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*  "Factors associated with work volition among aging workers in Hong Kong" by Yue Lok, Francis CHEUNG, Man Sze, Anise WU et al.
Our goal was to examine the relation between the mentioned constraints and work volition for aging workers, and whether general ... Limitations and recommendations, including assessment of work volition, strengthening of general self-efficacy, and elimination ... were salient correlations of work volition. Multi-sample SEM analysis verified that general self-efficacy moderated the ... Work volition refers to the perceived ability of an individual to choose work under constraints. As they age, older workers ...
*  Motivation und Volition
... Evaluation eines psychologischen Interventionsprogrammes. Series: *Europäische Hochschulschriften / ...
*  Internet Archive Search: subject:"volition"
Volition and Allied Causal Concepts is a work of aetiology and metapsychology. Aetiology is the branch of philosophy and logic ... Logical Philosophy brings together five works by Avi Sion published in 2002-06, namely: Phenomenology (2003), Volition and ... Awakening, volition of nation (Khairat El-Shater) Topics: Awakening, volition of nation Khairat El ... Topics: searchonly, lets play, saints row iv, deep silver, volition, lets fail, fuck pierce. ...
*  Motivation, Volition and Performance
What are some strategies that one might apply to strengthen their volition? How can these strategies to. ... applying volition strategies effectively can also be related to good work habits. ... Motivation, Volition and Performance. Add. Remove. Please help me with this question, applying volition strategies effectively ... Definition of Volition:. Deimann and Bastiaens (2010) defines volition as: 'the ability to stay task-focused and ward off ...
* : Volition and Agency
Volition and Agency. Add to your list(s) Download to your calendar using vCal ...
*  Protest The Hero - Volition - Rating details - Metal Storm
Che: I was listening to em last night with some decent headphones and some of their tracks are so unsettling, it's great. Blown away by how shitty the user scores are here for most of their ...
*  67' Pizza Prep Refrigerator 2-Door - VPT67 by Volition
VPT67 by Volition exclusively provided by Rapids Wholesale, Shipped Free from Iowa ... This Volition VPT67 67" Pizza Prep Table uses an effective self-contained refrigeration system to keep your pizza-making ... Features of Volition 18 Cu.Ft. VPT67 67" Prep Unit. *Finish: Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior ... The Volition VPT67 Pizza Preparation Refrigerator is exclusively provided by Rapids Wholesale, a name you trust. ...
*  Volition - Wikipedia
Volition may refer to: Volition (psychology), the process of making and acting on decisions Coherent Extrapolated Volition, ... Volition (company), a video game developer known for the Saints Row and Red Faction series Volition Records, a record label ... Volition (album), a 2013 album by Protest the Hero Volition (As Hell Retreats album), 2011. ... hypothetical choices and the actions collectively taken with more knowledge and ability Volition (linguistics), a distinction ...
*  Volition (album) - Wikipedia
"Protest The Hero : Volition , Has it leaked?". Retrieved 2016-08-10. "Protest The Hero - Volition (2013) , ... Volition marks the band's first record not to be released through Underground Operations or with any financial backing of label ... Volition is the fourth studio album by Canadian progressive metal band Protest the Hero released on October 29, 2013 through ... Gregory Heaney (2013-10-28). "Volition - Protest the Hero , Songs, Reviews, Credits". AllMusic. Retrieved 2016-08-10. Stewart- ...
*  Volition (company) - Wikipedia
Deep Silver Volition, LLC (formerly Volition, Inc.), doing business as Volition, is an American video game developer located in ... When Interplay tumbled towards bankruptcy, Volition was acquired by THQ in September 2000. Since then, Volition has developed ... Eventually, Volition was acquired by Koch Media for 22.3 million USD. The only other bid was 5.4 million USD by Ubisoft. ... General manager of Volition, Dan Cermak said that Warner Bros., Electronic Arts, Take-Two, Ubisoft, Deep Silver, and an unnamed ...
*  Volition Records - Wikipedia
Volition Records was a Sydney, Australia-based record label specialising in electronic music styles such as house, techno, ... Amongst the roster of Volition artists were Severed Heads, Boxcar, Itch-E and Scratch-E, Single Gun Theory, Southend, Vision ... Volition also signed a few indie pop bands such as the Falling Joys, Big Heavy Stuff and Swordfish. List of record labels List ... was integral to much of Volition's output during most of the label's existence and was, to some extent, its unofficial "house ...
*  Volition (linguistics) - Wikipedia
There are various ways of marking volition cross-linguistically. When using verbs of volition in English, like want or prefer, ... Others, like English, do not have an explicit method of marking lexical categories for volition or non-volition. Even though ... In contrast with the previous volition indicating and volition neutral auxiliaries, an auxiliary form of the verb しまう(shimau ... Japanese is one language that exhibits both auxiliaries indicating volition and auxiliaries indicating lack of volition. The ...
*  Volition (psychology) - Wikipedia
They argue that the concept of volition, volition competence, and use of volitional strategies have direct application to the ... that state is termed predominant volition. Subordinate volitions are particular acts of choice which carry into effect the ... Volition or will is the cognitive process by which an individual decides on and commits to a particular course of action. It is ... Corno's model ties volition to the processes of self-regulated learning. The ability to stay focused and ward off distractions ...
*  Higher-order volition - Wikipedia
Higher-order volitions (or higher-order desire), as opposed to action-determining volitions, are volitions about volitions. ... A higher-order volition can go unfulfilled due to uncontrolled lower-order volitions. An example for a failure to follow higher ... Higher-order volitions are potentially more often guided by long-term convictions and reasoning. A first-order volition is a ... Second-order volition are desires about desires, or to desire to change the process, the how, of desiring. Examples would be to ...
*  Volition (As Hell Retreats album) - Wikipedia
"As Hell Retreats - Volition". HM Magazine. Retrieved June 10, 2015. Fryberger, Scott. "As Hell Retreats, "Volition" Review". ... "Volition is not a joyous listening experience. Volition is a musically varied album that stretches straight for the heart, ... Volition is the second studio album from As Hell Retreats. Ain't No Grave Records released the album on July 26, 2011. As Hell ... "As Hell Retreats - Volition". The New Review. Archived from the original on August 19, 2011. Retrieved June 10, 2015. AllMusic ...
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65" Horizontal Deep Well Bottle Cooler Heavy Duty Volition - VBC65. The Volition VBC65 horizontal top load beer cooler with two ... 65" Horizontal Deep Well Bottle Cooler Heavy Duty Volition VBC65. The Volition VBC65 Commercial Horizontal Bottle Cooler is ... Horizontal 50' Back Bar Bottle Can Cooler - VBC50 by Volition. $1,295.00 Horizontal 80' - Three Lid Deep Well Bottle Cooler - ... Features of Volition VBC65 Top Load Bottle Cooler. *Finish: Black vinyl coated steel cabinet exterior front, sides and back ...
*  Emerald Dream][H] |Volition| (5/13M) recruiting for Legion - US - Icy Veins Forums
What is Volition offering? * Progression. Although we like to have fun, we do take progression seriously. After a wipe, we ... Volition, [5/13M] can help! We are a small semi-hardcore PVE focused horde guild on Emerald Dream (US) seeking new recruits! We ... Emerald Dream][H] ,Volition, (5/13M) recruiting for Legion Started by Caleesie, April 24, 2016. ...
*  Armor Express - Volition Designer Genes
2017 © Volition Design Group Powered by WordPress Theme: Brooklyn by United Themes ...
*  The DuckCore 2.0: Volition - Failure (Single) (2013)
Volition. Album: Failure (Single). Genre: Beatdown/Groovecore. Facebook. Track Listing:. 1. Failure. Download: Mediafire. ...
*  Turing Consciousness 2012: Amir Raz: Hypnosis as Experimental Tool to Study Metacognition, Causality and Volition
What does this tell us about the role of volition? What part does volition - or the impression of volition - does play in ... What seems to be absent in both these states is a form of volition. During hypnosis, the subject's volition is either absent, ... Amir Raz Hypnosis as Experimental Tool to Study Metacognition, Causality and Volition. ... volition - or the impression of volition - is quasi-absent. ... Patrick Haggard: Volition and Agency: What is it,.... *John ...
*  Project MUSE - The Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science
3. Necessity and Volition. Download PDF pp. 47-55. Negation, the notion of the absence or nonexistence of something or of the ...
*  Grand Rounds - Neurology - University of Rochester Medical Center
Volition and Imagination. Marc H. Schieber, M.D., Ph.D. - Professor, Department of Neurology, University of Rochester Medical ...
*  Wacker Chemical: Raman Trikala - HAPPI
Sephora Adds Volition To Roster Expanded Qii Oral Care Drink Delivers 52% Plaque Reduction New Regulations for Nail Salons ...

No data available that match "Volition"

(1/389) The effects of posteroventral pallidotomy on the preparation and execution of voluntary hand and arm movements in Parkinson's disease.

We studied the effect of posteroventral pallidotomy on movement preparation and execution in 27 parkinsonian patients using various motor tasks. Patients were evaluated after overnight withdrawal of medication before and 3 months after unilateral pallidotomy. Surgery had no effect on initiation time in unwarned simple and choice reaction time tasks, whereas movement time measured during the same tasks was improved for the contralesional hand. Movement times also improved for isometric and isotonic ballistic movements. In contrast, repetitive, distal and fine movements measured in finger-tapping and pegboard tasks were not improved after pallidotomy. Preparatory processes were investigated using both behavioural and electrophysiological measures. A precued choice reaction time task suggested an enhancement of motor preparation for the contralesional hand. Similarly, movement-related cortical potentials showed an increase in the slope of the late component (NS2) when the patients performed joystick movements with the contralesional hand. However, no significant change was found for the early component (NS1) or when the patient moved the ipsilesional hand. The amplitude of the long-latency stretch reflex of the contralesional hand decreased after surgery. In summary, the data suggest that pallidotomy improved mainly the later stages of movement preparation and the execution of proximal movements with the contralesional limb. These results provide detailed quantitative data on the impact of posteroventral pallidotomy on previously described measures of upper limb akinesia in Parkinson's disease.  (+info)

(2/389) Impairment of willed actions and use of advance information for movement preparation in schizophrenia.

OBJECTIVES: To assess willed actions in patients with schizophrenia using reaction time (RT) tasks that differ in the degree to which they involve volitionally controlled versus stimulus driven responses. METHODS: Ten patients diagnosed with schizophrenia and 13 normal controls of comparable age were tested. Subjects performed a visual simple RT (SRT), an uncued four choice reaction time (CRT), and a fully cued four choice RT task. A stimulus 1(S1)-stimulus 2(S2) paradigm was used. The warning signal/precue (S1) preceded the imperative stimulus (S2) by either 0 (no warning signal or precue) 200, 800, 1600, or 3200 ms. RESULTS: The patients with schizophrenia had significantly slower RTs and movement times than normal subjects across all RT tasks. The unwarned SRT trials were significantly faster than the uncued CRT trials for both groups. For both groups, fully cued CRTs were significantly faster than the uncued CRTs. However, the S1-S2 interval had a differential effect on CRTs in the two groups. For the normal subjects fully cued CRTs and SRTs were equivalent when S1-S2 intervals were 800 ms or longer. A similar pattern of effects was not seen in the patients with schizophrenia, for whom the fully cued CRT were unexpectedly equivalent to SRT for the 200 ms interval and expectedly for the 1600 ms S1-S2 interval, but not the 3200 or 800 ms intervals. CONCLUSIONS: Patients with schizophrenia were able to use advance information inherent in SRT or provided by the precue in fully cued CRT to speed up RT relative to uncued CRT. However, in the latter task, in which the volitional demands of preprogramming are higher since a different response has to be prepared on each trial, patients showed some unusual and inconsistent interval effects suggesting instability of attentional set. It is possible that future studies using RT tasks with higher volitional demands in patients with predominance of negative signs may disclose greater deficits in willed action in schizophrenia.  (+info)

(3/389) Voluntary movement after pallidotomy in severe Parkinson's disease.

The mechanisms of improvement in parkinsonian bradykinesia after posteroventral pallidotomy were investigated in 17 patients undergoing unilateral pallidotomy for severe Parkinson's disease. Clinical ratings of 'off' period bradykinesia demonstrated a maximal improvement of 22% 3 months postoperatively. Kinematic assessments of rapid repetitive finger and sequential arm movements were performed after overnight withdrawal of antiparkinsonian medications. There was a bilateral reduction in the inter-onset latency of a two-stage sequential arm movement and a contralateral increase in speed of arm movement after pallidotomy. There was no significant improvement postoperatively in the rhythm, amplitude or speed of repetitive finger movements. The results confirm the clinical impression that pallidotomy improves bradykinesia. This was more evident for complex limb movements, which used attentional strategies and external (visual and auditory) cues, than for repetitive fingertapping movements, which were largely internally generated. Since ablation of the pallidum can only reduce inhibitory pallidal outflow, it is unlikely to restore the normal pallidal influence on thalamocortical motor circuits. Therefore, any improvement in bradykinesia after pallidotomy must be related to mechanisms other than restoration of pallidothalamocortical connectivity. Based on the above observations, we suggest that some of the changes in motor control may be explained by the greater efficacy of external cues in facilitating movement after withdrawal of the abnormal pallidal discharge.  (+info)

(4/389) Cognitive motor control in human pre-supplementary motor area studied by subdural recording of discrimination/selection-related potentials.

To clarify the functional role of human pre-supplementary motor area (pre-SMA) in 'cognitive' motor control as compared with other non-primary motor cortices (SMA-proper and lateral premotor areas) and prefrontal area, we recorded epicortical field potentials by using subdural electrodes in five epileptic patients during presurgical evaluation, whose pre-SMA, SMA-proper, prefrontal and lateral premotor areas were defined by electric cortical stimulation and recent anatomical orientations according to the bicommissural plane and callosal grid system. An S1-Go/NoGo choice and delayed reaction task (S1-choice paradigm) and a warned choice Go/NoGo reaction task (S2-choice paradigm) with inter-stimulus intervals of 2 s were employed. The results showed (i) transient potentials with onset and peak latencies of about 200 and 600 ms, respectively, after S1 in the S1-choice paradigm mainly at pre-SMA and to a lesser degree at the prefrontal and lateral premotor areas, but not in the S2-choice paradigm. At SMA-proper, a similar but much smaller potential was seen after S1 in both S1- and S2-choice paradigms and (ii) slow sustained potentials between S1 and S2 in both S1- and S2-choice paradigms in all of the non-primary motor areas investigated (pre-SMA, SMA-proper and lateral premotor areas) and prefrontal area. It is concluded that pre-SMA plays a more important role in cognitive motor control which involves sensory discrimination and decision making or motor selection for the action after stimuli, whereas SMA-proper is one of the main generators of Bereitschaftspotential preceding self-paced, voluntary movements. In the more general anticipation of and attention to the forthcoming stimuli, non-primary motor cortices including pre-SMA, SMA-proper and lateral premotor area, and the prefrontal area are commonly involved.  (+info)

(5/389) Cortical activation during human volitional swallowing: an event-related fMRI study.

Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) provides a safe, noninvasive method for studying task-related cortical neuronal activity. Because the cerebral cortex is strongly implicated in the control of human swallowing, we sought to identify its functional neuroanatomy using fMRI. In 10 healthy volunteers, a swallow event-related paradigm was performed by injecting 5 ml water bolus into the oral cavity every 30 s. Whole brain functional magnetic susceptibility -weighted spiral imaging data were simultaneously acquired over 600 s on a 1.5-T magnetic resonance scanner, utilizing the blood oxygenation level-dependent technique, and correlation maps were generated using both >99% percentile rank and spatial extent thresholding. We observed areas of increased signal change consistently in caudal sensorimotor cortex, anterior insula, premotor cortex, frontal operculum, anterior cingulate and prefrontal cortex, anterolateral and posterior parietal cortex, and precuneus and superiomedial temporal cortex. Less consistent activations were also seen in posterior cingulate cortex and putamen and caudate nuclei. Activations were bilateral, but almost every region, particularly the premotor, insular, and frontal opercular cortices, displayed lateralization to one or the other hemisphere. Swallow-related cortical activity is multidimensional, recruiting brain areas implicated in processing motor, sensory, and attention/affective aspects of the task.  (+info)

(6/389) "Task-oriented" exercise improves hamstring strength and spastic reflexes in chronic stroke patients.

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Despite the belief that after cerebral infarction only limited functional gains are possible beyond the subacute period, we tested the hypothesis that a 12-week program of "task-oriented" treadmill exercise would increase muscle strength and decrease spastic reflexes in chronic hemiparetic patients. METHODS: Fourteen subjects, aged 66+/-3 (mean+/-SEM) years, with residual gait deviations due to remote stroke (>6 months), underwent repeated measures of reflexive and volitional (concentric and eccentric) torque with use of isokinetic dynamometry on the hamstring musculature bilaterally. Torque output was measured at 4 angular velocities (30(o), 60(o), 90(o), and 120(o)/s). RESULTS: After 3 months of 3 times/wk low-intensity aerobic exercise, there were significant main effects (2 legs [P<0.01]x2 times [P<0. 01]x4 angular velocities [P<0.05]) for concentric torque production. Torque/time production in the concentric mode also improved significantly in the paretic (50%, P<0.01) and nonparetic hamstrings (31%, P<0.01). Eccentric torque/time production increased by 21% (P<0.01) and 22% (P<0.01) in the paretic and nonparetic hamstrings, respectively. Passive (reflexive) torque/time generation in the paretic hamstrings decreased by 11% (P<0.027). Reflexive torque/time was unchanged in the nonparetic hamstrings (P=0.45). CONCLUSIONS: These findings provide evidence that progressive treadmill aerobic exercise training improves volitional torque and torque/time generation and reduces reflexive torque/time production in the hemiparetic limb. Strength changes associated with improved functional mobility in chronic hemiparetic stroke survivors after treadmill training will be reported in future articles.  (+info)

(7/389) The neural correlates of 'deaf-hearing' in man: conscious sensory awareness enabled by attentional modulation.

Attentional modulation of normal sensory processing has a two-fold impact on human brain activity: activation of a network of localized brain regions is associated with paying attention, and activation of specific sensory regions is enhanced relative to passive stimulation. The mechanisms underlying attentional modulation of perception in patients with lesions of sensory cortices are less well understood. Here we report a unique patient suffering from extensive bilateral destruction of the auditory cortices (including the primary auditory fields) who demonstrated conscious perception of the onset and offset of sounds only when selectively attending to the auditory modality. This is the first description of such an attentively modulated 'deaf-hearing' phenomenon and its neural correlates, using H(2)(15)O-PET. Increases in cerebral blood flow associated with conscious awareness of sound that was achieved by listening attentively (compared with identical auditory stimulation presented when the patient was inattentive) were found bilaterally in the lateral (pre)frontal cortices, the spared middle temporal cortices and the cerebellar hemispheres. We conclude that conscious awareness of sounds may be achieved in the absence of the primary auditory cortex, and that selective, 'top-down' attention, associated with prefrontal systems, exerts a crucial modulatory effect on auditory perception within the remaining auditory system.  (+info)

(8/389) Modulation of H reflex of pretibial muscles and reciprocal Ia inhibition of soleus muscle during voluntary teeth clenching in humans.

A previous study has demonstrated that the soleus H reflex is facilitated in association with voluntary teeth clenching in proportion with biting force in humans. The present study tried to elucidate the functional significance of this facilitation of the soleus H reflex, by examining 1) whether the facilitation of the H reflex is reciprocal or nonreciprocal between the ankle extensors and flexors and 2) whether the reciprocal Ia inhibition of crural muscles is facilitated or depressed in association with voluntary teeth clenching. The H reflex of the pretibial muscles was evoked by stimulation of the common peroneal nerve in seven healthy subjects with no oral dysfunction. The pretibial H reflex was facilitated in association with voluntary teeth clenching in a force-dependent manner. The facilitation started preceding the onset of electromyographic activity of the masseter muscle. Stimulation of the common peroneal nerve at low intensities subthreshold for evoking the M wave of the pretibial muscles inhibited the soleus H reflex after a short latency corresponding with a disynaptic inhibition, indicating that the reciprocal Ia inhibition was depressed in association with voluntary teeth clenching. Thus, the present study has shown that voluntary teeth clenching evokes a nonreciprocal facilitation of ankle extensor and flexor muscles and attenuated reciprocal Ia inhibition from the pretibial muscles to the soleus muscle. It is concluded that voluntary teeth clenching contributes to improve stability of stance rather than smoothness of movements.  (+info)

  • self-efficacy
  • Within this model, volition refers to a person's values, interests and self-efficacy (personal causation) about personal performance. (
  • Our goal was to examine the relation between the mentioned constraints and work volition for aging workers, and whether general self-efficacy moderated the associations between constraints and work volition. (
  • Multi-sample SEM analysis verified that general self-efficacy moderated the association between the cognitive constraints as well as perceived age discrimination in the workplace and work volition. (
  • Limitations and recommendations, including assessment of work volition, strengthening of general self-efficacy, and elimination of age discrimination, were discussed. (
  • roster
  • Amongst the roster of Volition artists were Severed Heads, Boxcar, Itch-E and Scratch-E, Single Gun Theory, Southend, Vision Four 5, Sexing The Cherry and Robert Racic. (
  • organization
  • Structural equation modeling (SEM) result showed that perceived age discrimination and cognitive constraint (planning and organization) were salient correlations of work volition. (
  • album
  • Volition is the fourth studio album by Canadian progressive metal band Protest the Hero released on October 29, 2013 through Razor & Tie. (
  • Giving the album four and a half stars at The New Review, Josh Velliquette states, "Volition is not a joyous listening experience. (
  • Volition is a musically varied album that stretches straight for the heart, praising and damning the privilege of decision making. (
  • On August 15, the official title and release date of the album were announced: Volition to be released on October 29, 2013. (
  • Frost's debut album Volition was produced in New York by Chris Zane and was released in New Zealand on 8 June 2012 by Universal Music New Zealand. (
  • example
  • For example, when a language uses affixation to encode volition (the addition of a semantic unit), such as in Sesotho (see section 2.3), it is possible to analyze the volitional component while overlooking the structural changes. (
  • company
  • The company was created when two companies split from Parallax Software: Volition and Outrage Entertainment, led by Mike Kulas and Matt Toschlog, in November 1996. (
  • second
  • Volition was the second most expensive THQ asset sold during the auction (after Relic Entertainment). (
  • Second-order volition are desires about desires, or to desire to change the process, the how, of desiring. (
  • General
  • General manager of Volition, Dan Cermak said that Warner Bros., Electronic Arts, Take-Two, Ubisoft, Deep Silver, and an unnamed group from Chicago undertook site visits in the weeks preceding the sale. (
  • help
  • The Indiegogo campaign was a runaway success, and the independently-released Volition debuted on October 29, 2013, distributed with the help of Razor & Tie. (
  • desire
  • A first-order volition is a desire about anything else, such as to own a new car, to meet the pope, or to drink alcohol. (
  • combination
  • At Alternative Press, Kevin Stewart-Panko stated that "[Protest the Hero] have long been the tenuous link between metal old and new, and Volition continues their polished combination of technical thrash, punkish melodies and mining of disparate influences, from '80's maestros Watchtower and Toxik to energy drink mayhem like DragonForce and NOFX. (
  • Still others use a combination of semantics and syntax to approach the problem of volition. (
  • uses
  • This Volition VPT67 67" Pizza Prep Table uses an effective self-contained refrigeration system to keep your pizza-making supplies at the optimal temperature. (