New Zealand: A group of islands in the southwest Pacific. Its capital is Wellington. It was discovered by the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman in 1642 and circumnavigated by Cook in 1769. Colonized in 1840 by the New Zealand Company, it became a British crown colony in 1840 until 1907 when colonial status was terminated. New Zealand is a partly anglicized form of the original Dutch name Nieuw Zeeland, new sea land, possibly with reference to the Dutch province of Zeeland. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p842 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p378)Rabbits: The species Oryctolagus cuniculus, in the family Leporidae, order LAGOMORPHA. Rabbits are born in burrows, furless, and with eyes and ears closed. In contrast with HARES, rabbits have 22 chromosome pairs.Mice, Inbred NZBPalaeognathae: A superorder of large, mostly flightless birds, named for their distinctive PALATE morphology. It includes the orders Apterygiformes, Casuriiformes, Dinornithiformes, RHEIFORMES; STRUTHIONIFORMES and Tinamiformes.Australia: The smallest continent and an independent country, comprising six states and two territories. Its capital is Canberra.Oceanic Ancestry Group: Individuals whose ancestral origins are in the islands of the central and South Pacific, including Micronesia, Melanesia, Polynesia, and traditionally Australasia.Polynesia: The collective name for the islands of the central Pacific Ocean, including the Austral Islands, Cook Islands, Easter Island, HAWAII; NEW ZEALAND; Phoenix Islands, PITCAIRN ISLAND; SAMOA; TONGA; Tuamotu Archipelago, Wake Island, and Wallis and Futuna Islands. Polynesians are of the Caucasoid race, but many are of mixed origin. Polynesia is from the Greek poly, many + nesos, island, with reference to the many islands in the group. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p966 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p426)Australasia: Australia, New Zealand and neighboring islands in the South Pacific Ocean. (Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed.)Pacific Islands: The islands of the Pacific Ocean divided into MICRONESIA; MELANESIA; and POLYNESIA (including NEW ZEALAND). The collective name Oceania includes the aforenamed islands, adding AUSTRALIA; NEW ZEALAND; and the Malay Archipelago (INDONESIA). (Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p910, 880)Hepatophyta: A plant division. They are simple plants that lack vascular tissue and possess rudimentary rootlike organs (rhizoids). Like MOSSES, liverworts have alternation of generations between haploid gamete-bearing forms (gametophytes) and diploid spore-bearing forms (sporophytes).Extinction, Biological: The ceasing of existence of a species or taxonomic groups of organisms.Population Groups: Individuals classified according to their sex, racial origin, religion, common place of living, financial or social status, or some other cultural or behavioral attribute. (UMLS, 2003)Veronica: A plant genus of the family Plantaginaceae. Members contain bis-sesquiterpene and iridoid glucosides.Disease Models, Animal: Naturally occurring or experimentally induced animal diseases with pathological processes sufficiently similar to those of human diseases. They are used as study models for human diseases.Actinidia: A plant species of the family ACTINIDIACEAE, order Theales.Phylogeny: The relationships of groups of organisms as reflected by their genetic makeup.Trichosurus: A genus of brush-tailed possums found chiefly in Australia and New Zealand. Secretions from their ANAL GLAND function both in defense and demarcating territory.Time Factors: Elements of limited time intervals, contributing to particular results or situations.

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Antenatal and Newborn Screening in New Zealand. Pregnant women in New Zealand currently have access to three antenatal and ... New Zealand citizens or those who have obtained permanent residence are entitled to publicly funded healthcare. Non-residents ... Nationally, the New Zealand College of Midwives has Find Your Midwife which shows midwife ... If you were not born in New Zealand and have not previously shown evidence of residency you should bring your passport with you ...

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New Zealand Dental Journal, 1987, 83(83), 16. Our ref: NZ46. Show abstract » See RO104 for a full report of the data summarised ... Childhood asthma in New Zealand. British Journal of Diseases of the Chest, 1987, 81(81), 332-340. Our ref: RO90 ... New Zealand Journal of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, 1986, 19(19), 8-10. Our ref: NZ49 ... Frequency of injury events in New Zealand compared with the distribution of E codes. Methods of Information in Medicine, 1987, ...

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Hotel accomodation accommodation acommodation near Acapulco Motel Auckland Auckland New Zealand city CBD airports hotel sport ... Hotel accommodation near Acapulco Motel Auckland - Auckland New Zealand. ↓ Review the details and follow the link below to make ...

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New Zealand women have in fact more sex partners than New Zealand men! This is unique amongst the countries of the world: women ... Prostitution is legal throughout New Zealand but as Jasmine*, one of southern New Zealand's most popular escorts, told VICE, " ... New Zealand women are the most promiscuous: 20.4 sexual partners, thrice the global average!. by IWB · January 10, 2016. ... The New Zealand National Council for Women warns that young women act more like men behaving badly, losing that touch of ...

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Big cities, small towns and adolescent mental health in New Zealand. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 1991, 25 ... Comparison of United States and New Zealand children's body mass scores. Journal of the Royal Society of Health, 1991, 111(111 ... A longitudinal study of New Zealand children's experience with alcohol. British Journal of Addiction, 1991, 86(86), 277-285. ... As part of a longitudinal study of the health and development of a large sample of New Zealand children, maternal reports of ...

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Kotuitui: New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences Online, 2016, DOI: 10.1080/1177083X.2016.1196715. DOI: 10.1080/1177083X. ... Validity of self-reported periodontal questions in a New Zealand cohort. Clinical Oral Investigations, 2015, Published online ... Community water fluoridation and intelligence: Prospective Study in New Zealand. American Journal of Public Health, 2015, 105(1 ... Show abstract » The living arrangements of young people in New Zealand are diverse and often complex. In this article we report ...


She said many New Zealand women were still waiting for compensation.. "Frankly, the compensation is a bit of a farce. Foreign ... The New Zealand woman was persuaded by her doctor to have silicone implants after a double mastectomy in 1984. She was told ... Here in New Zealand where American businesses take special care to look after our interests, there is compensation in the ... A New Zealand breast cancer survivor, who suffered years of pain from a ruptured silicone implant, has finally received her ...

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This was instrumental in forming the Grey Power New Zealand Federation which, through the Board, is the Grey Power controlling ... Although the original reason for forming the movement was the surcharge on New Zealand Superannuation, while this was being ... Zone Representatives are elected by their associations in their Zones, New Zealand is geographically divided into seven zones. ... With a fixed income such as New Zealand's Superannuation, when prices for energy (electricity and petrol) escalate, then ...

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S. Maastricht has not been identified in New Zealand previously to this outbreak.. Note: Click on the document links below to ... Salmonella Typhimurium phage type 197: This phage type was first isolated in New Zealand in 2005 from a case who had recently ...

*  Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization Identifies a Heterozygous Deletion of the Entire KCNJ2 Gene as a Cause of Sudden...

New Zealand (R.M.-N., D.O.P., J.M.L., L.Z., A.M.G., D.R.L.); Genetic Health Service NZ-Northern Hub, Auckland, New Zealand (I.H ... New Zealand (R.M.-N., D.O.P., J.M.L., L.Z., A.M.G., D.R.L.); Genetic Health Service NZ-Northern Hub, Auckland, New Zealand (I.H ... New Zealand (R.M.-N., D.O.P., J.M.L., L.Z., A.M.G., D.R.L.); Genetic Health Service NZ-Northern Hub, Auckland, New Zealand (I.H ... New Zealand (R.M.-N., D.O.P., J.M.L., L.Z., A.M.G., D.R.L.); Genetic Health Service NZ-Northern Hub, Auckland, New Zealand (I.H ...

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Financial Crime Agency of New Zealand (OFCANZ), also recovered $154,000 as part of the three-month investigation "Operation ...

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CGE analysis of impact on new zealand, report - Tai lieu tại 123doc - Thư viện trực tuyến hàng đầu Việt Nam ... CGE analysis of impact on new zealand, report - Tài liệu , TPP ... in new zealandlaw of inheritance in new zealandlaw of succession in new zealandpatched the history of gangs in new zealand book ... vs new zealand rugbyhistory of wales vs new zealand rugbytours of australia and new zealand from canadamap of australia and new ...

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Our vision is to help develop strong and dynamic New Zealand arts which are valued in Aotearoa and internationally. As we work ... Creative New Zealand is the national arts development agency developing, investing in and advocating for the arts. ... towards this vision we are encouraged by the knowledge that New Zealanders are strong supporters of the arts. ... Recorded Music NZ Presents The New Zealand Music Producer Series. 8 Sep 2017 The second New Zealand Music Producer Series will ...

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A year later, the singer, who won The X-Factor Australia in 2011 at the age of 16, will open a seven-show New Zealand tour on a ... The last time Reece Mastin performed in New Zealand, at a public signing session at an Auckland mall in February last year, the ... His self-titled debut album reached No 1 and subsequently achieved platinum status, both in New Zealand and Australia, while ... with another eight or nine to go before we go to New Zealand,'' he explains, adding he plans to head to Los Angeles soon to ...

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Two New Zealand case studies of proof-of-principle of positive change are described: Project Energize and Under 5 Energize as ... Nutrition Society of New Zealand Annual Conference Held in Christchurch, New Zealand, 8-9 December 2016. Nutrients 2017, 9, 348 ... Two New Zealand case studies of proof-of-principle of positive change are described: Project Energize and Under 5 Energize as ... Scifeed alert for new publications. Never miss any articles matching your research from any publisher *Get alerts for new ...

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... crop and food industries of New Zealand's. The Te Puke Research Centre is one Plant & Food's 14 New Zealand locations and is ... The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research is the world's largest horticultural research company, supporting fruit, ... Topic: Research and development in national and international evaluations - novel methods and new traits in diary and beef ...

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"Smoking is still a major issue in New Zealand. It costs government over $1.5 billion a year because of early death, loss of ... "Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death in New Zealand accounting for around 4300 to 4600 deaths a year. Second- ... One in five adults currently smoke in New Zealand but researcher Phillipa Newton says taking micronutrients could stop relapses ... hand smoke is the leading environmental cause of preventable death in New Zealand and kills around 350 people a year. ...

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Copyright © Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists.. Terms and conditions * Terms and conditions ...

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OECD Home Directorate for Education and SkillsInnovation in education By CountryNew Zealand New Zealand. ... Local Initiatives on School Bullying and Violence - New Zealand Presented at "Taking Fear out of Schools", an International ... The Role of National Qualifications Systems in Promoting Lifelong Learning - Background Report for New Zealand. This activity ...

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Announcements included the new iPhone X and iPhone 8, Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4K and much more. ...

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New Zealand Warriors 2017. 2017 squad[edit]. Main articles: List of New Zealand Warriors players and List of New Zealand ... New Zealand Warriors 2009. 2010 NRL season. 24 (1). 14 (0). 0 (0). 10 (1). 5 / 16. ♦. Simon Mannering. New Zealand Warriors ... such as Vodafone New Zealand and Eric Watson, purchased 15,000 tickets and gave them away for free to anyone with a New Zealand ... New coach Daniel Anderson and CEO Mick Watson focused on signing unknown New Zealand talent. There were only six Australians in ...

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New Zealand around and get detailed driving directions with road conditions, live traffic updates, and reviews of local ... New Zealand 44 Jalan Letnan Jenderal S Parman ,. Tanjung Duren Selatan, * A&T New Zealand Centre 35/4 Soi Nimmana Haeminda 13 , ... Villa New Zealand Via Isole Tremiti 4 ,. Marina di Mancaversa, 73057 * Sporting New Zealand 3 Via Ragen di Sopra ,. Brunico, ... New Zealand 175 Buckingham Road ,. Aylesbury, HP19 9QF * ... Air New Zealand 80 Haymarket ,. Greater London, SW1Y 4 * Air ..., New Zealand¢erOnResults=1

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New Zealand after a brief eruption Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2012. The New Zealand volcano erupted with a brief blast of dark ash ... New Zealand government geological agency GNS Science issued a warning on Nov. 21 after Mount Tongariro on the North Island ... Costumed pooches prance In annual Halloween Dog Parade in New York City. 11 reactions0%78%22% ... Justin Bieber Just Got Some New Ink, and It's Huge. 1,677 reactions4%68%28% ...

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... signalling the end of the attempt by the 1825 New Zealand Company to settle New Zealand.[4][5] ... The following lists events that happened during 1827 in New Zealand.. Incumbents[edit]. Regal and viceregal[edit]. *Head of ... Wises New Zealand Guide, 7th Edition, 1979. p. 342. *^ Previous whaling stations have been seasonal or temporary; other ... This is the first permanent land-based whaling station in New Zealand and the first European settlement in the South Island.[10 ...

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"National Library of New Zealand.. *^ a b Dr. T. M. Hocken F.L.S. (9 July 1902). The Beginnings of Literature in New Zealand: ... Timeline of New Zealand's links with Antarctica. References[edit]. *^ Statistics New Zealand has collated estimates from a ... "New Zealand Electronic Text Centre.. *^ a b "Chapter 2: Early Statistical Sources - 19th Century" (PDF). Statistical ... Dunmore, Patricia (ed.) (1977). The Dunmore Book of New Zealand Records. p. 21. ISBN 0-908564-08-2.. CS1 maint: Extra text: ...

Vietnamese New ZealanderNew Zealand rabbitMotu MatakoheAustralian National BL classVibe Australia: Vibe Australia Pty Ltd (Vibe) is an Aboriginal media, communications and events management agency. Located in Darlinghurst, Sydney, New South Wales, they work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people throughout Australia.Manuae (Cook Islands): Manuae is an uninhabited atoll in the southern group of the Cook Islands, 100 kilometres south-east of Aitutaki. It is administratively part of Aitutaki, but does not belong to any district or tapere of Aitutaki.Extra (gum): Extra is a brand of sugarfree chewing gum produced by the Wrigley Company in North America, Europe, and some parts of Africa and Australasia.Pacific Islands Families Study: The Pacific Islands Families Study is a long-running, cohort study of 1398 children (and their parents) of Pacific Islands origin born in Auckland, New Zealand during the year 2000.PerrottetineneCambrian–Ordovician extinction eventVeronica LakeGross pathology: Gross pathology refers to macroscopic manifestations of disease in organs, tissues, and body cavities. The term is commonly used by anatomical pathologists to refer to diagnostically useful findings made during the gross examination portion of surgical specimen processing or an autopsy.Actinidia polygama: Actinidia polygama (also known as silver vine and cat powder) is a nontoxichttp://www.cardinalglennon.Branching order of bacterial phyla (Gupta, 2001): There are several models of the Branching order of bacterial phyla, one of these was proposed in 2001 by Gupta based on conserved indels or protein, termed "protein signatures", an alternative approach to molecular phylogeny. Some problematic exceptions and conflicts are present to these conserved indels, however, they are in agreement with several groupings of classes and phyla.Burleigh Head National ParkTemporal analysis of products: Temporal Analysis of Products (TAP), (TAP-2), (TAP-3) is an experimental technique for studying

(1/1983) Risk factors for injuries and other health problems sustained in a marathon.

OBJECTIVES: To identify risk factors for injuries and other health problems occurring during or immediately after participation in a marathon. METHODS: A prospective cohort study was undertaken of participants in the 1993 Auckland Citibank marathon. Demographic data, information on running experience, training and injuries, and information on other lifestyle factors were obtained from participants before the race using an interviewer-administered questionnaire. Information on injuries and other health problems sustained during or immediately after the marathon were obtained by a self administered questionnaire. Logistic regression analyses were undertaken to identify significant risk factors for health problems. RESULTS: This study, one of only a few controlled epidemiological studies that have been undertaken of running injuries, has identified a number of risk factors for injuries and other health problems sustained in a marathon. Men were at increased risk of hamstring and calf problems, whereas women were at increased risk of hip problems. Participation in a marathon for the first time, participation in other sports, illness in the two weeks before the marathon, current use of medication, and drinking alcohol once a month or more, were associated with increased self reported risks of problems. While increased training seemed to increase the risk of front thigh and hamstring problems, it may decrease the risk of knee problems. There are significant but complex relations between age and risk of injury or health problem. CONCLUSIONS: This study has identified certain high risk subjects and risk factors for injuries and other health problems sustained in a marathon. In particular, subjects who have recently been unwell or are taking medication should weigh up carefully the pros and cons of participating.  (+info)

(2/1983) A comparative analysis of surveyors from six hospital accreditation programmes and a consideration of the related management issues.

PURPOSE: To gather data on how accreditors manage surveyors, to compare these data and to offer them to the accreditors for improvement and to the scientific community for knowledge of the accreditation process and reinforcement of the credibility of these processes. DATA SOURCE: The data were gathered with the aid of a questionnaire sent to all accreditors participating in the study. RESULTS: An important finding in this comparative study is the different contractual relationships that exist between the accreditors and their surveyors. CONCLUSION: Surveyors around the world share many common features in terms of careers, training, work history and expectations. These similarities probably arise from the objectives of the accreditors who try to provide a developmental process to their clients rather than an 'inspection'.  (+info)

(3/1983) A comparison of the use, effectiveness and safety of bezafibrate, gemfibrozil and simvastatin in normal clinical practice using the New Zealand Intensive Medicines Monitoring Programme (IMMP).

AIMS: Because of the importance of treating dyslipidaemia in the prevention of ischaemic heart disease and because patient selection criteria and outcomes in clinical trials do not necessarily reflect what happens in normal clinical practice, we compared outcomes from bezafibrate, gemfibrozil and simvastatin therapy under conditions of normal use. METHODS: A random sample of 200 patients was selected from the New Zealand Intensive Medicines Monitoring Programme's (IMMP) patient cohorts for each drug. Questionnaires sent to prescribers requested information on indications, risk factors for ischaemic heart disease, lipid profiles with changes during treatment and reasons for stopping therapy. RESULTS: 80% of prescribers replied and 83% of these contained useful information. The three groups were similar for age, sex and geographical region, but significantly more patients on bezafibrate had diabetes and/or hypertension than those on gemfibrozil or simvastatin. After treatment and taking the initial measure into account, the changes in serum lipid values were consistent with those generally observed, but with gemfibrozil being significantly less effective than expected. More patients (15.8%S) stopped gemfibrozil because of an inadequate response compared with bezafibrate (5.4%) and simvastatin (1.6%). Gemfibrozil treatment was also withdrawn significantly more frequently due to a possible adverse reaction compared with the other two drugs. CONCLUSIONS: In normal clinical practice in New Zealand gemfibrozil appears less effective and more frequently causes adverse effects leading to withdrawal of treatment than either bezafibrate or simvastatin.  (+info)

(4/1983) Feasibility of finding an unrelated bone marrow donor on international registries for New Zealand patients.

Allogeneic bone marrow transplantation is the treatment of choice for several hematological conditions. Unfortunately, for the majority (70%) of patients an HLA-matched sibling donor is not available and a matched unrelated donor must be found if they are to proceed to allogeneic transplantation. Most of the donors on international registries are of Caucasian ethnic origin. It has been recognized that patients from certain racial groups have a reduced chance of finding an unrelated donor. This study reports the feasibility of finding an unrelated donor for our local New Zealand patients of Caucasian, New Zealand Maori and Pacific Islander ethnic origin presenting with transplantable hematological conditions at a single center. The search was performed on international registries using HLA-A,B and DR typings for our patients. Six of six and five of six matches were evaluated. We have shown that Maori and Pacific Islanders have significantly lower hit rates than Caucasians when searched for 6/6 antigen matches, but there was no significant difference between the three ethnic groups in finding a 5/6 antigen matched donor. This study supports the policy of the New Zealand Bone Marrow Donor Registry in recruiting New Zealand Maori and Pacific Islanders.  (+info)

(5/1983) Priority points and cardiac events while waiting for coronary bypass surgery.

OBJECTIVE: To assess the risk of important cardiac events while waiting for coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) in relation to the New Zealand priority scoring system; to compare clinical characteristics of patients referred for CABG in New Zealand with those in Ontario, Canada; and to compare the New Zealand priority scoring system for CABG with the previously validated Ontario urgency score. DESIGN: Analysis of outcomes in a consecutive case series of patients referred for CABG. SETTING: University hospital. PATIENTS: All 324 patients from Christchurch Hospital wait listed for isolated CABG between 1 January 1994 and 31 December 1995. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Death, myocardial infarction, and unstable angina while waiting for CABG; waiting time to surgery. RESULTS: Clinical characteristics at referral were very similar, but median waiting time was longer in New Zealand than in a large Canadian case series (212 days v 17 days). While waiting for elective CABG, 44% (114/257) of New Zealand patients had cardiac events: death 4% (13/257), non-fatal myocardial infarction 6% (16/257), readmission with unstable angina 34% (87/257). Priority scores did not predict cardiac events while waiting for CABG. Indeed, death or non-fatal myocardial infarction occurred in 4% (3/76) and 8% (6/76), respectively, of those with priority scores < 35. These people are no longer eligible for publicly funded surgery in New Zealand. CONCLUSIONS: Very long waiting times for CABG are associated with frequent cardiac events, at considerable cost to both patients and health care providers. Priority scores may facilitate comparison between countries but such scores did not predict clinical events while waiting.  (+info)

(6/1983) Twins and maternal smoking: ordeals for the fetal origins hypothesis? A cohort study.

OBJECTIVE: To assess the direct and indirect effects of being a twin, maternal smoking, birth weight, and mother's height on blood pressure at ages 9 and 18 years. DESIGN: Longitudinal study. SUBJECTS: Cohort born in 1972-3. SETTING: Dunedin, New Zealand. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE: Blood pressure at ages 9 and 18 years. RESULTS: Compared with singletons, twins had a systolic blood pressure 4.55 (95% confidence interval 1.57 to 7.52) mm Hg lower at age 9 after adjustment for direct and indirect effects of sex, maternal smoking, mother's height, socioeconomic status, and birth weight, as well as concurrent height and body mass index. Blood pressure in children whose mothers had smoked during pregnancy was 1.54 (0.46 to 2.62) mm Hg higher than in those whose mothers did not. The total effect of birth weight on systolic blood pressure at age 9 was -0.78 (-1.76 to 0.20) mm Hg and that for mother's height was 0.10 (0.06 to 0.14) mm Hg. Similar results were obtained for systolic blood pressure at age 18. The total effect of twins, maternal smoking, and birth weight on diastolic blood pressure was not significant at either age. CONCLUSIONS: Twins had lower birth weight and lower systolic blood pressure at ages 9 and 18 than singletons. This finding challenges the fetal origins hypothesis. The effect of maternal smoking was consistent with the fetal origin hypothesis in that the infants of smokers were smaller and had higher blood pressure at both ages. This may be explained by pharmacological rather than nutritional effects. The total effect of birth weight on systolic blood pressure, after its indirect effect working through concurrent measures of height and body mass index was taken into account, was small.  (+info)

(7/1983) In-vitro antimicrobial susceptibility of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in New Zealand.

Four hundred and forty-two isolates of Neisseria gonorrhoeae were tested by an agar dilution method for their susceptibility to penicillin, ampicillin, tetracycline, cephaloridine, and spectinomycin. Of these isolates, 295 were tested for their susceptibility to sulphamethoxazole and to trimethoprim by the same method, using Oxoid diagnostic sensitivity test agar plus 7.5% laked horse blood instead of Proteose No. 3 agar plus 1% IsoVitaleX and 1% haemoglobin. One hundred (22.6%) of the isolates were found to be relatively resistant to penicillin (minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) less than 0.1 iu/ml), but only 1.1% had a MIC of 1 iu/ml or higher. Ampicillin was slightly more active than penicillin in that all isolates were inhibited by 0.5 microgram/ml or less. For 3.7% of isolates the MIC of tetracycline was 2 microgram/ml or higher. All isolates were sensitive to spectinomycin. By calculating the Spearman rank correlation coefficient (rs), a high correlation (rs greater than 0.5) was found between susceptibility to penicillin and susceptibility to ampicillin, tetracycline, and cephaloridine. Low correlation (rs less than 0.2) was found between susceptibility to penicillin and susceptibility to spectinomycin, sulphamethoxazole, and trimethoprim.  (+info)

(8/1983) Where young people with multiple sexual partners seek medical care: implications for screening for chlamydial infection.

OBJECTIVE: To investigate among young people the relation between the number of sexual partners and use of medical services in order to guide planning of sexually transmitted disease screening. DESIGN: Cross sectional study within a birth cohort using a questionnaire presented by computer. SETTING: Dunedin, New Zealand in 1993-4. SUBJECTS: 477 men and 458 women aged 21 enrolled in the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study, comprising 91.7% of survivors of the cohort. RESULTS: Men with multiple sexual partners in the previous year were less likely to have a general practitioner than men with one or no partners (76.2% v 88.5%, p < 0.01). Among the women the respective proportions (83.1% and 88.4%) were not significantly different. Significantly more women than men (75.8% v 50.7%, p = 0.03) with five or more partners in the previous year had visited their own general practitioner over that period. Among the sexually experienced, more women than men attended any setting appropriate for sexually transmitted disease screening (93.6% v 71.6%, p < 0.001). CONCLUSIONS: In New Zealand a screening programme for sexually transmitted diseases among young adults reliant on invitation by their own general practitioner would be biased towards those at less risk. Opportunistic screening in general practice would potentially include only about half the most sexually active men and three quarters of such women over a 12 month period. The extension of opportunistic screening to other settings considered appropriate for discussion of sexual health issues could potentially engage the vast majority of women, but not men, at most risk. Any screening programme should incorporate an effective method of finding and treating the sexual partners of infected women.  (+info)


  • New Zealand Electronic Text Centre. (
  • A New Zealand Lotteries Commission grant was given for a new Marine Education Centre in 1991 and one year later a "Swim With Dolphins" programme began. (

National Library

treaty banning nuclear

  • Today at the UN Headquarters in New York, a global treaty banning nuclear weapons has been adopted. (
  • I have been waiting for this day for seven decades and I am overjoyed that it has finally arrived," said Hiroshima survivor Setsuko Thurlow in July, when a new treaty banning nuclear weapons was agreed at the United Nations in New. (


  • The New Zealand Warriors (formerly known as the Auckland Warriors ), currently officially known as the Vodafone Warriors , are a professional rugby league football club based in Auckland , New Zealand. (
  • Rugby league was largely centred around Auckland ever since the New Zealand Rugby League was founded in 1909. (
  • In 1988, serious investigation into an Auckland team entering the New South Wales Rugby League premiership commenced, encouraged mainly by the Mt Albert club . (
  • The new team was to be called the Auckland Warriors and run by the Auckland Rugby League organisation. (
  • The New Zealand Herald and Auckland Gazette , which was founded in 1841, ceases publication. (


  • Mayor of Wellington - George Hunter is elected Mayor on 3 October, the first Mayor in New Zealand. (


  • New Zealand government geological agency GNS Science issued a warning on Nov. 21 after Mount Tongariro on the North Island erupted. (
  • 1 January: The Government begins publication of a monthly magazine in Māori , Te Karere o Nui Tireni (The Messenger of New Zealand). (
  • Our legal case against the Norwegian government, which granted new oil drilling licenses in the Arctic ocean, finally has a court date. (


  • The estimated population of New Zealand at the end of 1842 is 76,900 Māori and 10,992 non-Māori (a 120% increase in 1 year). (
  • Every year New Zealand hosts this conference to discuss the oil and gas industry's future. (

sailing ship

  • The second sailing ship built in New Zealand, the 40-ton schooner Enterprise , is completed in the Horeke shipyard (also known as Deptford) in the Hokianga Harbour . (


  • A new grandstand was built and Marineland saw yellow-eyed penguins and little blue penguins lay eggs for the first time including some successful hatchings. (
  • In Bremerhaven, Germany, we've held the naming ceremony for the world's first purpose-built, crowd-bought, eco-sleek sailing vessel, the new Rainbow Warrior. (


  • New Zealand Parliamentary Record, 1840-1984 (4th ed. (


  • The following lists events that happened during 1827 in New Zealand . (


  • Funny how, over time, crazy weird becomes the new normal. (
  • Forest fires of this scale are unmanageable and blazes like these have become the new normal in Russia. (



  • People had travelled from across New Zealand at a moment's notice - one group had even driven from Dunedin. (