Mentors: Senior professionals who provide guidance, direction and support to those persons desirous of improvement in academic positions, administrative positions or other career development situations.Faculty, Medical: The teaching staff and members of the administrative staff having academic rank in a medical school.Faculty, Nursing: The teaching staff and members of the administrative staff having academic rank in a nursing school.Research Personnel: Those individuals engaged in research.Career Mobility: The upward or downward mobility in an occupation or the change from one occupation to another.Translational Medical Research: The application of discoveries generated by laboratory research and preclinical studies to the development of clinical trials and studies in humans. A second area of translational research concerns enhancing the adoption of best practices.Training Support: Financial support for training including both student stipends and loans and training grants to institutions.Career Choice: Selection of a type of occupation or profession.Awards and PrizesEducation, Graduate: Studies beyond the bachelor's degree at an institution having graduate programs for the purpose of preparing for entrance into a specific field, and obtaining a higher degree.Education, Nursing, Graduate: Those educational activities engaged in by holders of a bachelor's degree in nursing, which are primarily designed to prepare them for entrance into a specific field of nursing, and may lead to board certification or a more advanced degree.Faculty: The teaching staff and members of the administrative staff having academic rank in an educational institution.Fellowships and Scholarships: Stipends or grants-in-aid granted by foundations or institutions to individuals for study.Professional Competence: The capability to perform the duties of one's profession generally, or to perform a particular professional task, with skill of an acceptable quality.Program Development: The process of formulating, improving, and expanding educational, managerial, or service-oriented work plans (excluding computer program development).Ranunculus: A plant genus of the family RANUNCULACEAE that contains protoanemonin, anemonin, and ranunculin.Research Support as Topic: Financial support of research activities.Vocational Guidance: Systematic efforts to assist individuals in selecting an occupation or suitable employment on the basis of aptitude, education, etc.Stress Disorders, Traumatic: Anxiety disorders manifested by the development of characteristic symptoms following a psychologically traumatic event that is outside the normal range of usual human experience. Symptoms include re-experiencing the traumatic event, increased arousal, and numbing of responsiveness to or reduced involvement with the external world. Traumatic stress disorders can be further classified by the time of onset and the duration of these symptoms.Nursing Research: Research carried out by nurses, generally in clinical settings, in the areas of clinical practice, evaluation, nursing education, nursing administration, and methodology.Program Evaluation: Studies designed to assess the efficacy of programs. They may include the evaluation of cost-effectiveness, the extent to which objectives are met, or impact.Biological Science Disciplines: All of the divisions of the natural sciences dealing with the various aspects of the phenomena of life and vital processes. The concept includes anatomy and physiology, biochemistry and biophysics, and the biology of animals, plants, and microorganisms. It should be differentiated from BIOLOGY, one of its subdivisions, concerned specifically with the origin and life processes of living organisms.Staff Development: The process by which the employer promotes staff performance and efficiency consistent with management goals and objectives.Education, Pharmacy, Continuing: Educational programs designed to inform graduate pharmacists of recent advances in their particular field.Women's Rights: The rights of women to equal status pertaining to social, economic, and educational opportunities afforded by society.Interprofessional Relations: The reciprocal interaction of two or more professional individuals.Peer Group: Group composed of associates of same species, approximately the same age, and usually of similar rank or social status.Academic Medical Centers: Medical complexes consisting of medical school, hospitals, clinics, libraries, administrative facilities, etc.Education, Medical: Use for general articles concerning medical education.Physicians, Women: Women licensed to practice medicine.Academies and Institutes: Organizations representing specialized fields which are accepted as authoritative; may be non-governmental, university or an independent research organization, e.g., National Academy of Sciences, Brookings Institution, etc.Curriculum: A course of study offered by an educational institution.Biomedical Research: Research that involves the application of the natural sciences, especially biology and physiology, to medicine.Schools, Medical: Educational institutions for individuals specializing in the field of medicine.Schools, Health Occupations: Schools which offer training in the area of health.San FranciscoModels, Educational: Theoretical models which propose methods of learning or teaching as a basis or adjunct to changes in attitude or behavior. These educational interventions are usually applied in the fields of health and patient education but are not restricted to patient care.Education, Medical, Undergraduate: The period of medical education in a medical school. In the United States it follows the baccalaureate degree and precedes the granting of the M.D.Teaching: The educational process of instructing.Universities: Educational institutions providing facilities for teaching and research and authorized to grant academic degrees.

*  Mentor training

The training covers the roles of a mentor, relationship boundaries, communication techni… ... A training for high school students interested in being peer mentors. ... Icebreaker: me as a mentor Discuss bullet 1 and 4- qualities of a mentor + roles a mentor can play. Make a list of qualities ... 3. Roles of Mentors ,ul,,li,A Mentor is ,/li,,/ul,,ul,,li,A friend ,/li,,/ul,,ul,,li,A coach ,/li,,/ul,,ul,,li,A supporter ,/li ...

*  P.U.L.S.E. Resources and Forms | Wesley College

The program is designed for participants to be assigned a peer mentor. Peer Mentors are returning students at Wesley College ...

*  CHESS: Human and Computer Mentors for Prostate Cancer Patients - Full Text View -

Cancer Information Mentor - Phone calls to the patient for 6 months.. Behavioral: Cancer Information Mentor Phone calls to the ... Experimental: CHESS System + Cancer Information Mentor CHESS System + Cancer Information Mentor. Behavioral: CHESS System ... Cancer Information Mentor. CHESS. the Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System. Social support. Skill-building tools. ... CHESS +Cancer Information Mentor will have the largest impact on QOL (initially and late in treatment) and will be ...

*  Mentoring to develop research self-efficacy, with particular reference to previously disadvantaged individuals

O mentor! My mentor! Peabody journal of education, 71(1):114-125. [ Links ]. ... At the same time the mentor needs to facilitate skills development by coaching and encouragement. Thirdly, mentors need to ... Terselfdertyd moet die mentor vaardigheidsontwikkeling fasiliteer deur afrigting ("coaching") en aanmoediging. Mentors moet ... Die mentor van navorsers om selfdoeltreffendheid te ontwikkel, met besondere verwysing na voorheen-benadeelde individue ...

*  Mentor Programs

The ACM SIG___ Mentor Program is a program provided free of charge by ACM SIG___ to its members and is provided on an "as is" ... SIGs that support mentor programs as part of their member benefits should post the following disclaimer on the program ... By participating in the ACM SIG___ Mentor Program you agree to and acknowledge that ACM does not review any communications and ... Further, by participating in the ACM SIG__ Mentor Program you agree to release ACM and its representatives from any and all ...

*  Mentoring Program Solutions | MentoringTalent

How can you engage your mentors and mentees? And how you ensure the mentor and mentee relationship will be a success? ... Engaging Your Mentors and Mentees. You've led the horses to water, how can you get them to drink? This age old question points ... Are the mentors and mentees meeting their objectives? Are they getting along? Are the objectives realistic? All of these ... There are a set of skills possessed by good mentors that make them sought out for their knowledge and ability to guide mentees. ...

*  Advising

The Department of Psychology and Neuroscience offers students access to advisors and mentors that can assist you with any ...

*  Health Questions and Answers -

... mentors and students just like you that can answer any question you might have on Health ...

*  Beckman Scholars @ UVA: Mentors

2016-19 Beckman Mentors. Biology. Jay Hirsh. Behavioral roles of biogenic amine neurotransmitters in the fruit fly.. Chris ...

*  Schools Receive Money to Add Mentors - latimes

The Glendale and La Canada school districts received additional state funding last week to increase the size of their mentor ... The mentor teachers, who are each paid an additional $4,000 a year regardless of the base salary, take on such tasks as ... The state's Mentor Teacher Program, established in 1983 after the passage of school reform legislation, is designed for ... He said the additional mentor positions should be filled in March from a list of about 70 teachers who applied for the posts ...

*  Eye on Psi Chi: Spring 2003 - Psi Chi, The International Honor Society in Psychology

Mentors can ease the pain of academic growth by providing valuable advice from experience. Mentors can serve as an advocate for ... If you are in the middle of your college career and have a mentor already, I encourage you to use your mentor effectively. ... to my graduate school mentor who advised me through my PhD, Janet Ruscher (Tulane University); and to my faculty mentor who has ... Mentors play an important role in the development of any student. If you are early in your college career and do not yet have a ...

*  Support - Pulmonary Hypertension Association

PH Email Mentor. PHA's PH Email Mentor Program includes a team of parents who are ready and eager to answer your questions by ...

*  Mentor Program - School of Public Health

How do I get a mentor/student?. Volunteer mentors and students review the student and mentor applications and match ... Are long-distance mentor pairs allowed?. Yes. Students may request a mentor who lives or works in a specific part of the ... What is expected of mentor pairs?. Mentors and students who apply should be committed to engaging with their match and ... We'll notify students and mentors about their match status the first week in October in time for mentors and students to attend ...

*  Using Peer Mentors to Support PACT Team Efforts to Improve Diabetes Control - Full Text View -

... and test the effects of becoming a mentor on those who were originally mentees given a growing literature that being a mentor ... Mentors for Phase 1: Had an HbA1c of , 8% in the past 3 years and an HbA1c , (or equal to) 7.5% within 3 months of enrollment ... Using Peer Mentors to Support PACT Team Efforts to Improve Diabetes Control. This study is ongoing, but not recruiting ... The purpose of this study is to test the effectiveness of a peer mentor model in a mixed race population of poorly controlled ...

*  Department of Radiology - UW-Madison | Medical Students

The designated research mentor will provide ongoing feedback as well as summative assessment for the experience. ... Students interested in this elective must identify and coordinate with a research mentor from the Department of Radiology and ... This is a mentored experience that will involve close contact with a Department of Radiology faculty mentor. ...

*  Accident Victim, Bullying and Harassment at Work, Catastrophic Injury | papasmurf1cx's Mentor Profile at Horsesmouth

Similar mentors These mentors have similar life experiences - they could possibly help you ... Why mentor on horsesmouth?. Well I heard about this site on the BBC "Click" programme. I had already started to try and get my ... Didn't find the mentor you were looking for?. Why not send out a general call for help to everyone ... Our online mentors offer free advice, coaching and mentoring support based on their own personal experiences. You can get in ...

*  I currently have over the muscle 350cc mentor and I'm suffering from contracture. This is my second surgery. (photos) Doctor...

I currently have over the muscle 350cc mentor and I'm suffering from contracture. This is my second surgery. (photos) * patti76 ... Doc suggested drop shaped mentor CPG 300cc. Another one prefer keep round shape (both texturized) 1) possible to perform total ...

*  Mentors Should Happen Organically Says Joanne Wilson

A mentor is supposed to be someone that you can come to, that you can talk about the issues you might be having. And, they have ... Mentors Should Happen Organically Says Joanne Wilson. 9/20/2013 3:56PM 'A mentor is supposed to be someone that you can come to ... at this this whole light mentor thing every time they need a mentor ... site ... mentor is I think should happen organically ... mentors are not shrinks ... great ... when you meet which you every week but that's not when a mentor is best to do ... and ...

*  Mentors May Not Help - WSJ

He also found a mentor.. The firm had recently set up a formal mentoring program to help new employees get acclimated to the ... But over the next eight months, he and his mentor met only sporadically... ...

*  Mentor Zhdrella - Wikipedia

Mentor Zhdrella, su (EN) Mentor Zhdrella, su, National Football Teams.. ... Mentor Zhdrella (Pristina, 10 giugno 1988) è un calciatore albanese, centrocampista o attaccante del Priština. Nato a Pristina ...

*  Study finds that young hotshots make better mentors -

In addition, mentors with fewer students had protégés who went on to train 37 percent more students than on average, suggesting ... Math mentors don't get co-author credit on student publications, which is highly unusual in the world of academia. ... He suspected that the amount of face time a mentor can spend with students has much to do with the different mentorship results ... By contrast, students who hoped to ride the coattails of a big shot mentor late in that person's career fared less well. ...

*  UNF - Faculty Bio

Pre-Service Teacher Calibration (July, 2016) (faculty mentor). University of North Florida Office of Undergraduate Research ...

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107jours après ...

*  Six Figure Mentors from chrissusan

The Six Figure Mentors is a private training site set up to help you become a successful internet entrepreneur. The leaders and ... Six Figure Mentors The Six Figure Mentors is a private training site set up to help you become a successful internet ... The Six Figure Mentors is a private training site set up to help you become a successful internet entrepreneur. ...

VII Photo Agency: VII is an international photo agency wholly owned and governed by its membership.General Medicine Faculty of RostGMU (Rostov State Medical University): Rostov State Medical University, Faculty of General Medicine - Located in Rostov city center with 20 departments, each departments has its own clinics with numbers of beds.Loren MosherBlitzkrieg Booking and Promotions: Blitzkrieg Booking and Promotions was founded in 2000 as a musical management company. The company held a staff of over 200 members and had contractual management with over a dozen bands.Science Translational Medicine: Science Translational Medicine is an interdisciplinary medical journal established in October 2009 by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.Becky JamesLasker Award: The Lasker Awards have been awarded annually since 1945 to living persons who have made major contributions to medical science or who have performed public service on behalf of medicine. They are administered by the Lasker Foundation, founded by Albert Lasker and his wife Mary Woodard Lasker (later a medical research activist).Nihon UniversityKamaladalamFellowship (medicine): A fellowship is the period of medical training in the United States and Canada that a physician or dentist may undertake after completing a specialty training program (residency). During this time (usually more than one year), the physician is known as a fellow.Upsilon Phi Delta: Upsilon Phi Delta (ΥΦΔ) is the national academic honor society for students in healthcare administration in the United States. The organization was formed in 1965 to further the profession of health administration and the professional competence and dedication of its members.Ranunculus abortivus: Ranunculus abortivus is a species of flowering plant in the buttercup family, Ranunculaceae. Its common names include littleleaf buttercup, small-flower crowfoot,Ranunculus abortivus.National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple DisabilitiesStandard evaluation frameworkMBF BioscienceLucretia MottMercuriade: Mercuriade was an Italian physician, surgeon and medical author in the 14th century. She is one of the few woman physicians known from the Middle Ages.Toronto Western Research Institute: The Toronto Western Research Institute (TWRI) is a non-profit academic medical research institute located in Canada’s largest city, Toronto. The TWRI is one the principal research institutes of the University Health Network of academic teaching hospitals associated with the University of Toronto; the TWRI is also one of the largest research institutes in Canada focussing on human neurological disease from both a basic science and clinical research perspective.Syllabus: A syllabus (pl. syllabi) is an outline and summary of topics to be covered in an education or training course.Systematic Protein Investigative Research EnvironmentList of medical schools in the United KingdomYo KobayashiJack London's San Francisco Stories: Jack London's San Francisco Stories is an anthology of Jack London short stories set in the San Francisco Bay Area. The book was edited by Matthew Asprey.Antenor Orrego Private University

(1/516) Enabling, empowering, inspiring: research and mentorship through the years.

The interrelationship between research and mentorship in an association such as the Medical Library Association (MLA) is revealed through the contributions of individuals and significant association activities in support of research. Research is vital to the well-being and ultimate survival of health sciences librarianship and is not an ivory tower academic activity. Mentorship plays a critical role in setting a standard and model for those individuals who want to be involved in research and, ultimately, for the preparation of the next generation of health sciences librarians. Research and mentorship are discussed in the context of personal experiences, scholarship, and problem solving in a practice environment. Through research and mentorship, we are enabled to enhance our services and programs, empowered to look beyond our own operations for information puzzles to be solved, and inspired to serve society by improving health.  (+info)

(2/516) Police as contributors to Healthy Communities: Aiken, South Carolina.

In Aiken, South Carolina, community policing has led to numerous innovative programs that have contributed to a healthy community. The MOMS and COPS (Managing Our Maternity System with Community Oriented Policing System) program has played a significant part in the county's 50% decrease in infant mortality since 1989 and contributed to Aiken's designation as an All-America City in 1997. Other programs include a mentoring program for at-risk teen girls; instant crime reporting with donated cellular phones; seminars for seniors to alert them to scams and common crimes; demolition of unsafe homes; free installation of smoke detectors; a child ID program; and parental education on child brain development.  (+info)

(3/516) What are the characteristics of the competent general practitioner trainer?

BACKGROUND: Increasing attention is being given to the training of doctors to become teachers. This does not apply only to the schooling of teachers in undergraduate medical education: at the postgraduate level, general practitioner trainers (GP-trainers) receive special schooling to prepare them for their role. Yet the skills, knowledge and traits that should be expected in the competent GP-trainer have not been elucidated precisely. OBJECTIVES: The aim of this research project is to determine the traits, knowledge and skills required for a competent GP-trainer. METHOD: We used a qualitative method to answer the question. Ten focus-group meetings were held involving three Departments of Vocational Training in The Netherlands. Each group consisted of GP-trainers, GP-trainees or staff members. The transcriptions of these meetings were analysed, resulting in a description of what makes a competent GP-trainer. RESULTS: Five hundred items were obtained from the focus-group meetings, each of which was formulated in the form "A good GP-trainer is/can/knows. ", etc. These items were divided into the following categories: teaching knowledge, teaching skills, teaching attitude and personality traits of the GP-trainer. A competent GP-trainer must understand basic teaching methods and be able to apply this knowledge. The skill to give good feedback was seen as an important asset for a competent GP-trainer, as were observation skills, the skill to analyse and the skill to foster reflection in the trainee. The teaching attitude of a competent GP-trainer is characterized by giving latitude to and having respect for and interest in the trainee, and being available for consultation, while the teaching approach should be individualized. Enthusiasm, flexibility, patience and self-insight were some of the personality traits identified. CONCLUSION: Many characteristics were identified as a result of this research. The next logical step will involve a Delphi consensus procedure to obtain a profile of the competent GP-trainer. This profile will then be suitable in setting the standards for curricula for future GP-trainers.  (+info)

(4/516) Evaluation of a breast cancer patient information and support program.

CONTEXT: Women with newly diagnosed breast cancer seek answers to many questions about their disease, treatment options, and prognosis. Failure to meet these needs may cause dissatisfaction with the care process. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the impact of a support and information program for women with newly diagnosed breast cancer. INTERVENTION: A support and information program that featured a program coordinator, information resources, and mentoring from a breast cancer survivor. DESIGN AND OUTCOME MEASURES: Women in whom breast cancer was diagnosed at program sites (n = 111) and a random sample of women whose breast cancer was diagnosed at nonprogram sites (n = 277) were surveyed by mail to ascertain their level of satisfaction with various aspects of their medical care. The response rates were 74% and 81%, respectively. RESULTS: 75% of women at program sites used the information resources, and 60% requested a patient mentor. Demographic characteristics and satisfaction with non-breast cancer care were almost identical among program and non-program site respondents. For overall breast cancer care, 71% of program site respondents but only 56% of non-program site respondents were very satisfied. More than half of program site respondents rated presurgery care, provision of information, and support received as excellent, versus about 40% of non-program site respondents. Program site respondents were consistently more likely to rate the amount of reassurance and support provided by physicians and nurses as excellent and were less likely to want a second opinion (35% vs. 51%). CONCLUSIONS: The support and information program appears to have had a positive impact on satisfaction with breast cancer care.  (+info)

(5/516) Mentoring senior house officers. Is there a role for middle grade doctors?

OBJECTIVES: To determine whether the mentoring scheme currently used has an impact on the training of senior house officers and also determine if they are willing to accept middle grade mentors. METHODS: A questionnaire comprising 10 questions was sent to all the senior house officers employed in the emergency departments of two large inner city teaching hospitals and three large district hospitals. Most of the questions required a simple yes/no response. RESULTS: Most of the senior house officers had mentors allocated to them but felt the scheme was not satisfactory probably because they had low expectations. Most were happy to have middle grade doctors as mentors. CONCLUSIONS: Senior house officers have a low expectation of the present system and seem willing to accept middle grade doctors as mentors.  (+info)

(6/516) Factors considered by new faculty in their decision to choose careers in academic dentistry.

To determine the characteristics of new dental faculty and what factors influenced them to choose academic careers, a survey was sent to deans at all U.S. dental schools to be distributed to faculty with length of service of four years or less. Responses were received from 240 individuals. About half of the respondents had been in private practice for an average of eight years, and 20 percent had military experience averaging almost sixteen years. A majority had postgraduate training and 60 percent had specialty training. Nearly 32 percent of new faculty were female and 80 percent were U.S. citizens. Analyses of responses to survey items indicated that correlated factors in the survey fell into the following empirical categories: teaching and scholarship, income and indebtedness, research, work schedule, influence of mentors and role models, and long-term aspirations. In general, the respondents identified factors relating to teaching and scholarship to be the most important influences on their choice of academic careers, while concerns about income and indebtedness were the most important negative considerations in this regard. Other positive factors identified by the survey related to the influence of mentors and role models, long-term aspirations, and research. Age, private practice experience, and military experience were found to particularly influence the new faculty members' responses to items concerning income and indebtedness, and citizenship influenced responses to factors relating to research. The data from this select group of dentists support the current view that inequities in income of dental faculty compared to private practitioners and student debt are important concerns in choosing academic careers. Importantly, the desire to teach and participate in scholarly activities are important attractions in academic careers. Mentoring activities and creation of opportunities for career development are crucial factors in developing interest in academics among graduate dentists.  (+info)

(7/516) Factors influencing pursuit and satisfaction of academic dentistry careers: perceptions of new dental educators.

New dental educators (n = 280) with zero to five years full-time teaching experience were surveyed to ascertain their perceptions regarding salary, work environment, and workload to determine the impact of these factors on faculty recruitment and retention. Work environment was the most frequently reported factor for considering and maintaining an academic dentistry position. Educational resources, facilities, salary, and benefits were ranked as moderately important for considering an academic position. Mentoring, startup funds for research, and external private practice opportunities were also reported as moderately important for maintaining a position. Other factors of concern to new faculty included quality of administration and leadership, reputation of program, professional development opportunities, faculty autonomy, and reasonable criteria for tenure and promotion. These findings suggest that resources, strategies, and formal mentoring programs that provide direction and guidance in the areas of teaching, promotion, and tenure for new educators should be considered for implementation in our dental schools.  (+info)

(8/516) Experiences and perceptions of vocational training reported by the 1999 cohort of vocational dental practitioners and their trainers in England and Wales.

OBJECTIVE: To assess the self-reported confidence of vocational dental practitioners (VDPs) in clinical procedures together with vocational trainers' perceptions of the VDPs confidence in the same procedures, immediately after qualification and towards the end of the vocational training year. DESIGN: A questionnaire-based cohort study. SETTING: A general practice study carried out in 1999. SUBJECTS: Vocational Dental Practitioners and vocational trainers in England and Wales. METHOD: VDPs and trainers were asked on a single occasion to grade the clinical confidence of the VDP at the beginning and near the end of vocational training as high, satisfactory or low. RESULTS: Questionnaires were sent to 531 VDPs and 555 trainers; 82 per cent of VDPs and trainers responded. Approximately half the VDPs were male and 57 per cent were white, whilst 89 per cent of trainers were male and 81 per cent white. A large proportion of both VDPs and trainers reported low confidence in orthodontics, molar endodontics and surgical extractions at the start of the training year. Towards the end of training, both groups reported improved confidence levels in most clinical procedures. However, a higher proportion of trainers reported low confidence than their VDPs in most clinical procedures at both time points (p<0.001). VDPs appeared to gain most from experience and training in administration/management and interpersonal skills. CONCLUSION: Vocational training appears to satisfy its aim to enhance clinical and administrative confidence.  (+info)

peer mentors

  • A training for high school students interested in being peer mentors. (


  • Peer advisor mentors are CSUN juniors and seniors who have received high grades in their course work and have gone through extensive training. (


  • The training covers the roles of a mentor, relationship boundaries, communication techniques, and problem solving skills. (
  • Icebreaker: me as a mentor Discuss bullet 1 and 4- qualities of a mentor + roles a mentor can play. (


  • The Six Figure Mentors is a private training site set up to help you become a successful internet entrepreneur. (


  • Students who have participated in the NSO Leadership program for one full year or more (1 Year +) are eligible to apply for a position as a Matador Mentor. (
  • A Peer Advisor Mentor (PAM) is a student hired specifically to counsel, refer, advise and mentor first year undecided students on all aspects of college life during the first 2 semesters. (


  • Money Mentors is a volunteer-based financial coaching program that pairs you with a financial coach who will help you take action to reach your financial goals. (
  • The state's Mentor Teacher Program, established in 1983 after the passage of school reform legislation, is designed for experienced teachers who, besides their regular duties, help other instructors hone their skills. (


  • Another $6,000 given to the La Canada Unified School District will fund one more mentor teaching position, bringing its staff to five. (


  • That $2,000 is vital because there are always operating costs for districts that choose to have mentor programs," Wagner said. (


  • But over the next eight months, he and his mentor met only sporadically. (
  • Glendale and La Canada schools will probably be given money next year for more mentor teacher positions because the program's proposed budget has been increased by $7 million, Wagner said. (


  • This application will give you more information about the Money Mentors program, and at the end, if you are still interested, you will be able to apply. (


  • However, she said, Gov. George Deukmejian's budget calls for slicing the amount now given to districts each year for the operating costs of each mentor position from $2,000 to only $200. (


  • He said the additional mentor positions should be filled in March from a list of about 70 teachers who applied for the posts last May, when the program was established in Glendale. (


  • Are you interested in being a leader of a mentor team? (


  • During the summer, the mentors, who will be chosen by a committee of eight instructors and seven administrators, will go through a three-week training seminar before starting their new duties in the fall. (


  • The mentor teachers, who are each paid an additional $4,000 a year regardless of the base salary, take on such tasks as assisting new teachers by sharing classroom techniques, re-training veteran instructors and developing innovative curricula. (