Telecommunications: Transmission of information over distances via electronic means.Telemedicine: Delivery of health services via remote telecommunications. This includes interactive consultative and diagnostic services.Computer Communication Networks: A system containing any combination of computers, computer terminals, printers, audio or visual display devices, or telephones interconnected by telecommunications equipment or cables: used to transmit or receive information. (Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)Cellular Phone: Analog or digital communications device in which the user has a wireless connection from a telephone to a nearby transmitter. It is termed cellular because the service area is divided into multiple "cells." As the user moves from one cell area to another, the call is transferred to the local transmitter.Radio: The transmission and reception of electric impulses or signals by means of electric waves without a connecting wire, or the use of these waves for the wireless transmission of electric impulses into which sound is converted. (From Webster's 3d)Telepathology: Transmission and interpretation of tissue specimens via remote telecommunication, generally for the purpose of diagnosis or consultation but may also be used for continuing education.Office Automation: Use of computers or computer systems for doing routine clerical work, e.g., billing, records pertaining to the administration of the office, etc.Back Injuries: General or unspecified injuries to the posterior part of the trunk. It includes injuries to the muscles of the back.Telephone: An instrument for reproducing sounds especially articulate speech at a distance. (Webster, 3rd ed)Computer Systems: Systems composed of a computer or computers, peripheral equipment, such as disks, printers, and terminals, and telecommunications capabilities.Occupational Diseases: Diseases caused by factors involved in one's employment.Information Services: Organized services to provide information on any questions an individual might have using databases and other sources. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed)Electromagnetic Fields: Fields representing the joint interplay of electric and magnetic forces.Internet: A loose confederation of computer communication networks around the world. The networks that make up the Internet are connected through several backbone networks. The Internet grew out of the US Government ARPAnet project and was designed to facilitate information exchange.User-Computer Interface: The portion of an interactive computer program that issues messages to and receives commands from a user.United States

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The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), U.S. Department of Commerce, announces the solicitation ...

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A Bangladesh Post and Telecommunications (BPT) é um operador de satélite de comunicação de Bangladesh, a mesma será responsável ... pelo projeto e operação do satélite Bangabandhu 1. A Bangladesh Post and Telecommunications (BPT) é uma repartição totalmente ...

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Building on our legacy as inventors of the technology that underpins WiFi, we're now working on next generation telecommunication solutions.

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They gave presentations from the UCSD division of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology's ... A UCSD/UCI PARTNERSHIP > California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology Contact Us ...

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Nokia Telecommunications Oy. A method for starting a short message transmission. WO1994013070A1 *. Nov 23, 1993. Jun 9, 1994. ... Nokia Telecommunications Oy. Method for starting a short message transmission. US5689548 *. May 21, 1996. Nov 18, 1997. ... British Telecommunications Public Limited Company. Mobile communications. US6628951 *. Jun 20, 2000. Sep 30, 2003. Sonera Oyj. ... Since the telecommunications network cannot determine whether the mobile station has been ported or not just by analyzing the ...

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Read about Accenture Network BPO Services for the telecommunications industry, delivering improved quality, reduced costs, and ... Accenture helped this leading information and telecommunications provider in the Netherlands, with market-leading brands in ... Accenture helped a global telecommunications company save more than US$1.2M in annual operating costs. ...

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This article was published in Diagn Pathol and referenced in Journal of Telecommunications System & Management. Relevant Expert ...

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... telecommunications reform.' What is it, and how is it going? The Telecommunications Act, passed ... ... The Telecommunications Act, passed in February 1996, was the first congressional overhaul of telecommunications policy since ... The Telecommunications Act is intended to erode the local-phone-service monopoly enjoyed by the seven regional "Baby Bells" ( ... Telecommunications reform is supposed to break down existing barriers between these media so that, for example, phone companies ...

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Take a look at the latest Aethra Telecommunications news releases distributed by PRNewswire from multimedia press releases to ... News from Aethra Telecommunications A wide array of domestic and global news stories; news topics include politics/government, ... Oct 19, 2015, 02:00 ET Aethra Telecommunications HNT1 Distribution Point Unit is the first BBF.247 Certified FTTdp DPU Aethra ... Aethra Telecommunications and ADTRAN will demonstrate the first G.Fast Reverse Powered Fiber-to-the-Distribution-Point multi- ... telecommunications

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NATIONAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY NETWORK, INC., Licensee of Station WPME699, Monte Nido, La Crescenta, and Glendale, CA; MOBILE RELAY ASSOCIATES, Licensee of Station WPPG553, Corona, ...

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The empirical literature on a link between telecommunications and growth is now extensive, and there is a reasonably strong ... These results provide striking evidence of the power of policy reform to improve public access to telecommunications in Sub- ... In addition, there is mounting anecdotal evidence from country studies that access to telecommunications in rural areas ... consensus that telecommunications rollout has large potential benefits in furthering sustainable development.[2]. ...,,contentMDK:22203799~pagePK:64168182~piPK:64168060~theSitePK:5991650~isCURL:Y~isCURL:Y,00.html

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Good health and a good education are arguably the two most important things in life - and the European Space Agency is helping to bring together those vital ingredients for people in the remotest parts of Canada, with a million dollar investment in a ground-breaking Multimedia satellite p…

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Telecommunications Fund (OPNMICT) including intraday, historical and comparison charts, technical analysis and trend lines. ... Otkritie - Telecommunications Fund is an open-ended investment fund incorporated in Russia. The aim of the Fund is to seek ... investment results that correspond to the total return of Russian stocks as represented by the MICEX Telecommunications stock ...

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... and a mobile telecommunications offerings sub-region for providing access to mobile telecommunications offerings. The server ... including a voice telecommunications offerings sub-region for providing access to voice telecommunications offerings, an ... Internet telecommunications offerings sub-region for providing access to Internet telecommunications offerings, ... the customer GUI including a telecommunications offerings region, ...

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Rental of equipment for telecommunications; Telecommunication access services; Teleconferencing services; Television ... Providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network; Radio broadcasting; ... Providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network; Radio broadcasting; Rental of equipment for ... Providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network; Radio broadcasting; Rental of equipment for ...

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Graybar Telecommunications Graybar offers a wide range of innovative services that can help power, network, and secure ... How do I place an order with Graybar Telecommunications?. Graybar offers many different methods for order processing. ...

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The focus is on the efficient algorithmic solutions for key problems in modern telecommunications networks, in centralized and ... Telecommunications, Networks, and Graphics applications, etc. Topics including algorithms for architecture-level synthesis, ... and development of telecommunications systems and networks. ...

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Find breaking news, commentary, and archival information about Rolm Telecommunications Corp From The latimes ... said it will sell the rest of its ROLM telecommunications equipment unit to electronics maker Siemens of Germany. IBM and ... said it will sell the rest of its ROLM telecommunications equipment unit to electronics maker Siemens of Germany. IBM and ...

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... Disasters disrupt national economies, severely weaken the poor and vulnerable and are recognized ... Emergency Telecommunications play a critical role in the immediate aftermath of disasters by ensuring timely flow of vital ... The '2nd Global Forum on Emergency Telecommunications (GET-2016): SAVING LIVES' took place in Kuwait City, Kuwait, at the ... In our work, we find telecommunications critical at all stages (prevention, preparedness, response and relief of disaster ...

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... covers a range of topics so, if you are considering further study, you will need to decide whether to ... Telecommunications. Optoelectronics, microwave technology and satellite communications are growing industries.. Government ... You are here , Careers , Undergraduate + Postgraduate , Your future with physics: Career directions , Telecommunications ... The following employers offer career opportunities in telecommunications:. *Vodafone. The largest global mobile communications ...

Advanced Telecommunication Modules Ltd: Advanced Telecommunication Modules Ltd (ATML) was set up in 1993 by Dr Hermann Hauser and Professor Andy Hopper as a spin-off from the Olivetti Research Laboratory in Cambridge.Telecare: Telecare is the term for offering remote care of elderly and physically less able people, providing the care and reassurance needed to allow them to remain living in their own homes. The use of sensors may be part of a package which can provide support for people with illnesses such as dementia, or people at risk of falling.Acknowledgement (data networks): In data networking, an acknowledgement (or acknowledgment) is a signal passed between communicating processes or computers to signify acknowledgement, or receipt of response, as part of a communications protocol. For instance, ACK packets are used in the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) to acknowledge the receipt of SYN packets when establishing a connection, data packets while a connection is being used, and FIN packets when terminating a connection.Mobile phone radiation and health: The effect of mobile phone radiation on human health is a subject of interest and study worldwide, as a result of the enormous increase in mobile phone usage throughout the world. , there were more than 6 billion subscriptions worldwide.List of FM radio stations in Bangalore: There are 14 radio stations in Bangalore.Telepathology: Telepathology is the practice of pathology at a distance. It uses telecommunications technology to facilitate the transfer of image-rich pathology data between distant locations for the purposes of diagnosis, education, and research.Strike Bowling Bar: Strike Bowling Bar is an Australian-based company that owns and operates a portfolio of twelve bowling alleys along the Eastern Seaboard of Australia. Strike Bowling is currently Australia's largest privately owned bowling chain.Telephone numbers in Panama: Country Code: +507Emergency Digital Information Service: Emergency Digital Information Service (EDIS) is a wireless datacast based emergency and disaster information service operated by the State of California Governor's Office of Emergency Services. In operation since 1990 the system was upgraded in 1999 to support image and sound capabilities via satellite broadcast.Electromagnetic environment: In telecommunication, the term electromagnetic environment (EME) has the following meanings:Internet organizations: This is a list of Internet organizations, or organizations that play or played a key role in the evolution of the Internet by developing recommendations, standards, and technology; deploying infrastructure and services; and addressing other major issues.Immersive technologyList of Parliamentary constituencies in Kent: The ceremonial county of Kent,

(1/246) Reporting race and ethnicity data--National Electronic Telecommunications System for Surveillance, 1994-1997.

Reporting accurate and complete race and ethnicity data in public health surveillance systems provides critical information to target and evaluate public health interventions, particularly for minority populations. A national health objective for 2000 is to improve data collection on race and ethnicity in public health surveillance and data systems. To determine progress toward meeting this goal in CDC's National Electronic Telecommunications System for Surveillance (NETSS), the percentage of case reports of selected nationally notifiable diseases reported through NETSS with information regarding a patient's race and ethnicity was calculated for 1994-1997. The findings of this study indicate these data were received for approximately half of the cases, and the completeness of reporting of race and ethnicity data to NETSS had not improved.  (+info)

(2/246) Great earthquakes and medical information systems, with special reference to telecommunications.

The Hanshin-Awaji earthquake in January 1995 caused the greatest number of deaths and injuries in Japan since World War II. Various weaknesses of modern information systems were exposed during and after the earthquake. The authors carried out a questionnaire survey to investigate the current state of hospital information and to examine the kinds of information needed immediately after an earthquake. The survey results show that information about the ability to admit new patients and the availability of medical supplies is necessary immediately after such a disaster. These results will be useful for planning countermeasures against this kind of disaster.  (+info)

(3/246) Clinical services assessment and reengineering: lessons learned.

Healthcare enterprises often "acquire and install" picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) without examining many of the care delivery processes and information flows that will be affected. Many times these unexamined factors can delay or be the cause of failure of the PACS project. This article presents issues that were worked through as part of a PACS clinical services assessment and reengineering analysis for several US military medical treatment facilities.  (+info)

(4/246) Using multi media to enhance a flexible learning program: lessons learned.

Central Queensland University is a well-established distance education provider with an internationally recognized reputation in flexible learning. It has a well-developed infrastructure for the preparation of quality print and multimedia learning materials. A symposium and working conference linking twelve sites, including Auckland NZ via video conferencing, and supported by print based materials and web based conferencing was held during November 1998 with the assistance of Telstra's Conferlink. This paper provides the background, organisation, and evaluation results. Our conclusions are that appropriate use of a combination of print based materials, videoconferencing and a web based classroom works well for the provision of continuing education to health professionals. In addition this symposium was able to reach clinicians and demonstrate the value of informatics to support evidence based practice.  (+info)

(5/246) Ethnographic interviews to elicit patients' reactions to an intelligent interactive telephone health behavior advisor system.

Information technology is being used to collect data directly from patients and to provide educational information to them. Concern over patient reactions to this use of information technology is especially important in light of the debate over whether computers dehumanize patients. This study reports reactions that patient users expressed in ethnographic interviews about using a computer-based telecommunications system. The interviews were conducted as part of a larger evaluation of Telephone-Linked Care (TLC)-HealthCall, an intelligent interactive telephone advisor, that advised individuals about how to improve their health through changes in diet or exercise. Interview findings suggest that people formed personal relationships with the TLC system. These relationships ranged from feeling guilty about their diet or exercise behavior to feeling love for the voice. The findings raise system design and user interface issues as well as research and ethical questions.  (+info)

(6/246) Telemedicine in neurosurgery using international digital telephone services between Japan and Malaysia--technical note.

A new image transmission and teleconference system using international digital telephone services was established between Japan and Malaysia. This new system consists of an ordinary personal computer, image scanner, and terminal adapter for digital telephone lines. The quality of images transferred using this system was high enough for diagnosis and discussion except for images such as radiographs requiring huge data transfer. Transmission of one image took approximately 20 seconds. The cost performance was almost equal to the conventional mailing system. The most remarkable advantage of this new system is the high quality of transferred images, the cost and time performance, and security of the medical information. New communication systems using international digital networks including the internet may allow re-distribution of medical resources between advanced countries and developing countries in neurosurgery.  (+info)

(7/246) Assessment of telemedicine in surgical education and patient care.

OBJECTIVE: To analyze the value of teleconferencing for patient care and surgical education by assessing the activity of an international academic network. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA: The uses of telemedicine include teleeducation, training, and consulting, and surgical teams are now involved, sharing diagnostic information and opinions without the need for travel. However, the value of telematics in surgery remains to be assessed. METHODS: During a 2-year period, weekly surgical teleconferences were held among six university hospitals in four European countries. To assess the accuracy of telediagnosis for surgical cases, 60 randomly selected cases were analyzed by a panel of surgeons. Participants' opinions were analyzed by questionnaire. RESULTS: Seventy teleconferences (50 lectures and 271 case presentations) were held. Ninety-five of the 114 participants (83.3%) completed the final questionnaire. Eighty-six percent rated the surgical activity as good or excellent, 75.7% rated the scientific level as good or excellent, 55.8% rated the daily clinical activity as good or excellent, and 28.4% rated the manual surgical technique as good or excellent. The target organ was identified in all the cases; the organ structure and pathology were considered well defined in 93.3%, and the fine structure was considered well defined in 58.3%. Diagnosis was accurate in 17 cases (28.3%), probable in 25 (41.7%), possible but uncertain in 16 (26.7%), and not possible in 2 cases (3.3%). Discussion among the remote sites increased the rate of valuable therapeutic advice from 55% of cases before the discussion to 95% after the discussion. Eighty-six percent of the surgeons expressed satisfaction with telematics for medical education and patient care. CONCLUSIONS: Participant satisfaction was high, transmission of clinical documents was accurate, and the opportunity to discuss case documentation and management significantly improved diagnostic potential, resulting in an accuracy rate of up to 95%. Teleeducation and teleconsultation in surgery appear to be beneficial.  (+info)

(8/246) Work related upper limb disorders in telecommunication workers in Malaysia.

A total of 323 workers from 5 different occupational groups in the telecommunication industry were studied in this cross sectional study, which sought to determine the prevalence of Work Related Upper Limb Disorders (WRULD) in 5 occupational groups; operators using the Video Display Terminals, switchboard operators, clerks, data entry processors and the supervisors. WRULD was also studied with regard to factors such as sex, race, height, age, stress and the discomfort perceived due to the work station design. The possibility of WRULD was determined from a self-administered questionnaire and confirmed by history and physical examination. Psychological stress and the discomfort due to the workstation were measured from the questionnaire. The overall prevalence was found to be 31.2% and the prevalence among the various occupations differed with it being the highest in the switchboard operators and data processors and the lowest in the supervisors. The older workers and the female workers were found to have higher prevalences of WRULD. It was also found that a higher stress score and a higher score of discomfort perceived at the work station were associated with higher prevalences of WRULD.  (+info)


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  • IBM to Sell ROLM Unit: International Business Machines Corp. said it will sell the rest of its ROLM telecommunications equipment unit to electronics maker Siemens of Germany. (


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