*  Impact of Hypertension on Healthcare Costs Among Children
This study demonstrates a major influence of prehypertension and hypertension on healthcare costs in a large cohort of children, independent of body mass index.
*  Cost of treating patients with smoking history in a specialized cancer hospital
The mean total cost per patient with lung cancer was R$ 28,901 (SD 19,297) and the median was R$ 26,029 for a period of six years. The treatment for 105 patients had a mean duration of one year, at a mean cost of R$ 25,317 (SD 17,473) and median cost of R$ 19,112. The mean total cost per patient with laryngeal cancer over six years was R$ 37,529 (SD 31,538) and the median cost was R$ 38,767. The mean treatment cost for 35 patients for a period of up to one year was R$ 27,667 (SD 17,253) and the median cost was R$ 30,576. The mean total cost for the sample of esophageal cancer patients was R$ 33,164 (SD 24,468) and the median cost was R$ 31,882 over a timeframe of three years. The cost values for 27 patients for a mean period of one year were, respectively, R$ 28.722 (SD 22,835) and R$ 30,369 (Table 2).. The log-normal adjusted distributions ...
*  Cost of Illness in Subarachnoid Hemorrhage | Stroke
16 590, 2009 price level).11 Generally, inpatient costs were one of the main cost components. Depending on the study, they accounted for 75% to 92% of first-year direct costs after SAH.1,12 Similarly, inpatient costs accounted for 73% of first-year direct costs in our study.. Corresponding to the results of other studies of acute cerebrovascular diseases, first-year outpatient costs of SAH in our study were much lower than inpatient costs.2,6,12 Kolominski-Rabas et al showed that the ratio outpatient cost/inpatient costs is increasing in the subsequent years after an acute cerebrovascular event.6 This pattern can be expected for the long-term costs of SAH; however, they were beyond the scope of our study. Neuroimaging was one of the main components of outpatient costs in the first year after SAH. Among other imaging ...
*  CARG: Coronary Artery Rehabilitation Group Blog: Health-care costs hit the elderly hard, diminish financial wellbeing (USA)
The protection of the savings of the elderly - one of the primary goals of Medicare - is under threat from a combination of spiraling healthcare costs and increased longevity. As the government attempts to reduce Medicare costs, one suggestion is that the elderly could pay a larger proportion of the costs of their healthcare. But exactly how much would this be and what impact would it have on their finances? A new study by Amy Kelley at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and her colleagues, funded by the National Institute on Aging, aims to identify the portion of wealth Medicare beneficiaries spend on healthcare costs in the last five years of life. Their work appears online in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. Medicare provides nearly universal health care coverage to the population over 65. However it does not pay for everything. There are co-payments and deductibles, and more importantly, homecare services and non-rehabilitative ...
*  Health-care costs: Debt talks boost Medicare reform plans - CSMonitor.com
Health-care costs for seniors have been largely picked up by government. But their health-care costs could rise under various Medicare reform plans.
*  Healthcare costs in the Danish randomised controlled lung cancer CT-screening trial - Danish National Research Database-Den...
OBJECTIVES: Low dose computerised tomography (CT) screening for lung cancer can reduce lung-cancer-specific mortality. The objective of this study was to analyse healthcare costs and healthcare utilisation of participants in the Danish lung cancer CT-screening trial (DLCST). MATERIALS AND METHODS: This registry study was nested in a randomised controlled trial (DLCST). 4104 participants, current or former heavy smokers, aged 50-70 years were randomised to five annual low dose CT scans or usual care during 2004-2010. Total healthcare costs and healthcare utilisation data for both the primary and the secondary healthcare sector were retrieved from public registries from randomisation - September 2011 and compared between (1) the CT-screening group and the control group and, (2) the control group and each of the true-positive, false-positive and true-negative groups. RESULTS: The median annual costs per participant were significantly higher in the CT-screening ...
*  S-WoPEc: Costs, Quality of Life and Disease Severity in Multiple Sclerosis - A Population-Based Cross-Sectional Study in Sweden
Freddie Henriksson (. ), Sten Fredrikson and Bengt J nsson (. ). Abstract: This study has used a cross-sectional, 'bottom-up' design to determine the cost to society of multiple sclerosis (MS) in Sweden in 1998. The total cost of MS was estimated at 4 868 MSEK, meaning an annual cost of 442 500 SEK per patient. Direct costs accounted for about 67% of total cost, and direct costs were dominated by the cost of personal assistants and drugs. Indirect costs accounted for about 33% of total costs and were totally dominated by the cost of long-term sickness absence from work and early retirement. Intangible costs were estimated at 2 700 MSEK. A former Swedish study on MS for 1994, using main diagnosis to calculate costs, showed the total cost to be 1 736 MSEK. Increased disability as measured by ...
*  Wellness programs reduce medical costs | BenefitsPRO
Employers using wellness programs are seeing a 6.1 percent average annual medical cost trend reduction and a 13.5 percent average annual medical cost trend reduction among members with core conditions, according to a recent study.
*  Effects of hypertonic saline, alternate day and daily rhDNase on healthcare use, costs and outcomes in children with cystic...
This is the first UK study to examine in detail the healthcare resource use, costs, and outcomes associated with different mucoactive treatments for children with CF. The main findings were that treating patients with daily rhDNase compared with HS resulted in a mean improvement in FEV1 of 8% at a mean additional cost of £1409 over a 12 week period. Administering rhDNase on an alternate day as opposed to a daily basis was shown to be as effective, and had lower average costs of £513 over 12 weeks. If these cost differences were maintained over a year, then alternate day rhDNase may lead to annual savings of a mean of £2223 per patient.. The two previous short term clinical trials of HS have reported greater improvements in mean FEV1 than our study.9,10 Both studies administered a larger volume of HS (10 ml). Ultrasonic nebulisers, which were used in the study by Eng et al,9 delivered a larger volume over a shorter period of time, but are not ...
*  Boomers Need Health-Care Costs Reality Check | Fox Business
Health-care costs have been steadily rising over the decades, yet many boomers are planning adequately to cover the costs in retirement.
*  Cost of Diabetes Increases 41% in 5 Years
The total costs of diagnosed diabetes have risen to $245 billion in 2012 from $174 billion in 2007, when the cost was last examined, says the American Diabetes Association. This figure represents a 41% increase over a 5-year period. The study, Economic Costs of Diabetes in the US in 2012, includes direct medical costs of $176 billion, which reflects costs for hospital and emergency care, office visits, and medications; and indirect medical costs totaling $69 billion. Indirect costs include absenteeism, reduced productivity, unemployment caused by diabetes-related disability, and lost productivity due to early mortality ...
*  DiVA - Search result
Background and aim. Heart failure (HF) is a common condition associated with poor quality of life (QoL), high morbidity and mortality and is frequently occurring in primary health care (PHC). It involves a substantial economic burden on the health care expenditure. There are modern pharmacological treatments with evident impact on QoL, morbidity, mortality, and proved to be cost-effective. Despite this knowledge, the treatment of HF is considered somewhat insufficient. There are several HF management programmes (HFMP) showing beneficial effects but these studies is predominantly based in hospital care (HC).. The first aim of this thesis was to describe patients with HF in the PHC regarding gender differences, diagnosis, treatment and health related costs (I, II).The second aim was to evaluate whether HFMP have beneficial effects in the PHC regarding cardiac function, quality of life, health care utilization and health care-related costs (III,IV).. Methods. ...
*  WORLD NEWS: Delivering healthcare - LakePlacidNews.com | News and information on the Lake Placid and Essex County region of New...
The U. S. healthcare system remains one of the most effective in the world and it continues to be the case that people travel globally to receive worldclass medical care here," said Christopher McFadden in an interview with the Lake Placid News and The Virginia Gazette.. McFadden is a summer resident of Lake Placid.. "However," he added, "environmental factors have created significant upward pressure on healthcare costs. While health care reform at the state and federal level has addressed how to pay for healthcare and increase access, reducing the underlying cost of healthcare delivery, without sacrificing quality remains a national priority.". Wen McFadden talks, people, in the healthcare industry listen.. He is a managing partner with Health Evaluation Partners and a member, of its Executive Committee. He has over fifteen years of experience in healthcare industry and directs the firm's investment activities through its Spectrum Fund. Formerly, a vice president and ...
*  Selection and ranking of occupational safety indicators based on fuzzy AHP: A case study in road construction companies
1 INTRODUCTION. Injuries, occupational diseases, and illnesses related to work are negative consequences of human work activities. They represent a significant social and economic burden on individuals, employers, and society. For individuals, the effect is not just the physical pain and suffering, but is also the loss of part of a salary and the inability to maintain a standard of living.. Employers have significant costs associated with occupational injuries, diseases, and death. There are direct costs (payments to be made in cases of injury and illness of workers) and indirect costs (through the absence from work of injured or ill workers; other employees having to stop work because of accidents; and reduced production). According to a study conducted at Stanford University, indirect costs are 1.1 (for the most serious injuries) to 4.5 (for minor injuries) times greater than the direct ...
*  Plus it
The medication cost of sulfonylureas is less than that of other medications (except metformin); the medication costs of regular and NPH insulin are less than those of the insulin analogs. However, when one considers morbidity, mortality, and costs of emergency room visits and hospitalizations due to hypoglycemia, use of sulfonylureas is more expensive than the other classes of medications. Similarly, use of regular and NPH insulins have ultimately a larger total cost than insulin analogs due to hypoglycemia. The cost of insulin, oral agents, and diabetic supplies is only 12.1% of the total annual cost of diabetes-related expenses for patients with diabetes (Table 9 in ref. [5]). ...
*  An early evaluation of clinical and economic costs and benefits of implementing point of care NAAT tests for Chlamydia...
In the baseline model scenario, the POCT pathway dominates the standard care test pathway and will save an estimated £11.7 million annually in GUM and gain 46 QALYs overall. The POCT pathway includes a more expensive test, but less clinician time. Even making pessimistic assumptions that the POC will not prevent any overtreatment, complications or transmissions, the POC pathway dominates. Same day diagnosis and treatment could prevent over 95 000 unnecessary treatments per year.. The strengths of this paper are that the pathway costs are based on a recent study and patient infection characteristics and management derived from national data.20 The model and cost estimates are for England, where patients typically have to wait to see a clinician, and tests and treatment are provided free of charge by the NHS.. We considered costs from an NHS GUM clinic perspective and did not consider patient costs, for example, returning for treatment. ...
*  Weighted average cost of capital, Finance Basics
Finance Basics Assignment Help, Weighted average cost of capital, Weighted Average Cost of Capital Weighted Average Cost of Capital or WACC is also called the overall or composite cost of capital. Since various capital components have different percentage cost, it is significant to determine a single average
More than half (60%) of respondents over 50 years old said they were worried they would have to delay their retirement, possibly because of the impact of government policies or a lack of savings to cover health-care costs, according to the Investopedia report. This can serve as a lesson for millennials. Health-care costs might be dangerously underestimated - today, a couple might need $350,000 to pay for most of their health-care costs. Not everyone can afford their health care - more people have had trouble paying for their health insurance since 2015, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, and they're putting off taking care of themselves: 27% of the public said they or a family member have delayed necessary health care because it was too expensive, with another 23% saying they skipped a medical test or treatment and 21% didn't fill a prescription ...
*  Who Needs to Eat Right and Exercise, Obesity is a Disease!?
Obesity Needs To Be Treated as a Disease By Patricia Reaney ATHENS (Reuters) - Obesity, which already affects more than 300 million people and an alarming number of children, must be recognized and treated as a disease with deadly complications, a leading expert said on Wednesday. Up to 8 percent of total healthcare costs in some Western countries are attributable to obesity and related problems. It is a leading cause of preventable death -- so shedding excess weight is not just
*  Help with health costs - Information and support - Macmillan Cancer Support
It is possible to get financial help with health costs when you have cancer. It can include help with prescriptions, wigs and fabric supports, dental treatment and eye treatment.
*  DMOZ - Health: Organizations: Grant-Making Foundations
Grants funds in order to promote and maintain access to adequate healthcare for all people in the Chicagoland area regardless of race, sex, creed or financial need. The foundation meets this goal through its grants for medical and nursing education, medical research and direct healthcare services. ...
*  Cost price calculation based on a Greenfield analysis - University of Twente Student Theses
The composite parts made from CFRTP offer a good opportunity for Stork Fokker AESP to position themselves as a partner for their respective costumers. It also provides these costumers with a product that they are looking for: light weight, durability and strength. Stork Fokker AESP can offer this product when they start a separate factory for the production of these beams or they can choose to produce them within the current Stork Fokker AESP organization. For this separate factory option a cost price is calculated. This is done on a Greenfield basis, in essence starting with a green field and building the factory from the ground up. The production process is analyzed and all different production steps are identified. The cost are divided in capital cost and activity cost. For every production step these cost are calculated for one beam and for a ship set of beams. Furthermore the overhead ...
*  Healthcare Village | Alter Inspire
The increase annually in healthcare costs appears to be slowing. According to Sandra Block of Gannett News Service, "If there's any good news to be found, it's that the increase in overall costs of providing healthcare to employees has slowed. Tower projects an increase of 5.9 percent in 2012, which represents a significant change from 7.6 percent in 2011. Mercer, another human resources consulting firm, predicts that employee healthcare costs will rise 5.4 percent in 2012. That's small consolation, though, to employees whose income hasn't kept pace with the rise in healthcare costs. In August, personal income fell 0.1 percent from July, driven by a decline in wages and salaries, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.". There's bad news for Americans whose healthcare insurance is provided by their employer. According to Towers Watson, a human resources consultant, employers will pass on cost increases primarily ...
*  UC Davis study finds that "patient-centered care" lowers health-care costs
Physicians who have more personalized discussions with patients and encourage them to take a more active role in their own health care can help lower medical costs and reduce the need for some health-care services, according to new research from UC Davis Health System.
*  Changing Healthcare Costs Will Be Major HR Issue in 2014 - K-12 Talent Manager - Education Week
Over the past five years, healthcare costs have increased nationally. Do you know what portion of your healthcare costs are your responsibility and what portion your employer covers?