*  Relationship between sex hormone levels, bone mineral density and bone turnover markers in healthy moroccan men: a cross...
Morocco, 2Morocco Ministry of Health, Rabat, Morocco, 3Mohamed V Souissi University, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, ... Although Morocco enjoys a sunny climate throughout the year, many factors may explain these high prevalences. It may be related ... Rheumatology Department at the Military Hospital, Rabat, Morocco, 4Mohamed V Souissi University, Faculty of Medicine and ...
*  Annual donation goes to abused women in Morocco | MaryFonden.dk
Morocco is currently experiencing a positive development in women's rights. Nevertheless, violence against women continues to ... Tilila is one of 10 women's crisis shelters in Morocco, a country with a population four-five times greater than Denmark's. By ... In 2004, a new family code was adopted in Morocco, which resulted in significant improvements in women's rights, although the ... In 2004, the Family Code (the Moudawana) was adopted in Morocco. It resulted in a significant improvement to women's rights, ...
*  PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases: Epidemiology of Tick-Borne Borreliosis in Morocco
Our study shows that a high proportion of rodent burrows are colonized by vector ticks in all regions of Morocco from the ... Our aim was to systematically investigate the distribution of O. erraticus s.l. in most regions of Morocco, to measure the ... Our analysis of 102 TBRF patients shows that the disease is strictly seasonal in northwestern Morocco with a maximum incidence ... We believe that TBRF, although rarely diagnosed, is a common cause of morbidity in all regions of Morocco. ...
*  Morocco - Settlement patterns | history - geography | Britannica.com
Settlement patterns in Morocco correspond loosely to the three major environmental zones: the coastal plains and plateaus, the ... MarrakechOverview of Marrakech, Morocco.. Contunico © ZDF Enterprises GmbH, Mainz. Demographic trends. Morocco's population is ... Central Intelligence Agency - The World Factbook - Morocco. *Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - Morocco ... More About Morocco. 13 references found in Britannica articles. Assorted References. *coinage* In coin: North Africa ...
*  Factors influencing diagnosis delay of advanced breast cancer in Moroccan women | BMC Cancer | Full Text
In Morocco, breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer in women and a major public health problem. Also, they it causes a ... In Morocco, breast cancer represents a serious public health problem. It's the first cancer among women with a standardized ... Tazi MA, Er-Raki A, Benjaafar N. Cancer incidence in Rabat, Morocco: 2006-2008. Ecancer. 2013;7:338.Google Scholar. ... In conclusion, diagnosis delay is very important health problem in Morocco women with breast cancer which is associated with ...
*  Morocco invades Spain.
The king of Morocco has chosen the path of confrontation with one of the great European democracies and this should have a ... Morocco has long disputed the legitimacy of Spain's remaining territories in North Africa: Ceuta and Melilla, two enclaves on ... The Financial Times said it may have been "Morocco's opening salvo in a campaign to recover the Spanish enclaves. More ... The ABC editorial said that at times Mohammed's father, Hassan II, "pulled on the cord [that links Spain and Morocco], but he ...
*  Morocco - Wikitravel
You may find it easier to duck into the Spanish-controlled Ceuta or Melilla and then re-enter Morocco for a new stamp). Anti- ... Blue Men Of Morocco Tour Company. Customised tours in Morocco. English-speaking Driver/Guide in A/C auto. Imperial Cities, ... Morocco has hotels to suit all budgets. High end chain hotels (Sheraton, Hyatt, etc) can be found in the ville nouvelle regions ... Morocco (المغرب al-Maghreb) [1] is a North African country that has a coastline on both the North Atlantic Ocean and ...
*  Morocco - Wikitravel
Morocco (المغرب Al-Maghrib) [http://www.visitmorocco.com/] is a North African country that has a coastline on both the North ... Saharan Morocco the vast desert region of Morocco runs along the border with Algeria; camel safaris and sand dunes are the name ... Overall, Morocco remains a safe place with one the lowest homicide rates in the world. That said, like any country, Morocco has ... Go Morocco is an educational tour organisation founded to promote educational and academic tours in Morocco. Offer Modern ...
*  Morocco - Wikitravel
Saharan Morocco the vast desert region of Morocco runs along the border with Algeria; camel safaris and sand dunes are the name ... Morocco is a North African country that has a coastline on both the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.Morocco has ... The foreign policy of independent Morocco has often differed from that of its Arab neighbors. Throughout the Cold War, Morocco ... The voltage in Morocco is generally 220 V, and outlets will fit the 'two-pin plug known as the Europlug. It's probably the most ...
*  Morocco - London 2012 Olympics - Telegraph
Morocco. Best sports. Most medals have come from the track, supplied by three bronze medals at boxing. ...
*  Morocco
September 2017: Report Successful family planning programs listen to the different needs of clients and respond with strategies that expand informed, voluntary contraceptive choice: offering a range of affordable contraceptive methods; providing client-centered, comprehensive counseling; employing a variety of service delivery approaches; and ensuring continuous supplies of contraceptive commodities. Expanding individuals' contraceptive choices supports increased and continuous contraceptive use, enabling more women and couples to realize their ambitions for themselves and their families and helping communities and nations achieve their development goals. This web feature and accompanying brief explore the rationale for expanding contraceptive choice. ...
*  Morocco's serious humor gap - latimes
Morocco's serious humor gap. January 15, 2007,Fadoua Benaich and Jesse Sage , FADOUA BENAICH is a Moroccan journalist based in ... Morocco had been a symbol of hope for reform in the Mideast in recent years. King Mohammed VI's father stifled public discourse ... That Al Aji has become the first female reporter to face prison time in Morocco is a perverse sign of progress in gender ... Driss Ksikes is the editor of Nichane, a weekly magazine published in Morocco's local drija Arabic dialect. The magazine's name ...
*  Morocco - Age Distribution
Population is based on the de facto definition of population, which counts all residents regardless of legal status or citizenship--except for refugees not permanently settled in the country of asylum, who are generally considered part of the population of the country of origin. More info » ...
*  Morocco Football Baby Hats - CafePress
Shop Morocco Football Baby Hats from CafePress? Find great designs on high quality soft beanies for babies. ✓Free Returns ✓100 ... For babies who love to stay warm and cute, look no further than our adorable line-up of CafePress Morocco Football Baby Hats. ...
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Morocco hotel review on Telegraph Travel. See great photos, full ratings, facilities, expert advice and book the best hotel ... 12 Derb el Miter Oued Zhoune Luxury Riad, Medina, Fes, 12 Derb El Miter, Fès 30000, Morocco. 00 212 5356 33209 palaisamani.com ...
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Morocco health weather forecasts including the 3 day asthma forecast and respiratory health articles and videos from ...
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Morocco from AccuWeather.com. Our fishing weather forecasts are just one piece of personalized weather available from ...
*  Stevie Wonder may play for Morocco conference
Stevie Wonder has offered to sing live for international negotiators who are in Morocco trying to forge a deal to give the ... RABAT, Morocco (AP) - Stevie Wonder has offered to sing live for international negotiators who are in Morocco trying to forge a ...
*  Devonian Trilobites of Morocco/Africa (alphabetized)
Jebel Ofaténe, Morocco 7.5 cm. A smattering of free-standing spines - along with a strange rostral projection --distinguish ... Mount Issoumour, Ma'der Region, Morocco. 7 cm. This trilobite is notable for the intriguing array of long-short-long-short ... Devonian Trilobites of Morocco/Africa (alphabetized). Click each trilobite to learn more. ...
*  Morocco Citrus Update
... 01/26/2016 02:32 pm. As you may be aware, on January 12, 2016, eleven live fruit fly larvae and 29 dead ... fruit arriving from Morocco on or after Monday, February 8, 2016, will not be allowed to enter the US pending an investigation ... in a shipment of citrus fruit from Morocco. Also, between November and December 2015, the CBP Inspectors have detected 119 dead ...
*  Integrated supply chain solutions - Fujitsu Morocco
Together, i2 Technologies and Fujitsu offer a superb combination of high-end hardware and world-leading e-business solutions. We have a proven track record in implementing supply chain management (SCM) projects to achieve a quick return on investment.
*  Morocco | International students | University of Bristol
British Council in Morocco. The British Council is able to give guidance and information regarding Higher Education in the UK. ...
*  Morocco travel information and guide | canada.com
Morocco vacations: find accommodation, things to do, maps, attractions, hotels, photos, flights, weather, travel advice and ... Morocco a colourful blend of the exotic. Morocco is the western extremity of the Arab and Muslim world, a magic carpet flying ... Morocco's enticing contrast of traditional and modern cultures. *Share your best travel photos with us on the canada.com Travel ... Morocco's enticing contrast of traditional and modern cultures. It's nearly dusk on the dunes and the setting sun is casting ...
*  Amouage by Surf Maroc Hotel Review, Morocco | Travel
Morocco hotel review on Telegraph Travel. See great photos, full ratings, facilities, expert advice and book the best hotel ... The hotel is located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, in Taghazout, a laid-back hippie surfer town. It's just a short walk ... Surf Maroc, Centre Ville Tagahzout, Agadir 80000 Morocco. 01794 322709 surfmaroc.com/en/amouage-surf-maroc ...

(1/413) A locus for an axonal form of autosomal recessive Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease maps to chromosome 1q21.2-q21.3.

Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT) is a heterogeneous group of disorders that affect the peripheral nervous system. Three loci are known for the autosomal dominant forms of axonal CMT (CMT2), but none have yet been identified for autosomal recessive axonal CMT (ARCMT2). We have studied a large consanguineous Moroccan ARCMT2 family with nine affected sibs. The onset of CMT was in the 2d decade in all affected individuals who presented with a severe motor and sensory neuropathy, with proximal muscle involvement occurring in some patients. After exclusion of known loci for CMT2 and for demyelinating ARCMT2, a genomewide search was performed. Evidence for linkage was found with markers on chromosome 1q. The maximum pairwise LOD score was above the threshold value of 3.00, for markers D1S514, D1S2715, D1S2777, and D1S2721, and it reached 6.10 at the loci D1S2777, D1S2721, and D1S2624, according to multipoint LOD-score analysis. These markers defined a region of homozygosity that placed the gene in a 4.4-cM interval. Moreover, a recombination event detected in an unaffected 48-year-old individual excludes the D1S506 marker, thereby reducing the interval to 1.7 cM. In addition, the P0 gene, an attractive candidate because of both its location on chromosome 1q and its role in myelin structure, was excluded by physical mapping and direct sequencing.  (+info)

(2/413) Insulin autoimmune syndrome: a rare cause of hypoglycaemia not to be overlooked.

We report the case of a Caucasian patient with insulin autoimmune syndrome (IAS), defined as the association of hypoglycaemic attacks with insulin autoantibodies in individuals not previously treated with exogenous insulin. This rare syndrome (more than 200 published cases) has been reported mainly in Japan. Most affected patients present with other autoimmune disorders, most often Graves' disease. In most cases, insulin autoantibodies appear a few weeks after the beginning of treatment with a drug containing a sulphyldryl group. A significant increase in insulin and C-peptide plasma concentrations and the presence of other antiorgan antibodies are observed. The susceptibility haplotype is present in the Japanese population, which may account for the high frequency of IAS. Spontaneous remission is observed in 80% of cases, with cessation of hypoglycaemic attacks and disappearance of insulin autoantibodies some months after withdrawal of the drug. This rare cause of hypoglycaemia in Caucasian subjects should be considered in aetiologic investigation of spontaneous hypoglycaemia.  (+info)

(3/413) Scorpion envenomation and serotherapy in Morocco.

A clinical and biologic study was conducted in Morocco to assess the efficiency of antivenom therapy for treating victims of scorpion stings. Epidemiologic and clinical data were collected from 275 patients envenomed by Androctonus mauretanicus mauretanicus and Buthus occitanus scorpions. Patients received antivenom or other drugs. Blood samples were collected at the time of hospital admission and 1 hr and 3 hr after treatment. Serum venom levels were quantified by using an ELISA. An association was found between clinical signs of envenoming and the level of venom in serum. Patients classified as grade II (moderate envenoming) had higher serum levels of venom level than patients classified as grade I (mild envenoming). At admission to the hospital, the mean venom concentration was not significantly different between the group not treated with antivenom, the group who received 2-5 ml of antivenom, and the group who received 10 ml of antivenom. A significant decrease in serum venom levels and an improvement in the clinical conditions were observed in patients administered 10 ml of antivenom. The lower decrease in serum venom levels in patients who received 2-5 ml of antivenom was due to lower doses of antivenom. No difference in the venom concentration was observed in patients who were not treated with antivenom. The absence of administration of antivenom increased the risk of developing clinical signs at the end of the hospitalization period. However, this risk was much higher when more than 1 hr elapsed between the time of the scorpion sting and the time of hospital admission. The results demonstrate that antivenom is effective in decreasing circulating venom and morbidity. Serotherapy is more efficient when given as soon as possible after envenomation and with adequate quantities of antivenom.  (+info)

(4/413) Serological, clinical and histopathological changes in naturally infected dogs with Leishmania infantum in the Khemisset province, Morocco.

Canine leishmaniasis (canL) is widespread in the north of Morocco and the Leishmania infantum local strains are highly virulent. An epidemiological survey was carried out in 1993-1995 in the Khemisset province. In this region, the severity of the disease was assessed during regular visits to the identified foci by clinical examination of 323 dogs. Clinical signs were protean and occurred in various combinations. Biopsies were made on available sick dogs; the main histological changes were severe infiltration of the spleen, lymph nodes and bone marrow by mononuclear cells and hyperplasia of macrophage cells with amastigotes in their cytoplasm. The seroprevalence among 323 dog sera tested by ELISA showed a rate of 16.71%. The highest prevalence of the disease was 23.6% in the Sid El Ghandour hamlet. A comparison of the results of this study with those from the year following the first examination on the same site (Sid El Ghandour) of 67 dogs showed that the disease prevalence had not increased significantly (23.6% to 25.33%).  (+info)

(5/413) Evaluation of environmental methods to control snails in an irrigation system in Central Morocco.

The Moroccan Ministry of Public Health has launched a programme to eliminate schistosomiasis. One of the components in this process is the control of Bulinus truncatus, the intermediate host snail of Schistosoma haematobium. We evaluated three environmentally safe measures to control B. truncatus in siphon boxes, the main breeding sites for these snails in the Tessaout Amont irrigation system. The first method involved covering the siphon boxes to exclude light and reduce algal growth, the second consisted of increasing the frequency of emptying and cleaning the siphon boxes, and the third method increased water velocity to hinder the establishment of the intermediate hosts. The results showed that covering had a pronounced effect on snail and egg mass density, was accepted by the local community and prevented water contact. Cleaning the siphons three times during the irrigation season led to a reduction in snail density although it was not statistically significant and recolonization was rapid. Increasing water velocity by reducing the dimensions of siphon boxes delayed recolonization, but such a control measure can be applied only in specific situations where it does not pose hydraulic problems. The three interventions were selectively effective against B. truncatus, whereas other snails such as Physa acuta and Lymnaea peregra were hardly affected. Covering, the most promising control measure, could be useful in the Moroccan schistosomiasis eradication programme. However, further investigations are needed to assess its impact on water quality.  (+info)

(6/413) Molecular characterization of 3-phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase deficiency--a neurometabolic disorder associated with reduced L-serine biosynthesis.

3-phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase (PHGDH) deficiency is a disorder of L-serine biosynthesis that is characterized by congenital microcephaly, psychomotor retardation, and seizures. To investigate the molecular basis for this disorder, the PHGDH mRNA sequence was characterized, and six patients from four families were analyzed for sequence variations. Five patients from three different families were homozygous for a single nucleotide substitution predicted to change valine at position 490 to methionine. The sixth patient was homozygous for a valine to methionine substitution at position 425; both mutations are located in the carboxyterminal part of PHGDH. In vitro expression of these mutant proteins resulted in significant reduction of PHGDH enzyme activities. RNA-blot analysis indicated abundant expression of PHGDH in adult and fetal brain tissue. Taken together with the severe neurological impairment in our patients, the data presented in this paper suggest an important role for PHGDH activity and L-serine biosynthesis in the metabolism, development, and function of the central nervous system.  (+info)

(7/413) Screening for genetic disorders among Jews: how should the Tay-Sachs screening program be continued?

The screening program in Israel for Tay-Sachs disease has proven very successful, giving Jewish couples a choice not to have affected children. The technology of carrier detection is now possible in several other severe genetic diseases that are relatively frequent among Jews. Due to the current confusion, a policy is needed to determine how the TSD screening program should be continued in the Israeli Jewish population. We propose that such a screening program include only mutations agreed by consensus as causing a disease severe enough to warrant the possibility of therapeutic abortion. We also propose that general screening include only mutations that are relatively frequent, taking into account the carrier frequencies in the Israeli Jewish population.  (+info)

(8/413) The phylogeography of Brazilian Y-chromosome lineages.

We examined DNA polymorphisms in the nonrecombining portion of the Y-chromosome to investigate the contribution of distinct patrilineages to the present-day white Brazilian population. Twelve unique-event polymorphisms were typed in 200 unrelated males from four geographical regions of Brazil and in 93 Portuguese males. In our Brazilian sample, the vast majority of Y-chromosomes proved to be of European origin. Indeed, there were no significant differences when the haplogroup frequencies in Brazil and Portugal were compared by means of an exact test of population differentiation. Y-chromosome typing was quite sensitive in the detection of regional immigration events. Distinct footprints of Italian immigration to southern Brazil, migration of Moroccan Jews to the Amazon region, and possible relics of the 17th-century Dutch invasion of northeast Brazil could be seen in the data. In sharp contrast with our mtDNA data in white Brazilians, which showed that > or =60% of the matrilineages were Amerindian or African, only 2.5% of the Y-chromosome lineages were from sub-Saharan Africa, and none were Amerindian. Together, these results configure a picture of strong directional mating between European males and Amerindian and African females, which agrees with the known history of the peopling of Brazil since 1500.  (+info)

  • Rabat
  • Britain's Independent explained , "Perejil formed part of the Spanish protectorate of northern Morocco, handed back to Rabat in 1956, except for Ceuta and Melilla. (slate.com)
  • RABAT, Morocco (AP) - Stevie Wonder has offered to sing live for international negotiators who are in Morocco trying to forge a deal to give the visually impaired greater access to reading material. (yahoo.com)
  • Oulmes is a town in Khémisset Province, Rabat-Salé-Kénitra, Morocco. (wikipedia.org)
  • The Morocco Open or Rabat Grand Prix (for sponsorship reasons called the Grand Prix de SAR La Princesse Lalla Meryem), is a women's professional tennis tournament currently held in Rabat, Morocco. (wikipedia.org)
  • 1930
  • Morocco is a 1930 American Pre-Code romantic drama film directed by Josef von Sternberg and starring Gary Cooper, Marlene Dietrich, and Adolphe Menjou. (wikipedia.org)
  • Berber
  • The main competing ideologies of the Greater Morocco ideology have been Sahrawi nationalism, Mauritanian irridentism, Spanish nationalism, Berber separatism and Pan-Arabism. (wikipedia.org)
  • 1969
  • Al-Fassi's ambitions gained more support in parliament in the beginning of the sixties, leading to a delay in the recognition of Mauritania (independent in 1960, not recognised by Morocco until 1969). (wikipedia.org)
  • Perejil
  • Madrid concedes that its claim on Perejil is questionable-in official statements, the Spanish government has simply insisted that Morocco must abide by the "status quo"-but as El País observed , "Doing nothing when there are Moroccan soldiers on Perejil has a price and could set a precedent. (slate.com)
  • country
  • Morocco (المغرب al-Maghreb ) is a North African country that has a coastline on both the North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. (wikitravel.org)
  • As a consequence, Morocco is the only African country to step out of the union, because the Polisario Front, representing the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic was awarded a seat. (wikipedia.org)
  • largest
  • The company has been ranked the 12th largest company in Morocco and employs close to 1000 people directly and more than 12 000 indirectly. (wikipedia.org)
  • year
  • This is an election year in Morocco, and both the monarchy and the opposition Islamist parties seized on the opportunity to make an example of Nichane. (latimes.com)
  • generally
  • Throughout the Cold War, Morocco generally sided with the Western European powers and the United States rather than with the Eastern bloc, whereas other Arab states usually chose neutral or pro-Soviet positions. (wikitravel.org)
  • trip
  • Wealthy La Bessière (Adolphe Menjou) attempts to make her acquaintance, offering to assist her on her first trip to Morocco. (wikipedia.org)
  • director
  • Morocco was nominated for four Academy Awards in the categories of Best Actress in a Leading Role (Marlene Dietrich), Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography and Best Director (Josef von Sternberg). (wikipedia.org)
  • time
  • That Al Aji has become the first female reporter to face prison time in Morocco is a perverse sign of progress in gender equality. (latimes.com)
  • love
  • For babies who love to stay warm and cute, look no further than our adorable line-up of CafePress Morocco Football Baby Hats. (cafepress.com)