In the field of medicine and biology, Strepsirhini is a group or clade of primates that includes lemurs, lorises, and galagos (also known as bushbabies). This infraorder is characterized by several distinct features, including a wet nose, a grooming claw on the second digit of the hindfoot, and a toothcomb - a set of lower incisors and canines that are used for grooming. Strepsirhini primates are primarily found in Africa and Madagascar, with lemurs being endemic to the latter island.
En underordning av primater, bestående av sex familjer: Cebidae (Nya världens apor), Cercopithecidae (Gamla världens apor), Hylobatidae (gibbon- och siamangapor), Pongidae (de stora aporna), Tarsiidae (spökdjur) och Hominidae (människor).