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You made the program better and smaller at the same time. And you provided an example for others. Removing code can take more ... Memory management errors cause everything from the first segmentation fault in your first C program to security flaws that ... Have fun with these development tools, but don't forget to take a break from coding and read something. ... Have fun with these development tools, but don't forget to take a break from coding and read something. ...

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Program Development. Information and resources to aid in the development of new programs and assist with the approval process. ...

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In shell scripts, you can use the my_print_defaults program to parse option files and see what options would be used by a given ... If you have a C or C++ program that handles multiply specified options this way but that doesn't read option files, you need ... program. The following example shows the output that my_print_defaults might produce when asked to show the options found in ... MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual / MySQL Programs / MySQL Program Development Utilities 4.7 MySQL Program Development Utilities. ...

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7,550 open jobs for Program Development Officer. Average Salary: $65,468. ... Search Program Development Officer jobs with company reviews & ratings. ... Program Officer Global Development, Senior Program Development Officer, Associate Program Officer Global Development, Senior ... Health Programs Development/Procurement Officer, Program Development Support Officer, Project Officer - Program Development ...

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1,483 open jobs in San Francisco for Program Development Associate. Average Salary: $49,921. ... Search Program Development Associate jobs in San Francisco, CA. ... training and supervision of program staff, programdevelopment ... professional development program, it leadership development program, leadership development program associate, associate ... in corporate training and programdevelopment 3 years structured instructional/programdevelopment experience in adult education ...

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If you are thinking about starting or already have a program to promote appropriate antibiotic use in your community, you may ... Program Development and Evaluation *Program Development. *Health Literacy, Cultural Competency, and Sustainability ...

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The Kenya Horticulture Development Program (KHDP) was a program of the U.S. Agency for International Development in Kenya ... 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Fintrac Inc., USAID-KHDP Kenya Horticultural Development Program October 2003-March 2009 Final Report, April ... "The New Product Development Program helps the Kenyan horticultural industry diversify product range. Currently, there is little ... Fintrac Inc., USAID-KHDP Kenya Horticultural Development Program October 2003-March 2009 Final Report, April 2009. ...

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Why choose the Music Development Program?. A comprehensive program of musical development, the Music Development Program ... What is the Music Development Program?. The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program provides a recognized national ... The Music Development Program centers on periodic assessments for students-one-on-one adjudicator-to-student performance ... The Music Development Program inspires excellence through individual student assessments and allows students to celebrate ...

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... Partnering to Bring Quality Training to Texas. Outreach Programs takes great pride in ...

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CDC works 24/7 to save lives, reduce disease, and improve health around the world.

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Bridging Research, Instruction, and Discipline-Grounded Epistemologies BRIDGE is aimed at the question developed by the Rider Scholarship of Teaching Committee during Fall 2000: How can faculty across the disciplines help their students develop higher order thinking in diverse contexts?

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186 open jobs for Childcare Development Program Supervisor. Average Salary: $67,537. ... Search Childcare Development Program Supervisor jobs with company reviews & ratings. ... Bank of America Childcare Development Program Supervisor Reviews. * Wells Fargo Childcare Development Program Supervisor ... Childcare Development Program Supervisor Jobs. Job Title. Employer. Location. Salary. Childcare Supervisor. YWCA Bergen County ...

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The Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program is a long-running RWJF initiative to increase the number of faculty from ... Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program. Formerly the Minority Medical Faculty Development Program. * *August 20, 2014 ... Synopsis: The Amos program awards four-year post-residency grants to support the research and career development of physicians ... Results of the Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program give us hope."-Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, MD, MBA, RWJF President and ...

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This program is for you! Volunteers on this exciting project can assist with a... ... Program Summary. Are you the Sporty type? Do you love to stay active? This program is for you! ... Program Summary. Are you the Sporty type? Do you love to stay active? This program is for you! ... Program Includes:. Program fees include accommodation, food, orientation and in-country 24/7 support. ...

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Program Overview The design and content of the MOMENTUM program was the culmination of a team of people both academic and ... Program Structure Delivered over 6 months, the program included a diverse range of activities:. *Interactive seminars and ... The MOMENTUM Program drew on a number of Executive Education resources to deliver a diverse and comprehensive program, and ... The program was specifically designed to build on the existing knowledge of managers and support them to achieve the Leadership ...

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Capital Development Program develops WDNR facilities and maintains and improves existing facilities. ... Capital development program. The Department of Natural Resource's Capital Development Program develops our facilities and ... The program's final list is due to the Capital Development Program in February 2016, where it is then prioritized department- ... The DNR Capital Development Program staff provide oversight for all DNR facilities and capital development projects. They ...

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Company and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania today announced a new leadership program ... The Moelis@Wharton: Leadership Development Program will host its inaugural session July 24-26 on Wharton's Philadelphia campus ... This program will further strengthen the leadership and team building skills our MDs, SVPs, and VPs already possess, while ... The program also features experiential learning exercises as well as individualized coaching sessions. At the conclusion of the ...

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Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) N NSF Wide Programs CAREER and PECASE Information ... NSF CAREER Program Webinar Presentation Slides. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Faculty Early Career Development ( ... CAREER: The Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program is a Foundation-wide activity that offers the National Science ... Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program for Submission in Years 2017 - 2019 ...

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Advanced Professional Development Program in Enterprise Risk Management. The ERM Advanced program is considered the premier ... The program identifies and addresses emerging concerns within each of the key risk categories: credit risk management, asset- ... This exclusive, five-day executive training program is limited in size and provides attendees an opportunity to work in cohort ... "We are looking at executive development programs through a different lens than many other business schools and forging ...

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After 70 years in exile, the Jews had returned home and rebuilt the temple in Jerusalem under Ezra. Hence, they were able to worship God in their own land, but the city still lay in ruins. The once-great capital of the Judah was in a depressing heap of rubble leaving the city defenceless against enemy attacks ...

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Richard Hunt introduces you to this program so you can enjoy better digestive - and overall - health. ... Canadian Digestive Health Foundation helps us understand the development of the human microbiome, understand changes in the ...

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Hi, I have a little problem with my SOAP Client program. I m using SOAP::Lite with perl 5.8 on debian lenny. The WebServices ... I have a little problem with my SOAP Client program.. I'm using SOAP::Lite with perl 5.8 on debian lenny. The WebServices ...

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Considering that ENT ended with "Computer, end program," this troper is sometimes amused to give it the St Elsewhere treatment ... They accelerated his emotional development, but then the other Spock didn't experience the same things this Spock did (even ... assuming the Academy doesn't have some sort of outreach or learn-on-the-job program. * This is not very convincing. First, ... and has presumably taken an interest in Kirk's development over the years, so presumably he feels like something of a mentor to ...

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This program helps. It's still painful and it makes me angry, but I can live with it." ... Treating the character disorder involves the development of empathy--a quality lacking in child molesters. Joe recalls that ... This program may mean the difference for that child between having a life and not having one." ... The judge will not even consider his request until Butter completes a stringent sex offender treatment program. So far he has ...

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SUMOplot™ Analysis Program. The SUMOplot™ Analysis Program predicts and scores sumoylation sites in your protein. SUMOylation ... For new targets we consult with leading experts to accelerate development of antibodies that will propel state-of-the-art ... is critical to understanding the role of autophagy in physiological as well as pathological processes such as development, ...

(1/2618) Making Medicaid managed care research relevant.

OBJECTIVE: To help researchers better understand Medicaid managed care and the kinds of research studies that will be both feasible and of value to policymakers and program staff. The article builds on our experience researching Medicaid managed care to provide insight for researchers who want to be policy relevant. PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: We draw four lessons from our work on Medicaid managed care in seven states. First, these are complex programs that differ substantially across states. Second, each program faces common challenges and issues. The need to address common design elements involving program eligibility, managed care and provider contracting, beneficiary enrollment, education, marketing, and administration and oversight provides a vehicle that researchers can use to help understand states and to provide them with relevant insight. Third, well-designed case studies can provide invaluable descriptive insights. Such case studies suggest that providing effective descriptions of state programs and experience, monitoring information on program performance and tradeoffs, and insight on implementation and design are all valuable products of such studies that have considerable potential to be converted into policy-actionable advice. And fourth, some questions demand impact studies but the structure of Medicaid managed care poses major barriers to such studies. CONCLUSIONS: Many challenges confront researchers seeking to develop policy-relevant research on managed care. Researchers need to confront these challenges in turn by developing second-best approaches that will provide timely insight into important questions in a relatively defensible and rigorous way in the face of many constraints. If researchers do not, others will, and researchers may find their contributions limited in important areas for policy debate.  (+info)

(2/2618) Scientists try new strategy to eradicate dengue fever.


(3/2618) Health insurance in developing countries: lessons from experience.

Many developing countries are currently considering the possibility of introducing compulsory health insurance schemes. One reason is to attract more resources to the health sector. If those who, together with their employers, can pay for their health services and are made to do so by insurance, the limited tax funds can be concentrated on providing services for fewer people and thus improve coverage and raise standards. A second reason is dissatisfaction with existing services in which staff motivation is poor, resources are not used to best advantage and patients are not treated with sufficient courtesy and respect. This article describes the historical experience of the developed countries in introducing and steadily expanding the coverage of health insurance, sets out the consensus which has developed about health insurance (at least in Western European countries) and describes the different forms which health insurance can take. The aim is to bring out the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches from this experience, to set out the options for developing countries and to give warnings about the dangers of some approaches.  (+info)

(4/2618) Paediatric home care in Tower Hamlets: a working partnership with parents.

OBJECTIVES: To describe the first two years of a paediatric home care service. DESIGN: Observational cross sectional study, 1989-91. SETTING: One inner London health district. PATIENTS: 611 children referred to the service; 50 children selected from those referred during the first year, whose parents were interviewed and whose general practitioners were invited to complete a questionnaire. MAIN MEASURES: Description and costs of service; views of parents and general practitioners of selected sample of children. RESULTS: In its second year the team received 303 referrals and made 4004 visits at a salary cost of 98000 pounds, an average of 323 pounds/referral and 24 pounds/visit. This represented a referral rate of 3.2% (258/7939) of inpatient episodes from the main referring hospital between 1 December 1989 and 30 November 1990. Of all referrals to the service, 343(56%) came from hospital inpatient wards. The service was used by disadvantaged and ethnic minority families. The children's parents (in 28(61%) families) and the home care team did a wide range of nursing tasks in the home. Parents of 47(94%) children sampled agreed to be interviewed, and those of 43(91%) found the service useful; guidance and support were most commonly appreciated (33, 70%). Parents of 25(53%) children said that hospital stay or attendance had been reduced or avoided. Parents and general practitioners disagreed on clinical responsibility in 10 children, and communication was a problem for some general practitioners. CONCLUSIONS: The service enabled children to receive advanced nursing care at home. Clinical responsibility should be agreed between parents and professionals at referral.  (+info)

(5/2618) Assessing and planning home-based care for persons with AIDS.

The HIV/AIDS pandemic continues to gather momentum in many developing countries, increasing the already heavy burden on health care facilities. As a result, donors, implementing partners and communities are beginning to create home-based care programmes to provide care for persons with HIV/AIDS. This paper recommends reorienting this home care provision as a service founded in, and coming from, the community rather than the health system. A methodology, in the form of an assessment matrix, is provided to facilitate the assessment of a community's capacity to provide care for people with AIDS. The focus is on rapid assessment methods using, where possible, readily available information to clearly and systematically define current circumstances. The matrix created for a specific community is then used in the development of an action plan with interventions prioritized and tailored to local needs. A case study from a hypothetical developing country, where HIV/AIDS is a significant problem, is used to illustrate the process.  (+info)

(6/2618) Breastfeeding promotion and priority setting in health.

An increase in exclusive breastfeeding prevalence can substantially reduce mortality and morbidity among infants. In this paper, estimates of the costs and impacts of three breastfeeding promotion programmes, implemented through maternity services in Brazil, Honduras and Mexico, are used to develop cost-effectiveness measures and these are compared with other health interventions. The results show that breastfeeding promotion can be one of the most cost-effective health interventions for preventing cases of diarrhoea, preventing deaths from diarrhoea, and gaining disability-adjusted life years (DALYs). The benefits are substantial over a broad range of programme types. Programmes starting with the removal of formula and medications during delivery are likely to derive a high level of impact per unit of net incremental cost. Cost-effectiveness is lower (but still attractive relative to other interventions) if hospitals already have rooming-in and no bottle-feeds; and the cost-effectiveness improves as programmes become well-established. At an annual cost of about 30 to 40 US cents per birth, programmes starting with formula feeding in nurseries and maternity wards can reduce diarrhoea cases for approximately $0.65 to $1.10 per case prevented, diarrhoea deaths for $100 to $200 per death averted, and reduce the burden of disease for approximately $2 to $4 per DALY. Maternity services that have already eliminated formula can, by investing from $2 to $3 per birth, prevent diarrhoea cases and deaths for $3.50 to $6.75 per case, and $550 to $800 per death respectively, with DALYs gained at $12 to $19 each.  (+info)

(7/2618) AIDS-related policies, legislation and programme implementation in India.

This paper traces the evolution of AIDS-related policy and legislation in India from an initial response characterized by conservatism and discrimination to the development of a coherent national programme which aims to prevent the transmission of HIV and to develop support structures for people with HIV and AIDS. Examining the strategies, achievements and problems of specific components of the National AIDS Control Programme (NACP), the paper finds that the very progressive approach of national-level policy makers has been countered by conservative forces at the state and local levels. Little progress has been made, moreover, in incorporating HIV/AIDS prevention efforts into broader development and empowerment strategies. The paper concludes by considering the wider social context of AIDS in India and the role of more far-reaching policy measures.  (+info)

(8/2618) Implementing a nationwide insecticide-impregnated bednet programme in The Gambia.

Earlier studies in The Gambia suggested that the use of impregnated bednets might prove to be a useful malaria control strategy. Based on the results of these studies, in 1992 the Government of The Gambia was encouraged to initiate a National Impregnated Bednet Programme (NIBP) as part of the National Malaria Control Programme Strategy. This paper describes the implementation process/procedure of the NIBP. Evaluation results showed that, overall, 83% of the bednets surveyed has been impregnated, and 77% of children under the age of five years and 78% of women of childbearing age were reported to be sleeping under impregnated bednets.  (+info)


  • Public health practitioners engaged in program evaluation planning often identify desired outcomes, related indicators, and data collection methods but may pay only limited attention to an overarching vision for program evaluation among participating sites. (cdc.gov)
  • Practitioners help improve program outcomes, while also enjoying the variety afforded by working on a different project every few weeks or months. (ufv.ca)


  • Given the diversity of activities across the Steps Program and the need for coordination between national- and community-level evaluation efforts, our recommendations to guide program evaluation practice are explicit yet leave room for site-specific context and needs. (cdc.gov)
  • In collaboration… coordination across programs , program operations, and other foundation relations and development staff. (glassdoor.com)


  • At both the national and community levels, investment in surveillance and program evaluation is substantial. (cdc.gov)
  • We developed a set of foundational elements to provide a vision of program evaluation that informs the technical decisions made throughout the evaluation process. (cdc.gov)
  • Staff across the Steps Program must consider these foundational elements to prepare a formal plan for program evaluation. (cdc.gov)
  • Attention to each element moves the Steps Program closer to well-designed and complementary plans for program evaluation at the national, state, and community levels. (cdc.gov)
  • In addition to fiscal resources, HHS provides oversight and technical expertise to support evidence-based program planning and implementation, disease and risk factor surveillance, and program evaluation. (cdc.gov)
  • The allocation of resources to surveillance and evaluation meets the recommended 10% of total program dollars in the majority of funded communities (1,2). (cdc.gov)
  • Disease and risk factor surveillance is an important source of information for program planning and evaluation at both the national and community levels. (cdc.gov)
  • Thus, program evaluation builds upon surveillance data and includes community-specific efforts to assess program implementation and progress at individual sites. (cdc.gov)
  • All funded communities participate in coordinated national-level evaluation activities that focus on the Steps Program as a whole. (cdc.gov)
  • 1. explain one specific purpose for conducting a program evaluation in that organization. (brainmass.com)
  • 5. Provide one example that illustrates how program evaluation might be utilized for this purpose. (brainmass.com)
  • First off however, let me discuss program evaluation. (brainmass.com)
  • The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task (see above) on the topic of program evaluation. (brainmass.com)
  • ABSTRACT The lack of yearly program evaluation contributed to the failure of FLES in the fifties and sixties. (wiley.com)
  • Now that communities and states are recommitting to the notion of FLES, program evaluation must be incorporated from the outset. (wiley.com)
  • This article provides a rationale for program evaluation, and discusses the development and use of the FLES Program Evaluation Inventory (FPEI). (wiley.com)
  • The graduate certificate in Program Evaluation consists of four courses, for a total of 15 graduate-level credits, offered over two years. (ufv.ca)
  • All four courses are delivered online, making it perfect for working professionals in the social sciences and public administration who wish to grow their careers and extend their expertise in the area of program evaluation. (ufv.ca)
  • All courses are competency-based, designed to provide you with the practical knowledge, skills, and credibility for conducting, managing, or participating in the program evaluation process. (ufv.ca)
  • Once you have completed your Program Evaluation graduate certificate at UFV, you have to option to receive 12 credits at Royal Roads University towards earning a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. (ufv.ca)
  • In Canada, program evaluation is a mandatory function for all government departments and agencies. (ufv.ca)
  • Trained professionals in program evaluation are also needed to meet the reporting needs of funding agencies and program managers, both in the corporate and non-profit spheres. (ufv.ca)
  • training and supervision of program staff, program development and evaluation… supervision of the Associate Director, the Program Manager of ACAC will provide oversight of staff and clients. (glassdoor.com)


  • The purpose of this activity is to evaluate VA-Utah's Salt Lake City Homeless Outreach Program. (brainmass.com)


  • In terms of skill development, NURS 435 provides you with practice opportunities using a variety of online tools and experiential activities. (athabascau.ca)


  • The second objective is to provide researchers with relevant information to understand and explain the development of health attitudes and behaviors through early adolescence. (umich.edu)


  • Relationship of the program to the conference themes outlined on the website. (naspa.org)


  • The Steps Program funds communities in three categories: state-coordinated small cities or rural areas, large cities or urban areas, and tribes or tribal entities. (cdc.gov)


  • Providing a host of services to the homeless in Salt Lake City, VA-Utah's Homeless program consist of many sub-programs specialising in resolving or providing assistance in relation to varied causes and mitigating factors as well as co-morbid elements that drive, enforce and lead to recidivism of homelessness. (brainmass.com)
  • Under direction from the Chief Executive Officer , the Compliance Officer serves as the Plan's primary executor and administrator… activities and programs as well as plans, implements and monitors the organization's Medicare compliance program . (glassdoor.com)
  • delivering programs in a business environment with the practical application of leadership development , organization development and/… in the areas of manager development , group facilitation, and training design. (glassdoor.com)


  • VA-Utah's program therefore is a great lifeline to these groups as they allow not just for basic services and care to reach the homeless but also help to re-house them and provide psychological and social support. (brainmass.com)


  • world's leading conservation organization, seeks a Senior Development Officer , Foundations in our office in Washington, DC. (glassdoor.com)


  • Payscale reports that job satisfaction among program evaluators is high. (ufv.ca)


  • To date, the Steps Program includes 40 communities nationwide. (cdc.gov)


  • and identifying opportunities for ongoing program development and improvement. (cdc.gov)


  • This course is only open to Post-LPN BN program students. (athabascau.ca)


  • This program is approved by the National Association of Social Workers (Approval #886679822-0) for 17.5 social work continuing education hours. (naspa.org)
  • Paramount… individuals who help to create a culture of hard work, professional development , and celebrated achievements. (glassdoor.com)


  • The Steps to a HealthierUS Cooperative Agreement Program (Steps Program) enables funded communities to implement chronic disease prevention and health promotion efforts to reduce the burden of diabetes, obesity, asthma, and related risk factors. (cdc.gov)


  • Program evaluations are complex endeavours that must be conducted professionally and competently in order to be both credible and useful. (ufv.ca)
  • and the ability to rapidly learn a complex and wide-ranging program . (glassdoor.com)


  • Contact the program coordinator for further information. (ufv.ca)


  • The outline/description should be lengthy enough to give the reviewers an understanding of your program session. (naspa.org)


  • Adobe Connect is a real-time program that allows course participants (students and instructors) to see and hear one another using a computer equipped with a speaker/microphone and camera. (athabascau.ca)


  • According to VA-Utah (2014), 'The Homeless Outreach Program delivers mobile street outreach to individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Salt Lake County. (brainmass.com)