawaii as contract laborers, their experience in the plantation system, aspects of their culture that was brought with them (including beliefs, knowledge, and/or practices), and the relationships that developed between themselves as well as others (including inequities on the job, cultural diffusion, and/or assimilation ...

*  December 2010, Part 3 - Jim Miller on Politics

We can take Fred's point just a little further. According to the numbers here, the second slowest growing district in Washington state was district 6, represented by Norm Dicks. Coincidentally, it's also the second most Democratic district in Washington. The slowest growing district was district 7, represented by Jim McDermott. Coincidentally, it's the most Democratic district in Washington. Even more coincidentally, that's also where "Jake JJ" lives.. (It's a separate subject, and one I will come back to after we have more numbers from the 2010 census, but I think it likely that the 7th district will shrink in population during this next decade. Seattle, which makes up most of the 7th district, has a much higher proportion of immigrants than the rest of the state. As the native-born have moved out of Seattle, they have been replaced by immigrants. I expect, for a number of reasons, that there will be much less immigration to the United States in the next ten years. People ...

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Immigration law news on visas, greencard and citizenship. Find how to get US visas, green cards and citizenship. Immigration CLE Seminars for Lawyers. Immigration Law Books for Attorneys.

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Immigration law news on visas, greencard and citizenship. Find how to get US visas, green cards and citizenship. Immigration CLE Seminars for Lawyers. Immigration Law Books for Attorneys.

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Immigration law news on visas, greencard and citizenship. Find how to get US visas, green cards and citizenship. Immigration CLE Seminars for Lawyers. Immigration Law Books for Attorneys.

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Immigration law news on visas, greencard and citizenship. Find how to get US visas, green cards and citizenship. Immigration CLE Seminars for Lawyers. Immigration Law Books for Attorneys.

*  Eastern European immigrants 'overwhelming benefit UK economy' - Telegraph

Migrants from central and eastern parts of Europe are younger and 'economically more active' than the average British worker, ministers from EU accession countries say

*  mars 2 earth: redneck-a-dope williams vs rudd

Now that particular part of the world has seen disgusting behaviour against indigenous people, people of colour, immigrants and other disadvantaged groups, and that is a legacy that they live with. The people who have suffered because of redneckism are still there, still suffering and that cannot be pushed under the carpet. And rudd is way out of line defending the racism and treatment in australia of indigenous people, people of colour, immigrants and other disadvantaged groups, and that is a legacy that they live with. The people who have suffered because of redneckism are still there, still suffering and that cannot be pushed under the carpet. ...