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The pro-fluoride propaganda was started during the Manhattan Project to create the first atom bombs in the 1940s. The spin was ...

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... watch and read propaganda and trivia on tv and newspapers and then form their world opinions based on that. The evidence is ...

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Darwinism's Props and Propaganda Approaching the Pathetic. ampro274. October 9, 2013. BIBLICAL ANSWERS, OP-ED, PROPHECY/END ... This convenient idea has arrived in a propitious moment, in a nick of time to bolster the result of evolutionary propaganda. ... that outnumbers the missing links between species is the words used by evolutionists to prop up what is now becoming propaganda ...

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Amy Hasbrouck: HBO VICE "Right To Die" Documentary Is Propaganda, Not Journalism September 19, 2016. "death with dignity", aid ... To call this a … Continue reading Amy Hasbrouck: HBO VICE "Right To Die" Documentary Is Propaganda, Not Journalism → ... another propaganda film promoting assisted suicide. HBO's Vice documentary series presented "Right to Die," a 27-minute "debate ...

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Politics ( 298 ) Privacy ( 128 ) private property ( 1 ) Propaganda ( 55 ) PTSD ( 1 ) R. J. Rushdoony .Chalcedon ( 3 ) Racism ( ... Labels: Big Pharma , CDC , CorporatistCabals , Health Care , Media , Propaganda Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to ... Big Pharma's Mass Vaccination Agenda: Propaganda Assault on Informed Consent Posted by Charleston Voice ... or kill the child patient-must be categorically replaced by the dissemination of pharmaceutical industry propaganda and half- ...

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I believe the 'chemtrails' terminology is in addition part of a propaganda scheme to deceit further independent scientists to ... I believe the "chemtrails" terminology is in addition part of a propaganda scheme to deceit further independent scientists to ... terminology is in addition part of a propaganda scheme to deceit further independent scientists ...

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Iran's gloating release of the propaganda footage-images that will become definitive for Barack Obama's legacy-was a gut punch ... for use as propaganda; ransacked their property, possibly including sensitive communications gear; forced them to wear clothing ... His editors originally illustrated that piece with an Iranian propaganda photo of the detained sailors, who had clearly had ...

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Swine Flu 1976 & Propaganda - They dont want you to see this_clip1.avi - Duration: 8:01. DennyFromSpaceAgain2 31,177 views ...

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Advertisers fleeing Muslim 'propaganda' Posted By Bob Unruh. On 11/22/2011 @ 8:16 pm In Politics,World , Comments Disabled ... Critics say the program is nothing more than video jihad propaganda, and officials with the Florida Family Association say they ... "The Learning Channel's new show 'All-American Muslim' is propaganda clearly designed to counter legitimate and present-day ...

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... TOPICS:Lily DanePropagandaVaccines ... complete with fear-inducing headlines and pro-vaccine propaganda. ...

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... and World War II propaganda - dated between 1911 and 1955. ... and World War II propaganda - dated between 1911 and 1955. ...

*  publication telefax works . darko fritz propaganda

In its most concise aspect, the latest exhibition of Darko Fritz could be described as an environment filled with verbal messages. The sole exhibits are long strips of telefax prints.The sentences which appear on these prints are simple, so simple in fact that they are reduced to a formula much like the messages commonly found on computers and other electronic devices: OUT OF MEMORY / UNKNOWN QUALITY / WRONG REVISION LEVEL / FLAT VOLUME / NO MORE LOCKS / CANNOT RENAME / VERSION NON POSITIVE / AUTHORISATION CONTINUE / ATTEMPT TO LOCK SOME OF AN ALREADY LOCKED RANGE. As a sort of explanation of the exhibited works, a NO VALUE print appeared during the opening from a fax machine installed in the space. Although the words and sentences address themselves directly to the viewer very much like signals and are the most conspicuous characteristic of Fritz's exhibition, it cannot be denied that the long paper strips of telefax prints also have certain visual qualities. Moreover, it could be said that ...

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Under the guise of journalistic materials on the NTV channel you may receive distorted information or propaganda.' ... independent media have rallied to defend their peers and launched a nationwide campaign to denounce propaganda on state ...

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The third Reich's chief of propaganda, Reichminister of Propaganda and National Enlightenment, Dr. Joseph Goebbels, committed ... Mining Propaganda to Uncover Agenda BEFORE it is a Fait Accompli. Returning back to the "vulgar propagandist" (I keep that ... In England propaganda was regarded as a weapon of the first order, whereas with us it represented the last hope of a livelihood ... Effective propaganda is always targeted only at the ordinary un-informed peoples, "the crowd of simpletons and the credulous", ...

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... and Lithuania have called on the European Union to create information alternatives to Russian propaganda. In a letter to EU ... The letter added that Kremlin propaganda aims to undermine EU and Western unity, and called on the EU to create alternative ... and Lithuania have called on the European Union to create information alternatives to Russian propaganda. ... sources of information to counter Russian propaganda by 2016. The call comes just days after EU President Latvia announced it ...

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"Using their propaganda the party split the country into patriots and unreliable non-believers. ...

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The use of children in propaganda has a long history.. Propagandists for China's Mao Zedong and Germany's Adolf Hitler made a ... The group features children in its recent stream of propaganda videos and photos. ...

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Each year other developed nations, namely Europe watch on as the United States ramps up its flu vaccine propaganda. According ...

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... inspired by Facebook reactions after Breivik claimed in his trial testimony that the song was an example of Marxist propaganda ...

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... it is one of the latest propaganda terms used by the media and government in the 'War on Dr... ... Recently this term has been applied in the media to ecstasy (MDMA), which shows how much of a propaganda term this is. You ... Date rape drug is more than an informal class of drugs, it is one of the latest propaganda terms used by the media and ...
https://everything2.com/title/Date rape drug

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Czech President Vaclav Klaus sharply criticized a U.N. meeting on climate change on Tuesday at which U.S. President Barack Obama was among the top speakers, describing it as propagandistic and undignified.

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This propaganda is designed to gin up support for the police/prison/industrial war on drugs complex. It originated on a site ... Ludicrous Pro Drug War Propaganda. I can't believe that the kind of land piracy described in this article is a big problem in ... propaganda, shasta, war on drugs. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response ...

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Ender's Game, a novel by Orson Scott Card, is a form of anti-homosexual propaganda. The essay "Kill the Bugger: Ender's Game ...

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We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism.. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.. Thank you for your support.. ...

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... or to take part in a propaganda campaign in favor of such a law, or to vote for it" (Evangelium Vitae, Section 73). The ...

(1/29) Tobacco industry efforts at discrediting scientific knowledge of environmental tobacco smoke: a review of internal industry documents.

STUDY OBJECTIVE: Using tobacco industry internal documents to investigate the use of tobacco industry consulting scientists to discredit scientific knowledge of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS). DESIGN: Basic and advanced searches were performed on the Philip Morris, Tobacco Institute, R J Reynolds, Brown and Williamson, Lorillard, and the Council for Tobacco Research document web sites, with a concentration on the years 1985-1995. Guildford depository files located on the Canadian Council on Tobacco Control website were also searched. The documents were found in searches undertaken between 1 March and 30 June 2000. MAIN RESULTS: The industry built up networks of scientists sympathetic to its position that ETS is an insignificant health risk. Industry lawyers had a large role in determining what science would be pursued. The industry funded independent organisations to produce research that appeared separate from the industry and would boost its credibility. Industry organised symposiums were used to publish non-peer reviewed research. Unfavourable research conducted or proposed by industry scientists was prevented from becoming public. CONCLUSIONS: Industry documents illustrate a deliberate strategy to use scientific consultants to discredit the science on ETS.  (+info)

(2/29) Failed promises of the cigarette industry and its effect on consumer misperceptions about the health risks of smoking.

BACKGROUND: In January 1954, US tobacco manufacturers jointly sponsored an advocacy advertisement entitled "A Frank Statement to Cigarette Smokers" which appeared in 448 newspapers in 258 cities reaching an estimated 43 245 000 Americans. The advertisement questioned research findings implicating smoking as a cause of cancer, promised consumers that their cigarettes were safe, and pledged to support impartial research to investigate allegations that smoking was harmful to human health. OBJECTIVE: To examine (1) the extent to which cigarette companies fulfilled the promises made to consumers in the 1954 "Frank Statement", and (2) the effect of these promises on consumer knowledge, beliefs, and smoking practices. METHODS: This study reviews statements made since 1954 by the tobacco companies individually and collectively through the Tobacco Institute and Tobacco Industry Research Committee/Council for Tobacco Research on the subject of smoking as a cause disease, and the industry's pledge to support and disclose the results of impartial research on smoking and health. Many of the industry documents evaluated in this study were obtained from a collection consisting of 116 documents entitled the "Statement of Defendants' Misrepresentations" prepared by attorneys representing the state of Connecticut in the Medicaid litigation against the tobacco industry in 1998. In addition, we searched for corroborating material from tobacco industry documents collected from the tobacco industry's document websites. In order to contrast industry statements on smoking and health with what smokers' actually believed about smoking we reviewed reports of public polling data on smokers' knowledge and beliefs about smoking and disease gathered from tobacco industry sources and from surveys conducted by public health researchers. RESULTS: Analysis of public statements issued by the tobacco industry sources over the past five decades shows that the companies maintained the stance that smoking had not been proven to be injurious to health through 1999. The public statements of the tobacco industry are in sharp contrast to the private views expressed by many of their own scientists. The tobacco documents reveal that many scientists within the tobacco industry acknowledged as early as the 1950s that cigarette smoking was unsafe. The sincerity of the industry's promise to support research to find out if smoking was harmful to health and to disclose information about the health effects of smoking can also be questioned based upon the industry's own documents which reveal: (1) scepticism about the scientific value of the smoking and health research program established by the industry; and (2) evidence that research findings implicating smoking as a health problem were often not published or disclosed outside the industry. Industry documents also show that the companies knew that their own customers were misinformed about smoking and health issues. CONCLUSION: It is clear that the cigarette companies failed to fulfill the promises made to consumers in the 1954 "Frank Statement" advertisement. The failure of cigarette manufacturers to honour these promises has resulted in a public that even today remains misinformed about the health risks of smoking.  (+info)

(3/29) Tobacco industry strategies to undermine the 8th World Conference on Tobacco or Health.

OBJECTIVE: To demonstrate that Philip Morris and British American Tobacco Company attempted to initiate a wide ranging campaign to undermine the success of the 8th World Conference on Tobacco or Health held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1992. DATA SOURCES: Publicly available tobacco industry documents housed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Guilford, UK; on-line document websites; and telephone interviews with informed parties. STUDY SELECTION: Those documents determined to be relevant to the companies' campaigns against the 8th World Conference on Tobacco or Health. DATA EXTRACTION: Revision of chapter VIII of the July 2000 WHO report by a committee of experts, entitled: Tobacco company strategies to undermine tobacco control activities at the World Health Organization: report of the committee of experts on tobacco industry documents. DATA SYNTHESIS: Internal documents describe proposed media and science orientated campaigns developed by BAT, Philip Morris, and their consultants to divert attention away from the conference. RESULTS AND CONCLUSION: This work shows that the tobacco industry has the resources and vested interest to combat perceived threats in its regional operating markets, in this case its Latin American market. It is important for the worldwide public heath community to become aware of the numerous ways in which the tobacco industry and its front groups can work against international tobacco control meetings, even including the manipulation of or working with other public health groups to oppose tobacco control efforts. Future world conference planners and participants should be aware that the tobacco industry is likely to continue to employ such methodology. There is no reason to think that the industry is paying less attention to such conferences in the present or future. Rather, it is likely the industry will adopt and expand strategies that were successful while abandoning those that were not effective. Required disclosure of financial support by all participants at all tobacco scientific conferences is recommended. For the tobacco control community, we also recommend careful coalition building and networking with other public health groups on the ways tobacco is implicated in other public health issues.  (+info)

(4/29) From adversary to target market: the ACT-UP boycott of Philip Morris.

BACKGROUND: In 1990, the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT-UP) sparked a year long boycott of Philip Morris's Marlboro cigarettes and Miller beer. The boycott protested the company's support of Senator Jesse Helms (R-North Carolina), a leading opponent of AIDS funding and civil rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. ACT-UP demanded that Philip Morris sever its ties with Helms and acknowledge its responsibility to the LGBT community and to people with AIDS. OBJECTIVE: To assess the impact of the boycott on the LGBT community, the tobacco industry, and the tobacco control movement; and to determine what lessons tobacco control advocates can extract from this case. DATA SOURCES: Internal tobacco industry documents and newspaper archives. METHODS: Search of tobacco industry documents websites using "boycott", "ACT-UP", "gay", and other terms. RESULTS: Philip Morris used the boycott to its own advantage. It exploited differences within the community and settled the boycott by pledging large donations to combat AIDS. Through corporate philanthropy, Philip Morris gained entree to the LGBT market without appearing gay friendly. Many LGBT organisations, thirsty for recognition and funding from mainstream corporations, welcomed Philip Morris's overtures without considering the health hazards of tobacco. CONCLUSIONS: Unless the goal of a boycott is to convince the tobacco industry to abandon tobacco altogether, such actions invite the industry to expand its marketing under the guise of philanthropy. Tobacco control advocates should be clear about goals and acceptable settlement terms before participating in a boycott of a tobacco company.  (+info)

(5/29) Development and destruction of the first state funded anti-smoking campaign in the USA.

BACKGROUND: Minnesota was the first state in the USA to implement a large state funded tobacco control programme (in 1985). Despite evidence of effectiveness, it was dismantled in 1993. OBJECTIVE: To describe and analyse how and why these events transpired and identify lessons for tobacco control advocates facing similar challenges in the 21st century. DESIGN: Case study based on previously secret tobacco industry documents, news reports, research reports, official documents, and interviews with health advocates and state government officials. RESULTS: Unable to defeat funding for this campaign in 1985, the tobacco industry organised groups which eliminated it later. Despite the programme's documented effectiveness, it was dismantled based on claims of fiscal crisis. These claims were not true; the real debate was what to do with the state's surplus. Health advocates failed to challenge the claim of fiscal crisis or mobilise public support for the programme. CONCLUSIONS: Simply quoting evidence that a tobacco control programme is effective does not ensure its continuing survival. Claims of fiscal crisis are an effective cover for tobacco industry efforts to dismantle successful programmes, particularly if health advocates accept these claims and fail to mobilise political pressure to defend the programme.  (+info)

(6/29) Smoking, disease, and obdurate denial: the Australian tobacco industry in the 1980s.

OBJECTIVE: To contrast the Australian tobacco industry's awareness of the diseases caused by smoking with their aggressive public denial on the relation between smoking and disease in the 1980s. DESIGN: Analysis of 325 industry documents from the world wide web. RESULTS: In the 1980s Australian cigarette manufacturers were informed constantly by the international industry of the medical consensus that smoking caused disease. In addition Philip Morris (Australia) Limited received reports of Philip Morris' international biological research programme and visited its Richmond research facility; and WD&HO Wills part funded, co-managed, and contributed research to the British American Tobacco groups' biological research programme. Despite this knowledge, the Australian manufacturers had a policy of arguing to their employees, decision makers, and the general public that questions of smoking and disease were unresolved. The industry catalogued the literature, developed arguments against the main claims made by health groups, and attacked public health advocates who made statements linking smoking to death and disease. Industry studies suggested that a 20-30% minority of the Australian public agreed with the industry on smoking and disease, diminishing across the decade. CONCLUSION: Australian manufacturers were clearly negligent in the 1980s, deliberately working to undermine Australians' understandings of the diseases caused by smoking despite their own private knowledge. Continuing scepticism about smoking and disease, corresponding with the industry's deceptions, exists in Australian smokers today, suggesting that their actions may have slowed the rate of decline in smoking prevalence. These revelations provide important evidence for Australian litigation and advocacy.  (+info)

(7/29) "We are anxious to remain anonymous": the use of third party scientific and medical consultants by the Australian tobacco industry, 1969 to 1979.

OBJECTIVE: To document the history of visits to Australia by tobacco industry sponsored scientists and news media reports about smoking and health matters generated by their visits. DESIGN: Systematic keyword and opportunistic website searches of tobacco industry internal documents made available through the Master Settlement Agreement. RESULTS: At least nine sponsored scientists visited Australia from 1969 until 1979. The industry sought to promote the scientists as independent from the industry and on occasion, scientists publicly lied about their industry connections. The industry was sometimes delighted with the extensive and favourable media coverage given to the visits. CONCLUSIONS: These media reports are likely to have influenced many who were exposed to them to believe that the evidence against smoking remained equivocal.  (+info)

(8/29) "Conclusions about exposure to ETS and health that will be unhelpful to us": how the tobacco industry attempted to delay and discredit the 1997 Australian National Health and Medical Research Council report on passive smoking.

BACKGROUND: Major reviews of the health effects of passive smoking have been subjected to tobacco industry campaigns to refute the scientific evidence. Following the 1992 US Environmental Protection Agency review, the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) initiated a review of the health effects of passive smoking. At the time of this review, evidence that environmental tobacco smoke causes disease was being increasingly accepted in courts of law and voluntary adoption of smoking restrictions was rapidly growing. OBJECTIVE: To demonstrate how the tobacco industry attempted to delay and discredit the publication of a report on passive smoking that the tobacco industry anticipated to contain recommendations that would be unfavourable to their business. METHODS: A search of tobacco industry documents on the Master Settlement Agreement websites was conducted using the terms and acronyms representative of the NHMRC review. RESULTS: The tobacco industry sought to impede the progress of the NHMRC Working Party by launching an intensive campaign to delay and discredit the report. The main strategies used were attempts to criticise the science, extensive use of Freedom of Information provisions to monitor all activity of the group, legal challenges, ad hominem attacks on the credibility of the Working Party members, rallying support from industry allies, and influencing public opinion through the media. CONCLUSIONS: The Australian tobacco industry deliberately impeded the NHMRC Working Party's progress and successfully prevented the publication of the report's recommendations. The tobacco industry's motivation and capacity to disrupt the advancement of scientific knowledge and policy in tobacco control should be recognised and anticipated.  (+info)


  • After NTV accused a regional newspaper of doing Washington's bidding, independent media have rallied to defend their peers and launched a nationwide campaign to denounce propaganda on state television. (rferl.org)
  • When confronted with abortion laws and policies that advocate abortion, it is "never licit to obey it, or to take part in a propaganda campaign in favor of such a law, or to vote for it" (Evangelium Vitae, Section 73). (ewtn.com)


  • Stories about measles outbreaks in New York, California, and Texas have been in the news lately, complete with fear-inducing headlines and pro-vaccine propaganda. (activistpost.com)


  • The countries of Britain, Denmark, Estonia, and Lithuania have called on the European Union to create information alternatives to Russian propaganda. (rferl.org)
  • The letter added that Kremlin propaganda aims to undermine EU and Western unity, and called on the EU to create alternative sources of information to counter Russian propaganda by 2016. (rferl.org)