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These men's sperm counts were almost 30 percent lower than those who didn't drink cola. ... Men who drink a litre of cola every day could be harming their sperm count, according to a new study. ... Drinking cola? Beware! Men who drink a litre of cola every day could be harming their sperm count, according to a new study. ... On an average, these men's sperm counts were almost 30 percent lower than those who didn't drink cola, reports dailymail.co.uk. ...
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More About COLA. COLA is a leading national laboratory accreditor and advocate for quality in laboratory medicine and patient ... COLA is recognized by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services as a deemed accrediting organization. COLA's program is ... please visit COLA's web site at www.cola.org. ... While the site is sponsored and managed by COLA, the articles ... The Lab Testing Matters concept grew from the 2014 COLA Leadership Summit which brought together a group of interdisciplinary ...
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Shasta Cola - 44.4 milligrams. Dr. Pepper - 39.6 milligrams. Pepsi-Cola - 38.4 milligrams. RC Cola - 36.0 milligrams ... Coca-Cola is in more countries on the earth than there are nations as members of the United Nations. Coca-Cola is in more than ... Coca-Cola is so powerful, that it dressed up Santa Claus. Originally, Santa didn't wear red and white, the colors of Coca-Cola ... I learned that some auto mechanics actually use soda pop (Coca-Cola) in their garages as an industrial agent. They pour cola on ...
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Download Aj k raat coco cola alternative ring tone in good quality. More than one million mp3 and m4r tones for all types of ... Free Aj k raat coco cola ringtone to your cell phone. ... This ringtone Aj k raat coco cola is in .m4r and .mp3 format ... Download ringtone to phone Aj k raat coco cola in several ways:. - Direct download on your computer - By sending links with a ... Download free Aj k raat coco cola ringtones. On our site you will find more than 30,000 different ringtones and calls for your ...
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Of the various species of cola nuts, the two most commonly edible kinds are Cola acuminata and Cola nitida . Cola contains ... Centuries ago, Arabs traded gold dust for cola nuts before starting out on long treks across the Sahara. Cola nut has been used ... Cola nuts are actually seeds removed from their seed coats. Traditionally, they are chewed raw or taken in pulverized or liquid ... the cola tree is cultivated today in many tropical climates, including Central and South America, the West Indies, Sri Lanka, ...
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Coca Cola is the world's favourite soft drink ... Coca Cola is the world's favourite soft drink and has been ... Coca-Cola is now the most recognised trademark in the world, available everywhere from Australia to Zambia. Today you have a ... lot of choice in how you enjoy Coca-Cola, in a variety of tastes and pack sizes for every occasion. ...
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... other than cola or pepper, with sodium saccharin, without caffeine? Calobonga Calorie Counter ... Carbonated beverage, cola, with higher caffeine. Carbonated beverage, cola, without caffeine. Carbonated beverage, low calorie ... Carbonated beverage, low calorie, cola or pepper-type, with aspartame, without caffeine. Carbonated beverage, low calorie, cola ... Carbonated beverage, low calorie, other than cola or pepper, without caffeine. Carbonated beverage, reduced sugar, cola, ...
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I am a cola addict (my only real vice) and I could never shake the feeling that the Kona Cola was really just watered down soda ... I thought that Kona Cola tasted kind of like a cola soda that had been left alone too long with ice melting into it. There is a ... Each contains "natural flavors," and the Berry, Citrus and Cola flavors include beet (I assume for coloring). The Kona Cola ... Flavors: Tri-Berry, Lemon+Lime, Kona Cola, Citrus Fruit. Listed Weight: n/a. Tested Weights: 2.5 oz/71 g for one full tube. ...
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... cola or pepper-type, with aspartame, contains caffeine from the USDA Nutrition Facts on RecipeTips.Com ... Nutrition Information for Carbonated beverage, low calorie, cola or pepper-type, with aspartame, contains caffeine Reviews. ... Nutrition Information for Carbonated beverage, low calorie, cola or pepper-type, with aspartame, contains caffeine. ... Carbonated beverage, low calorie, cola or pepper-type, with aspartame, contains caffeine (USDA#14416). ...
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Coca Cola. With severe antagonies playing out between the United States... ... Mecca Cola is an Islamist alternative to the biggest-selling brand in the world: ... Mecca Cola is an Islamist alternative to the biggest-selling brand in the world: Coca Cola. With severe antagonies playing out ... Mecca Cola seems destined to make some mark in the world, as is seen in coverage of the product's success in many major western ...
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... Chronic hypokalemia due to excessive cola consumption, a case report in Cases Journal A 52-year ... It's hard to believe anyone would even consider that 4 itres of cola might be okay to drink everyday. Does beer do the same ... A dietary history revealed that he was consuming 4 liters of cola per day, with a calculated fructose load of 396 grams per day ... Carbonated beverages with sugar (like cola drinks) aren't especially healthy when consumed in large amounts. They contain no ...
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Second, how about cola...well, based of the cola's pH, it's possible for us to get our pH lowered to 1.5 - 2....but remember ... Ok, now the pH of Cola, according to them, is 2.71. When i measured myself, i got 2 on the nose. The pH of orange or lemon ... So i did an experiment: shaked all the CO2 out of the Cola and then measured the pH. Still somewhere between 2 and 3. So the ... But, I don't think that the pH of cola is about 2...wow, it's about 100 times more acidic compared to vinegar.... Oh, any info ...
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NEW YORK NY The cola wars have gotten ugly lately Cola companies are competing to create the best flesh dissolving formulations ... NEW YORK, NY - The cola wars have gotten ugly lately. Cola companies are competing to create the best flesh dissolving ... You are here: Spoof News / World News / New cola application: naked body disposal ... It is calculated that the dissolving power of cheap diet colas is just what is needed for the coming Greenic Cleansing, a super ...
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As a result, COLA formed COLA Resources Inc® (CRI®), an independent subsidiary focused on the educational needs of this ever- ... COLA Shares Data on the Impact of Medicare Cuts on Patient Access to Clinical Laboratory Testing. October 10, 2017. ... Laboratories accredited by COLA not only meet federal CLIA and state regulatory requirements, but also benefit from the ... When you work with COLA, you can expect to not only to meet federal CLIA and state regulatory requirements, but also benefit ...
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The Coca-Cola formula is the Coca-Cola Company's secret recipe for Coca-Cola syrup, which bottlers combine with carbonated ... "Coca-Cola Moves its Secret Formula to The World of Coca-Cola". The Coca-Cola Company. December 8, 2011. Retrieved December 19, ... United States v. Forty Barrels and Twenty Kegs of Coca-Cola, the Coca-Cola Company of Atlanta, Georgia. , 241 U.S. 265 (U.S. ... Pendergrast, Mark (2000). For God, Country and Coca-Cola: The Definitive History of the Great American Soft Drink and the ...
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Castle of Cola (Portuguese: Castelo de Cola) is an Iron Age residence and Islamic redoubt in the Portuguese Alentejo, ... Near the site is the Church of Nossa Senhora da Cola, an annual destination for pilgrims. Cola is part of an archaeological ... The castro is part of a larger archaeological park of Castro da Cola, that includes various Megalithic and Calcolithic ... Fortified medieval settlement of Cola, a castro later converted to Islamic outpost ...
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... The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 1998: e.T34772A9888525. . Downloaded on 21 March 2018.. ...
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Spread on the cooled Coca-Cola Cake. Back to Kitchen Index. If coke bottles are not already dancing, please be patient.They ... Coca~Cola Cake. *1 cup Coca-Cola *1/2 cup vegetable oil *1 stick margarine *3 T. cocoa powder *2 cups sugar *2 cups flour *1/2 ... Coca~Cola Baked Beans. *2 cans (16 oz.each) great northern beans *1/2 can Coca~Cola *1/4 cup onion - diced *1/4 cup green bell ... Coca Cola Baked Ham *1 - 10 lb(approx.) semi-boneless ham *1 T. dry mustard *6 cups Coca-Cola *2 T spicy brown prepared mustard ...
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Listen to songs and albums by Sponge Cola, including 'Jeepney,' 'Tuliro,' 'Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay,' and many more. Free with ...
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According to Wikipedia, just as with the Ubuntu Linux distribution, the cola is named after the African philosophy of Ubuntu, ...
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The Fast Money traders weigh in on JP Morgan downgrading Coca-Cola to neutral and how to trade it, and Todd Gordon, Aspen ... Downgrade for Cola-Cola 5:29 PM ET Mon, 3 Oct 2011 ... Fast Money traders weigh in on JP Morgan downgrading Coca-Cola ...
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210 calories per bottle. Very low sodium, 35 mg or less per 240 ml (8 fl oz). Caffeine Content: 53 mg/16.9 fl oz. www.Pepsi.com. Product questions? 1-800-433-2652. Please recycle.. ...
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Coca-Cola. The University of Minnesota team placed 1st in District 8 and 1st in the nation. ... National Student Advertising Competition 2007: Coca-Cola. The University of Minnesota team placed 1st in District 8 and 1st in ...
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Corsica Cola is a regional cola distributed by the Corsican brewery Pietra. Cuba Cola is the native cola of Sweden. Evoca Cola ... Drink portal Cola chicken Cola wars Open source colas - soft drinks whose recipe is open sourced Champagne cola, a similar ... to compete with Coca-Cola and Kola.Real LA Ice Cola is an Australian cola owned by P&N Beverages, similar to Coca-Cola and ... the native Jolly Cola was more popular than Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola during the 1960s and 1970s.[citation needed] Karma Cola, ...

(1/18) Parkinson's disease risks associated with cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, and caffeine intake.

A reduced risk for Parkinson's disease (PD) among cigarette smokers has been observed consistently during the past 30 years. Recent evidence suggests that caffeine may also be protective. Findings are presented regarding associations of PD with smoking, caffeine intake, and alcohol consumption from a case-control study conducted in western Washington State in 1992-2000. Incident PD cases (n = 210) and controls (n = 347), frequency matched on gender and age were identified from enrollees of the Group Health Cooperative health maintenance organization. Exposure data were obtained by in-person questionnaires. Ever having smoked cigarettes was associated with a reduced risk of PD (odds ratio (OR) = 0.5, 95% confidence interval (CI): 0.4, 0.8). A stronger relation was found among current smokers (OR = 0.3, 95% CI: 0.1, 0.7) than among ex-smokers (OR = 0.6, 95% CI: 0.4, 0.9), and there was an inverse gradient with pack-years smoked (trend p < 0.001). No associations were detected for coffee consumption or total caffeine intake or for alcohol consumption. However, reduced risks were observed for consumption of 2 cups/day or more of tea (OR = 0.4, 95% CI: 0.2, 0.9) and two or more cola drinks/day (OR = 0.6, 95% CI: 0.3, 1.4). The associations for tea and cola drinks were not confounded by smoking or coffee consumption.  (+info)

(2/18) Coffee and fetal death: a cohort study with prospective data.

The authors conducted a cohort study within the Danish National Birth Cohort to determine whether coffee consumption during pregnancy is associated with late fetal death (spontaneous abortion and stillbirth). A total of 88,482 pregnant women recruited from March 1996 to November 2002 participated in a comprehensive interview on coffee consumption and potentially confounding factors in pregnancy. Information on pregnancy outcome was obtained from the National Hospital Discharge Register and medical records. The authors detected 1,102 fetal deaths. High levels of coffee consumption were associated with an increased risk of fetal death. Relative to nonconsumers of coffee, the adjusted hazard ratios for fetal death associated with coffee consumption of 1/2-3, 4-7, and > or =8 cups of coffee per day were 1.03 (95% confidence interval (CI): 0.89, 1.19), 1.33 (95% CI: 1.08, 1.63), and 1.59 (95% CI: 1.19, 2.13), respectively. Reverse causation due to unrecognized fetal demise may explain the association between coffee intake and risk of fetal death prior to 20 completed weeks' gestation but not the association with fetal loss following 20 completed weeks' gestation. Consumption of coffee during pregnancy was associated with a higher risk of fetal death, especially losses occurring after 20 completed weeks of gestation.  (+info)

(3/18) Color stability of resin composites after immersion in different drinks.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the discoloration of two nanohybrids, two microhybrids, and a posterior composite resin restorative material upon exposure to different drinks--namely tea, cola, coffee, red wine, and water. The colors of all specimens before and after storage in the solutions were measured by a colorimeter based on CIE Lab system, and the color differences thereby calculated. Data were analyzed by two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Tukey's HSD test. According to ANOVA, the restorative material, staining agent, and their interaction were found to play a statistically significant role (P = 0.0001) in color change. Among the staining agents, water consistently showed the lowest deltaE* value for all materials, whereas red wine showed the highest deltaE* value. In other words, for all the materials tested, their color change in staining agents ranked in this increasing order: water < cola < tea < coffee < red wine. In terms of comparison among the five restorative materials, Filtek P60 and Z250 were observed to manifest less color change than the nanohybrids and Quadrant LC.  (+info)

(4/18) Carbonated beverages and chronic kidney disease.

BACKGROUND: Carbonated beverage consumption has been linked with diabetes, hypertension, and kidney stones, all risk factors for chronic kidney disease. Cola beverages, in particular, contain phosphoric acid and have been associated with urinary changes that promote kidney stones. METHODS: We examined the relationship between carbonated beverages (including cola) and chronic kidney disease, using data from 465 patients with newly diagnosed chronic kidney disease and 467 community controls recruited in North Carolina between 1980 and 1982. RESULTS: Drinking 2 or more colas per day was associated with increased risk of chronic kidney disease (adjusted odds ratio = 2.3; 95% confidence interval = 1.4-3.7). Results were the same for regular colas (2.1; 1.3-3.4) and artificially sweetened colas (2.1; 0.7-2.5). Noncola carbonated beverages were not associated with chronic kidney disease (0.94; 0.4-2.2). CONCLUSIONS: These preliminary results suggest that cola consumption may increase the risk of chronic kidney disease.  (+info)

(5/18) Acute intestinal obstruction caused by a persimmon phytobezoar after dissolution therapy with Coca-Cola.

Bezoars are concretions or hard masses of foreign matter that are found in the gastrointestinal tract. Recent reports have demonstrated the efficacy of Coca-Cola administration for the dissolution of phytobezors. Here we report on a 73-year-old man with a very large gastric persimmon diospyrobezoar, and this caused small intestinal obstruction after partial dissolution with oral and injected Coca-Cola.  (+info)

(6/18) Coffee, tea, colas, and risk of epithelial ovarian cancer.


(7/18) Prefrontal cortex damage abolishes brand-cued changes in cola preference.


(8/18) How good is cola for dissolution of gastric phytobezoars?

AIM: To evaluate the efficacy of cola treatment for gastric phytobezoars, including diospyrobezoars. METHODS: A total of 17 patients (range: 48 to 78 years) with symptomatic gastric phytobezoars treated with cola and adjuvant endoscopic therapy were reviewed. Three liters of cola lavage (10 cases) or drink (7 cases) were initially used, and then endoscopic fragmentation was done for the remnant bezoars by using a lithotripsy basket or a polypectomy snare. The overall success of dissolving a gastric phytobezoars with using three liters of cola and the clinical and endoscopic findings were compared retrospectively between four cases of complete dissolution by using only cola and 13 cases of partial dissolution with cola. RESULTS: After 3 L of cola lavage or drinking, a complete dissolution of bezoars was achieved in four patients (23.5%), while 13 cases (76.5%) were only partially dissolved. Phytobezoars (4 of 6 cases) were observed more frequently than diospyrobezoars (0 of 11) in the group that underwent complete dissolution (P = 0.006). Gender, symptom duration, size of bezoar and method of cola administration were not significantly different between the two groups. Twelve of 13 patients with residual bezoars were completely treated with a combination of cola and endoscopic fragmentation. CONCLUSION: The rate of complete dissolution with three liters of cola was 23.5%, but no case of diospyrobezoar was completely dissolved using this method. However, pretreatment with cola may be helpful and facilitate endoscopic fragmentation of gastric phytobezoars.  (+info)

  • mecca.cola
  • With severe antagonies playing out between the US -led Western sphere and Islamist countries and groups, Mecca Cola was created to provide an alternative for the soft drink market that did not pose moral dilemma s to its drinkers. (everything2.com)
  • In fact, Mecca Cola was created to be a direct action against the United States ' foreign policy and what the creators call oppressors of muslim s. (everything2.com)
  • Mecca Cola was created by French Tunisian enterpreneur and muslim activist Tawfiq Mathlouthi . (everything2.com)
  • Because of him, politically conscious muslims may make the decision to drink Mecca Cola as a sign of protest against George W. Bush 's foreign policy after they break their Ramadan fast and later. (everything2.com)
  • Mathlouthi's Mecca Cola has been a huge success since the start of sales in early November. (everything2.com)
  • Mecca Cola seems destined to make some mark in the world, as is seen in coverage of the product's success in many major western media . (everything2.com)
  • The homepage of Mecca Cola can be found at http://www.mecca-cola.com , though currently versions exist only in French and Arabic . (everything2.com)
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  • Coca-Cola Co. announced this week that Coke Zero will get a makeover and be revamped as Coca-Cola Zero Sugar - but not everyone is happy about the changes. (nypost.com)
  • I claim to no insider information, but consider that what Coca Cola spends on when making and shipping Coke to customers is mostly local labor . (everything2.com)
  • In the 1940s, Coca-Cola produced White Coke at the request of Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov. (wikipedia.org)
  • drinks
  • Manufacturers of cola drinks add trace ingredients to create distinctively different tastes for each brand. (wikipedia.org)
  • Studies indicate "soda and sweetened drinks are the main source of calories in [the] American diet", so most nutritionists advise that Coca-Cola and other soft drinks can be harmful if consumed excessively, particularly to young children whose soft drink consumption competes with, rather than complements, a balanced diet. (wikipedia.org)
  • Along with the closely related Cola acuminata, which is also native to West Africa, the trees are cultivated commercially in tropical regions of the world and the nuts used in the manufacture of "cola" drinks. (wikipedia.org)
  • soda
  • A new Coca-Cola ad is leaving a bad taste in some viewers' mouths On Nov. 2, the soda company released a commercial in Saudi Arabia meant to celebrate the country's. (nypost.com)
  • MITCHELL, S.D. - A South Dakota man who claims to have found a mouse in a can of soda is suing Coca-Cola Co., saying he missed 60 hours of work. (nypost.com)
  • Coca ~ Cola was first sold for 5¢ a glass as a soda fountain drink at Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta , Georgia . (everything2.com)
  • Atlanta
  • After speaking to brokers, Atlanta-based Coca Cola has apparently decided it could not get the same or larger rent at its 711 Fifth Ave. building and will leave Polo Ralph. (nypost.com)
  • site
  • Near the site is the Church of Nossa Senhora da Cola, an annual destination for pilgrims. (wikipedia.org)
  • DISCLAIMER: All pictures on these pages are registered trademarks of the Coca-Cola Co. This site is intended for pure entertainment. (angelfire.com)
  • diet
  • According to http://www.dietritecola.com Diet Rite was the very first diet cola , introduced in 1958 . (everything2.com)
  • This was thought to be due to the presence of phosphoric acid, and the risk was found to be the same for caffeinated and noncaffeinated colas, as well as the same for diet and sugared colas. (wikipedia.org)
  • taste
  • It does not taste like dirt (as, seriously, I feel Coca-Cola does). (everything2.com)
  • Kosher for Passover Coca-Cola sold in the U.S. around the Jewish holiday also uses sucrose rather than HFCS and is also highly sought after by people who prefer the original taste. (wikipedia.org)
  • elsewhere
  • Elsewhere, voices of protest were roused in the Coca Cola camp who are, according to a Time report, "looking into" the matter of possible trademark infringement. (everything2.com)
  • News
  • However, an Arabic News story points out that Mathlouthi has acquired the trademarks already in August, and does not aim to oppose Coca Cola directly with his product, but rather a symbol of the all-pervarsive influence of American culture. (everything2.com)
  • drink
  • Barr Cola made by A.G. Barr (the makers of the popular Irn Bru drink) in the United Kingdom Breizh Cola is a local brand from Brittany (France). (wikipedia.org)
  • found
  • A 2007 study found that consumption of colas, both those with natural sweetening and those with artificial sweetening, was associated with increased risk of chronic kidney disease. (wikipedia.org)
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  • Coca-Cola Co.'s quarterly profit and revenue topped analysts' estimates, helped by a 3 percent rise in North American sales as it gains market share over archrival PepsiCo. (nypost.com)
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  • In 1929, after his death, Griggs Candler's family sold the interest in Coca ~ Cola to a group of businessmen led by Ernest Woodruff for $25 million. (everything2.com)
  • brand
  • Brisa Cola is a local brand from Madeira, Portugal and produced by Empresa de Cervejas da Madeira. (wikipedia.org)
  • company
  • In 1891, Asa Candler purchased the rights to the formula from Pemberton's estate, founded the Coca-Cola Company , and instituted the shroud of secrecy that has since enveloped the formula. (wikipedia.org)
  • The company will neither confirm nor deny that the current version of Coca-Cola contains coca leaf extract, deferring to the secret nature of the formula. (wikipedia.org)
  • Nevertheless, a New Jersey company was named by one source as a supplier of coca extract to Coca-Cola. (wikipedia.org)
  • Link
  • A link has been shown between long-term regular cola intake and osteoporosis in older women (but not men). (wikipedia.org)
  • trade
  • The Fast Money traders weigh in on JP Morgan downgrading Coca-Cola to neutral and how to trade it, and Todd Gordon, Aspen Trading, with a play on the Australian dollar. (cnbc.com)