*  Why European leaders must challenge Indonesia President Joko Widodo on human rights abuses
... ... Indeed, as the bruises administered to the 60-year-old woman last week will attest, the scope of human rights abuses in ... He promised to address historic human rights abuses, protect freedom of religion, combat intolerance, implement police reforms ... Abolition Aceh Angela Merkel Caning Drug trafficking European Union Germany Human Rights Indonesia Joko Widodo sharia ...
*  Average is a human rights abuse - ADC Online Blog
Average is a human rights abuse. Posted on 07 Feb 2010. by Bob Phillips ... Is refusing asylum to this - potential - child then a human rights abuse because of a failure to understand statistics?. ...
*  Human rights abuse and other criminal violations in Port-au-Prince, Haiti: a random survey of households. - September 19, 2006
Human rights abuse and other criminal violations in Port-au-Prince, Haiti: a random survey of households. ... Human rights abuse and other criminal violations in Port-au-Prince, Haiti: a random survey of households.. by Athena Kolbe, Dr ... INTERPRETATION: Our results indicate that crime and systematic abuse of human rights were common in Port-au-Prince. Although ... Reliable evidence of the frequency and severity of human rights abuses in Haiti after the departure of the elected president in ...
*  A Cautionary Tale of Regulating Corporate Human Rights Abuses | Business & Human Rights Resource Centre
The UN Human Rights Council (HRC) is currently developing a legally binding instrument on the human rights responsibilities of ... A Cautionary Tale of Regulating Corporate Human Rights Abuses. Stéfanie Khoury & David Whyte, University of Liverpool (UK). The ... By far the largest single category of cases reviewed by NCPs relate to human rights abuses, and almost all such complaints are ... By far the largest single category of cases reviewed by NCPs relate to human rights abuses. ...
*  Brazil lawmakers investigate human rights abuses
Brazilian legislators have started investigating human rights abuses committed during the South American country's past ... Author: I&FL Community Staff (Rule of Law & Human Brazil lawmakers investigate human rights abuses. BRASILIA Brazil (AP) - ... Brazilian legislators have started investigating human rights abuses committed during the South American country's past ... Rule of Law & Human Rights News. *Brazil lawmakers investigate human rights abuses ...
THE WEST PAPUAN CASE -HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES. Ever since the Indonesians set foot on Papuan soil, human rights abuses have been ... of settling disputes/complaints by the Indigenous tribesmen against Indonesian soldiers who trampled their gardens or abused ...
*  U.S. sanctions N. Korean leader over human rights abuses - CNNPolitics
... imposes sanctions on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and 10 others for their alleged complicity in human rights abuses against ... U.S. sanctions North Korean leader for first time over human rights abuses. By Elise Labott and Ryan Browne, CNN ... But Wednesday's action marks the first time regime officials have been sanctioned for human rights abuses. ... "Serious Human Rights Abuses or Censorship in North Korea," which was mandated by the U.S. Congress under the North Korea ...
*  Burma's Gem Trade and Human Rights Abuses | Human Rights Watch
Protecting Rights, Saving Lives. Human Rights Watch defends the rights of people in 90 countries worldwide, spotlighting abuses ... Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Please give now to support our work ... but the beauty of Burmese gems is marred by their association with serious human rights abuses. A growing number of governments ... Get updates on human rights issues from around the globe. Join our movement today. ...
*  Human rights abuses taking place in Mali, claim HRW - France 24
NGO Human Rights Watch says ethnic communities in Mali, especially the Arab and Tuareg minorities, are allegedly being targeted ... 2018 Copyright France 24 - All rights reserved. France 24 is not responsible for the content of external websites. ...
*  Petition · CNN: Human rights abuse in Nigeria · Change.org
Banke Christelle needs your help with "CNN: Human rights abuse in Nigeria". Join Banke and 25 supporters today. ... Banke Christelle needs your help with "CNN: Human rights abuse in Nigeria". Join Banke and 25 supporters today. ... Is it right to take their resources but yet watch human beings die in a worse way than animals. Do you all now see why some ... so that an investigation can be launched by international organizations and human rights groups all over the world to do a root ...
*  UN Report Slams Iran for Human Rights Abuses
... Details 06 March 2018 * Print ... In the report, which is set to be debated before the UN Human Rights Council next week, Jahangir wrote that she was "alarmed" ... In the report, which was drafted by UN special rapporteur on human rights in Iran Asma Jahangir shortly before her death in ... "a worrying picture developing in the human rights situation" in the country since her previous report in August. ...
*  Human rights abuses in Manipur - Wikipedia
Human rights abuses in Assam Human rights abuses in Jammu and Kashmir chandru. "MANIPUR- in a strange whirlpool of Cross- ... Human Rights Watch, argues that human rights violations by Indian Security Forces have only fuelled the insurgency. It adds ... Human rights abuses in Manipur, a state in northeastern India, have been an ongoing issue. As per the Manipur natives, the ... According to human rights organisation Redress, the Indian armed forces have abused power through privileges conferred in the ...
*  Human rights abuses in Assam - Wikipedia
India Human rights abuses in Kashmir Human rights abuses in Jammu and Kashmir Human rights abuses in Manipur Human rights in ... Human rights abuses in Assam have been compared to the situation of human rights abuses in other insurgency-affected areas of ... A Human Rights Watch report notes that journalists and human rights activists have been arrested for falsely reporting on human ... rights abuses. Assam continues to be one of the forefront states where the claims of human rights abuses have been committed by ...
*  Human rights abuses in Sindh - Wikipedia
Human rights in Pakistan Sindhudesh Baehr, Peter R. (2 July 1994). Human Rights in Developing Countries - Yearbook 1994. ... Human rights abuses in Sindh, Pakistan, have been a recurrent issue, ranging from arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances to ... Sindh: Human Rights Abuses Continue Against Fishing Communities - UNPO The Foreign Policy of Pakistan: Ethnic Impacts on ... Many human rights abuses were committed under the tenure of Chief Minister Jam Sadiq Ali, who took office from August 6, 1990 ...
*  Human rights abuses in Kashmir - Wikipedia
Physicians for Human Rights (U.S.) (1993). The Human rights crisis in Kashmir: a pattern of impunity. Human Rights Watch. p. ... Human rights in India Human rights in Pakistan Kashmir conflict Ranjan Kumar Singh, Sarhad: Zero Mile, (Hindi), Parijat ... Rape in Kashmir: A Crime of War, Asia Watch (A Division of Human Rights Watch) & Physicians for Human Rights. Freedom in the ... The law provides them a shield, when committing human rights violations and has been criticised by Human Rights Watch as being ...
*  Report: A decade after Hussein, Iraq still grapples with human rights abuses - CNN
... enmeshed in a grim cycle of human rights abuses,' Amnesty International said in a report Monday. ... Ten years after the fall of Saddam Hussein, Iraq remains "enmeshed in a grim cycle of human rights abuses," Amnesty ... Report: A decade after Hussein, Iraq still grapples with human rights abuses. By Holly Yan, CNN ... "Many Iraqis today enjoy greater freedoms than they did under his Ba'athist regime, but the fundamental human rights gains that ...
*  EU Aims to Scuttle Treaty on Human Rights Abuses | Inter Press Service
... for victims of business-related human rights abuses on the agenda of the Forum of Businesses and Human Rights. ... EU Aims to Scuttle Treaty on Human Rights Abuses. By Thalif Deen Reprint , , Print , ,En español ... through the creation of a new international legally-binding treaty to hold TNCs accountable for human rights abuses - has been ... Human Rights, Indigenous Rights, IPS UN: Inside the Glasshouse, Labour, Migration & Refugees, Natural Resources, TerraViva ...
*  Human rights abuses in Azad Kashmir - Wikipedia
... conflict Human rights in Pakistan Human rights violations in Balochistan Human rights abuses in Sindh Human rights abuses in ... Watch, Human Rights (2006). "With Friends Like These..." Human Rights Violations in Azad Kashmir. Human Rights Watch. p. 54. ... Human Rights Watch. Retrieved 8 August 2012. "Pakistan: Abuses Feared in Kashmir Elections". Human Rights Watch. Retrieved 8 ... Human rights abuses in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, have been a recurrent issue, ranging from forced disappearances, torture to ...
*  Human rights abuses in Punjab, India - Wikipedia
... and refused to exert the control necessary to stop widespread abuse of human rights. The Asia Division of Human Rights Watch ( ... Human rights portal 1984 Anti-Sikh riots Human rights in India Operation Blue Star Police encounter Punjab insurgency Punjab in ... Reduced to Ashes: The Insurgency and Human Rights in Punjab-Final Report. 1. Ensaaf. 2003. Country Reports on Human Rights ... a human rights documentation organization focused specifically on Punjab, India The official Human Rights Watch page for India ...
*  Human rights abuses in Jammu and Kashmir - Wikipedia
Asia Watch Committee (U.S.), Human Rights Watch (Organization), Physicians for Human Rights (U.S.). Human Rights Watch, 1993. ... Human Rights in India. Human Rights Watch. pp. 88-91. ISBN 978-0-300-05614-3. The Human Rights Crisis in Kashmir: A Pattern of ... Human rights abuses in the Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir state are an ongoing issue. The abuses range from mass ... Kashmir under siege: Human rights in India. Human Rights Watch. p. 59. ISBN 0300056141. Retrieved 11 September 2012. "BBC World ...
*  Prince Charles meets new Saudi king amid pressure to raise human rights abuses - RT UK News
... as he came under strong pressure to raise human rights concerns, including the flogging of blogger Raif Badawi. ... Prince Charles meets new Saudi king amid pressure to raise human rights abuses Published time: 10 Feb, 2015 16:56 ... Many in the British establishment hailed King Abdullah as a reformer who pushed for more women's rights. Human rights groups, ... Human rights advocates have urged Prince Charles to bring up Badawi's plight while visiting Saudi Arabia. ...
*  JURIST - Indonesia, East Timor agree to investigation of human rights abuses
... and East Timor's presidents agreed Wednesday to establish a commission to investigate human rights abuses that led to the ... On this Human Rights Day: Act on the Cries of Detained Immigrants for Dignity and Justice ... to review the human rights violations. The Jakarta Post has local coverage. Reuters has more. ... The Commission will not have the power to prosecute those it determines were responsible for any abuses. Violence broke out in ...
*  Used Wheelchairs and Assistive Equipment, Burlington
Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting By law, any individual (including professionals, officials and members of the public) ... If you witness or suspect someone is a victim of human trafficking or sexual exploitation or if a victim comes to you there are ... Halton Information Providers (HIP) holds the intellectual property rights for the information on this site. You must credit HIP ... How to Find - Help if You Witness or Suspect Human Trafficking or Sexual Exploitation ...
*  Egyptian Women Demand Greater Role in Government
Your Rights * * Back * Human Rights * Childrens Rights * Civil and Political * Conflict Zones ... This improves the situation for the whole family and also means the women are less vulnerable to abuse. ... It remains very important within communities for men and boys to be educated regarding the rights of women and girls, including ... head of programming at the Egyptian Center for Women's Rights (ECWR), a Cairo-based organization, told The Media Line. "Women ...
*  The Politics of the Cross Resurrected: The Federal Government Can Do Anything
To make health care into a human right means somebody has to enforce that right and see that you receive it. When you assert a ... Charter of Rights and Freedoms (2) * Chastity (2) * Chlld Abuse (2) * Christopher West (2) ... There is a saying French, The rights of one end where the rights of another begin. You can't have a right to health care for it ... That is why constitutional rights in the US are negative rights: they say, this is what the government can't do to you, but not ...

(1/46) American physicians and dual loyalty obligations in the "war on terror".

BACKGROUND: Post-September 11, 2001, the U.S. government has labeled thousands of Afghan war detainees "unlawful combatants". This label effectively deprives these detainees of the protection they would receive as "prisoners of war" under international humanitarian law. Reports have emerged that indicate that thousands of detainees being held in secret military facilities outside the United States are being subjected to questionable "stress and duress" interrogation tactics by U.S. authorities. If true, American military physicians could be inadvertently becoming complicit in detainee abuse. Moreover, the American government's openly negative views towards such detainees could result in military physicians not wanting to provide reasonable care to detainees, despite it being their ethical duty to do so. DISCUSSION: This paper assesses the physician's obligations to treat war detainees in the light of relevant instruments of international humanitarian law and medical ethics. It briefly outlines how detainee abuse flourished in apartheid South Africa when state physicians became morally detached from the interests of their detainee patients. I caution U.S physicians not to let the same mindset befall them. I urge the U.S. medical community to advocate for detainee rights in the U.S, regardless of the political culture the detainee emerged from. I offer recommendations to U.S physicians facing dual loyalty conflicts of interest in the "war on terror". SUMMARY: If U.S. physicians are faced with a conflict of interest between following national policies or international principles of humanitarian law and medical ethics, they should opt to adhere to the latter when treating war detainees. It is important for the U.S. medical community to speak out against possible detainee abuse by the U.S. government.  (+info)

(2/46) Tracking gender-based human rights violations in postwar Kosovo.

Four years have passed since the institution of the cease-fire in Yugoslavia, and questions remain as to how Kosovar women are faring in the country's postwar reconstruction. Reports, albeit fragmented, suggest that violence against women began to increase in 1998 and 1999. This trend continued through 2001, even while rates of other major crimes decreased. Despite considerable local efforts to address the conditions of women, there remains a lack of systematic data documenting the scope and frequency of violent acts committed against women. A centralized surveillance system focused on tracking human rights abuses needs to be established to address this critical need for empirically based reports and to ultimately guide reform efforts.  (+info)

(3/46) The challenges and ethical dilemmas of a military medical officer serving with a peacekeeping operation in regard to the medical care of the local population.

Medical Officers serving with their national contingents in peacekeeping operations are faced with difficult ethical decisions in regard to their obligations to the local civilian population. Such populations may be under-resourced in regard to medical care, and vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. Though the medical officer may support the local medical services, he/she should never undermine these resources. Adopting a human rights approach and observing the requirements of ethical medicine, aids the doctor in prioritising his/her duties. At times there may be conflict with one's own military superiors. It is wise to discuss potential difficulties prior to setting out on the mission. Human rights abuses cannot be ignored. The medical officer has a duty to do his/her best to report their observations so as to prevent abuse or to bring it to an end.  (+info)

(4/46) Cultural context in medical ethics: lessons from Japan.

This paper examines two topics in Japanese medical ethics: non-disclosure of medical information by Japanese physicians, and the history of human rights abuses by Japanese physicians during World War II. These contrasting issues show how culture shapes our view of ethically appropriate behavior in medicine. An understanding of cultural context reveals that certain practices, such as withholding diagnostic information from patients, may represent ethical behavior in that context. In contrast, nonconsensual human experimentation designed to harm the patient is inherently unethical irrespective of cultural context. Attempts to define moral consensus in bioethics, and to distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable variation across different cultural contexts, remain central challenges in articulating international, culturally sensitive norms in medical ethics.  (+info)

(5/46) The physician-scientist, the state, and the oath: thoughts for our times.

Triggered by an encounter with survivors of the studies on twins conducted in Auschwitz by Joseph Mengele, who held both MD and PhD degrees, I offer thoughts on the extraordinary powers physician-scientists have to enhance or degrade human dignity. Biomedical science lacks intrinsic morality, but attains moral status by virtue of its purpose and the ethical framework that controls its conduct, both of which derive from the principles of medical humanism codified in the physician's oath. Physician-scientists have responsibilities to humankind that transcend the state. Careful analysis of historical examples of abuses of human rights committed in the name of medical science or the state is an important mechanism to safeguard current and future human participants.  (+info)

(6/46) Dangerous journey: documenting the experience of Tibetan refugees.

OBJECTIVES: Since the 1950 invasion of Tibet by China, Tibetan refugees have attempted to flee into Nepal over the Himalayan mountains. We documented the experiences of a group of refugees making this journey. METHODS: We conducted semistructured interviews with 50 recent refugees at the Tibetan Refugee Transit Centre in Kathmandu, Nepal. RESULTS: Participants ranged in age from 8 to 56 years, and 21 were female. The average length of their journey from Tibet to Nepal was 34 days. During their journey, a majority of the refugees encountered authorities or became involved in altercations with Nepali Maoist groups. Most of these interactions resulted in extortion and threats of expulsion. Several Tibetans were tortured, beaten with weapons, threatened with being shot, and robbed. Three women were sexually assaulted at gunpoint. CONCLUSIONS: The refugees who took part in this study experienced physical and mental hardships and, often, human rights abuses on their journey to Nepal. International pressure is needed to prevent human rights violations and reduce potential long-term physical and mental health effects associated with this dangerous crossing.  (+info)

(7/46) Risk for post-traumatic stress disorder associated with different forms of interpersonal violence in South Africa.


(8/46) Health and human rights concerns of drug users in detention in Guangxi Province, China.


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  • Human Rights Watch is writing to urge you to maintain your principled approach towards Serbia as regards its cooperation with the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia (ICTY). (hrw.org)
  • Human Rights Watch applauds recent remarks by President Barroso and Commissioner Rehn that make clear that full cooperation with the ICTY includes the arrest of Ratko Mladic and his transfer to face trial and that without such full cooperation, no SAA will be signed. (hrw.org)
  • Human Rights Watch calls on the EU presidency and EU member states to clearly signal in the coming weeks that they will not sign the SAA unless this is achieved. (hrw.org)
  • Human Rights Watch urges you to make clear to Prime Minister Kostunica this week that the European Union continues to view full cooperation with the ICTY, including the arrest of Ratko Mladic, as a necessary precondition to signing an SAA. (hrw.org)
  • The senior researcher on Congo for Human Rights Watch, Anneke Van Woudenberg, is the author of a report on the Lord's Resistance Army. (abc.net.au)
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  • These findings suggest the need for a systematic response from the newly elected Haitian government, the UN, and social service organisations to address the legal, medical, psychological, and economic consequences of widespread human rights abuses and crime. (haitiaction.net)
  • On 21 November, the Chinese authorities abducted human rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong who, though disbarred in 2009 for his work, had continued his work as an active figure within the legal community. (uyghuramerican.org)
  • The family and legal representatives of detained human rights defenders remain, in the vast majority of cases, blocked from visits and information on national security grounds. (uyghuramerican.org)