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Journal of Food and Drug Analysis (2017) 25 (3): 681-690. (doi: 10.1016/j.jfda.2016.12.019 ) ... A promising technology to reduce furan formation in sterilized vegetable and vegetable/meat baby foods. Innovative Food Science ... Hurkova K., Rubert J., Stranska-Zachariasova M., Hajslova J.: Strategies to Document Adulteration of Food Supplement Based on ... Food Analytical Methods (2017), in press. (doi: 10.1007/s12161-017-0929-8). ...

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Media Table of Contents Top five Fast Food industries ......................................................................… ... fast food industry analysis 2013 * 1. International School of Business & Media Table of Contents Top five Fast Food industries ... According to this new research report, "Indian Fast Food Market Analysis", the Indian Fast Food Industry is anticipated to grow ... Food Preparations) Domino's (Sauces, Flour, Seasoning) Pizza Hut (Food Preparations) Subway (Prepared food like cereals) HS ...


CHROMATOGRAPHIC-MASS SPECTROMETRIC FOOD ANALYSIS FOR TRACE DETERMINATION OF PESTICIDE RESIDUES, XLIII ... CHROMATOGRAPHIC-MASS SPECTROMETRIC FOOD ANALYSIS FOR TRACE DETERMINATION OF PESTICIDE RESIDUES, XLIII. Author: By A.R. Fern ... as well as injection techniques applied in GC and LC food analysis. Finally the book deals with aspects related to analytical ... bakery beverage confectionery dairy fruit & vegetable meat & fish oil, margarines & sauces ready meal other feed & pet food ...

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Results for food chemical analysis from leading brands. Compare and contact a supplier near you on Environmental XPRT ... food chemical analysis Applications. Related terms for "food chemical analysis ": chemical analysis applications ... Gas analysis & monitoring system for food traceability. Recognition of raw materials: The analysis of stable isotopes is very ... It, on the basis of different isotopic ratio, allows to recognize molecules, present in foods, having the same chemical ...

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Romer continues to expand its offerings in food safety diagnostics with a focus on quality and innovation, according to the ... Romer Labs offers a full suite of qualitative and quantitative test kits and ISO-accredited laboratory services for food ... The September 2017 issue of Petfood Industry covers a premium pet food company that uses its historical focus on natural and ... Romer continues to expand its offerings in food safety diagnostics with a focus on quality and innovation, according to the ...

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A world-first global analysis of marine responses to climbing human CO2 emissions has painted a grim picture of future ... Global marine analysis suggests food chain collapse. Tuesday, 13 October 2015. A world-first global analysis of marine ... "There will be a species collapse from the top of the food chain down." The analysis also showed that with warmer waters or ... "With higher metabolic rates in the warmer water, and therefore a greater demand for food, there is a mismatch with less food ...

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Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for the food and beverage industry is a process of production failure analysis, which identifies the ... SKF delivers a production failure analysis report looking at failure causes and effects, plus a comprehensive plan of ... corrective actions to prevent recurrence, including upgrade technologies for Food and Beverage machineries impacting Industry ...

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Based on food type, the global pet food market can be divided ... The global pet food market can be divided on the basis of food ... Based on food type, the global pet food market can be divided into dry food, nutritious food, wet/canned food, and treats/ ... Dry food dominates the global pet food market followed by snacks/treat. Based on pet type the global pet food market can be ... The dry pet food held the largest market share in the global pet foods market, followed by snacks and treats, and wet foods. ...

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A recent analysis confirms that while conventional and organic vegetables offer similar levels of nutrients, organic foods have ... Food Facts. Find out food facts, nutrition facts, and healthy recipes of common healthy foods that you should add to your ... Organic Foods Have Higher Levels of Important Antioxidants. Just like the Stanford study, the new analysis2, 3, 4, 5, 6 also ... This despite the fact that the analysis-which looked at 240 studies comparing organically and conventionally grown food-found ...

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related to FDF, Food and Drink Federation, Institute of Grocery Distribution, IGD, Tesco, Kellogg, ... front-of-pack nutritional labelling is something the UK's Food Standards Agency is desperate to introduce in a bid to encourage ... just-food gives you the widest food market coverage.. Paid just-food members have unlimited access to all our exclusive content ... Get the latest comment, analysis and breaking news first. Sign up for the just-food newsletter. ...

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Analysis begins with a 40-question assessment that provides a snapshot of your beverage and food production plant's maintenance ... SKF Client Needs Analysis for Food and Beverage Production (CNA-AM) combines our experience in reliability-focused maintenance ... SKF Client Needs Analysis SKF helps mill diagnose problems and plan for success ... SKF Client Needs Analysis - Asset Management in the metals industry leaflet (104 KB) ...

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... according to a new analysis. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities says President Donald Trump's first budget would slash ... the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly Food Stamps) by nearly $200 billion. ... ... formerly Food Stamps) by nearly $200 billion. For West Virginia, that would mean a cut of $125 million a year to food aid for ... according to a new analysis. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities says President Donald Trump's first budget would slash ...

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This is a fun Saint Patrick's Day food prep activity with a task analysis sheet. I also have a video model that I can email to ... This is a fun Saint Patrick's Day food prep activity with a task analysis sheet. I also have a video model that I can email to ... This is a fun Saint Patrick's Day food prep activity with a task analysis sheet. I also have a video model that I can email to ...

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Markets and Analysis for the Food Processing Industry ... Food Business News. SUBSCRIBE to the PRINT edition, or click ... IFIC tackles myths of modern food processing 9/22/2017 - Business News 'Pseudo-scientific diet and health information surrounds ... Use our Research Assistant to find a compilation of articles containing pertinent information about specific food processing ... 4B&G Foods seeking to acquire frozen or shelf-stable on-trend brands ...

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Food Sentry, the recently launched global food source ... Food Sentry Releases Preliminary Analysis on International Food ... The results from Food Sentry's year-long research of more than 1000 food safety violations.Food Sentry's infographic showing ... but Food Sentry's initial analysis shows that, by far, violative levels of pesticides are the number one food safety problem ... The current analysis suggests that bringing safe food to the tables of consumers will be a continuing challenge. ...

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... food and shopping trends as a daily e-newsletter and video. ... Food News Today. Food, Nutrition & Science. Facts, Figures & ... Here Are The Next Food Trends. Full Tilt Marketing recently surveyed 37 food bloggers from across the country to get their ... We tend to talk a lot about Aldi, Lidl, Amazon and Whole foods - but Alibaba's Hema supermarket is worth a look and may give us ... There are some great foods in your supermarket that promote healthy teeth! ...

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... procedure were demonstrated by performing multielement analyses of 240 Food and Drug Administration Total Diet Studies food ... The capabilities of a relatively simple instrumental neutron activation analysis ... Detection limits were calculated for all food groups and are given for the 22 elements included in the quantitative analysis ... procedure were demonstrated by performing multielement analyses of 240 Food and Drug Administration Total Diet Studies food ...

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... microorganisms and... ... Food Enzymes Market Analysis: By Type (Carbohydrases, Proteases and Lipases); By Source (Plants, microorganisms and animals); ... Food Enzymes Market Analysis: By Type (Carbohydrases, Proteases and Lipases); By Source (Plants, microorganisms and animals); ... The Global food enzymes market is assessed to grow at a CAGR of 7.8% from 2015 to 2020.In this report, the global food enzymes ...

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Future Analysis for 3D CAD by Geographic Region/Country - France, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, Russia, and Rest of Europe Markets ... 7. GLOBAL MARKET PERSPECTIVE..............II-30 Table 6: World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for 3D CAD by Geographic ... Key Canadian Player III-7 B.Market Analytics..............III-7 Table 11: Canadian Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for ... 1. THE UNITED STATES.............. III-1 A.Market Analysis.............. III-1 Outlook.............. III-1 Product/Service ...

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E) "Quantitative analysis showing the probability of extinction in the wild is at least 20% within 20 years or five generations ... lots of food here, it makes much more sense to just ignore it and start eating my original kill." It just went "SOMETHING IS ... Unscientifically vague, but Mr "7,824.7 to 1" Spock may well have performed the quantitative analysis himself. Finally, ... and an odd assortment of Eldritch Abominations that view bipeds as food. Even if Jim didn't press charges, Spock was ...

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(1/1008) Rapidly available glucose in foods: an in vitro measurement that reflects the glycemic response.

BACKGROUND: A chemically based classification of dietary carbohydrates that takes into account the likely site, rate, and extent of digestion is presented. The classification divides dietary carbohydrates into sugars, starch fractions, and nonstarch polysaccharides, and groups them into rapidly available glucose (RAG) and slowly available glucose (SAG) as to the amounts of glucose (from sugar and starch, including maltodextrins) likely to be available for rapid and slow absorption, respectively, in the human small intestine. OBJECTIVE: We hypothesize that RAG is an important food-related determinant of the glycemic response. DESIGN: The measurement of RAG, SAG, and starch fractions by an in vitro technique is described, based on the measurement by HPLC of the glucose released from a test food during timed incubation with digestive enzymes under standardized conditions. Eight healthy adult subjects consumed 8 separate test meals ranging in RAG content from 11 to 49 g. RESULTS: The correlation between glycemic response and RAG was highly significant (P < 0.0001) and a given percentage increase in RAG was associated with the same percentage increase in glycemic response. After subject variation was accounted for, RAG explained 70% of the remaining variance in glycemic response. CONCLUSIONS: We show the significance of in vitro measurements of RAG in relation to glycemic response in human studies. The simple in vitro measurement of RAG and SAG is of physiologic relevance and could serve as a tool for investigating the importance of the amount, type, and form of dietary carbohydrates for health.  (+info)

(2/1008) A comparison of electron-capture GLC, electrolytic-conductivity GLC and UV-absorption HPLC for the analysis of some herbicides in foods.

A comparison of gas chromatography with electron-capture or electrolytic-conductivity (nitrogen mode) detection, and high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) with UV-absorption detection (254 nm) was carried out for the analysis of several herbicides in foods. Linuron, propanil, terbacil, benzoylprop-ethyl, and the fungicide DCNA in samples of cabbage, corn, potato, and wheat spiked at 2 and 0.2 ppm were examined. The pesticides were extracted with acetone, partitioned into petroleum ether-methylene chloride, and cleaned up on a 2% deactivated Florisil column before direct chromatographic analysis. Electron-capture gas-liquid chromatography (GLC) was most suitable for DCNA and benzoylprop-ethyl while UV-absorption HPLC was best for terbacil analysis. Linuron and propanil gave similar results for both electron-capture GLC and HPLC. Electrolytic-conductivity GLC could detect all pesticides at the 0.2 ppm level and exhibited the least number of extraneous peaks in the chromatograms.  (+info)

(3/1008) Pyrolysis GLC identification of food and drug ingredients. II. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of penicillins and cephalosporins.

Pyrolysis gas-liquid chromatography (PGLC) provided reproducible pyrograms for 14 penicillins and cephalosporins studied which permitted direct characterization and differentiation of the antibiotics in almost all cases. The quantitative application of the technique was explored using four of the antibiotics. Standard curves were constructed based on the height of the most intense (and symmetrical) peak in the pyrograms. Excellent linearity was obtained in the ranges studied, 10 nanograms - 100 micrograms. Further quantitative application of the method is discussed.  (+info)

(4/1008) Measurement of gluten using a monoclonal antibody to a coeliac toxic peptide of A-gliadin.

BACKGROUND: Future European Community regulations will require a sensitive and specific assay for measurement of coeliac toxic gluten proteins in foods marketed as gluten-free. To avoid spurious cross reactions with non-toxic proteins, specific antibodies and target antigens are required. A synthetic 19 amino acid peptide of A gliadin has been shown to cause deterioration in the morphology of small intestinal biopsy specimens of coeliac patients in remission. AIMS: To develop an assay for detection of gluten in foods, based on measurement of a known toxic peptide. METHODS: A monoclonal antibody raised against the toxic A gliadin peptide, with a polyclonal anti-unfractionated gliadin capture antibody, was used to develop a double sandwich enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the measurement of gluten in foods. RESULTS: Standard curves for gliadin and for rye, barley, and oat prolamins were produced. The sensitivity of the assay was 4 ng/ml of gliadin, 500 ng/ml for rye prolamins, and 1000 ng/ml for oat and barley prolamins. The assay could detect gluten in cooked foods, although at reduced sensitivity. Prolamins from coeliac non-toxic rice, maize, millet, and sorghum did not cross react in the assay. A variety of commercially available gluten-free foods were analysed; small quantities of gluten were detected in some products. CONCLUSION: The assay may form the basis of a sensitive method for measurement of gluten in foods for consumption by patients with coeliac disease.  (+info)

(5/1008) DNA adducts of heterocyclic amine food mutagens: implications for mutagenesis and carcinogenesis.

The heterocyclic amines (HCAs) are a family of mutagenic/carcinogenic compounds produced during the pyrolysis of creatine, amino acids and proteins. The major subclass of HCAs found in the human diet comprise the aminoimidazoazaarenes (AIAs) 2-amino-3-methylimidazo[4,5-f]quinoline (IQ), 2-amino-3,4-dimethylimidazo[4,5-f]quinoline (MeIQ), 2-amino-3,8-dimethylimidazo[4,5-f]quinoxaline (MeIQx), 2-amino-3,4,8-trimethylimidazo[4,5-f]quinoxaline (DiMeIQx) and 2-amino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo[4,5-b]pyridine (PhIP). All, except DiMeIQx, have been shown to be carcinogenic in animals. These compounds are present in cooked muscle meats at the p.p.b. level. Since the discovery of the HCAs in the late 1970s, many studies have examined the DNA adducts of these compounds. This review compiles the literature on AIA-DNA adducts including their identification and characterization, pathways of formation, mutagenesis in vitro and in vivo, and their association with carcinogenesis in animal models. It is now known that metabolic activation leading to the formation of DNA adducts is critical for mutagenicity and carcinogenicity of these compounds. All of the AIAs studied adduct to the guanine base, the major adduct being formed at the C8 position. Two AIAs, IQ and MeIQx, also form minor adducts at the N2 position of guanine. A growing body of literature has reported on the mutation spectra induced by AIA-guanine adducts. Studies of animal tumors induced by AIAs have begun to relate AIA-DNA adduct-induced mutagenic events with the mutations found in critical genes associated with oncogenesis. Several studies have demonstrated the feasibility of chemoprevention of AIA tumorigenesis. Only a few studies have reported on the detection of AIA-DNA adducts in human tissues; difficulties persist in the routine detection of AIA-DNA adducts in humans for the purpose of biomonitoring of exposure to AIAs. The AIAs are nevertheless regarded as possible human carcinogens, and future research on AIA-DNA adducts is likely to help address the role of AIAs in human cancer.  (+info)

(6/1008) Cytotoxic and mutagenic response of mismatch repair-defective human cancer cells exposed to a food-associated heterocyclic amine.

The cytotoxic and mutagenic effects of 2-amino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo-[4,5-b]-pyridine (PhIP), a food-associated heterocyclic amine, were measured in three human cancer cell lines possessing different mismatch repair (MMR) defects and in matched cell lines corrected for the MMR deficiencies by specific chromosome transfer. Cells deficient in MMR were more resistant to PhIP-induced cytotoxicity and displayed approximately 3-fold more induced mutations at the hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyl transferase locus. These results suggest that defects in MMR carried by patients with hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer syndrome may result in enhanced sensitivity to certain dietary and environmental carcinogens such as PhIP.  (+info)

(7/1008) Environmental occurrence, analysis, and toxicology of toxaphene compounds.

Toxaphene production, in quantities similar to those of polychlorinated biphenyls, has resulted in high toxaphene levels in fish from the Great Lakes and in Arctic marine mammals (up to 10 and 16 microg g-1 lipid). Because of the large variabiliity in total toxaphene data, few reliable conclusions can be drawn about trends or geographic differences in toxaphene concentrations. New developments in mass spectrometric detection using either negative chemical ionization or electron impact modes as well as in multidimensional gas chromatography recently have led researchers to suggest congener-specific approaches. Recently, several nomenclature systems have been developed for toxaphene compounds. Although all systems have specific advantages and limitations, it is suggested that an international body such as the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry make an attempt to obtain uniformity in the literature. Toxicologic information on individual chlorobornanes is scarce, but some reports have recently appeared. Neurotoxic effects of toxaphene exposure such as those on behavior and learning have been reported. Technical toxaphene and some individual congeners were found to be weakly estrogenic in in vitro test systems; no evidence for endocrine effects in vivo has been reported. In vitro studies show technical toxaphene and toxaphene congeners to be mutagenic. However, in vivo studies have not shown genotoxicity; therefore, a nongenotoxic mechanism is proposed. Nevertheless, toxaphene is believed to present a potential carcinogenic risk to humans. Until now, only Germany has established a legal tolerance level for toxaphene--0.1 mg kg-1 wet weight for fish.  (+info)

(8/1008) Iodine in drinking water varies by more than 100-fold in Denmark. Importance for iodine content of infant formulas.

The iodine intake level of the population is of major importance for the occurrence of thyroid disorders in an area. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the importance of drinking water iodine content for the known regional differences in iodine intake in Denmark and for the iodine content of infant formulas. Iodine in tap water obtained from 55 different locations in Denmark varied from <1.0 to 139 microg/l. In general the iodine content was low in Jutland (median 4.1 microg/l) with higher values on Sealand (23 microg/l) and other islands. Preparation of coffee or tea did not reduce the iodine content of tap water with a high initial iodine concentration. A statistically significant correlation was found between tap water iodine content today and the urinary iodine excretion measured in 41 towns in 1967 (r=0.68, P<0.001). The correlation corresponded to a basic urinary iodine excretion in Denmark of 43 microg/24h excluding iodine in water and a daily water intake of 1.7 l. The iodine content of infant formulas prepared by addition of demineralized water varied from 37 to 138 microg/l (median 57 microg/l, n=18). Hence the final iodine content would depend heavily on the source of water used for preparation. We found that iodine in tap water was a major determinant of regional differences in iodine intake in Denmark. Changes in water supply and possibly water purification methods may influence the population iodine intake level and the occurrence of thyroid disorders.  (+info)

insecurity was associated

  • We examined whether food insecurity was associated with BMI and obesity within gender and racial/ethnic groups in a large, diverse sample of low-income adults. (biomedsearch.com)


  • Ellen Kersten, a University of California, Berkeley PhD candidate and this year's winner of PCD 's 2012 student research contest, investigates the availability of nutritious foods in small food stores in six predominantly urban counties in Northern California. (cdc.gov)
  • We conducted in-store surveys in 2009 on store type and the availability of nutritious food in a sample of nonchain food stores (n = 102) in 6 predominantly urban counties in Northern California (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Sacramento, San Francisco, and Santa Clara). (cdc.gov)
  • Very low food security predicts obesity predominantly in California Hispanic men and women. (biomedsearch.com)


  • OBJECTIVE: A high prevalence of food insecurity has persisted in the USA for the past two decades. (biomedsearch.com)
  • RESULTS: Among Hispanic men, very low food security was associated with a 1.0 kg/m2 higher BMI (95 % CI 0.3, 1.7 kg/m2) and a 36 % higher prevalence of obesity (95 % CI 17, 58 %) after multivariate adjustment. (biomedsearch.com)


  • Of and the with meat based, rice… Not to foods it of, no beneficial that all hydrogen fat in. (sapphirekitetours.com)
  • Meat canines with airway foods is named and by who of malignant outweigh not canin. (sapphirekitetours.com)

improved diet

  • Supermarkets and large chain grocery stores tend to offer a variety of nutritious foods, and access to such stores is related to improved diet and reduced risk for obesity (2,3). (cdc.gov)


  • A group of minority shareholders in Lees Foods have reportedly approached the UK's Takeover Panel as its attempt to block a proposed GBP5.6m (US$8.9m) management-buyout continues apace. (just-food.com)
  • Given the strong relationship between diet and health, and the limited availability of sources of nutritious food in many low-income and racial/ethnic minority neighborhoods, community nutrition environments may contribute to disparities in diet-related health conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease (2,3). (cdc.gov)
  • CONCLUSIONS: Our results suggest that the association of food insecurity and obesity is limited to individuals of certain low-income, minority racial/ethnic groups. (biomedsearch.com)


  • The objective of this study was to determine whether data from 3 sources would yield a single, homogenous, healthful food store category that can be used to accurately characterize community nutrition environments for public health research. (cdc.gov)
  • The primary objective of this study was to examine the categorization of small food stores and determine whether data from 3 sources would yield a single homogenous healthful food store category. (cdc.gov)


  • This is the final evidence session for the inquiry on food security. (parliament.uk)
  • We compared the distribution of BMI and obesity by food security levels within gender and racial/ethnic categories. (biomedsearch.com)
  • We investigated associations between Plasmodium falciparum infection, nutrition, and food security in a cross-sectional survey of 365 Batwa pygmies in Kanungu District, Uganda in January of 2013. (ajtmh.org)


  • But only paid just-food members have full, unlimited access to all our exclusive content - including 17 years of archives. (just-food.com)
  • For that content food. (sapphirekitetours.com)


  • One aspect of neighborhood context that has received attention from public health researchers and advocates in recent years is the availability of food outlets and nutritious food, commonly referred to as the community nutrition environment (1). (cdc.gov)
  • To evaluate community nutrition environments, researchers frequently use food store location and classification data from secondary data sources, such as proprietary commercial databases or business listings from public agencies (4). (cdc.gov)


  • Sampled small food stores yielded a heterogeneous group of stores in terms of store type and nutritious food options. (cdc.gov)
  • We hypothesized that most small food stores (defined as generating less than $1 million in annual sales) selected from a single industry category for grocery stores would represent a homogenous group of healthful food stores (ie, offer nutritious and fresh food items). (cdc.gov)


  • Key themes are: the resilience of our food supply systems in the face of climate change, and technological transfer and uptake. (parliament.uk)


  • DESIGN: A cross-sectional analysis of a large population-based health survey. (biomedsearch.com)
  • a make meal… At vitamins have supplies, food that puppies health lonsdale supplementation. (sapphirekitetours.com)


  • After a relaxing Easter break, news of another piece of M&A in the UK food sector emerged with a potential management buy-out at cake maker Lees Foods. (just-food.com)


  • Small, independent food stores have been either ignored (5,6) or distinguished from supermarkets and convenience stores according to the number of cash registers (7), industry codes (8), store name (9,10), number of employees (11,12), or annual sales volume (13). (cdc.gov)
  • More recent approaches use combinations of characteristics included in commercial databases to categorize independent food stores as either "healthy" or "unhealthy" (14-16). (cdc.gov)


  • Whether targeted interventions to address food insecurity in these individuals may also decrease obesity risk deserves further investigation. (biomedsearch.com)


  • Commercial databases alone may not adequately categorize small food stores and the availability of nutritious foods. (cdc.gov)


  • Later in the week, another UK manufacturer, Adelie Food Holdings, made the headlines with news of its sale to an Indian buyer. (just-food.com)



  • Within Batwa pygmy communities, where malnutrition and food insecurity are common, individuals who are particularly undernourished or severely food-insecure may have elevated risk for P. falciparum parasitemia. (ajtmh.org)


  • Journal of Food and Drug Analysis (2017) 25 (3): 681-690. (vscht.cz)
  • Journal of Food Protection (2017) 80 (9): 1415-1421. (vscht.cz)


  • Small food stores are prevalent in urban neighborhoods, but the availability of nutritious food at such stores is not well known. (cdc.gov)