*  Patent US4521857 - Aviation weather information dissemination system - Google Patents
... of current weather information peculiar to widely scattered geographic locations, within the geographic area (10). The system ... Each regional weather-information and interpreting station communicates with sources (16, 20 and 24) ... compute tentative flight paths between said origin and destination points and provide weather information to the terminals (14 ... An aviation weather information dissemination system and method involves regional weather-information accumulating and ...
*  Selective dissemination of information - Wikipedia
Selective dissemination of information ("SDI") was originally a phrase related to library and information science. SDI refers ... Selective dissemination of information was a concept first described by Hans Peter Luhn of IBM in the 1950s. Software was ... Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI): state of the art in May, 2009. AFIPS '63, Proceedings of the May 21-23, 1963 ... Selective Dissemination of Information - review of literature and issues. The Library Quarterly 37 (4): 373-391. Accessed ...
*  Chapter 6: Information Collection Analysis and Dissemination - Transport Canada
6.5 Information Dissemination. Communicating safety information to the public is an important function of government, both from ... Chapter 6: Information Collection Analysis and Dissemination. Stronger Ties: A Shared Commitment to Railway Safety. 1. ... 6. Information Collection, Analysis and Dissemination. 7. Proximity Issues. 8. Environmental Protection and Response. 9. ... 6.1 Responsibilities for Information Collection, Analysis and Dissemination. A number of parties collect, analyze and ...
*  High speed dissemination of failure information in mesh networks - Patent # 7388827 - PatentGenius
... carries information about all spans in the network currently available to the particular node, by presenting status indications ... A method for high speed dissemination of information about faults in spans that interconnect nodes in a telecommunication mesh- ... of the spans in respective information slots of the FU message. ... A system for dissemination of information about faults in spans ... forming respective status information based on the previous status information and status information inone or more input FU ...
*  An XML Multi-Tier Pattern Dissemination System: Library & Information Science Book Chapter | IGI Global
An XML Multi-Tier Pattern Dissemination System: 10.4018/978-1-59140-560-3.ch121: Patterns are widely used in several domains ... "An XML Multi-Tier Pattern Dissemination System." In Encyclopedia of Database Technologies and Applications, ed. Laura C. Rivero ... "An XML Multi-Tier Pattern Dissemination System." Encyclopedia of Database Technologies and Applications. IGI Global, 2005. 740- ... Gaffar, A., & Seffah, A. (2005). An XML Multi-Tier Pattern Dissemination System. In L. Rivero, J. Doorn, & V. Ferraggine (Eds ...
*  US Military
January 2003: Office of Global Communications Created; Intended to Coordinate Information Dissemination and Administration ... He takes this information to Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA) who then helps him pressure the Army to speed up production and ... Information about the terrorist's DNA would be kept in a database. The program would cost $1.7 billion over a 5-year period ... Center for Defense Information, 2/19/2004; Wired News, 2/20/2004; San Francisco Chronicle, 3/15/2004; Popular Mechanics, 6/2004 ...
*  Disruptive Tech - 2/10 - Soldier Systems Daily
OpenWERX - AirSpew: Modular Information Dissemination System. Tuesday, June 27th, 2017 OpenWERX (sponsored by SOFWerx) provides ... Posted in Disruptive Tech , Comments Off on OpenWERX - AirSpew: Modular Information Dissemination System ... For further information, check out this article from our peers at SUASnews. ...
*  Patent US6687615 - Navigation system, method and device with detour algorithm - Google Patents
Traffic information dissemination. US20060206258 *. Mar 10, 2005. Sep 14, 2006. Wright Ventures, Llc. Route based on distance. ... GPS generated traffic information. US9640073. Jul 8, 2015. May 2, 2017. Pelmorex Canada Inc.. Generating visual information ... Audio information can likewise be provided in one embodiment.. In FIG. 2B, a side view of the navigational device 230 is ... Generating visual information associated with traffic. US8583367. Jan 7, 2011. Nov 12, 2013. Honda Motor Co., Ltd.. System and ...
*  Office of Information & Resource Management (OIRM/OAD) Staff | NSF - National Science Foundation
Information Dissemination Branch (IDB) *Systems and Services Branch (SSB) *Contract Support *Project Management Group ... Office of Information & Resource Management (OIRM/OAD) Phone: (703) 292-8100 , Fax: (703) 292-9084 , Room: C 5000 Staff ...
*  NIOSHTIC-2 Publications Search - 00134213 - 1980 NIOSH report on occupational safety and health pnder Public Law 91-596.
Information dissemination programs are discussed.. Keywords. NIOSH-Author; Medical-monitoring; Safety-research; Safety-measures ... For more information about this message, please visit this page: About CDC.gov. ...
*  2001 New Jersey Agriculture Annual Report
Data Collection and Information Dissemination In order to assess activities in the marketplace and to provide information for ... The report contains milk price information that allows each school district to track changes in monthly milk prices and ... disseminates information needed by the milk industry and mediates disputes within the milk processing and distribution industry ... program and performance analysis, the department collects, processes and disseminates information on prices received by dairy ...
*  sarex] Re: [Bod] Re: [eu-amsat] Re: [amsat-bb] Re: sirius orbit name?
4. All three organizations understand that funding progress is dependent on , effective information dissemination worldwide. To ... More information about the SAREX mailing list. ...
*  Personal Assistance for Independent Living Programme (PAIL), Republic of South Africa | Independent Living Institute
Information Dissemination 10%. *Administrative Costs 06%. 14.2 An extract of the master budget has been prepared. PADI proposes ... For more information on this funding proposal, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Miss Fadilla Lagadien, Telephone 27- ... PADI has placed itself in a good position to have access to more information and support services in terms of long term ...
*  Patent US4682368 - Mobile radio data communication system using a speech recognition technique - Google Patents
Audio information dissemination using various transmission modes. US5790423 *. Jun 14, 1995. Aug 4, 1998. Audible, Inc.. ... Information dissemination using various transmission modes. US5751806 *. Dec 18, 1996. May 12, 1998. Command Audio Corporation ... Radio receiver for information dissemination using subcarrier. WO1995019668A1 *. Jan 12, 1995. Jul 20, 1995. Macrovision ... Method and system for information dissemination using television signals. US6377820 *. Jul 13, 1998. Apr 23, 2002. Nokia Mobile ...
*  Patente US20130247151 - Communication Privacy - Google Patentes
Member centric information dissemination system. US20090049190 *. 16 Ago 2007. 19 Feb 2009. Yahoo!, Inc.. Multiple points of ... Presence information is also displayed in the panel next to each contact. The presence information represents an availability ... and reciprocally provide its own presence information to those other clients that are online. Exchange of presence information ... The presence information for each user may be at least in part defined by the user themselves. The VoIP client application may ...
*  RFA-HD-09-010: Limited Competition: Addressing Health Disparities in Maternal and Child Health through Community-Based...
Outreach and Information Dissemination. Unprecedented advances in translating research findings into practice have been seen; ... Award Information 1. Mechanism of Support 2. Funds Available Section III. Eligibility Information 1. Eligible Applicants A. ... General Information. For general information on SF424 (R&R) Application and Electronic Submission, see these Web sites: *SF424 ... Application and Submission Information 1. Request Application Information 2. Content and Form of Application Submission 3. ...
*  Assessing the Public Health Threat Associated with Waterborne Cryptosporidiosis: Report of a Workshop | News | AIDSinfo
Information Dissemination and Education. Public health officials, water utility officials, health-care providers, ... Label information on bottled water often does not provide the consumer with the information needed to identify the lowest-risk ... APPENDIX A Summary of EPA's Information Collection Rule. The purpose of the Information Collection Rule (ICR) is to improve ... epidemiologic information, surveillance information, and previous occurrence data. Strain (i.e., virulence) differences between ...
*  Psychiatry Scholars Program - Short View
... information dissemination.. Psychiatric Epidemiology: The NCAIANMHR has recently completed the first large-scale study of the ... In the Summer of 2009, we will pilot test the intervention in pregnant women to provide the necessary information (e.g. effect ... Prior work has compiled this information through 2006; we seek a student to assist in keep this report current and providing ... Didactics vary in their quality and effectiveness, based on the topic, the way in which information is imparted, and the ...
*  B338 - Health Bill (Third Reading) - The Student Room
5 Information Dissemination. (1) Department for Health shall publish the 50th and 90th percentile bill size for a range of ... 3) The information contained within sections 4(1) and 4(2) of this Act shall be available on the Department for Health website. ...
*  Vinay Kumar Rathi, M.D. | Harvard Catalyst Profiles | Harvard Catalyst
Information Dissemination. Access to Information. Research Personnel. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (U.S.). Gift ... Contact, publication, and social network information about Harvard faculty and fellows. Harvard Catalyst Profiles ...
*  Africa and the Millennium Development Goals | AfricaCan End Poverty
For example;- =Service delivery performance; =Citizen empowerment; =Information dissemination; =Economic policy reform; and = ... Growth in today's information based world economy depends on a flexible, educated and healthy workforce to take advantage of ... In my opinion if the people have right to information of all government projects the way India does then the people will be ... Harnessing the technology, Information and Communication if utilized properly might bridge the gap by reducing the physical ...
*  United Republic of Tanzania
3. Collection and dissemination of livestock information. 4. Provision of basic infrastructures. 5. Quality Control of ... Country information. The economy of the country is developing favourably in terms of macroeconomic stability, growth, budget ... Promote and assist with environmental information, communication and capacity building.. * Seek advancement of scientific ... To act as a prime source of information about manufacturing industries to its members ...
*  ACS Resource Search
International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination (INCIID). National Resource International Firefighter Cancer ... Information and Referral Services Answers 4 Families. National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (NBCCEDP) ... Information and Referral Services Nebraska Department of Health and Human Resources. Assistance - General Nebraska Department ... Food and Nutrition Information Center, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). National Resource Healthcare Hospitality Network ...
*  Wiley: Automotive Inter-networking - Timo Kosch, Christoph Schroth, Markus Strassberger, et al
4.1.7 Communication and Information Dissemination 79. 4.1.8 Standardisation Issues 80 ... Information about e-books: *E-books are offered as e-Pubs or PDFs. To download and read them, users must install Adobe Digital ...

(1/1536) Provider attitudes toward dispensing emergency contraception in Michigan's Title X programs.


(2/1536) Can the written information to research subjects be improved?--an empirical study.

OBJECTIVES: To study whether linguistic analysis and changes in information leaflets can improve readability and understanding. DESIGN: Randomised, controlled study. Two information leaflets concerned with trials of drugs for conditions/diseases which are commonly known were modified, and the original was tested against the revised version. SETTING: Denmark. PARTICIPANTS: 235 persons in the relevant age groups. MAIN MEASURES: Readability and understanding of contents. RESULTS: Both readability and understanding of contents was improved: readability with regard to both information leaflets and understanding with regard to one of the leaflets. CONCLUSION: The results show that both readability and understanding can be improved by increased attention to the linguistic features of the information.  (+info)

(3/1536) Responses by four Local Research Ethics Committees to submitted proposals.

BACKGROUND: There is relatively little research concerning the processes whereby Local Research Ethics Committees discharge their responsibilities towards society, potential participants and investigators. OBJECTIVES: To examine the criteria used by LRECs in arriving at their decisions concerning approval of research protocols through an analysis of letters sent to investigators. DESIGN: Four LRECs each provided copies of 50 letters sent to investigators after their submitted proposals had been considered by the committees. These letters were subjected to a content analysis, in which specific comments and requests for additional information and changes in the protocols were recorded and compared. FINDINGS: Overall 24% of proposals were approved without request for changes or clarifications, but this varied by committee: one committee approved only 6% of proposals without change or clarification while the others ranged from 26% to 32%. The content analyses of responses indicated that they could be placed into four categories: (i) further information for the committee to aid in their deliberations; (ii) requests for changes to the design or justification for the design used; (iii) changes to the information sheets provided to potential participants; and (iv) changes to consent procedures. Of these, alterations to information sheets were the most common type of request. These four types of response could be seen as safeguarding the wellbeing of potential participants (the principle of non-maleficence), of promoting the scientific validity of the research (the principle of beneficence), and of enhancing the rights of potential participants (the principle of autonomy). CONCLUSIONS: The committees were consistent in the types of requests they made of investigators, which can be seen as attempts to protect participants' rights and ensure the scientific validity of studies. Without an analysis of the proposals sent to the committees, however, it is difficult to account for the variation in the requirements set by the committees before approval was given.  (+info)

(4/1536) Should Zelen pre-randomised consent designs be used in some neonatal trials?

My aim is to suggest that there is a case for using a randomised consent design in some neonatal trials. As an example I use the trials of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in neonates suffering pulmonary hypertension. In some trials the process of obtaining consent has the potential to harm the subject, for example, by disappointing those who end in the control group and by creating additional anxiety at times of acute illness. An example of such were the trials of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in neonates suffering pulmonary hypertension. Pre-randomised consent could avoid or lessen these harms. However, a number of ethical objections are made to these research designs. They involve denial of information, using people, denial of choice, and "overselling" of allocated treatment. Furthermore, they are the wrong response; better communication might be the answer, for example. I argue that these objections are not completely persuasive. However, they are enough to suggest caution in the use of such designs.  (+info)

(5/1536) Parental consent to publicity.

The problems presented by the use of named child patients and their medical histories in television, radio and newspapers is discussed. It is suggested that it is not acceptable to regard this as comparable to their participation in non-therapeutic research, and that no one, not even the parent has the authority to give consent to such use.  (+info)

(6/1536) The Council of Europe's first Symposium on Bioethics: Strasbourg, Dec 5-7 1989.

This symposium discussed bioethics teaching, research and documentation and also research ethics committees. An international convention for the protection of the integrity of the human body was called for, as was a new European Committee on Ethics. 'The genetic impact' was a major preoccupation of the symposium.  (+info)

(7/1536) Health care directives for the elderly.

The treatment of incompetent older people presents physicians and family members with complex medical, ethical, moral, and legal problems. This article explores the use of advance health care directives in the decision-making process, the qualities of the "ideal" directive, practical and legal issues relating to directives, and the role of the family physician in their implementation.  (+info)

(8/1536) P

ersonal view:  (+info)

  • system
  • An aviation weather information dissemination system and method involves regional weather-information accumulating and interpreting stations (12A-O) located throughout a geographic area (10). (google.com)
  • The system also includes a plurality of terminals which communicate with the regional weather-information accumulating and interpreting stations (12) via telephone lines, with each regional station serving particular terminals (14). (google.com)
  • 2. An aviation weather communications system as in claim 1 wherein said regional weather-information accumulating station includes a means for automatically telephoning a radar service which provides radar scans for obtaining a current radar scan at a destination and transmitting said radar scan to said terminal upon request therefor from said terminal. (google.com)
  • 3. An aviation weather communications system as in claims 1 or 2 wherein there are a plurality of regional weather-information accumulating stations in said large geographic zone, with each weather-information accumulating station servicing a plurality of terminals. (google.com)
  • An XML Multi-Tier Pattern Dissemination System. (igi-global.com)
  • The Boston Community Information System (also called BCIS or Boston COMINS) transmitted up-to-the-minute Associated Press and New York Times wire reports to subscribers in Boston from April 1984 to January 1988. (wikipedia.org)
  • The Boston Community Information System was the first system to propose and implement "hybrid broadcasting", combining both push technology and pull technology. (wikipedia.org)
  • The Boston Community Information System (BCIS) used a FM radio channel to broadcast news to people who decoded the information with radio receivers connected to personal computers. (wikipedia.org)
  • In order to deny service to nonpaying customers, and in order to allow each customer to subscribe to any subset of information streams, Gifford developed a conditional access system that used a different randomly chosen ephemeral key to encrypt each news article, before broadcasting the encrypted article on a subcarrier of MIT's FM radio station WMBR. (wikipedia.org)
  • safety
  • Similarly, providing clear information to the public on the state of railway safety is equally significant and plays a vital role in the development of public policy. (gc.ca)
  • A number of parties collect, analyze and disseminate railway safety statistics and information, including the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, Transport Canada, provincial governments and the railway industry itself. (gc.ca)
  • wherein
  • 2. The method according to claim 1, wherein a number of the information slots in the FU message is not less than a number of spans in the network, and wherein each of the slots is adapted to carry a status indication of a particular networkspan in a form of a predetermined binary code. (patentgenius.com)
  • Support
  • According to the information of human rights activists, 3,000 people die annually while performing military service in the Russian army, and in many cases parents of dead soldiers do not receive any support from the government. (wikipedia.org)
  • provide
  • The regional stations (12), in response to receiving origin and destination points of flights from said terminals (14), compute tentative flight paths between said origin and destination points and provide weather information to the terminals (14) in particular sequences relative to the origins and destinations. (google.com)
  • program
  • This program, stylized as "Keeping IDentities Safe for KIDS", was formed because criminals are increasingly using the identity information of children to obtain driver's licenses and IDs in new names because children have no criminal records or credit history, offering a blank slate for criminal activity. (wikipedia.org)
  • department
  • Among the services provided by the department, NJDA licenses and bonds milk dealers to assure payments to producers, disseminates information needed by the milk industry and mediates disputes within the milk processing and distribution industry. (nj.us)
  • obtain
  • The work group discussions were summarized, and the conclusions were provided as either a) summaries of current knowledge concerning that issue or b) suggested ways to obtain the information needed to develop useful recommendations. (nih.gov)
  • social
  • Contact, publication, and social network information about Harvard faculty and fellows. (harvard.edu)
  • Marine and coastal management requires scientific and technical information on both natural (physical, chemical, biological, etc.) and social (institutions, knowledge, perceptions, economic and cultural values, etc.) processes to identify and define priority environment issues as well as to define alternative solutions and strategies. (wikipedia.org)