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Courses in military science are part of the Army ROTC program, which is offered on a voluntary basis as part of the curriculum ... military science, strategy, and problem solving. You will develop these skills outside the classroom with practical, hands-on ... Bryant is one of more than 300 colleges throughout the United States dedicated to providing qualified military leaders for the ...

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Military Science (MS). *D class assignments for undergraduates available in PED115; phone (213) 740-2770. ... Study includes case study analysis of military law and practical exercises on establishing an ethical command climate. Students ... Topics include ethical decision-making, consideration of others, spirituality in the military, and survey Army leadership ...

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Our guest on "Around Town" this past weekend was SHSU's new Military Science Chair, Lt. Col. Robert McCormick. His job is to ...

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Find information about University of Tampa military science. You can start working in a high-paying field with just an ... Military Science Program Application. Apply to several colleges and universities at the same time, and if you have the grades ... University of Tampa military science contact info. 401 W Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, FL 33606. ... Our pages are not affiliated with University of Tampa military science, and all trademarks are the exclusive property of the ...

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... securing their entrance into the distinguished military profession of the Airborne Soldiers. Applicants must have passed the ... and jump week consists of 5 successful jumps from a military aircraft.. ...

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The Corbulo curriculum was geared around the teaching of military science to its officer cadets. Military science is defined as ... Corbulo Academy of Military Science (CAMS), sometimes referred to as Corbulo Military Academy,[1] was an Officer Candidate ... Males were seen with a traditional "military cut," with the hair evenly cut from the base to the top only exceeding a ... As with many uniforms throughout the UNSC military, there were no distinctions between the uniforms worn by male and female ...

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The Department of Military Science invites you to the Commissioning Ceremony of Jayme M. Edmund, Curtis A. Ege, Cody A. Nolan ... Military Science Spring 2016 Award Ceremony. Spring award ceremony for UNI-ROTC cadets. ... The Department of Military Science will host an award ceremony for UNI-ROTC cadets. ... Reserve Officers' Training Corps Military Ball. Celebrating 30 years of UNI Army ROTC. Faculty, staff and students are invited ...

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Get the facts about Clatsop Community College military science. You can start working in a high-paying field with just an ... Military Science Program Application. Apply to several colleges and universities at the same time, and if you have the grades ... Clatsop Community College military science contact info. 1653 Jerome Ave. Astoria, OR 97103. ... Our pages are not affiliated with Clatsop Community College military science, and all trademarks are the exclusive property of ...

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Minor in Military Science: 18 s.h.. *Military Science core at the junior and senior level: 12 s.h. ... Special study in military science carried out under the supervision of a faculty member. Limited to enrolled military science ... Special study in military science carried out under the supervision of a faculty member. Limited to enrolled military science ... civilian or military. Students take Military Science courses while majoring in any discipline at the University. Those students ...

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... Building - ROTC Postal Address: P.O. Box 1810. State University, AR 72467 Shipping Address: 1921 Aggie Road. ... A-State Military Science offers four clubs which enhance the ROTC experience: Pershing Rifles, Color Guard, Scabbard and Blade ... The fall commissioning ceremony will take place at the Military Science Building, Hall of Heroes on Friday, December 9th at ... and high ranking military positions. Cadets find their full potential and become overall better citizens by commissioning into ...

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Frequently asked questions for the Department of Military Science at the University of South Dakota ... It is a college class that teaches leadership and allows college students to have a taste of the military. The advanced classes ... For example, if a soldier is branched Adjunct General, the chances are less than a soldier branched military. ... ROTC are leadership courses that teach leadership skills used in military and civilian corporations. ROTC also teaches basic ...

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2017 College of the Ozarks 100 Opportunity Ave. Point Lookout, MO 65726 ...

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As part of this work, Military Sciences staff engage with military, defence industrial and governmental stakeholders from the ... and with external partners such as the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and academia.FocusThe Military Sciences ... operational to the senior leadership level in the UK and overseas.The cornerstone of the Military Sciences group's work is the ... framework aimed at providing UK decision makers with a deeper evidence base to feed into SDSR 2020.The Military Sciences team ...

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355 Military science AlHawadith. April-war. Army-day. Occupation. al@mashriq. ...

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Idris Bostan describes Ottoman shipbuilding efforts and achievements within the broader context of the progression of military ... Scholarship, Science & Technology in Sub-Saharan Africa: Pre-Islamic to Islamic Era ...

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... buy and download History of military science ebooks from our Academic section for your eReader at great prices. ... Journal of Medieval Military Historyby Clifford J. Rogers; Kelly DeVries; John France. Boydell & Brewer 2010; US$ 99.00 ... Explore the military and combat applications of modeling and simulation Engineering Principles of Combat Modeling and ... Written by a former Indian Army officer, it describes the company s military organisation in India, especially its ordnance ...

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... at Truman State University. Each of our military science programs provides ... This course provides placement credits for MS 100, MS 101, MS 200, and MS 201 military science courses and 7 credits toward ... Military veterans may be allowed placement credit for MS 100, MS 101, MS 200, and MS 201 and enrollment in the MS 300-level ... Graduates of Junior ROTC programs in high school, junior college, or military schools may be given placement credit for MS 100 ...

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Military History. Military Science. World History. Historical Study. Antiques & Collectibles. Martial Arts. • Search. • ...

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Military stuff * Enlist in Starfleet Academy? No, you don't enlist to become an officer, and I don't believe that would have ... In short, he is not a B.S. Communication major or a B.A. Arts Management major - he is taking a Bachelor of Science in ... A military vessel and its crew is a very expensive resource and you don't just hand it over to someone who hasn't demonstrated ... Military warships don't have a whole bunch of windows - a window is a weak point in the hull, a joint between two different ...

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Science down *All Categories. *Abortion. *Abortion and Reproductive. *Agriculture and Food. *Animals and Wildlife ... Military Personnel. *Minors and Children. *Monetary Policy. *National Security. *Natural Resources and Energy ...

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She is also the developer of several educational programs to get kids excited about math, science, and nutrition, including ... We have conducted thousands of training sessions for executives, athletes, students, military personnel and other people of all ... Jay Gunkelman of Brain Science International, one of the top electroencephalographs in the country, Richard Souter, Ph.D. of ...

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United Technologies Corp, theworld's largest maker of elevators and air conditioners,reported a rise in fourth-quarter profit that topped estimates,helped by a delay in shipping a helicopter order.

(1/12) Parlaying digital imaging and communications in medicine and open architecture to our advantage: the new Department of Defense picture archiving and communications system.

The Department of Defense (DoD) undertook a major systems specification, acquisition, and implementation project of multivendor picture archiving and communications system (PACS) and teleradiology systems during 1997 with deployment of the first systems in 1998. These systems differ from their DoD predecessor system in being multivendor in origin, specifying adherence to the developing Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) 3.0 standard and all of its service classes, emphasizing open architecture, using personal computer (PC) and web-based image viewing access, having radiologic telepresence over large geographic areas as a primary focus of implementation, and requiring bidirectional interfacing with the DoD hospital information system (HIS). The benefits and advantages to the military health-care system accrue through the enabling of a seamless implementation of a virtual radiology operational environment throughout this vast healthcare organization providing efficient general and subspecialty radiologic interpretive and consultative services for our medical beneficiaries to any healthcare provider, anywhere and at any time of the night or day.  (+info)

(2/12) Virtual management of radiology examinations in the virtual radiology environment using common object request broker architecture services.

In the Department of Defense (DoD), US Army Medical Command is now embarking on an extremely exciting new project--creating a virtual radiology environment (VRE) for the management of radiology examinations. The business of radiology in the military is therefore being reengineered on several fronts by the VRE Project. In the VRE Project, a set of intelligent agent algorithms determine where examinations are to routed for reading bases on a knowledge base of the entire VRE. The set of algorithms, called the Meta-Manager, is hierarchical and uses object-based communications between medical treatment facilities (MTFs) and medical centers that have digital imaging network picture archiving and communications systems (DIN-PACS) networks. The communications is based on use of common object request broker architecture (CORBA) objects and services to send patient demographics and examination images from DIN-PACS networks in the MTFs to the DIN-PACS networks at the medical centers for diagnosis. The Meta-Manager is also responsible for updating the diagnosis at the originating MTF. CORBA services are used to perform secure message communications between DIN-PACS nodes in the VRE network. The Meta-Manager has a fail-safe architecture that allows the master Meta-Manager function to float to regional Meta-Manager sites in case of server failure. A prototype of the CORBA-based Meta-Manager is being developed by the University of Arizona's Computer Engineering Research Laboratory using the unified modeling language (UML) as a design tool. The prototype will implement the main functions described in the Meta-Manager design specification. The results of this project are expected to reengineer the process of radiology in the military and have extensions to commercial radiology environments.  (+info)

(3/12) Simulation-based training of medical teams to manage chemical warfare casualties.

With chemical warfare becoming an imminent threat, medical systems need to be prepared to treat the resultant mass casualties. Medical preparedness should not be limited to the triage and logistics of mass casualties and first-line treatment, but should include knowledge and training covering the whole medical spectrum. In view of the unique characteristics of chemical warfare casualties the use of simulation-assisted medical training is highly appropriate. Our objective was to explore the potential of simulator-based teaching to train medical teams in the treatment of chemical warfare casualties. The training concept integrates several types of skill-training simulators, including high tech and low tech simulators as well as standardized simulated patients in a specialized simulated setting. The combined use of multistimulation modalities makes this maverick program an excellent solution for the challenge of multidisciplinary training in the face of the looming chemical warfare threat.  (+info)

(4/12) Training Israeli medical personnel to treat casualties of nuclear, biologic and chemical warfare.

Recent events have significantly increased concern about the use of biologic and chemical weapons by terrorists and other countries. Since weapons of mass destruction could result in a huge number of casualties, optimizing our diagnostic and therapeutic skills may help to minimize the morbidity and mortality. The national demands for training in medical aspects of nuclear, biologic and chemical warfare have increased dramatically. While Israeli medical preparedness for non-conventional warfare has improved substantially in recent years especially due to extensive training programs, a standardized course and course materials were not available until recently. We have developed a core curriculum and teaching materials for a 1 or 2 day modular course, including printed materials.  (+info)

(5/12) Lessons learned from non-medical industries: the tragedy of the USS Greeneville.

In February 200l the nuclear powered submarine USS Greeneville collided with the Japanese fishing trawler Ehime Maru, killing nine passengers. A series of small failures and hurried actions escalated into tragedy. This incident provides lessons learned that can be used by healthcare organizations to improve patient safety. Expertise, training, equipment, and procedures appeared to be adequate protection, yet the presence of multiple defences obscured their faulty functioning, just as they often do in medical settings. A number of other problems occurred aboard Greeneville which we also see in health care. The problem was the total breakdown of communication. The Greeneville team also failed to move from a rigid hierarchical structure to a more flexible adaptive structure. Communication often breaks down in healthcare settings, which are organized to maximize status and hierarchical differences, thus often impeding information flow needed to make decisions. Redundancy failed aboard Greeneville as it often does in medicine. Finally, the Captain of the Greeneville established an artificially hurried situation. Time constrained situations happen all the time in health care. We recommend strategies to mitigate the development of these kinds of processes.  (+info)

(6/12) Teratogenicity of depleted uranium aerosols: a review from an epidemiological perspective.

BACKGROUND: Depleted uranium is being used increasingly often as a component of munitions in military conflicts. Military personnel, civilians and the DU munitions producers are being exposed to the DU aerosols that are generated. METHODS: We reviewed toxicological data on both natural and depleted uranium. We included peer reviewed studies and gray literature on birth malformations due to natural and depleted uranium. Our approach was to assess the "weight of evidence" with respect to teratogenicity of depleted uranium. RESULTS: Animal studies firmly support the possibility that DU is a teratogen. While the detailed pathways by which environmental DU can be internalized and reach reproductive cells are not yet fully elucidated, again, the evidence supports plausibility. To date, human epidemiological data include case examples, disease registry records, a case-control study and prospective longitudinal studies. DISCUSSION: The two most significant challenges to establishing a causal pathway between (human) parental DU exposure and the birth of offspring with defects are: i) distinguishing the role of DU from that of exposure to other potential teratogens; ii) documentation on the individual level of extent of parental DU exposure. Studies that use biomarkers, none yet reported, can help address the latter challenge. Thoughtful triangulation of the results of multiple studies (epidemiological and other) of DU teratogenicity contributes to disentangling the roles of various potentially teratogenic parental exposures. This paper is just such an endeavor. CONCLUSION: In aggregate the human epidemiological evidence is consistent with increased risk of birth defects in offspring of persons exposed to DU.  (+info)

(7/12) Time domain detection of shocks and impacts in whole-body vibration.

A method for detecting shocks and impacts in whole-body vibration time histories has been developed that is suitable for implementation as a computer algorithm. The procedure consists of comparing the magnitudes of a higher-order mean value and the impulsiveness calculated for successive time segments of the acceleration-time history. The indicators were the ratio of the 12th-order root mean value to the root mean square RMT/RMS, and the impulsiveness corresponding to a cumulative probability value of 0.97, I(0.97) (i.e., the magnitude of the positive and negative excursions exceeded 3% of the time divided by 2RMS). Both indicators have a value of 2.16 for random vibration with a Gaussian amplitude distribution, and deviate from this value when the motion possesses other characteristics. For seat motion in the Z-direction analyzed using frequency weighting W(b), and time segments of ~20 s, shocks and impacts could be identified when RMT/RMS >/= 2.5, and I(0.97) +info)

(8/12) Armor and anesthesia: exposure, feeling, and the soldier's body.

For many civilians, the high-tech weapons, armor, and military medicine with which U.S. soldiers are equipped present an image of lethal capacity and physical invulnerability. But, as this article explores, soldiers themselves just as often associate the life-sustaining technology of modern warfare with feelings that range from a pragmatic ambivalence about exposure to harm all the way to profoundly unsettling vulnerability. This article, based on fieldwork among soldiers and military families at the U.S. Army's Ft. Hood, examines sensory and affective dimensions of soldiers' intimate bodily relationships with the technologies that alternately or even simultaneously keep them alive and expose them to harm. I argue that modern military discipline and technology conspire to cultivate soldiers as highly durable, capable, unfeeling, interchangeable bodies, or what might be called, after Susan Buck-Morss (1992), anesthetic subjects. But for soldiers themselves, their training, combat environment, protective gear, and weapons are a rich font of both emotional and bodily feeling that exists in complex tension with the also deeply felt military imperative to carry on in the face of extreme discomfort and danger.  (+info)


  • Do small military hospitals meet the grade? (news-medical.net)
  • The New York Times takes a critical look at small military hospitals where the limited number of patients may compromise doctors' ability to treat serious problems. (news-medical.net)
  • President Bush ordered a comprehensive review Friday of conditions at the nation's military and veteran hospitals in the wake of a scandal surrounding care for wounded troops at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington. (blogspot.com)
  • As we work to improve conditions at Walter Reed, we are also taking steps to find out whether similar problems have occurred at other military and veteran hospitals," the president said. (blogspot.com)


  • ABRAMSON: Well, some of this we know from confirmation by U.S. officials, who have acknowledged that there was some sort of military strike by Israel in Syria. (kvpr.org)
  • CAIRO, Dec. 27 (UPI) -- Ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak , who is serving a life term in prison, was transferred to a military hospital for medical treatment, officials said. (upi.com)
  • After the communists took control over Hanoi in 1954, it turned into a central military hospital for senior officials, but now is also opened for general public. (pomocnik.com)


  • Her case illustrates what outside experts and dozens of current and former military hospital workers interviewed by The New York Times call a signal failing in a system that cares for 1.35 million active-duty service members and their families, among others. (news-medical.net)
  • Egypt's state prosecutor ordered Mubarak's transfer to a military hospital, although an update of Mubarak's health wasn't given. (upi.com)
  • It was originally a military hospital for French army in Indochina built in 1894, and the practice hosptial for Indochina Medical College (now Hanoi Medical University) which was located nearby at that time. (pomocnik.com)


  • The Military Science program provides instruction and practical experience in leadership and management that will help students succeed in any desired career, civilian or military. (wiu.edu)


  • Military Science core at the junior and senior level: 12 s.h. (wiu.edu)