*  Pediatrician accused of raping, molesting at least 103 children at least 470 times, some on videotape
... were caught on more than 13 hours of video recordings, some dating to 1998. ... But he said the "real battleground" in the case will be Bradley's mental state, not what is seen on videotapes seized from ... Authorities would not say whether they think Bradley had videotaped all of his alleged assaults or whether there may be more ... Sussex County prosecutor Paula Ryan declined to say how many alleged victims seen on videotape have been identified by name, or ...
*  To Obtain Reproductions of Motion Pictures, Sound Recordings, and Videotapes | National Archives
Information About Records Citations needed for orders Formats provided Copying restrictions Quality Returns Information About ... Records The Motion Picture, Sound, and Video holdings at the National Archives in College Park are vast and diverse, spanning ... Research Our Records. Home , Research Our Records , How to Obtain Copies of Records , To Obtain Reproductions of Motion ... To Obtain Reproductions of Motion Pictures, Sound Recordings, and Videotapes. *Information About Records ...
*  BayAreaTech » 2014 » May » 2
Mtg: The Early History of Videotape Recording. by Editor @ 8:11 am. Filed under ALL, Electronics Design, Engineering Mgmt ... When one compares the information content requirements for video recording versus audio recording the ratio is about 1000 to 1. ... with 2-track recording and later lowered that to 240 inches per second (20 feet per second). Crosby Enterprises ran at 100 ips ...  This also allowed 1 hour of recording time on a 10.5-inch reel of 2-inch wide tape.. All of these developments were done in ...
*  Digital video and HD : algorithms and interfaces (e-Boek, 2012) [WorldCat.org]
Videotape Recording --. Chapter 36 --. 2-3 Pulldown --. Chapter 37 --. Deinterlacing --. Part 3 --. Video Compression --. ... Videotape Recording -- Chapter 36 -- 2-3 Pulldown -- Chapter 37 -- Deinterlacing -- Part 3 -- Video Compression -- Chapter 38 ...
*  EP0731469A2 - Video information recording and reproduction apparatus and method as well as video tape - Google Patents
... and a microcomputer for extracting the video picture information recorded by the video information recording and reproduction ... still picture information may be successively recorded into a top portion of the video tape by the video information recording ... The video information recording and reproduction apparatus comprises a video information recording and reproduction section for ... recording and reproducing video picture information onto and from a video tape, and an index picture production section which ...
*  Delivery room | definition of delivery room by Medical dictionary
Malpractice; videotape recording; liability, legal; delivery room.. Legal implications of birth videos ... Lauersen in asking the delivery room nurse to falsify her records concerning the application of forceps is only exceeded by the ... Nurse refuses to `doctor' forceps records: Dr.'s license revocation results. (Nursing Law Case of the Month) ...
*  Lateralising value of neuropsychological protocols for presurgical assessment of temporal lobe epilepsy.
Videotape Recording. Chemical. Reg. No./Substance: 57-43-2/Amobarbital Comments/Corrections. ... in patients who underwent intracranial EEG recordings, and 77.3% in those who did not. CONCLUSIONS: The lateralising value (80- ... and need for intracranial EEG recordings. METHODS: A battery of neuropsychological procedures was carried out preoperatively in ...
*  OTAN::Outreach and Technical Assistance Network
Videotape Cassettes. Videotape Recordings. Vietnamese People. Vision. Visual Impairments. Vocabulary. Vocabulary Development. ...
*  Patent US20030190018 - Apparatus, method, media and signals for controlling a wireless ... - Google Patents
Device for making videotape recording reservations over a telephone line. US5526403 *. Feb 24, 1995. Jun 11, 1996. Novatel ... System and apparatus for recording and displaying received information at a remote location. ...
*  Notes on the Tension Between Privacy and Surveillance in Nursing
Latvala, E., & Vuokila-Oikkonen, P. (2003). Videotaped recording as a method of participant observation in psychiatric nursing ... We keep better records than ever before, increasingly electronically, and can communicate many of these data to others ... recorded, and transmitted to those for whom this information is useful. People are ordered in terms of priority for action ( ...
*  Professional video camera - Wikipedia
A separate videotape recording unit was still required. Electronic news-gathering (ENG) cameras replaced the 16mm film cameras ... New methods of recording for cameras were introduced to supplant video tape, tapeless cameras. Ikegami and Avid introduced ... Recording is to a professional medium like some variant of Betacam or DVCPRO or Direct to disk recording or flash memory. If as ... These recorded a DVCPro signal on interchangeable flash memory media. Several other data storage device recording systems were ...
*  Test protocol - 'Waiters bow'. Flexion of t | Open-i
The videos were all recorded within two weeks. The criteria for correct and incorrect performance are presented in Table 2. ... The videos were all recorded within two weeks. The criteria for correct and incorrect performance are presented in Table 2. ...
*  Early Complications After Percutaneous Closure of Atrial Septal Defect in Infants with Procedural Weight Less than 15 kg
Echocardiographic data were obtained from the digital and videotape recordings. Nearly half of the study cohort (n = 112; 44%) ...
*  Clinical Practice Guideline: Diagnosis and Management of Childhood Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome | AMERICAN ACADEMY OF...
Sivan Y, Kornecki A, Schonfeld T. Screening obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome by home videotape recording in children. Eur ... and videotaping. The utility of unattended home studies in children using commercially available 4- to 6-channel recording ... Audiotaping or Videotaping. Two studies have examined the use of audiotaping,33,41 and 1 study has examined the use of ... Most studies have shown that abbreviated or screening techniques, such as videotaping, nocturnal pulse oximetry, and daytime ...
*  Patent US7818257 - Program encoding and counterfeit tracking system and method - Google Patents
The copy made by this technique then is converted to video tape or DVD records, and the records are sold to the public and ... Copy protection for hybrid digital video tape recording and unprotected source material. US5636292 *. May 8, 1995. Jun 3, 1997 ... However, reading is greatly aided by use of a stored record of where the codes are recorded in the film. With the aid of a time ... Method and apparatus for modifying a video signal to inhibit unauthorized videotape recording and subsequent reproduction ...
*  Presidential library - Wikipedia
... and videotape recordings; and approximately half a million museum objects. These varied holdings make each library a valuable ... The Presidential Records Act of 1978 established that the Presidential records that document the constitutional, statutory, and ... The Obama Foundation will own and operate the museum, but will pay NARA to digitize unclassified records and release them to ... After the President leaves office, the Archivist of the United States assumes custody of the records. The Act allowed for the ...
*  Patent US20020085718 - Steganography decoding methods employing error information - Google Patents
Music and videotape recordings are examples of serial data streams-data streams which are often pirated. It would assist ... Each frame of the videotape is thereby uniquely identification-coded. Typically, the encoded signal is stored on a videotape ... Consider, as an example, videotaped productions (e.g. television programming). Each frame of a videotaped production can be ... The central network, 980, stores the final processed image in the record of the account of the user, and it is this unique and ...
*  Maternal sensitivity - Wikipedia
Bento, S.; Evans, E.M.; Moran, G.; Pederson, D.R. "Assessing Maternal Sensitivity from Videotaped Recordings". Retrieved June 7 ... It has been used to measure a variety of studies including home based and video-recorded observations. The measures are defined ...
*  Acute Care Skills in Anesthesia Practice:A Simulation-based Resident Performance Assessment | Anesthesiology | ASA Publications
Each participant's performance was videotaped and recorded on a four-quadrant screen that included two separate video views of ... All of the raters independently observed and scored the residents' performances from the videotaped recordings. Each resident ... The raters recorded the elapsed time until each of the key actions were performed by the trainee. This time-based key action ... In addition to recording the time required to accomplish the essential diagnostic or therapeutic actions, the three time-based ...
*  HiddenMysteries Conspiracy Archive
There were no notes or videotapes recording the hours of interviews with the boy. 26 character witnesses testified at his trial ... Some jurors in the first trial, when interviewed after the verdict, said that it was the videotapes of the interviews with the ... She then called a local TV station and in a 1 1/2 hour videotaped statement officially recanted her earlier stories of abuse, ... Therefore, there were no audio or visual records of the first statements the children had made, two years earlier, about abuse ...
*  Lesnoy Dozor - Wikipedia
They are controlled via the Internet and provide rotation, digital zoom and videotape recording. One operator can control about ...
*  Videocassette recorder - Wikipedia
Introduced in 1983, Macrovision is a system that reduces the quality of recordings made from commercial video tapes, DVDs and ... Upon recording, the erase heads erase any old recording contained on the tape to prevent anything already recorded on it from ... Home recording enthusiasts occasionally recorded high quality stereo mixdowns and master recordings from multitrack audio tape ... In the record mode, the erase head is active and erases the video precisely down to the recorded video fields. The flying erase ...
*  Possible cause for altered spatial cognition of prepubescent rats exposed to chronic radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation |...
The real time videotaped records indicated this behaviour of rats during the retention test-2 (Fig. 4d-3). The retention test-2 ... The real time videotaped records showed the path taken by animals during memory retention test-1 and it revealed the decreased ... The real time video records were obtained by a video camera (Sony) which was linked to a PC installed with Panlab SMART, ( ... In each trial, the escape latency was recorded from which the mean daily (session) escape latency of one rat was calculated. ...
*  Test protocol - Sitting knee extension. Upright sitti | Open-i
The videos were all recorded within two weeks. The criteria for correct and incorrect performance are presented in Table 2. ... The videos were all recorded within two weeks. The criteria for correct and incorrect performance are presented in Table 2. ...

(1/1017) Developing quality measures for adolescent care: validity of adolescents' self-reported receipt of preventive services.

OBJECTIVE: To demonstrate the feasibility of directly surveying adolescents about the content of preventive health services they have received and to assess the validity of adolescent self-reported recall. DATA SOURCES/SETTING: Audiotaped encounters, telephone interviews, and chart reviews with 14-21 year olds being seen for preventive care visits at 15 pediatric and family medicine private practices, teaching hospital clinics, and health centers. DESIGN: 537 adolescents presenting for well visits were approached, 400 (75 percent) consented, 374 (94 percent) were audiotaped, and 354 (89 percent) completed telephone interviews either two to four weeks or five to seven months after their visits. Audiotapes were coded for screening and counseling across 34 preventive service content areas. Intraobserver reliability (Cohen's kappa) ranged from 0.45 for talking about peers to 0.94 for discussing tobacco. The sensitivity and specificity of the adolescent self-reports were assessed using the audiotape coding as the gold standard. RESULTS: Almost all adolescents surveyed (94 percent) remembered having had a preventive care visit, 93 percent identified the site of care, and most (84 percent) identified the clinician they had seen. There was wide variation in the prevalence of screening, based on the tape coding. Adolescent self-report was moderately or highly sensitive and specific at two weeks and six months for 24 of 34 screening and counseling items, including having discussed: weight, diet, body image, exercise, seatbelts, bike helmet use, cigarettes/smoking, smokeless tobacco, alcohol, drugs, steroids, sex, sexual orientation, birth control, condoms, HIV, STDs, school, family, future plans, emotions, suicidality, and abuse. Self-report was least accurate for blood pressure/cholesterol screening, immunizations, or for having discussed fighting, violence, weapon carrying, sleep, dental care, friends, or over-the-counter drug use. CONCLUSION: Adolescents' self-report of the care they have received is a valid method of determining the content of preventive health service delivery. Although recall of screening and counseling is more accurate within two to four weeks after preventive care visits, adolescents can report accurately on the care they had received five to seven months after the preventive health care visits occurred.  (+info)

(2/1017) Experience with external quality control in spermatology.

Results are presented from participation in an external quality control (EQC) programme for semen analysis (UK NEQAS). Formalin-fixed semen samples and videotapes of motile spermatozoa were distributed four times a year over a 3-4 year period. Over the entire period there was close agreement for sperm concentration with, initially, the average of values from the other groups participating in the scheme, and later, values designated as reference values obtained from six laboratories of several chosen that consistently agreed with each other. The initial underestimation of the percentage of normal forms was abolished at the time of change in derivation of designated values and this largely eliminated the difference to establish closer agreement with the designated values. A consistent bias in the assessment of different categories of progressive sperm motility appeared to be resolved by a conscious decision to consider most spermatozoa as grade b and the exceptions as grade a, rather than the converse. Feedback of results to the technicians of the laboratory participating in an external quality control programme leads to reappraisal of subjective evaluation and to harmonization of results between laboratories.  (+info)

(3/1017) Cognitive functioning in people with epilepsy plus severe learning disabilities: a systematic analysis of predictors of daytime arousal and attention.

In spite of the high prevalence of epilepsy and the importance of preserving cognitive function in people with learning disabilities, this population has received relatively little research attention. This study sets out systematically to investigate possible predictive factors of inter-ictal states of arousal and attention. The daytime function of 28 people with epilepsy and severe learning disabilities was assessed by performance on a two-choice reaction time vigilance task, behavioural analysis of time-sampled video recordings taken in naturalistic settings, and carer ratings on visual analogue scales. This methodology yielded eight discrete functional measures, from which two further index measures were derived after principal components analysis. A range of clinical and psychosocial assessments was completed and subjects had 36 hour ambulatory EEG and sleep EEG monitoring. Regression models identified significant predictors of cognitive function from a range of potential explanatory variables i.e. demographic, clinical, pharmacological, background EEG rhythms and sleep parameters. Results indicated that greater severity of learning disability, longer bedtime periods, poor sleep efficiency, frequent seizures and antiepileptic drug polytherapy were significant predictor variables. Explained variance (adjusted R2) was greater than 50% for six of 10 outcome variables (range up to 85%). Furthermore, significant regression equations (P < 0.05) were obtained for all but one variable. Thus, these results appear reasonably robust. Results support an interactional model of daytime arousal and attention in people with epilepsy plus severe learning disabilities. Inter-ictal cognitive function appears to be mediated by a combination of organic, circadian (sleep wake), clinical and pharmacological factors.  (+info)

(4/1017) Semi-automated detection of emesis in the rhesus monkey.

The use of a video recorder and the inclusion of a marker dye in material fed to rhesus monkeys has eliminated the need for the constant presence of an observer to detect an emetic response.  (+info)

(5/1017) Comparison of MR imaging with PET and ictal SPECT in 118 patients with intractable epilepsy.

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: MR imaging, PET, and ictal SPECT have been studied extensively as individual techniques in the localization of epileptogenic foci, but only a few comparative studies have been done. We evaluated the concordance rates of ictal video/EEG, MR imaging, PET, and ictal SPECT to compare the sensitivities of these imaging methods in the lateralization of epileptogenic foci. METHODS: The study included 118 consecutive patients who underwent surgery for medically intractable epilepsy and who were followed up for 12 months or more. MR imaging was compared retrospectively with ictal video/EEG, FDG-PET, ictal 99mTc-HMPAO SPECT, and invasive EEG as to their ability to localize the epileptogenic focus; the pathologic findings served as the standard of reference. RESULTS: MR imaging was concordant with video/EEG, PET, and ictal SPECT in 58%, 68%, and 58% of patients, respectively. With the pathologic diagnosis as the standard of reference, MR imaging, PET, and ictal SPECT correctly lateralized the lesion in 72%, 85%, and 73% of patients, respectively. Of the patients with good outcomes, MR imaging, PET, and ictal SPECT were correct in 77%, 86%, and 78%, respectively. In the good outcome group, MR imaging was concordant with PET and ictal SPECT in 73% and 62% of patients, respectively. Of 45 patients who underwent invasive EEG, MR imaging was concordant with the invasive study in 47%; PET in 58%; and ictal SPECT in 56%. Of 26 patients with normal MR findings, PET and ictal SPECT correctly lateralized the lesion in 80% and 55%, respectively. CONCLUSION: Overall concordance among the techniques is approximately two thirds or less in lateralizing epileptogenic foci. PET is the most sensitive, even though it provides a broad approximate nature of the epileptogenic zone, which is not adequate for precise surgical localization of epilepsy. PET and/or ictal SPECT may be used as complementary tools in cases of inconclusive lateralization with ictal video/EEG and MR imaging.  (+info)

(6/1017) Office mini-hysteroscopy.

The technique of diagnostic hysteroscopy has not yet been accepted generally as an ambulatory, well-tolerated office procedure. Especially in the infertile patient the standard hysteroscopic procedure is poorly tolerated in an office environment. Our prospective registration of 530 diagnostic office mini-hysteroscopies in infertile patients demonstrates that using an atraumatic insertion technique, watery distention medium and the new generation of mini-hysteroscopic endoscopes, hysteroscopy can be performed in an office set-up without any form of anaesthesia and with a high patient compliance. The significant number of abnormal findings (28.5%), the absence of complications and the low failure rate (2.3%) indicate that diagnostic office mini-hysteroscopy should be a first-line diagnostic procedure. Those results are compared with the registration of 4204 consecutive conventional diagnostic hysteroscopies in a routine gynaecological population performed between 1982 and 1989. We conclude that the mini-hysteroscopic system offers a simple, safe and efficient diagnostic method in the office for the investigation of abnormal uterine bleeding, to evaluate the cervix and uterine cavity in the infertile patient, for screening of endometrial changes in patients under hormone replacement therapy or anti-oestrogens as (adjuvant) treatment and, lastly, it may be very helpful for the interpretation of uncertain findings in other diagnostic techniques such as ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, blind biopsy or hysterosalpingography.  (+info)

(7/1017) Ultrasonic characterization of ovulatory follicular evacuation and luteal development in heifers.

The characteristics of follicle evacuation during ovulation and the development of the corpus luteum until day 5 (day 0 = ovulation) were studied in seven nulliparous Holstein heifers using real-time ultrasonography. Ovulation was induced and synchronized with a single injection of PGF2 alpha followed in 36 h by GnRH. Continuous scanning and videotaping was performed from apparent stigma formation until antral fluid was no longer detected. The beginning of follicular evacuation (second 0) was defined, retrospectively, after the antral area decreased 10% or more in 1 s. The completion of evacuation was defined as the inability to detect the antrum (the beginning of luteal development, 0 h). Corpora lutea development was monitored at 0, 4 and 20 h, and every 24 h thereafter until day 5. Changes in the maximal cross-sectional area of the antrum, luteal tissue, and central luteal cavities and in the pixel intensity of luteal tissue were determined using a computerized image program. The initial antral fluid evacuation occurred in two patterns that could be readily separated: (1) rapid, means of 58 and 89% evacuation in 1 and 4 s, respectively (four heifers); and (2) slow, means of 17 and 35% in 1 and 4 s, respectively (three heifers). The initial loss that distinguished the two patterns involved about 4 and 20 s for rapid and slow evacuation, respectively. Thereafter, the loss patterns were similar for the two types. The time from the beginning to the completion of evacuation ranged from 6 s to 14.5 min. Mean luteal tissue area increased (P < 0.05) between completion of evacuation (91.2 +/- 6.5 mm2) and day 3 (164.4 +/- 13.7 mm2) and between day 3 and day 4 (263.4 +/- 26.6 mm2). The growth rate of the luteal tissue area between day 3 and day 4 (103.2 +/- 16.0 mm2 day-1) was greater (P < 0.05) than that between day 2 and day 3 (41.9 +/- 12.4 mm2 day-1) and between day 4 and day 5 (49.7 +/- 22.0 mm2 day-1). In contrast to increasing luteal tissue area, mean pixel intensity decreased (P < 0.05) progressively between the completion of evacuation (78.4 +/- 6.3) and day 2 (60.4 +/- 2.5) and did not change significantly thereafter. In conclusion, initial follicular fluid loss during ovulation occurred in two patterns, involving about 4 and 20 s, respectively. The most intensive luteal tissue growth occurred between day 3 and day 4, and the echogenicity of the luteal tissue decreased between day 0 and day 2.  (+info)

(8/1017) Combining qualitative interviews with video-recorded consultations: gaining insight into GPs' decision-making.

BACKGROUND: Studies of GPs' decision-making are important for facilitating our understanding of GPs' consulting behaviours. We have used a novel combination of semi-structured interviews and video-recorded consultations to research the influences on decisions made by GPs during their consultations. OBJECTIVE: We describe the use of GPs' video-recorded consultations as a stimulus for focused, semi-structured interviews and to discuss how this research method compares with other approaches for studying GPs' decision-making during consultations. METHODS: GPs' surgery sessions were video-recorded and later they were shown video recordings of themselves consulting with smokers before participating in semi-structured interviews about these consultations. Interviews aimed to describe the factors which GPs perceived to influence their decisions to discuss or not discuss smoking with patients. DISCUSSION: This technique can be used to research decisions, which are made frequently by GPs. It is probably most appropriate for gaining insight into decision-making during mundane consultations, to which GPs would otherwise give little thought.  (+info)

  • copies
  • While the National Archives and Records Administration makes every effort to provide the best quality copy, some originals or copies of originals may exhibit physical defects due to fading, deterioration, a history of poor environmental storage conditions, or handling damage. (archives.gov)
  • All copies of National Archives records are purchased with the understanding that they may not be returned for credit refunds, or exchanges. (archives.gov)
  • Copies are made by off-site private vendor laboratories in cooperation with the National Archives and Records Administration. (archives.gov)
  • 5. A method as in claim 1 including distributing a plurality of said copies to a plurality of recipients with each of said copies having a unique pattern, recording the identity of each of said recipients, and storing the patterns of each copy distributed to each of said recipients. (google.com)
  • For a variety of technical and practical reasons (for example various incompatible international TV standards, and the then-high cost of videotape over that of film), black & white film copies were the preferred medium for selling programs overseas. (wikipedia.org)
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  • Light Coorporation was formed in 2007 by Mariusz Sobański, a composer and record producer, who specializes in progressive rock, jazz-rock and avant-garde music. (wikipedia.org)
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  • These are repositories for preserving and making available the papers, records, collections and other historical materials of every President of the United States from Herbert Hoover (31st President, 1929-1933) to George W. Bush (43rd President, 2001-2009). (wikipedia.org)
  • When a president leaves office, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) establishes a presidential materials project to house and index the documents until a new presidential library is built and transferred to the federal government. (wikipedia.org)
  • While the Nixon Presidential Materials Staff, which administers the Nixon presidential materials under the terms of the Presidential Recordings and Materials Preservation Act, is part of NARA, a private foundation operated the Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace. (wikipedia.org)
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  • Customers must select a laboratory from a list provided by the National Archives and Records Administration. (archives.gov)
  • In the United States, the presidential library system is a nationwide network of 15 libraries administered by the Office of Presidential Libraries, which is part of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). (wikipedia.org)
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  • Use of a VCR to record a television program to play back at a more convenient time is commonly referred to as timeshifting. (wikipedia.org)
  • However, there were several drawbacks: it was expensive, was not easy to assemble, and could only record 20 minutes at a time. (wikipedia.org)
  • It recorded in black-and-white, the only format available in the UK at the time. (wikipedia.org)
  • This time, as many as twelve artists took part in the recording, which allowed for a greater sound diversification. (wikipedia.org)
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  • LVR differed from other VCR technologies in that instead of running a tape slowly past a pair of rapidly moving recording heads and laying the tracks obliquely across the tape in a helical scan, the LVR ran a tape quickly past a stationary recording head which would step across the tape width and lay down a series of parallel tracks along the tape's length. (wikipedia.org)
  • In 2005, while head of the Clandestine Service, Rodriguez ordered that videotape recordings of two 2002 CIA interrogations be destroyed. (wikipedia.org)
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  • The lateralising value of neuropsychological protocols was evaluated for all patients and in subpopulations depending on surgical outcome with regard to seizure control, speech dominance, neuropathology, and need for intracranial EEG recordings. (biomedsearch.com)
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  • Firstly, the color reference timing signal, known as the color burst, is absent from telerecordings, as it is nominally off the edge of the visible screen area being recorded. (wikipedia.org)
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  • The Obama Foundation will own and operate the museum, but will pay NARA to digitize unclassified records and release them to the public as they become available. (wikipedia.org)
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  • 2011: Nittele becomes the top broadcaster in Japan, beating the previous record-holder Fuji Television. (wikipedia.org)
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  • Up till then, the only Polish music group who had recorded an album for Cutler's label was a band called Reportaż, back in the 80s. (wikipedia.org)
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  • BCE demonstrated a color model in February 1955, using a longitudinal recording on half-inch (1.3 cm) tape, essentially similar to what RCA had demonstrated in 1953. (wikipedia.org)
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  • Rare Dialect was released by the prestigious London label RēR Megacorp, that is Recommended Records founded by Chris Cutler (other artists taken on by RēR include Henry Cow, Cassiber, Pere Ubu, The Residents and others). (wikipedia.org)
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  • CIA officials initially stated that the recordings were destroyed to protect the identity of the interrogators, after they were no longer of intelligence value to any investigations. (wikipedia.org)