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Aloe Vera Health Benefits and Side Effects. Aloe Vera's Topical Uses. Aloe Vera Products. What You Can Do With Aloe Vera. Aloe ... Aloe Vera Gel. Defined as aloe vera inner leaf juice, or inner fillet. Commercial aloe vera gel is made without the outer rind ... Aloe Vera Juice. Defined as aloe vera leaf juice. Commercial aloe juice is made by crushing or grinding entire leaves, ... Although she does caution against using whole-leaf aloe.. What to Know About Aloe Latex. Although aloe vera is a natural remedy ...
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Current: DIY Rash Cream with Aloe & Lavender DIY Rash Cream with Aloe & Lavender. Dr. Axe on Facebook 102 Dr. Axe on Twitter 1 ... Next, add the aloe vera gel and blend well. Nature created a gem of a plant with the healing qualities of aloe vera, which ... Next, add the aloe vera gel and continue to stir.. *Remove from heat and add the bentonite clay, witch hazel and lavender. Stir ... dates back as far as 1935 with a study reporting the rapid relief from the itching and burning that aloe vera provides. ...
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Aloe Description Appearance Aloe vera, a member of the lily family, is a spiky, succulent, perennial plant. It is indigenous to ... The type used most often for medicinal purposes is Aloe barbadensis, also known as Aloe vera. Both Aloe barbadensis and Aloe ... aloes or bitter aloes) a strong laxative obtained from the bitter juice of various kinds of aloe. ∎ (also American aloe) ... "true aloe") is the most popular for medical applications. It has also been known as Aloe vulgaris ("common aloe") and Aloe ...
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... James A. Work jimwork at netcom.com Sun Oct 30 16:41:10 EST 1994 *Previous message: Information.... Jong ...
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"aloe"[MeSH Terms] OR "aloe"[All Fields] OR ("aloe"[All Fields] AND "vera"[All Fields]) OR "aloe vera"[All Fields]. Search. ... spectrum 1; Aloe vera extract, spectrum II; 5-FU only, spectrum III; 5-FU nano-particles synthesized with 3 ml of Aloe vera ... The 5-FU solution was incubated with Aloe vera extract (5 ml of 10−3 M 5-FU and 5 ml Aloe vera extract; final volume of ... c Showing reducing power activity of Aloe vera and ascorbic acid. d Showing metal chelating activity of Aloe vera and ascorbic ...
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This is a beautiful newly released Kelly Griffin hybrid aloe. Makes a great indoor plant on a sunny window sill or keep in ... This listing is for one Aloe Donnie growing in a 3.5 pot. ... Aloe 'Donnie' hybrid 3.5' Pot. Favorite Favorited Like this ... This listing is for one Aloe 'Donnie' growing in a 3.5' pot. This is a beautiful newly released Kelly Griffin hybrid aloe. ... This listing is for one Aloe 'Donnie' growing in a 3.5' pot. This is a beautiful newly released Kelly Griffin hybrid aloe. ...
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Aloe Vera products are made from the whole leaf of the plant. It is commonly found in skin care products, but quality can vary ... Check the aloe content of products before buying. Many cosmetics have less than 2% aloe, but you need at least 25% aloe for ... Search Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera products are made from the whole leaf of the plant. It is commonly found in skin care products, but ... Aloe Vera products are made from the whole leaf of the plant. It is commonly found in skin care products, but quality can vary ...
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The aloe vera plant contains a number of health benefits, making it an ideal addition to any medicine cabinet. - Aloe Vera - ... Common Names: aloe vera, aloe, burn plant, lily of the desert, elephant's gall. How It Is Used. Aloe leaves contain a clear gel ... Aloe Vera. The aloe vera plant contains a number of health benefits, making it an ideal addition to any medicine cabinet.. ... Aloe vera is famous for its many useful effects like soothing. Application of aloe vera on the wound increase the rate of wound ...
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Aloe is a large group of different succulent plants and there's over 400 different species of Aloe. When we're thinking of Aloe ... Toxicology and Carcinogenesis Studies of a Nondecolorized Whole Leaf Extract of Aloe Barbadensis Miller (Aloe Vera) in F344/N ... Aloe Vera) below. The NTP Studies on Aloe vera were conducted in collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration's . ... which is commonly known at Aloe vera. You can make many different kinds of products from Aloe vera, be it capsules, powders, ...
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Grammy and Brit Award-nominated singer-songwriter Aloe Blacc feels most at home in Paris, and finds The Peninsula Paris to be ...
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... indications (symptoms) from 12 materia medicas, linked and cross referenced. Available 3X-30X, 2C-30C, 200C, 1M- ... Show reverse lookup of Aloe Socotrina relationships from all sources. ▲ MIND - Aloe Socotrina. Mind. Aversions, dislikes; ... Aloe Socotrina most popular Potencies. 30C. 6C. 200C. 30X. 6X. Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny ... RECTUM, ANUS, STOOL - Aloe Socotrina. Rectum. Constant bearing down in rectum; bleeding, sore, and hot; relieved by cold water ...
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Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis) is a perennial, succulent plant, native to Africa. The plant can grow up to 4 feet tall. The ... Aloe can be grown as a houseplant and aloe gel can be obtained by breaking off leaves of the plant. Aloe vera is also available ... Aloe Vera Hydrates and Moisturizes the Skin. Aloe soothes and hydrates the skin. Aloe ability to promote healing may also help ... Aloe Vera Helps Heal Sunburns. Aloe vera is a natural product that is frequently used as a soothing skin care product such as ...
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Their aloe plant was enormous, and looked like it was on... ... building and my upstairs neighbor gave me a piece of their aloe ... International Aloe Science Council IASC aloe vera. The International Aloe Science Council is a non-profit association of aloe ... How Can Aloe Effect Your Health?. *Some Notes on Aloe Vera - Quackwatch.org. Some Notes on Aloe Vera by Beth Lulinski, R.D. ... Advice and Tips for Growing Aloe Vera. *Guide to Growing Aloe Plants. How to grow and care for Aloe vera plants and other ...
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Aloe pillansii. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 1998: e.T31016A9600617. . Downloaded on 11 December 2017.. ... Growing up to 10 m, this aloe is largely confined to an intensely hot and arid area. It has been suggested that this species, ...
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Get free shipping at $35 and view promotions and reviews for Everyone Lotion Lavender + Aloe ... Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Organic Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, Organic Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, ...
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Learn about nine potential health benefits and medical uses for aloe vera, including as an antibiotic and antiseptic in wound ... People have been using aloe vera for many 1,000 of years for its therapeutic properties. ... Aloe vera (aloe vera). (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.kew.org/science-conservation/plants-fungi/aloe-vera-aloe-vera ... Is Aloe vera juice good for IBS? In this article, learn about whether Aloe vera juice can be used to reduce the symptoms of IBS ...
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I have a mature patch of Aloe. Each plant grows on a long stem on the ground. Can I cut the stem and replant the remaining ...
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One remarkable group of plants that God created is known as aloe. There are hundreds of species of aloe plants that grow ... Most people, however, are probably more familiar with the species of aloe known as aloe vera, and its many helpful uses. ... Likely, we will never know in this life all of the ways that plants such as aloe vera can help us. What we can know is that the ... Most aloe plants grow without a stem, and their leaves grow directly out of the ground. Some reach only a few inches tall, ...
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Contraindications of aloe vera. * Pregnant or lactating women should not use aloe vera gel or aloe vera latex internally. These ... CAN ALOE VERA BE TOXIC?. Toxicity and side effects of aloe vera gel. Used internally, aloe vera gel usually presents no ... Aloe vera gel (See instructions of how to extract it). Aloe vera interactions with other medicines or natural remedies. Aloe ... Aloe increases bowel movements so that more potassium is removed. The combination of aloe vera products with drugs or diuretics ...
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Aloe 'Evil Twin'. Many years ago, in 1975, Shannon Lyons hybridized A. sinkatana with A. harlana. Fast forward to 2011 when we ... Gary Lyons chose to call it Aloe 'Sophie', after his and Shannon's daughter. We attempted to initiate this plant in tissue ...
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A list of Keynotes for Aloe Socotrina (aloe), taken from RADAR homeopathic software, with links to a query for the remedy ... RADAR Keynotes for Aloe socotrina (aloe). * Debility and lack of reaction, esp. with respiratory and heart affections. MIND: - ... Aloe socotrina (aloe). Exercise 18 - EH Analysis In the following graph, taken from the Encyclopedia Homeopathica (EH) software ...
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All over the world today, Aloe Vera is a common household plant. Almost everyone has one. The Aloe Vera plant is one of the ... Aloe Vera, the Most Talked About Plant!. Aloe is a plant. All over the world today, Aloe Vera is a common household plant. ... Aloe Vera, and a few other medicinal aloes such as Aloe Ferox have proven to be very beneficial to cancer and even AIDS ... So I put aloe gel on it with a bandage and never let it dry. I just kept changing the bandage and adding new aloe gel and ...it ...
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Inactive Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Gel, Glycerin, Dimethicone, Dehydroxanthan Gum, Sodium PCA, ... Misc: Skin protectant gel with 0.5% allantoin and moisturizing aloe. Paraben free. Helps relieve dry, chapped and cracked skin ...
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... is available online with fast delivery from VioVet, the trusted supplier of veterinary medication, foods ... Questions & Answers for HyHealth Aloe Vera Gel. There are currently no questions for HyHealth Aloe Vera Gel - be the first to ... Reviews of HyHealth Aloe Vera Gel. Read our customers' reviews of HyHealth Aloe Vera Gel ...
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Cereus-validus..... wrote: ,, Aloe barbadensis Miller is not a valid name. ,, ,, Aloe vera (L.) Burman, f. is the correct name ... I would love to buy an Aloe Vera plant, but I cant seem to find a source ,,,of the Aloe Barbadensis Miller variety here in UK. ... Perhaps the best option for you would be to buy an aloe vera plant! ,,,,You'd certainly get it as fresh as you want it. I dont ... Well, I've never realy had anything to do with Aloes of any kind, , but having had a look around, it seems that both are ...

(1/100) In vitro chemopreventive effects of plant polysaccharides (Aloe barbadensis miller, Lentinus edodes, Ganoderma lucidum and Coriolus versicolor).

A plant polysaccharide, Aloe gel extract, was reported to have an inhibitory effect on benzo[a]pyrene (B[a]P)-DNA adduct formation in vitro and in vivo. Hence, chemopreventive effects of plant polysaccharides [Aloe barbadensis Miller (APS), Lentinus edodes (LPS), Ganoderma lucidum (GPS) and Coriolus versicolor (CPS)] were compared using in vitro short-term screening methods associated with both initiation and promotion processes in carcinogenesis. In B[a]P-DNA adduct formation, APS (180 micrograms/ml) was the most effective in inhibition of B[a]P binding to DNA in mouse liver cells. Oxidative DNA damage (by 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine) was significantly decreased by APS (180 micrograms/ml) and CPS (180 micrograms/ml). In induction of glutathione S-transferase activity, GPS was found to be the most effective among plant polysaccharides. In screening anti-tumor promoting effects, APS (180 micrograms/ml) significantly inhibited phorbol myristic acetate (PMA)-induced ornithine decarboxylase activity in Balb/3T3 cells. In addition, APS significantly inhibited PMA-induced tyrosine kinase activity in human leukemic cells. APS and CPS significantly inhibited superoxide anion formation. These results suggest that some plant polysaccharides produced both anti-genotoxic and anti-tumor promoting activities in in vitro models and, therefore, might be considered as potential agents for cancer chemoprevention.  (+info)

(2/100) Characterization of the genotoxicity of anthraquinones in mammalian cells.

Naturally occurring 1,8-dihydroxyanthraquinones are under consideration as possible carcinogens. Here we wanted to elucidate a possible mechanism of their genotoxicity. All three tested anthraquinones, emodin, aloe-emodin, and danthron, showed capabilities to inhibit the non-covalent binding of bisbenzimide Hoechst 33342 to isolated DNA and in mouse lymphoma L5178Y cells comparable to the topoisomerase II inhibitor and intercalator m-amsacrine. In a cell-free decatenation assay, emodin exerted a stronger, danthron a similar and aloe-emodin a weaker inhibition of topoisomerase II activity than m-amsacrine. Analysis of the chromosomal extent of DNA damage induced by these anthraquinones was performed in mouse lymphoma L5178Y cells. Anthraquinone-induced mutant cell clones showed similar chromosomal lesions when compared to the topoisomerase II inhibitors etoposide and m-amsacrine, but were different from mutants induced by the DNA alkylator ethyl methanesulfonate. These data support the idea that inhibition of the catalytic activity of topoisomerase II contributes to anthraquinone-induced genotoxicity and mutagenicity.  (+info)

(3/100) Purification and characterization of two lectins from Aloe arborescens Mill.

Two lectins have been isolated from leaves of Aloe arborescens Mill by salt precipitation, pH-dependent fractionation and gel filtration. One lectin (P-2) has a molecular weight of approximately 18,000, consists of two subunits (alphabeta) and contains more than 18% by weight of neutral carbohydrate. The smaller subunit (alpha) has a molecular weight of approximately 7,500 and the larger subunit (beta) a molecular weight of approximately 10,500. The other lectin (S-1) has a molecular weight of approximately 24,000, consists of two subunits (gamma2) with a molecular weight of approximately 12,000 and contains more than 50% by weight of neutral carbohydrate. An interesting feature of the amino acid compositions of these lectins is the high proportion of acidic amino acids, such as aspartic acid and glutamic acid, and the low proportion of methionine and histidine. S-1 has a strong hemagglutinating activity. On the other hand, P-2 has not only hemagglutinating activity but also mitogenic activity on lymphocytes, precipitate-forming reactivity with serum proteins, one of which is alpha2-macroglobulin, and complement C3 activating activity via the alternate pathway.  (+info)

(4/100) Inhibitory mechanism of aloe single component (alprogen) on mediator release in guinea pig lung mast cells activated with specific antigen-antibody reactions.

We previously reported that the glycoprotein extracted from aloe strongly inhibited the mediator releases caused by the activation of guinea pig lung mast cells. Therefore, this study aimed to purify a single component that has an antiallergic effect from crude aloe extract and then to assess the effects of aloe single component (alprogen) on the mechanism of mediator releases caused by the mast cell activation. We purified aloe extracts by using various columns. We also purified mast cells from guinea pig lung tissues by using enzyme digestion, rough and discontinuous density Percoll gradient. Mast cells were sensitized with IgG(1) (anti-ovalbumin) and challenged with ovalbumin. Histamine was assayed by using a fluorometric analyzer and leukotrienes by radioimmunoassay. [Ca(2+)](i) level was analyzed by using a confocal laser scanning microscope. Protein kinase activity was determined by the protein phosphorylated with [gamma-(32)P]ATP. The phospholipase D activity was assessed by the labeled phosphatidylalcohol. The amount of mass 1,2-diacylglycerol (DAG) was measured by the [(3)H]DAG produced when prelabeled with [(3)H]myristic acid. Phospholipase A(2) activity was determined by measuring the lyso-phosphatidylcholine released from the labeled phospholipids. Alprogen significantly decreased histamine and leukotriene releases and blocked completely Ca(2+) influx during mast cell activation. The protein kinase C and phospholipase D activities were decreased by alprogen in dose-dependent manner. Alprogen inhibited mass DAG formation and the phospholipase A(2) activity during mast cell activation. The data suggest that alprogen purified from aloe inhibits multiple signals as well as blocking Ca(2+) influx caused by mast cells activated with specific antigen-antibody reactions and that then the inhibition of histamine and leukotriene release follows.  (+info)

(5/100) Aloe vera: a systematic review of its clinical effectiveness.

BACKGROUND: The use of aloe vera is being promoted for a large variety of conditions. Often general practitioners seem to know less than their patients about its alleged benefits. AIM: To define the clinical effectiveness of aloe vera, a popular herbal remedy in the United Kingdom. METHOD: Four independent literature searches were conducted in MEDLINE, EMBASE, Biosis, and the Cochrane Library. Only controlled clinical trials (on any indication) were included. There were no restrictions on the language of publication. All trials were read by both authors and data were extracted in a standardized, pre-defined manner. RESULTS: Ten studies were located. They suggest that oral administration of aloe vera might be a useful adjunct for lowering blood glucose in diabetic patients as well as for reducing blood lipid levels in patients with hyperlipidaemia. Topical application of aloe vera is not an effective preventative for radiation-induced injuries. It might be effective for genital herpes and psoriasis. Whether it promotes wound healing is unclear. There are major caveats associated with all of these statements. CONCLUSION: Even though there are some promising results, clinical effectiveness of oral or topical aloe vera is not sufficiently defined at present.  (+info)

(6/100) Status of certain additional over-the-counter drug category II and III active ingredients. Final rule.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is issuing a final rule stating that the stimulant laxative ingredients aloe (including aloe extract and aloe flower extract) and cascara sagrada (including casanthranol, cascara fluidextract aromatic, cascara sagrada bark, cascara sagrada extract, and cascara sagrada fluidextract) in over-the- counter (OTC) drug products are not generally recognized as safe and effective or are misbranded. This final rule is part of FDA's ongoing OTC drug product review.  (+info)

(7/100) Biopharmaceutical assessment of eye drops containing aloe (Aloe arborescens Mill.) and neomycin sulphate.

The subject of the studies was eye drops made of aloe, containing the group of aloe chemical substances of anti-inflammatory use and neomycin sulphate. The aim of the studies was to evaluate the permeability of biologically active aloe substances, determined as aloenin, through synthetic lipophilic and hydrophilic membranes in a standard perfusion apparatus and in vitro verification of the transport possibilities of these substances through the isolated cornea of pig's eye. The permeability process of biologically active aloe substances determined as aloenin, through synthetic lipophilic and hydrophilic membranes, was analyzed using the first-order kinetics. Estimated quotas of permeability rate constant show that the investigated chemical compounds of aloe, included in the eye drops, diffused through the applied membranes. The studies of permeability through isolated pig's cornea proved that biologically active aloe substances could not overcome this biological barrier. On the basis of biopharmaceutical studies it can be concluded that the eye drops containing aloe and neomycin sulphate, due to the lack of permeating abilities through the eye cornea, should be particularly useful in the treatment of inflammations and infections of external parts of the eye, such as conjuctiva, eyelid edges, lacrimal sac and cornea.  (+info)

(8/100) In vitro susceptibilities of Shigella flexneri and Streptococcus pyogenes to inner gel of Aloe barbadensis Miller.

Aloe barbadensis Miller (or Aloe vera) has widespread use in health products, and despite numerous reports on the whole plant, little work has been performed on the inner gel, which has been used extensively in these products. This report describes the in vitro susceptibilities of two bacteria to this component.  (+info)

  • ballyi
  • https://www.kew.org/science/news/plant-story-a-rare-tree-from-kenya-aloe-ballyi-has-been-saved-by-millennium-seed-bank Eastern Arc Mountains & Coastal Forests CEPF Plant Assessment Project Participants. (wikipedia.org)
  • plant's
  • Search for aloe vera information on the Internet and you'll be bombarded with aloe products touting the plant's virtues, but is it safe to use? (naturalhealers.com)
  • Keep reading to gain a deeper understanding of the plant's history, how it's cultivated and what you might learn about aloe vera in natural health school. (naturalhealers.com)
  • stems
  • The Rodrigues aloe develops short, unbranched decumbent stems (3-4 cm diameter), topped with a loose rosette of long (50-75 cm), narrow (8 cm wide at the base), lanceolate-attenuate leaves. (wikipedia.org)
  • Plants
  • I wasn't all that good with house plants and hastened a few along to an early demise until I moved to this one apartment building and my upstairs neighbor gave me a piece of their aloe vera. (hubpages.com)
  • And I'm still happily growing some crazy aloe vera plants. (hubpages.com)
  • I've had aloe vera plants in or near my kitchen for 20 years now. (hubpages.com)
  • In most places I've lived, I've kept my aloe vera plants indoors but I have some friends who are in climates warm enough they are outside year-round. (hubpages.com)
  • Fortunately aloes are very hardy plants and I've found it's often easy to fix a problem and not actually kill the plant. (hubpages.com)
  • The medicinal claims made about Aloe vera, as with many herbs and plants, are endless. (medicalnewstoday.com)
  • Best wishes with your aloe plants! (garden.org)
  • One remarkable group of plants that God created is known as aloe. (apologeticspress.org)
  • Most aloe plants grow without a stem, and their leaves grow directly out of the ground. (apologeticspress.org)
  • Man has discovered that God's aloe plants serve a variety of purposes. (apologeticspress.org)
  • Likely, we will never know in this life all of the ways that plants such as aloe vera can help us. (apologeticspress.org)
  • While the Rodrigues aloe was formerly widespread all across Rodrigues island, it now only occurs in the Grande Montagne Nature Reserve, where the last 30 plants are protected. (wikipedia.org)
  • plant
  • Often extolled for its soothing qualities, aloe vera is most commonly used as a topical ointment for burns, sun damage and skin abrasions, but this ancient plant may offer deeper healing abilities when taken orally. (naturalhealers.com)
  • When ingesting aloe, the gel is the safest part of the plant. (naturalhealers.com)
  • Aloe vera is part of the succulent family, a type of plant with shallow and intricate root systems that allow for quick water absorption. (naturalhealers.com)
  • Few botanicals are as well known or as highly thought of as the Aloe vera plant. (encyclopedia.com)
  • The aloe vera plant contains a number of health benefits, making it an ideal addition to any medicine cabinet. (bellaonline.com)
  • Aloe can be grown as a houseplant and aloe gel can be obtained by breaking off leaves of the plant. (infobarrel.com)
  • Their aloe plant was enormous, and looked like it was on the verge of ripping their window box off the edge of the kitchen window. (hubpages.com)
  • A blog dedicated to the healing powers of the Aloe vera L plant. (hubpages.com)
  • Aloe vera , sometimes described as a "wonder plant," is a short-stemmed shrub. (medicalnewstoday.com)
  • According to a study published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology , in ancient Egypt, they called Aloe vera "that plant of immortality. (medicalnewstoday.com)
  • The scientists warned that not all gels they analyzed contained the proper form of Aloe vera - they must contain the stabilized gel that exists in the center of the plant to be effective. (medicalnewstoday.com)
  • The plant Agave americana, which is sometimes called "American aloe", belongs to the Asparagaceae, a different family. (wikipedia.org)
  • This dwarf aloe is increasingly popular as an ornamental plant for pots and rockeries. (wikipedia.org)
  • sunburn
  • Aloe Vera can be a useful treatment for a range of ailments from inflammation and arthritis, to sunburn and bites. (hubpages.com)
  • Many people today use the amazing gel (harvested from the inside of the thick aloe vera leaves) in their lotions to sooth and moisturize their skin and treat sunburn. (apologeticspress.org)
  • Dioscorides
  • As early as the 6th century B.C., the Greek physician, Dioscorides, discovered aloe vera was effective in treating a wide range of ailments, from kidney problems and constipation, to severe burns of the skin. (infobarrel.com)
  • juice
  • Aloe juice, tablets and capsules for internal use are meant to improve digestion, relieve indigestion and help the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and peptic ulcers. (saga.co.uk)
  • Raw aloe juice is yellow and has a bitter taste. (saga.co.uk)
  • Juice of Aloe Vera relieves problems related to Gastrointestinal. (bellaonline.com)
  • Presently, persons drink aloe vera juice for relieving gastrointestinal, kidney and ulcerous problems. (bellaonline.com)
  • effectiveness
  • Evidence of the effectiveness remained anecdotal until 1953, when Lushbaugh and Hale produced a convincing study, using Aloe vera to treat beta radiation lesions in rats. (encyclopedia.com)
  • Other experimental protocols have been carried out using animals since that time, but there is little human research data to describe the degree of effectiveness of Aloe vera treatment. (encyclopedia.com)
  • Extracts
  • Research shows that the polysaccharide-rich composition of Aloe vera extracts is a natural and effective ingredient for improving skin hydration. (infobarrel.com)
  • burns
  • Extensive research since the 1930's indicates that when used topically, aloe gel's properties may help promote healing to minor burns and scratches by putting a protective coating on the affected. (infobarrel.com)
  • indoors
  • Although it can be grown indoors just about anywhere, aloe vera can be found thriving in various regions of the world Southwestern U.S. Southeast Asia, the Bahamas, Mexico, Central America, West Indies. (naturalhealers.com)
  • Minerals
  • The use of aloe vera along with other laxatives may fluidize your stool too much and make them too heavy, which will produce a too great loss of water and minerals from the body. (botanical-online.com)
  • rats
  • They reported that a "gel formed with carbopol 974p (1 percent) and Aloe vera promotes significant wound healing and closure in diabetic rats compared with the commercial product and provides a promising product to be used in diabetes-induced foot ulcers. (medicalnewstoday.com)
  • tissue
  • Aloe ability to promote healing may also help accelerate the regeneration of new skin tissue. (infobarrel.com)
  • In addition to hydrating and nourishing skin, and accelerating the growth of new skin tissue, Adams is convinced that aloe vera should be used for joint and muscle pain, for boosting immune systems, as well as for many other things. (apologeticspress.org)