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H1 (Natural Science Disciplines). Grounded Theory. Hermeneutics. H2 (Health Occupations). Neuroscience Nursing. Palliative ... L1 (Information Science). Common Data Elements. Data Curation. Datasets as Topic. Health Information Exchange. Medical Writing ...

*  SMU Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences - Dedman College - SMU

We are home to the humanities and social, natural and mathematical sciences - disciplines that are at the core of higher ... Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences is the heart of SMU. ... Data Science MS- Data Science. Earth Sciences. MS - Applied ... Natural Sciences. Philosophy. Ethics. Physics. Political Science. American Politics. Comparative and International Politics. ... We are home to the humanities and social, natural and mathematical sciences - disciplines that are at the core of higher ...

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The university has a Faculty of Medicine and a Faculty of Technology and Natural Sciences. It offers professional degrees and ... Master and doctoral degrees in science and engineering disciplines with applications to medicine. Further, in winter semester ... In Computer Science and Molecular Life Science, the University was ranked No. 2 in the 2009 evaluation. ... was introduced with the establishment of the Graduate School for Computing in Medicine and Life Sciences at the university. ...

*  "An integrated Approach to the Toxicity Assessment of Irish Marine Sedi" by Ailbhe Macken, Michelle Giltrap et al.

Disciplines. 1. NATURAL SCIENCES. Publication Details. Environment International, Volume 35, Issue 1, Pages 98-106. January ...

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IVA recognises and rewards important work in natural sciences, engineering and economics with medals, scholarships and awards. ... Scholarships in natural sciences, technology, leadership, economics and law.. Every year the Hans Werthén Foundation awards ... It is not restricted to a specific discipline. The scholarship can be awarded to individuals or companies. ... IVA recognises and rewards important work in natural sciences, engineering and economics with medals, scholarships and awards. ...

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Readings draw from mathematics, the natural and social sciences, and the professional disciplines (e.g., engineering, business ... PSU » System Science » Courses » Courses Winter 2011 » Courses One Page Flyer Winter 2011 ...

*  Social Science and (vs?) Natural Science | Florida Student Philosophy Blog

I recently had an exchange with a sociology major who insistent upon the relevance of Marxist theory in social science (I ... Here is an interesting article regarding the relationship between natural science and social science, specific to public policy ... For that matter, I don't view good sociology or anthropology any more or less a science; each are scientific disciplines. ... Here is an interesting article regarding the relationship between natural science and social science, specific to public policy ...

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In the natural sciences, a laboratory experiment can isolate various elements and their movements. There is no equivalent in ... There is no equivalent in the discipline of economics. The employment of econometrics and econometric model-building is an ... But more fundamentally, as Austrian economist Frank Shostak notes, "In the natural sciences, a laboratory experiment can ... When did science become a peer-reviewed popularity contest?. Education, health care, science, finance -- a few decades of ...

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Application of Interdisciplinary Tenets: 'Social Science for Natural Scientists' Workshop more.... *Community World Environment ... Promoting Exchange between Disciplines: ATREE Seminar 2009 more.... *Vembanad Fish Count 2009: Getting Stakeholders Together ... SAARC canopy science workshop seeks better infrastructure facilities ...more. *Ecology and environment awareness build among ... Openings for Post-doctoral Fellows in Conservation Science more... *Coastal Management Zone '08 - The Last Nail in the Coffin" ...

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Disciplines covered include the arts, history, language, literature, natural science, philosophy, religion, and the social ... social sciences, and natural sciences. California Scholarship Online provides access to high quality content in Anthropology, ... OSO now contains thousands of titles in key subject areas across the humanities, social sciences, sciences, medicine, and law. ... The MIT Press is the only university press in the United States whose list is based in science and technology. Publishing ...

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The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics supports the mission of the University of Central Arkansas through the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics & Astronomy. The college mission is to provide current, superior learning opportunities for students of the university and for the public; to advance knowledge of our disciplines; and to furnish professional services locally, regionally, and nationally.. The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics has as its central purposes. ...

*  Dr. Gürsel Sönmez Research Award | Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Dr. Gürsel Sönmez joined Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences in September 2004 as a faculty member. On January 16, 2006 we lost him in an unfortunate traffic accident. His very short but extremely bright academic life includes quite prodigious contributions to science.

*  Gregory Kelly | Children's Health Research Institute

Funding in support of "Assessing the teratogenic effects of iron oxidizing bacterial biomass on zebrafish embryogenesis" - Awarded by Western Univeristy Academic Development Fund. Funding in support of "Fluorescence and absorbance detection of ROS - Awarded by Natural Science and Engineering Research of Canada (NSERC). Funding in support of "Imaging and microscopy suite software and hardware upgrades" - Awarded by Natural Science and Engineering Research of Canada (NSERC). The Edward G Pleva Award for Excellence in Teaching - Awarded by The University of Western Ontario. Funding in support of "Cell signaling crosstalk in development" - Awarded by Natural Science and Engineering Research of Canada (NSERC). Funding in support of "Luminescence and fluorescence detection of gene expression and reactive oxygen species" - Awarded by Natural Science and Engineering Research of ...

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Get the facts about SUNY Stony Brook University natural science. Nursing is one of the fastest-growing job areas, and for good reason. As the population ages, medical care will continue to expand rapidly.

*  Mismatch responses evoked by nociceptive stimuli - Hu - 2012 - Psychophysiology - Wiley Online Library

Li Hu was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31200856), Natural Science Foundation Project of CQ CSTC, and Special Financial Grant from the China Postdoctoral Science Special Foundation (2012T50755). Hong Li was supported by the R&D Special Fund for Health Profession (201002003) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (81171289). ...

*  Institute for Physical Science and Technology

Interacts with the Division of Information Technology (DivIT), Network Operations Center (NOC), and the College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences (CMNS) on all issues pertaining to Information Technology on behalf of the Institute ...

*  The Bachelor of Arts in Natural Sciences -- Science Education -- University Catalog -- CSU, Chico

See Mathematics and Writing Requirements in the University Catalog. Writing proficiency in the major is a graduation requirement and may be demonstrated through satisfactory completion of a course in your major which has been designated as the Writing Proficiency (WP) course for the semester in which you take the course. Students who earn below a C- are required to repeat the course and earn a C- or higher to receive WP credit. See the Class Schedule for the designated WP courses for each semester. You must pass ENGL 130I or JOUR 130I (or equivalent) with a C- or higher before you may register for a WP course. ...

*  Human Robot Interaction | Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Bio :Dr. Ayşe Küçükyılmaz received her BSc with Honours in Computer Engineering and MSc in Computer Engineering from Bilkent University, and PhD in Computational Sciences and ...

*  2012.12.09

Susanna Gambino Longo (ed.), Hérodote à la Renaissance. Latinitates (LATIN), 7. Turnhout: Brepols Publishers, 2012. Pp. 272. ISBN 9782503541211. €85.00 (pb). Reviewed by Ioannis Deligiannis, Research Centre for Greek and Latin Literature of the Academy of Athens, Greece (deligiannis@academyofathens.gr) Version at BMCR home site. [Authors and titles are listed at the end of the review.]. The volume contains thirteen essays originally presented as papers at a Paris conference under the same title in March 2009. It is a remarkable collection of the work of specialists from various disciplines, which reveals the complexity of the reception of Herodotus in the Italian, French and Spanish Renaissance (15th-16th cent.) and the diversity of fields influenced by his Histories, such as philology, history, geography, cartography, ethnography, natural sciences, philosophy, scientific and travel literature. In her introduction S. Gambino Longo outlines the major points ...

*  A Quantum Leap in Computing | College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

On their quest to develop a quantum computer able to perform processing tasks never before possible, CMNS physicists are unraveling the mysteries of quantum mechanics that baffled even Albert Einstein. "A quantum computer won't simply improve today's hardware, it would totally revolutionize computing," says Bice Zorn Professor of Physics Christopher Monroe, who conducts his research through the Joint Quantum Institute (JQI), a partnership between the University of Maryland and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.. The building blocks of a quantum computer would differ radically from a classical computer. A traditional computer is comprised of bits, which can be either a 0 or a 1. But the rules of physics change in the quantum world of atomic and subatomic particles. A quantum computer's qubits could be a 0 and a 1 simultaneously, according to the quantum theory of superposition. "It would offer the potential for storing and manipulating much larger amounts of memory than ...

*  A particle-based model for healthy and malaria-infected red blood cells | Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

A particle-based model for healthy and malaria-infected red blood cells. James J. Feng. Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and. Department of Mathematics. University of British Columbia. Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3, Canada. http://www.math.ubc.ca/~jfeng. In this talk, I will describe a smoothed particle hydrodynamics method for simulating the motion and deformation of red blood cells. After validating the model and numerical method using the dynamics of healthy red cells in shear and channel flows, we focus on the loss of red cell deformability as a result of malaria infection. The current understanding ascribes the loss of RBC deformability to a 10-fold increase in membrane stiffness caused by extra cross-linking in the spectrin network. Local measurements by micropipette aspiration, however, have reported only an increase of about 3-fold in the shear modulus. We believe the discrepancy stems from the rigid parasite particles inside infected cells, and have carried out 3D numerical ...

*  Shamanic Shifting, Dreaming, Drumming & Foolish Wondering: Study natural science and shamanic journey to nature spirits

Image by Hillary the mammal. via Flickr. Matter and spirit are one, and two, and this is a wonder that shall never cease! Wonder can shift me into shamanic states of consciousness. In our circle's shamanic practice wonder and wondering connect science and spirituality, as well as art and philosophy ...

*  Dynamic arterial spin labeling measurements of physiological parameters [Elektronische Ressource] : permeability and...

Dynamic arterial spin labeling measurements of physiological parameters [Elektronische Ressource] : permeability and oxygenation / Johannes Gregori : Dynamic Arterial Spin Labeling Measurements of Physiological Parameters Permeability and Oxygenation Dissertation submitted to the Combined Faculties for the Natural Sciences and Mathematics of the Ruperto-Carola University of Heidelberg, Germany for the degree of Doctor of Natural Sciences Johannes Gregori Referees: Prof. Dr. Matthias Günther Prof. Dr. Josef Bille Heidelberg 20092

*  Murat Kaya Yapıcı | Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

1. M.K. Yapici*, T. Alkhidir, Y.A. Samad, K. Liao, "Graphene-Coated Textile Electrodes for Electrocardiography," Sensors and Actuators B. Chemical, vol. 221, pp. 1469-1474, 2015.. 2. M.K. Yapici*, I. Farhat, "UV LED Lithography with Digitally Controlled Exposure Dose," Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS (JM3), vol. 13, pp. 043004, 2014.. 3. M.K. Yapici, C. Kim, C-C. Chang, M. Jeon, Z. Guo, X. Cai, J. Zou, L. Wang, "Parallel Acoustic Delay Lines for Photoacoustic Tomography," Journal of Biomedical Optics, vol. 11, pp. 116019, 2012.. 4. A. Garcia-Uribe, C-C. Chang, M.K. Yapici, J. Zou, B. Bhaskar, J. Kuczynski, E. Ong, L. Wang, "High-Transmission-Efficiency and Side-Viewing Micro OIDRS Probe for Fast and Minimally-Invasive Tumor Margin Detection," IEEE Sensors Journal, vol. 11, pp. 891-896, 2011.. 5. H. Lee, R. Cooper, M.K. Yapici, J. Zou, H. Liang, "Formation of One-dimensional Nanostructures using Atomic Force Microscope," IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, vol. 10, pp. 310-318, ...

*  Biology seminar October 3rd 2012 | Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

The Role of the SH2 Domain-Containing Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase, SHP-2, in Nutrient Responsive mTOR Signaling". Fatih Mercan, Ph.D.. Department of Pharmacology, Yale University School of Medicine. Amino acids are required for the activation of the mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1 (mTORC1) pathway that plays a critical role in regulating cell growth, proliferation and metabolism. The branched chain amino acid leucine is an essential nutrient that stimulates mTORC1 to promote protein synthesis by activating p70 S6 kinase 1 (S6K1). The mechanism through which leucine activates S6K1 has yet to be completely elucidated. Here we show that the protein tyrosine phosphatase, SHP-2, is required for leucine-induced activation of S6K1 in skeletal myoblasts. In response to leucine, S6K1 activation is inhibited in myoblasts lacking SHP-2. Activation of S6K1 by leucine requires the release of calcium (Ca2+) in an inositol-1,4,5-trisphosphate-dependent manner from intracellular stores. Ectopic ...

*  Discovering recognition specificities of RNA-binding proteins | Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Metazoan genomes encode hundreds of RNA-binding proteins (RBPs). These proteins regulate post-transcriptional gene expression and have critical roles in numerous cellular processes including mRNA splicing, export, stability and translation. Despite their ubiquity and importance, the binding preferences for most RBPs are not well characterized. In vitro and in vivo studies, using affinity selection-based approaches, have successfully identified RNA sequence associated with specific RBPs; however, it is difficult to infer RBP sequence and structural preferences without specifically designed motif finding methods. In this thesis, we introduce a new probabilistic model, RNAcontext, designed to elucidate RBP-specific sequence and structural preferences with greater accuracy than existing approaches. We evaluated RNAcontext on recently published in vitro and in vivo RNA affinity selected data and demonstrate that RNAcontext identifies known binding preferences for several control proteins including ...

*  Teo-Ology - Military, Technical & Natural Science Illustration: 2008

Cavalrymen are some of the most feared units on the medieval battlefield - all the way up to the 19th century where cavalry still charged against lines of enemy outfitted with firearms. One of the units I find extremely interesting are the Polish Winged Hussars. Known as Husaria where they are from, the Polish Hussars, like most hussar type units across Europe, were first conceived as light cavalry slowly evolving over the centuries into heavy cavalry. Hussars as light cavalry were particularly useful mopping up loose infantry units that were seperated and routed, as well as charging field artillery pieces to render them useless. The Polish-Lithuanian hussar units were reorganised in the 16th century and equipped with long lances and heavy plated armour. This evolutionary path was what made the Winged Hussars stand out over the rest of the Hussar units in Europe. The wings on their backs were a nod to their roots - the hussars originally have painted wings on their shields ...

*  Teo-Ology - Military, Technical & Natural Science Illustration: November 2009

Except where it is stated, all images and text here are copyrighted to Jerry Teo. 2008-2011.. Simple theme. Powered by Blogger ...

*  Teo-Ology - Military, Technical & Natural Science Illustration: November 2012

Except where it is stated, all images and text here are copyrighted to Jerry Teo. 2008-2011.. Simple theme. Powered by Blogger ...

*  Environmental Science - Drake University

This interdisciplinary science degree prepares students in a liberal arts tradition to understand connections between human beings and their effects on the Earth's environment. Drake environmental science students are grounded in the natural sciences disciplines while also acquiring the ability to synthesize information across disciplines. Students develop technical and quantitative skills including laboratory and field methods, statistical analysis and the implementation of geographic information systems (GIS). Courses in the social sciences such as economics, politics, policy and ethics provide an important link to the human element associated with environmental issues. Graduates of the program will be well prepared to undertake graduate study in diverse fields of environmental sciences, as well as to work in governmental and nongovernmental capacities on environmental ...

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Antoniou, Josephina, Koukoutsidis, Ioannis, Jaho, Eva, Pitsillides, Andreas and Stavrakakis, Ioannis (2009) Access network synthesis game in next generation networks. Computer Networks, 53 (15). pp. 2716-2726. ISSN 13891286 Barstow, M. A., Burleigh, M. R., Bannister, N. J., Lapington, J. S., Kowalski, M. P., Cruddace, R. G., Wood, K. S., Auchere, F., Bode, M. F. et al (2009) Stellar and galactic environment survey (SAGE). Astrophysics and Space Science, 320 (1-3). pp. 231-238. ISSN 0004-640X Bhatti, S and Bateman, Martin (2009) Transport Protocol Throughput Fairness. Journal of Networks, 4 (9). pp. 881-894. ISSN 1796-2056 Burgaz, Engin, Lian, Huiqin, Alonso, Rafael Herrera, Estevez, Luis, Kelarakis, Antonios and Giannelis, Emmanuel P. (2009) Nafion-clay hybrids with a network structure. Polymer, 50 (11). pp. 2384-2392. ISSN 00323861 Dennison, Sarah Rachel, Harris, Frederick, Bhatt, Tailap, Singh, Jaipaul and Phoenix, David Andrew (2009) The effect of C-terminal amidation on the efficacy and ...

*  Dr. Tamara Hamilton : Research : Department of Physical Sciences : College of Arts and Sciences : Barry University, Miami...

Welcome to the Hamilton Research Group at Barry University! Research in the group is performed entirely by undergraduates, who learn techniques including organic synthesis, solid-state chemistry, synthesis of air-sensitive materials, column chromatography, self-assembly, coordination chemistry, green chemistry, crystallization, NMR, UV/Vis spectroscopy, IR spectroscopy, and analysis of X-ray crystallographic data.. Our research program has two goals:. ...

*  Publications | College of Biological and Physical Sciences

OBJECTIVE: To compare the extent of intestinal schistosomiasis among school children attending school in an irrigation and non-irrigation area of Central Kenya. DESIGN: A cross sectional study. SETTING: Three separate parasitological surveys involving four primary schools in Mwea irrigation scheme, Kirinyaga District and two from a non-irrigation area in Machakos District. SUBJECTS: One thousand two hundred and twenty two children aged between five and nineteen years were examined for Schistostoma mansoni infection by Kato thick smear technique. RESULTS: High prevelances ranging from 73% to 94% were noted among children in all the participating schools. Overall 41% of the infected children had heavy infection (,400 eggs per gram), 27% had moderate infection (101-400 epg) and 32% had light infection (10-100epg). When data from the two areas were analysed seperately, peak eggs output were found in 5-9 year olds among children in Kirinyaga while this situation shifted to the 10-14 year olds in ...

*  Physical Science

Discover Einstein and his ideas and theories. Find out about physical and chemical changes that happen in matter on Earth and in our solar system. Take a closer look at mars and investigate gravity's role in our universe.. ...

(1/28) Science at a crossroads.

Science is entering an alliance with the economy that will speed the effect of innovation through society. Despite the slowdown of the 'new economy', a cascade paradigm of innovation appears key to increasing the rate of economic growth. Yet for science to continue to thrive and make this contribution to innovation, it must traverse at least three key crossroads. First, while life sciences have built a strong advocacy model to secure growing federal research funding, the physical sciences (including mathematics and engineering) have not and must now do so to thrive. Second, the drop in the numbers of physical scientists and engineers must be reversed if we are to have the talent to maintain a strong trend of scientific advance. Third, although science advances are increasingly interdisciplinary and occurring in the space between the historic science stovepipes, the organization of federal science support is largely unchanged since the beginning of the cold war. While a decentralized model has value, we must also consider new approaches that encourage deeper cooperation across science sectors and agencies.  (+info)

(2/28) Interdisciplinary research: putting the methods under the microscope.

BACKGROUND: While the desirability of interdisciplinary inquiry has been widely acknowledged, indeed has become 'the mantra of science policy', the methods of interdisciplinary collaboration are opaque to outsiders and generally remain undescribed. DISCUSSION: Many have analysed interdisciplinarity, especially in relation to the creation of new disciplines and institutions. These analyses are briefly outlined. Still, there currently persists a silence about the methods of interdisciplinary collaboration itself, and the core of this paper proposes a template for such methods. SUMMARY: Breaking this silence--by making the methods of interdisciplinary projects transparent--could further invigorate interdisciplinary research.  (+info)

(3/28) Two models for an effective undergraduate research experience in physiology and other natural sciences.

68A realistic research experience is beneficial to undergraduate students, but it is often difficult for liberal arts colleges to offer this opportunity. We describe two approaches for developing and maintaining an interdisciplinary research program at small colleges. An active and continuing involvement of an individual with extensive research experience is an essential element in both. One model was developed by the faculty of Taylor University, Upland, IN and a research scientist who had retired from a major university to join the Taylor faculty as their first Research Professor. The school's Science Research Training Program was initially funded by a modest endowment provided by interested alumni and by extramural grants awarded to the Research Professor and to the institution; the program now enjoys significant funding from diverse sources. Taylor is not located near any large research university and consequently supplies all resources required for the experiments and stipends for students pursuing projects full-time during the summer. The second model was developed by the faculty at Asbury College in Wilmore, KY, working with a scientist having a full-time appointment at the University of Kentucky and a part-time appointment at the college. In this approach, Asbury faculty may place their students for a period of training, often during the summer, in a laboratory of a cooperating host faculty at the University of Kentucky or other institution. The host faculty funds the research and pays a stipend to those students who work full-time during the summer. Relationships established between faculty at the College and at the University of Kentucky have been mutually beneficial. The success of both programs is evidenced by the students' presenting their data at state and national scientific meetings, by their publishing their results in national journals, and by the undergraduate school faculty developing independent research programs.  (+info)

(4/28) Perceptual knowledge retrieval activates sensory brain regions.

Although knowledge indexes our experiences of the world, the neural basis of this relationship remains to be determined. Previous neuroimaging research, especially involving knowledge biased to visual and functional information, suggests that semantic representations depend on modality-specific brain mechanisms. However, it is unclear whether sensory cortical regions, in general, support retrieval of perceptual knowledge. Using neuroimaging methods, we show that semantic decisions that index tactile, gustatory, auditory, and visual knowledge specifically activate brain regions associated with encoding these sensory experiences. Retrieval of tactile knowledge was specifically associated with increased activation in somatosensory, motor, and premotor cortical regions. In contrast, decisions involving flavor knowledge increased activation in an orbitofrontal region previously implicated in processing semantic comparisons among edible items. Perceptual knowledge retrieval that references visual and auditory experiences was associated with increased activity in distinct temporal brain regions involved in the respective sensory processing. These results indicate that retrieval of perceptual knowledge relies on brain regions used to mediate sensory experiences with the referenced objects.  (+info)

(5/28) Spectral mapping tools from the earth sciences applied to spectral microscopy data.

BACKGROUND: Spectral imaging, originating from the field of earth remote sensing, is a powerful tool that is being increasingly used in a wide variety of applications for material identification. Several workers have used techniques like linear spectral unmixing (LSU) to discriminate materials in images derived from spectral microscopy. However, many spectral analysis algorithms rely on assumptions that are often violated in microscopy applications. This study explores algorithms originally developed as improvements on early earth imaging techniques that can be easily translated for use with spectral microscopy. METHODS: To best demonstrate the application of earth remote sensing spectral analysis tools to spectral microscopy data, earth imaging software was used to analyze data acquired with a Leica confocal microscope with mechanical spectral scanning. For this study, spectral training signatures (often referred to as endmembers) were selected with the ENVI (ITT Visual Information Solutions, Boulder, CO) "spectral hourglass" processing flow, a series of tools that use the spectrally over-determined nature of hyperspectral data to find the most spectrally pure (or spectrally unique) pixels within the data set. This set of endmember signatures was then used in the full range of mapping algorithms available in ENVI to determine locations, and in some cases subpixel abundances of endmembers. RESULTS: Mapping and abundance images showed a broad agreement between the spectral analysis algorithms, supported through visual assessment of output classification images and through statistical analysis of the distribution of pixels within each endmember class. CONCLUSIONS: The powerful spectral analysis algorithms available in COTS software, the result of decades of research in earth imaging, are easily translated to new sources of spectral data. Although the scale between earth imagery and spectral microscopy is radically different, the problem is the same: mapping material locations and abundances based on unique spectral signatures.  (+info)

(6/28) The influence of "new science" on dental education: current concepts, trends, and models for the future.

Advances in all aspects of science and discovery continue to occur at an exponential rate, leading to a wealth of new knowledge and technologies that have the potential to transform dental practice. This "new science" within the areas of cell/ molecular biology, genetics, tissue engineering, nanotechnology, and informatics has been available for several years; however, the assimilation of this information into the dental curriculum has been slow. For the profession and the patients it serves to benefit fully from modern science, new knowledge and technologies must be incorporated into the mainstream of dental education. The continued evolution of the dental curriculum presents a major challenge to faculty, administrators, and external constituencies because of the high cost, overcrowded schedule, unique demands of clinical training, changing nature of teaching/assessment methods, and large scope of new material impacting all areas of the educational program. Additionally, there is a lack of personnel with adequate training/experience in both foundational and clinical sciences to support the effective application and/or integration of new science information into curriculum planning, implementation, and assessment processes. Nonetheless, the speed of this evolution must be increased if dentistry is to maintain its standing as a respected health care profession. The influence of new science on dental education and the dental curriculum is already evident in some dental schools. For example, the Marquette University School of Dentistry has developed a comprehensive model of curriculum revision that integrates foundational and clinical sciences and also provides a dedicated research/scholarly track and faculty development programming to support such a curriculum. Educational reforms at other dental schools are based on addition of new curricular elements and include innovative approaches that introduce concepts regarding new advances in science, evidence-based foundations, and translational research. To illustrate these reforms, the Marquette curriculum and initiatives at the University of Connecticut and the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio dental schools are described in this article, with recognition that other dental schools may also be developing strategies to infuse new science and evidence-based critical appraisal skills into their students' educational experiences. Discussion of the rationale, goals/objectives, and outcomes within the context of dissemination of these models should help other dental schools to design approaches for integrating this new material that are appropriate to their particular circumstances and mission. For the profession to advance, every dental school must play a role in establishing a culture that attaches value to research/discovery, evidence-based practice, and the application of new knowledge/technologies to patient care.  (+info)

(7/28) A new paradigm for mentored undergraduate research in molecular microbiology.

Science educators agree that an undergraduate research experience is critical for students who are considering graduate school or research careers. The process of researching a topic in the primary literature, designing experiments, implementing those experiments, and analyzing the results is essential in developing the analytical skills necessary to become a true scientist. Because training undergraduates who will only be in the laboratory for a short period is time consuming for faculty mentors, many students are unable to find appropriate research opportunities. We hypothesized that we could effectively mentor several students simultaneously, using a method that is a hybrid of traditional undergraduate research and a traditional laboratory course. This article describes a paradigm for mentored undergraduate research in molecular microbiology where students have ownership of their individual projects, but the projects are done in parallel, enabling the faculty mentor to guide multiple students efficiently.  (+info)

(8/28) Graduate entry to medicine in Iran.



  • Disciplines in the social sciences such as cognitive psychology, psychobiology, evolutionary psychology, biological anthropology to only mention a few, receive not only rigorous training in statistical data management, they also, unlike in economics, receive rigorous training in experimental courses. (wordpress.com)


  • We are home to the humanities and social, natural and mathematical sciences - disciplines that are at the core of higher education. (smu.edu)
  • But unfortunately "real-world history tells a different story, of mathematical models masquerading as science and a public eager to buy them, mistaking elegant equations for empirical accuracy. (zerohedge.com)
  • To understand why titans of finance would consult Adams about the market, it is essential to recall that astrology used to be a technical discipline, requiring reams of astronomical data and mastery of specialised mathematical formulas. (zerohedge.com)


  • However, I insisted that social scientists ought to be continuous with the natural sciences, specifically biology. (wordpress.com)


  • IVA recognises and rewards important work in natural sciences, engineering and economics with medals, scholarships and awards. (iva.se)
  • That said, I might add that the discipline of economics, though certainly a respectable one, has yet to reach the scientific success of the disciplines just mentioned. (wordpress.com)

Life Sciences

  • Further, in winter semester 2007/2008, the PhD programme "Computing in Medicine and Life Sciences" was introduced with the establishment of the Graduate School for Computing in Medicine and Life Sciences at the university. (wikipedia.org)


  • in medicine and Bachelor, Master and doctoral degrees in science and engineering disciplines with applications to medicine. (wikipedia.org)


  • The award is for outstanding and ground-breaking scientific achievements and interdisciplinary research in chemistry and materials science. (iva.se)


  • Together, the participating agencies are charged with providing "a comprehensive and integrated United States Research Program to assist the Nation and the world to understand, assess, predict, and respond to human-induced and natural processes of global change. (climatesciencewatch.org)
  • To understand vulnerability in these sectors we need to know not only about the natural processes involved in global change, but also about human behavior that influences production and consumption. (climatesciencewatch.org)


  • Most notably, the new strategy aims to enhance the federal research program's science-for-society component by informing decision-makers with good scientific communication. (climatesciencewatch.org)
  • But rather than offering prescriptive answers, the aim is to help governments understand what they should focus on, how science links with policy and society, and how they can get input from scientific communities within their borders. (scidev.net)


  • Objective 1.2 aims to advance use-inspired science (defined as science necessary to improve fundamental understanding in areas important to society) to assess the vulnerabilities to global change, understand the societal and ecological characteristics that confer resilience in the face of these changes, and support the adaptation and mitigation responses to the risks these changes pose. (climatesciencewatch.org)

social science

  • Social Science and (vs? (wordpress.com)
  • Here is an interesting article regarding the relationship between natural science and social science, specific to public policy. (wordpress.com)
  • My suspicion is that they, like other social science undergraduates, typically receive statistical and data management training sufficient for their respected areas. (wordpress.com)
  • for clear examples of poor use of statistics in the social science, of which I blame a lack of training in pure math and statistics. (wordpress.com)


  • The university has a Faculty of Medicine and a Faculty of Technology and Natural Sciences. (wikipedia.org)
  • The climate change process sets a good precedent, according to Zakri Abdul Hamid, science advisor to the Malaysian government and governing council member at the UN Technology Bank for the Least Developed Countries. (scidev.net)

Computer Science

  • [5] In Computer Science and Molecular Life Science, the University was ranked No. 2 in the 2009 evaluation. (wikipedia.org)

Political Science

  • Personally being in an environment where I heard academic advising, the most common answer given to a student by an academic adviser asking '…for a major that doesn't require me to do much math…' the answer tended to be either Political Science or Sociology. (wordpress.com)


  • The Purpose of the Fund is to promote research, technical development and enterprise that contributes to the sustainable use of natural resources and the preservation of biodiversity. (iva.se)
  • The Chester Carlson Award recognises individuals, institutions or organisations for research or development in the area of information science. (iva.se)
  • Set to first be released in 2019, and then every four years, the Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR) will offer science-based guidance to help countries decide their own path to sustainable development. (scidev.net)
  • For a long time, science [has not had a] high profile to assist the various negotiations taking place at the UN, in particular those that concerned socio-economic development," he told SciDev.Net . (scidev.net)


  • The University of Lübeck is a research university in Lübeck , Northern Germany which focuses almost entirely on medicine and sciences with applications in medicine. (wikipedia.org)


  • we see a social scientist who is skilled in data management, statistical testing, etc. alongside individuals who see science as filtered through a western white male psyche. (wordpress.com)


  • Evolution entrained and perfected photosynthesis for high productivity in resource-limited natural environments. (royalsocietypublishing.org)