Gift Giving: The bestowing of tangible or intangible benefits, voluntarily and usually without expectation of anything in return. However, gift giving may be motivated by feelings of ALTRUISM or gratitude, by a sense of obligation, or by the hope of receiving something in return.Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer: A technique that came into use in the mid-1980's for assisted conception in infertile women with normal fallopian tubes. The protocol consists of hormonal stimulation of the ovaries, followed by laparoscopic follicular aspiration of oocytes, and then the transfer of sperm and oocytes by catheterization into the fallopian tubes.Drug Industry: That segment of commercial enterprise devoted to the design, development, and manufacture of chemical products for use in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, disability, or other dysfunction, or to improve function.Conflict of Interest: A situation in which an individual might benefit personally from official or professional actions. It includes a conflict between a person's private interests and official responsibilities in a position of trust. The term is not restricted to government officials. The concept refers both to actual conflict of interest and the appearance or perception of conflict.Gryllidae: The family Gryllidae consists of the common house cricket, Acheta domesticus, which is used in neurological and physiological studies. Other genera include Gryllotalpa (mole cricket); Gryllus (field cricket); and Oecanthus (tree cricket).Professional Corporations: Legally authorized corporations owned and managed by one or more professionals (medical, dental, legal) in which the income is ascribed primarily to the professional activities of the owners or stockholders.Sexual Behavior, Animal: Sexual activities of animals.Hospital Shops: Stores located in hospitals selling merchandise or services for the convenience of patients, staff, and visitors.Spiders: Arthropods of the class ARACHNIDA, order Araneae. Except for mites and ticks, spiders constitute the largest order of arachnids, with approximately 37,000 species having been described. The majority of spiders are harmless, although some species can be regarded as moderately harmful since their bites can lead to quite severe local symptoms. (From Barnes, Invertebrate Zoology, 5th ed, p508; Smith, Insects and Other Arthropods of Medical Importance, 1973, pp424-430)Hymenolepis: A genus of small tapeworms of birds and mammals.

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The SB&H Monthly Giving Club. Support SB&H through our Monthly Giving Club. Your gift will provide a constant source of funds ... Monthly giving is an affordable and effective way to make a difference in the lives of all individuals with spina bifida and/or ... The Wedding Celebration program enables couples to make a donation to honour a loved one or in lieu of wedding favours, gifts ... Participate in an SB&H fundraiser, enjoy significant tax benefits through tax-smart giving, organize your own event or obtain ...

*  Man's Search for Meaning, Gift Edition: Viktor E. Frankl, William J. Winslade, Harold S. Kushner: 9780323306577:

b,A new gift edition of a modern classic, with supplemental photographs, speeches, letters, and essays,/b, ,b, ,/b, ... Gift Edition [Viktor E. Frankl, William J. Winslade, Harold S. Kushner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. , ... It gave me strength then, although I did not fully understand the section on logo therapy at that time. I read it again, and ... Pages with related products. See and discover other items: man's gifts, mens books, mens gift, cool man gifts, cool mens gifts ...

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Avas Flowers makes it easy to chose a great gift for the office. - PR11739862 ... 7, 2011 - PRLog -- The holidays are a time of giving, so this year send a terrific gift to your co-workers or clients that is ... Fruit Baskets, Avas Flowers, Holiday Gifts, Office Gifts, Business Gifts, Client Gifts, Holiday Flowers, Gift Baskets. ... Holiday Gifts. * Office Gifts. * Business Gifts. * Client Gifts. * Holiday Flowers. * Gift Baskets. * More Tags... ...

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... a simple scheme of gift-giving and quasi-credit can do almost as well as theoretically better but more complicated schemes. ... It is shown how this can increase the assistance given and it may explain the widespread use of quasi-credit in rural ... gift giving; reciprocity; quasi-credit.; Other versions of this item:. * Jonathan P. Thomas & Timothy Worrall, 2002. "Gift- ... "Gift-Giving, Quasi-Credit and Reciprocity," CESifo Working Paper Series 687, CESifo Group Munich. *Jonathan P. Thomas & Tim ...

*  Gov. Deal signs ethics legislation

House Bill 142 sets the first limit on gifts that can be given to legislators. The $75 maximum is for each expenditure, and ... House Speaker David Ralston said that while he favored a complete ban on certain gifts, he isn't recommending legislation next ... Both political parties happened to put straw-poll questions about lobbyists' gifts on last summer's primary ballots. ... about a last-minute change in the bill that excuses lawyers from registered as lobbyists and having to report what they give ...

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Gift Aid donations must be supported by a valid Gift Aid declaration and a Gift Aid declaration can only cover donations made ... Give. We're a charity and rely on your donations to help our conservation work ... What is Gift Aid?. Most of our places run the Gift Aid on Entry scheme at their admission points. Under this scheme, if you're ... Gift Aid Admission includes a 10 per cent or more voluntary donation. Gift Aid Admissions let us reclaim tax on the whole ...

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My friend gave me some of your CBD Canna oil and I used it to coat my mouth and tongue and was amazed that within a day and a ... SKU: $50-gift-card Category: Gift Cards Tags: gift card, monetary gift, $50, Christmas Gift ... 50 Gift Card. $50.00. Here is a Great Gift Idea for friends, family and loved ones… Show them you care, by expressing interest ... I wanted to give you a review on your THC green and chamomile teas. As you are aware, I am treating my dad who is at stage 4 ...

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Just be you and settle into that, that is the greatest gift you can give yourself, your family and the world. ... It will have you stay tapped in to a never ending flow of energy and give you a kind of a power that is beyond words. ... Going through this process will give you access to your Highest Self, to the coveted flow we all look for on the yoga mat or in ... We all have talents and gifts that if not shared, will be lost to the world forever. We hold back for so many reasons - we're ...

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The greatest expression of love one can give is the gift of self. This gift can be given in many ways, from defending one's ...

Gift registry: A gift registry is a particular type of wish list.Gamete intrafallopian transfer: Gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT) is a tool of assisted reproductive technology against infertility. Eggs are removed from a woman's ovaries, and placed in one of the Fallopian tubes, along with the man's sperm.Pharmaceutical manufacturing: Drug manufacturing is the process of industrial-scale synthesis of pharmaceutical drugs by pharmaceutical companies. The process of drug manufacturing can be broken down into a series of unit operations, such as milling, granulation, coating, tablet pressing, and others.Teleogryllus oceanicus: Teleogryllus oceanicus, commonly known as the Australian, Pacific or oceanic field cricket, is a cricket found across Oceania and in coastal Australia from Carnarvon in Western Australia and Rockhampton in north-east Queensland Otte, D. & Alexander, R.Larvex Corporation: Larvex Corporation was a company which manufactured Spraying Larvex, a pest control product used in moth proofing woolen fabrics. The firm was acquired by Zonite Products Corporation in October 1926.Sexual motivation and hormones: Sexual motivation is influenced by hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, and vasopressin. In most mammalian species, sex hormones control the ability to engage in sexual behaviours.Huwentoxin: Huwentoxins (HWTX) are a group of neurotoxic peptides found in the venom of the Chinese bird spider Haplopelma huwena. While structural similarity can be found among several of these toxins, HWTX as a group possess high functional diversity.Hymenolepis nana: Dwarf tapeworm (Hymenolepis nana, previously known as Vampirolepis nana, Hymenolepis fraterna, and Taenia nana) is a cosmopolitan species though most common in temperate zones, and is one of the most common cestodes (a type of intestinal worm or helminth) infecting humans, especially children.

(1/92) How physician executives and clinicians perceive ethical issues in Saudi Arabian hospitals.

OBJECTIVES: To compare the perceptions of physician executives and clinicians regarding ethical issues in Saudi Arabian hospitals and the attributes that might lead to the existence of these ethical issues. DESIGN: Self-completion questionnaire administered from February to July 1997. SETTING: Different health regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. PARTICIPANTS: Random sample of 457 physicians (317 clinicians and 140 physician executives) from several hospitals in various regions across the kingdom. RESULTS: There were statistically significant differences in the perceptions of physician executives and clinicians regarding the existence of various ethical issues in their hospitals. The vast majority of physician executives did not perceive that seven of the eight issues addressed by the study were ethical concerns in their hospitals. However, the majority of the clinicians perceived that six of the same eight issues were ethical considerations in their hospitals. Statistically significant differences in the perceptions of physician executives and clinicians were observed in only three out of eight attributes that might possibly lead to the existence of ethical issues. The most significant attribute that was perceived to result in ethical issues was that of hospitals having a multinational staff. CONCLUSION: The study calls for the formulation of a code of ethics that will address specifically the physicians who work in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As a more immediate initiative, it is recommended that seminars and workshops be conducted to provide physicians with an opportunity to discuss the ethical dilemmas they face in their medical practice.  (+info)

(2/92) To give or sell human gametes--the interplay between pragmatics, policy and ethics.

The ever-growing acceptance and use of assisted human reproduction techniques has caused demand for "donated" sperm and eggs to outstrip supply. Medical professionals and others argue that monetary reward is the only way to recruit sufficient numbers of "donors". Is this a clash between pragmatics and policy/ethics? Where monetary payments are the norm, alternative recruitment strategies used successfully elsewhere may not have been considered, nor the negative consequences of commercialism on all participants thought through. Considerations leading some countries to ban the buying and selling of sperm, eggs and embryos are outlined and a case made that the collective welfare of all involved parties be the primary consideration in this, at times heated, debate.  (+info)

(3/92) 'If you pay, we'll operate immediately'.

OBJECTIVES: To study the attitudes of health care staff in four postcommunist countries towards taking gifts from their clients--and their confessed experience of actually taking such gifts. DESIGN: Survey questionnaire administered to officials including health care staff, supplemented by focus-group discussions with the general public. SETTING: Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. PARTICIPANTS: A quota sample of 1,307 officials including 292 health care staff, supplemented by stratified national random samples of 4,778 ordinary members of the public and in-depth interviews or focus-group discussions involving another 323. MAIN MEASUREMENTS: Explicit justifications and willingness to accept offers, reported frequency of offers, and personal confessions to accepting "money and expensive presents" as well as smaller gifts. RESULTS: Health care staff were far more inclined than the average official or public servant to accept "money or an expensive present" if offered, far more inclined to justify asking clients for "extra payments", and far more inclined to confess that they had actually taken gifts from clients recently. Judged by their own confessions, hospital doctors were only rivalled by traffic police and customs officials for taking money or expensive gifts from their clients. CONCLUSIONS: Poor pay does not explain why doctors so often took large gifts from their clients. Moral self justification, opportunity, and bargaining power are much more effective explanations.  (+info)

(4/92) Mectizan Donation Program: evaluation of a public-private partnership.

The Mectizan Donation Program (MDP) has been perceived as a highly effective public health programme, and as a possible model for addressing future problems in international health. This evaluation examines how the MDP partnership has been functioning from the perspectives of partner organizations. The results of a survey of 25 partners show that the perceived benefits far outweigh the problems, and that the direct costs to the organizations have been minimal. The partnership is rated highly on many aspects of governance and management, with relatively few problems identified. A factor analysis demonstrated that a wide range of factors have influenced the partners' perceptions. The benefits with the largest weights appear to be those related to external perceptions of the organization, and those indicating that the organization feels that its opinions will matter and lead to action in the partnership. The biggest factors influencing the positive perceptions on the governance and management of the MDP partnership appear to be the involvement of senior leaders from different organizations, and being able to agree on priorities. The MDP has been able to involve a large and heterogeneous number of partner organizations through relatively informal mechanisms that rely on goodwill and reciprocity. The survey results show how there was a strong alignment of the MDP with the interests of the various partners, and that a manageable number of problems were addressed and services provided. While having long-term goals, the MDP and the onchocerciasis control programmes have been effective at demonstrating the effectiveness of the approach through regular, professional, and outcome-oriented evaluations. Although the MDP is considered to be central to concerns of national officials, this feature is not rated as high as public perceptions, the internal characteristics of the partnership, or its accomplishments. Similarly, the need to secure resources is not viewed as a major determinant of the partnership's success, perhaps because resources were readily available through Merck and the partner organizations and programmes. These findings, along with the strategic and operational success of the MDP confirm the view that this type of public-private partnership should be pursued vigorously in other areas of public health. Other potential partnerships would do well to examine the characteristics of the MDP partnership, with careful attention to the features of its governance and the management, including a strong alignment of interests with partners, balancing a long-term vision with clarity of roles and intensive management of coordination, and professional and results-oriented accountability.  (+info)

(5/92) Economic evaluation of Mectizan distribution.

The distribution of ivermectin has dramatically altered the nature of onchocerciasis control. Existing economic analyses of ivermectin distribution programmes show that these programmes have a highly beneficial impact. Most analyses have estimated the economic benefits in terms of increased labour productivity as a result of reductions in blindness, and in terms of additional land-availability because of a reduced transmission of the parasite. Economic evaluations of the Onchocerciasis Control Program (OPC) in West Africa have calculated a net present value - equivalent discounted benefits minus discounted costs - of $485 million for the programme over a 39-year period, using a conservative 10% rate to discount future health and productivity gains. The net present value for the African Program for Onchocerciasis Control (APOC) is calculated at 88 million US dollars over a 21-year time period, also using a 10% discount rate. Cost-effectiveness analyses of ivermectin distribution have found a cost of 14-30 US dollars per disability-adjusted life-year prevented - estimates comparable with other priority disease control programmes. However, the economic success of ivermectin distribution is sensitive to the fact that the drug itself has been donated free of charge. The market value of Merck's donations to the APOC for just 1 year considerably outweighs the benefits calculated for both the OPC and the APOC over the life of these projects. Pending the development of an effective macrofilaricide, the distribution of ivermectin will remain a public health priority into the foreseeable future.  (+info)

(6/92) Impact of a financial incentive on case and control participation in a telephone interview.

The authors investigated the effect of a 5.00 dollars incentive on participation in a telephone interview among cases and controls in an ongoing study of colorectal cancer. Cases and matched community controls were sent a letter introducing the study. One week later, a nurse called to invite the person to participate in a 30-minute telephone interview. After 1 year of data collection (which began in June 2001), the authors began enclosing a 5.00 dollars bill in the initial letter as an incentive. Incentives were mailed to all potential controls. The authors randomized 50% of a subset of cases to receive the incentive. In the year prior to institution of the incentive, 44.2% of 851 controls participated in the interview, as compared with 56.2% of 1,043 controls in the year after the incentive was instituted (p < 0.001). Among cases randomized to receive the incentive (n = 199), 63.8% participated as compared with 68.4% in the nonincentive group (n = 193) (p > 0.05). Among cases aged 60-69 years, the response rate in the incentive group was reduced by 17% (p = 0.03). Thus, among controls, a small monetary incentive appears to promote a feeling of goodwill toward the research. It does not seem to have an equivalent effect among cases, and in the worst case it may insult or annoy some cases who may otherwise have participated.  (+info)

(7/92) Household disbandment in later life.

OBJECTIVE: This study described activities that older people undertake to reduce the volume of their possessions in the course of a residential move to smaller quarters, a process with practical, cognitive, emotional, and social dimensions. METHODS: Qualitative interviews were conducted with members of 30 households who had moved in the prior year. The disbandment period, typically lasting about 2 months, was a particular focus of the interview. RESULT: The interviews suggested nine reasons why people had accumulated and kept things, which now became problematic for the impending move. The initial steps of disbandment entailed decisions about major furniture and meaningful gifts to family and friends, followed by evaluation of the remaining belongings for retention, sale, further gifts, donation, or discard. Things not divested by one means were reassigned to another strategy. People took pleasure in dispositions that saw their things used, cared for, and valued as they had done, thus fulfilling a responsibility to their belongings. DISCUSSION: Disbandment is an acute episode of a more general, lifelong process of possession management. It is an encounter with things that are meaningful to the self, but as it unfolds, it also makes new meaning for things.  (+info)

(8/92) An invasion of cheats; the evolution of worthless nuptial gifts.

Nuptial gifts are food items or inedible tokens that are transferred to females during courtship or copulation . Tokens are of no direct value to females, and it is unknown why females require such worthless gifts as a precondition of mating. One hypothesis is that token giving arose in species that gave nutritious gifts and males exploited female preferences for nutritional gifts by substituting more easily obtainable but worthless items. An invasion of such behavior would require that females accept the substitute gift and copulate for a period of time similar to that with genuine gifts. We show that both these prerequisites are met in the dance fly Rhamphomyia sulcata, in which females normally accept a nutritious gift. We removed the gift from copulating pairs and replaced it with either a large or small prey item or inedible token. We found that although pairs copulated longest with a large genuine gift, the tokens resulted in copula durations equivalent to those with a small genuine gift. We also observed that males that returned to the lek with tokens re-paired successfully. These findings suggest that female behavior in genuine gift-giving species is susceptible to the invasion of male cheating on reproductive investment.  (+info)


  • Ingram suggests giving a set of sophisticated tumblers instead of a bottle of booze. (
  • For those moments when you're unsure whether gifting is on the agenda, a bottle of wine, plant or even homemade cookies are always good just-in-case options, Hamlin noted. (


  • Leah Ingram, author of The Everything Etiquette Book , says holiday gifts are a great way to build relationships with customers. (
  • Think of something - without a hint of sarcasm, emphasizes Kathy Cheng, founder of gift-registry platform Thankful Registry - such as, 'This is great, thank you. (
  • It makes her look great and gives people hope. (
  • Give the gift of great music with a Carnegie Hall gift certificate. (

holiday gifts

  • CPA Wendy Barlin didn't go with the same old fruit basket or box of chocolates for her holiday gifts--she chose a three-month Netflix subscription. (
  • She suggested to her four siblings several years ago that they quit giving each other holiday gifts and concentrate on their parents and older relatives. (


  • Don't just find out what the client's interests are--you should also try to find out if there are any company policies against receiving gifts. (
  • Shoppers who want to feel good about their purchases can find gifts just about everywhere -- from organizations such as UNICEF and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to major department stores, to small local shops. (
  • As the holiday gift-giving season approaches, we often are filled with a sense of dread: How will we ever find the perfect gift for everyone on our list, the time to finish our shopping and the money to pay for all the stuff we need to buy? (
  • Holiday traditions are important to many people, but you may find that your relatives are happy to quit exchanging gifts , especially as the family grows. (
  • Some families find it easy to limit gift-giving among adults but still want to make their children's holidays magical. (


  • Ideas for holiday gift-giving. (
  • We've rounded up gift ideas that will be enjoyed by a range of recipients - from women to men to the kiddos - that also donate to a wide array of charitable causes. (
  • Click ahead to see ideas for holiday presents that keep on giving, and double your generosity with a single gift. (


  • One way to do that is to pick a present that not only surprises your loved ones, but also gives back by helping those in need. (
  • 78 by Treasure and Bond, Nordstrom's first-ever private label give-back brand at Nordstrom and (


  • We're here to help navigate awkward gift-giving situations. (
  • Getty Images Setting a realistic budget before you shop and asking about alternatives to gift-giving can help you save money on holiday shopping this year. (


  • Finding the perfect gift for a man is never easy, but one gift that is sure to be well received, is a classic, Swiss made watch from Baume & Mercier. (




  • The potted plant has always been a popular Mother's Day gift. (


  • Clicking on the "Click Here to Give" button on the home page of The Animal Rescue Site, The Breast Cancer Site, The Hunger Site, and all of our other Click-to-Give sites is free to the visitor. (
  • petition gives you a way to impact public policy in ways that connect to the core issues of our Click-to-Give sites. (
  • Your city, state, country, and comments will also be visible on the Click-to-Give site(s) associated with the petition. (
  • CharityUSA hosts two kinds of petitions: petitions sponsored by one of our Click-to-Give sites (such as The Animal Rescue Site), and petitions sponsored by nonprofits. (


  • 100% of the money from sponsor advertising is given to the charity partners of each site by (


  • Are you looking for more meaningful gifts this holiday season? (
  • But this holiday season, the shoe company known for its buy-one/give-one policy is making a bigger splash by teaming with Target for an extensive collection that goes way beyond that recognizable footwear. (


  • Several years ago, after realizing she had blown a substantial bonus on gifts people had long forgotten, she told her parents, brother and sister that she was no longer going to buy Christmas gifts for them, and she didn't want them to buy her anything, either. (
  • Many people buy gifts without calculating their total expenditures and are surprised when the bills arrive . (


  • I really hope you give this a try, and show her just how much you really do care. (


  • And if you want to exchange a gift but see no receipt, there isn't a polite way to ask. (
  • Her friends draw names for a Secret Santa exchange and they have the added bonus of enjoying the get-together where they exchange the gifts. (


  • However, if your partner gets you gifts you loathe year after year, Masini said, 'It is appropriate to try and gently guide him toward what you do like. (
  • She and her husband decided several years ago that they would buy each of their three boys only four gifts every year: Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. (


  • I think that the gift-giving process is a toll on all three of those things. (
  • I think dark chocoloate ice-cream would be called for as to not to give away the joke. (


  • Hamlin suggests making an event out of it - designate a holiday lunch or dinner as a date, which can double as a mutual gift. (


  • Likewise, you shouldn't lie when you receive a gift you hate - but do keep mum when you don't like a present. (


  • If someone springs a gift on you that you weren't expecting, experts advise not to fib, saying, for example, that you sent something in the mail or left his gift at home. (
  • Mail the gift certificate to me and I will deliver it (US addresses only). (


  • It's only awkward if you make it a big deal,' said Stephanie L. Jones, a life coach who gave gifts for 500 consecutive days and recorded the experience on her blog, Giving Gal . (


  • Smart Decisions Reading the newspaper gives you information that helps you make smart decisions for you and your family. (


  • It is shown how this can increase the assistance given and it may explain the widespread use of quasi-credit in rural comunitities. (


  • Gift certificates may be used for all available Carnegie Hall-presented concerts designated as "Carnegie Hall Presents" in our program materials. (


  • Gift certificates expire five years from the date of purchase. (


  • Giving someone a [gift in that price range] probably isn't going to get them in trouble. (
  • Moreover it is shown that for a range of parameter values consistent with evidence from three villages in southern India, a simple scheme of gift-giving and quasi-credit can do almost as well as theoretically better but more complicated schemes. (


  • Some Americans are saving money and sanity by changing their gift-giving traditions and, in some cases, eliminating gift-giving entirely. (
  • O'Connell and her boyfriend put the money they would have spent on gifts toward trips they take together. (


  • Getting off the gift-giving merry-go-round starts with a frank discussion with friends and family. (


  • And true to company policy, for each purchase, the program will give a blanket, meals or shoes to a variety of charities. (


  • The IRS allows you to write off up to $25 per business gift. (
  • Once the event is over, you can always write a sincere thank you note or have a gift sent to them,' Hamlin said. (


  • They are fragile (don't drop them) but this gives them the frivolous wouldn't-buy-it-for-myself charm that's essential for a good present. (