Actinomycosis: Infections with bacteria of the genus ACTINOMYCES.Actinomycosis, Cervicofacial: A form of ACTINOMYCOSIS characterized by slow-growing inflammatory lesions of the lymph nodes that drain the mouth (lumpy jaw), reddening of the overlying skin, and intraperitoneal abscesses.Actinomyces: A genus of gram-positive, rod-shaped bacteria whose organisms are nonmotile. Filaments that may be present in certain species are either straight or wavy and may have swollen or clubbed heads.Intrauterine Devices: Contraceptive devices placed high in the uterine fundus.Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: A spectrum of inflammation involving the female upper genital tract and the supporting tissues. It is usually caused by an ascending infection of organisms from the endocervix. Infection may be confined to the uterus (ENDOMETRITIS), the FALLOPIAN TUBES; (SALPINGITIS); the ovaries (OOPHORITIS), the supporting ligaments (PARAMETRITIS), or may involve several of the above uterine appendages. Such inflammation can lead to functional impairment and infertility.Bronchial DiseasesOophoritis: Inflammation of the OVARY, generally caused by an ascending infection of organisms from the endocervix.Pelvic Infection: Infection involving the tissues or organs in the PELVIS.Actinomyces viscosus: A species of ACTINOMYCES found in the oral cavity of man and hamsters. It has been isolated from actinomycotic lesions in swine, cats, and dogs and has been identified as a causative agent of animal diseases.Skin Diseases, Bacterial: Skin diseases caused by bacteria.Colon, Ascending: The segment of LARGE INTESTINE between the CECUM and the TRANSVERSE COLON. It passes cephalad from the cecum to the caudal surface of the right lobe of the LIVER where it bends sharply to the left, forming the right colic flexure.Lung Diseases: Pathological processes involving any part of the LUNG.Penicillins: A group of antibiotics that contain 6-aminopenicillanic acid with a side chain attached to the 6-amino group. The penicillin nucleus is the chief structural requirement for biological activity. The side-chain structure determines many of the antibacterial and pharmacological characteristics. (Goodman and Gilman's The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, 8th ed, p1065)

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Pathogenicity - causes the disease actinomycosis. In man it is usually caused by A. israelli. They are commensals of mouth, ... Actinomycosis in human beings is an endogenous infection. The actinomyces species are normally present in the mouth, intestine ... Actinomycosis in human beings occurs in 4 forms : (a) Cervicofacial - indurated lesions on the cheek and submaxillary regions ...
*  Actinomycosis of Cecum Associated with Entamoeba Infection Mimicking Perforated Colon Cancer
... Deniz Eren Böler,1 Cihan Uras,1 ... H. K. Ha, H. J. Lee, H. Kim et al., "Abdominal actinomycosis: CT findings in 10 patients," American Journal of Roentgenology, ... T. Lall, T. M. Shehab, and P. Valenstein, "Isolated hepatic actinomycosis: a case report," Journal of Medical Case Reports, vol ... Y. H. Lee, S. H. Kim, M. Y. Cho, B. S. Rhoe, and M. S. Kim, "Actinomycosis of the gallbladder mimicking carcinoma: a case ...
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Actinomycosis of the gastrointestinal tract most commonly develops in the ileocecal region, but the infection can also arise in ... Cervicofacial actinomycosis is the most common form of the disease, however. The lesion typically begins as a painful, ... Actinomycosis of the lung and pleura become more complicated when the mediastinum, pericardium, thoracic vertebrae, or ... Pelvic actinomycosis, now reported with increasing frequency, is associated with the use of intrauterine devices. ...
*  Pulmonary actinomycosis complicating infliximab therapy for Crohn's disease
... R D Cohen, W R Bowie, R Enns, J Flint, and J M ... Actinomycosis has also occasionally been reported to complicate the diagnosis of CD of the small bowel; however, our patient ... Pulmonary actinomycosis is a relatively rare disease usually caused by Actinomyces israelii, but other pathogenic species have ... 1. Yildiz O, Doganay M. Actinomycoses and Nocardia pulmonary infections. Curr Opin Pulm Med 2006. 12228-234.234 [PubMed] ...
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Actinomycosis, chronic bacterial infection of humans and cattle that is caused by anaerobic or microaerophilic (oxygen- ... and abdominal and pelvic actinomycosis. Thoracic actinomycosis may result from inhalation of the organism into the air passages ... In rare cases actinomycosis may be disseminated via the bloodstream, in which case lesions appear in most parts of the body. ... More About Actinomycosis. 1 reference found in Britannica articles. Assorted References. *caused by actinomycete* In ...
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Make research projects and school reports about actinomycosis easy with credible articles from our FREE, online encyclopedia ... Actinomycosis Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, 3rd ed. COPYRIGHT 2006 Thomson Gale. Actinomycosis. Definition. Actinomycosis is ... Actinomycosis also occurs in horses, cattle, swine, and dogs; it resembles human actinomycosis, but is caused by various other ... Fifty percent of actinomycosis cases are of the head and neck region (also called "lumpy jaw" and "cervicofacial actinomycosis ...
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The dog's abscesses will be drained and lavaged for several days. In some cases, a penrose drain will be utilized, whereby a soft rubber tube is placed in the affected area to prevent fluid buildup. Depending on the severity of the infection, your veterinarian may also need to debride (cut open and/or remove tissue) or remove bone, which will require surgery.. Many veterinarians recommend the administration of antibiotics for a minimum of three to four months after the resolution of all signs. This will assist in fighting against other commonly associated microbes.. ...
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Reviews and ratings for vibra-tabs when used in the treatment of actinomycosis. Share your experience with this medication by ... Reviews for Vibra-Tabs to treat Actinomycosis. No reviews have yet been submitted. Be the first to review this drug. ...
*  Actinomycosis of Cecum Associated with Entamoeba Infection Mimicking Perforated Colon Cancer
... Deniz Eren Böler,1 Cihan Uras,1 ... Actinomycosis is a granulomatous disease caused by Actinomyces that mimics other intra-abdominal pathologies especially ... After radical surgery, definitive pathology revealed that the mass was due to actinomycosis associated with Entamoeba infection ... It is important to consider actinomycosis especially in patients with intra-abdominal masses with unusual aggressiveness to ...
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Learn more about Actinomycosis at Coliseum Health System DefinitionCausesRisk ... Actinomycosis is most often caused by infection by specific bacteria. This is normally present in the mouth, and sometimes in ... The best way to reduce your chances of developing actinomycosis is to prevent dental disease by practicing good dental hygiene ... Actinomycosis is a bacterial infection that results in collections of pus in the body. ...
*  Mycotic pulmonary artery aneurysm as an unusual complication of thoracic actinomycosis.
Thoracic actinomycosis: CT findingsRadiologyYear: 19982092292339769836. 6. Bennhoff DF. Actinomycosis: diagnosis and ... Actinomycosis / complications*. Aged. Aneurysm, Infected / etiology*, radiography*, therapy. Embolization, Therapeutic. Humans ... Only one case of mycotic pulmonary aneurysm due to actinomycosis has been reported in the medical literature (1); however, to ... Thoracic actinomycosis usually results from aspiration of infective materials in the oropharynx. The organism produces ...
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The area of necrosis in the mass of actinomycosis is small, if present. Actinomycosis is accompanied by a few reactive cervical ... Few reports describe the imaging findings of cervicofacial actinomycosis. CT findings of cervicofacial actinomycosis include an ... Cervicofacial Actinomycosis: CT and MR Imaging Findings in Seven Patients. Ji Kang Park, Ho Kyu Lee, Hyun Kwon Ha, Hae Young ... Cervicofacial Actinomycosis: CT and MR Imaging Findings in Seven Patients. Ji Kang Park, Ho Kyu Lee, Hyun Kwon Ha, Hae Young ...
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Violinist Joseph Joachim died of actinomycosis on 15 August 1907. Actinomycosis occurs rarely in humans, but rather frequently ... Actinomycosis is a rare infectious bacterial disease caused by Actinomyces species. About 70% of infections are due to either ... Actinomycosis abscesses grow larger as the disease progresses, often over months. In severe cases, they may penetrate the ... Actinomycosis is primarily caused by any of several members of the bacterial genus Actinomyces. These bacteria are generally ...
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Cutaneous actinomycosis is a chronic disease that affects the deep subcutaneous tissue of the skin. Caused by an anaerobic, ... Roy D, Roy PG, Misra PK (2003). "An interesting case of primary cutaneous actinomycosis". Dermatology Online Journal. 9 (5): 17 ... "Primary cutaneous actinomycosis". International Journal of Dermatology. 47 (12): 1271-3. doi:10.1111/j.1365-4632.2008.03854.x. ...
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... conditions/actinomycosis/overview_of_actinomycosis.html Okulicz, J. F. (2016). Actinomycosis Treatment & Management. Retrieved ... Actinomycosis in animals is caused by Actinomyces bovis (whereas human infections are usually due to A. israelii). ... As is often the case, there are diseases/conditions with signs and symptoms that are similar to actinomycosis. As such, ... In all these species, actinomycosis results in cold abscess, with granulomatous formations on the fistulised place. It is a ...
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Thoracic actinomycosis: This type of actinomycosis is much more common in adults and is frequently associated with aspiration ... Thoracic Actinomycosis. Thoracic disease accounts for 15% of all cases of actinomycosis. Common symptoms include a chest wall ... Abdominopelvic actinomycosis: This type of actinomycosis most often develops as a result of surgical complications or abdominal ... Cervicofacial actinomycosis: The most common predisposing factor for cervicofacial actinomycosis is some kind of disruption of ...
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Broncholithiasis has occasionally been reported in association with actinomycosis but it is unclear if actinomycosis leads to ... Broncholithiasis secondary to pulmonary actinomycosis Message Subject (Your Name) has sent you a message from American ... Broncholithiasis secondary to pulmonary actinomycosis. Nicholas R. Henry and John D. Hinze ... We report a case of broncholithiasis secondary to pulmonary actinomycosis. ...
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Definition of Actinomycosis, symptoms of Actinomycosis, treatment of Actinomycosis, and prevention of Actinomycosis. Exams and ... Actinomycosis. Definition. Actinomycosis is a chronic infection, commonly of the face and neck, that produces abscesses and ... Actinomycosis may occasionally occur in the chest (pulmonary actinomycosis) and abdomen or other areas of the body. ... Treatment for actinomycosis is long-term, with 1-2 months of penicillin given through a vein, followed by 6-12 months of ...
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... adalah bakteri langka yang menginfeksi paru-paru. Actinomycosis paru disebabkan oleh salah satu dari dua ... Actinomycosis di paru-paru menyebabkan rongga paru-paru, noda di paru-paru, dan efusi pleura. Penyakit ini jarang terjadi pada ... Penyalahgunaan alkohol, memiliki bekas luka di paru-paru (bronkiektasis), dan emphysema berhubungan dengan actinomycosis. ...
*  Vocal Cord Actinomycosis: A Case Report
However, the actinomycosis of the larynx is very rare, and only about 15 cases have been reported in the literature so far. ... Conclusion: Laryngeal actinomycosis might be related to poor oral hygiene and mucosal barrier disruption, as well as to being ... Case Report: Here we report a case of actinomycosis of the larynx in a 14-year-old shepherd boy who was not immunocompromised ... Actinomycosis is a systemic chronic bacterial infection caused by Actinomyces Israelii, an anaerobic organism normally resident ...

(1/212) Actinomyces and nocardia infections in immunocompromised and nonimmunocompromised patients.

A retrospective survey of nocardia and actinomyces infections in five local hospitals was conducted over a 3-year period in El Paso, Texas, a border city, in the southwestern United States. The medical records of 42 patients with suspected nocardiosis or actinomycosis were reviewed. One patient was diagnosed with actinomyces and 12 patients with nocardia. Microbiological data included morphologic characteristics, biochemical profile, and susceptibility testing. Predisposing factors included leukemia, renal insufficiency, renal transplant, and lymphoma. No predisposing factors were found in 67% (n = 8) of patients (including the patient with actinomycosis). Twenty-three percent (n = 3) of patients had disseminated disease without evidence of underlying disease or immunosuppression. The mortality and morbidity of these infections appeared to be low.  (+info)

(2/212) Pathogenesis of cancrum oris (noma): confounding interactions of malnutrition with infection.

This study showed that impoverished Nigerian children at risk for cancrum oris (noma) had significantly reduced plasma concentrations of zinc (< 10.8 micromol/L), retinol (< 1.05 micromol/L), ascorbate (< 11 micromol/L), and the essential amino acids, with prominently increased plasma and saliva levels of free cortisol, compared with their healthy counterparts. The nutrient deficiencies, in concert with previously reported widespread viral infections (measles, herpesviruses) in the children, would impair oral mucosal immunity. We postulate, subject to additional studies, that evolution of the oral mucosal ulcers including acute necrotizing gingivitis to noma is triggered by a consortium of microorganisms of which Fusobacterium necrophorum is a key component. Fusobacterium necrophorum elaborates several dermonecrotic toxic metabolites and is acquired by the impoverished children via fecal contamination resulting from shared residential facilities with animals and very poor environmental sanitation.  (+info)

(3/212) Childhood actinomycosis. Report of 3 recent cases.

Three cases of childhood actinomycosis are reported, 2 with the commonest presentation of cervicofacial abscess and the third with a rarely reported superficial chest wall abscess. The importance of prompt bacteriological diagnosis and adequate treatment with surgical drainage and chemotherapy is stressed. Though in adults males are affected more frequently than females, the sexes are probably equally affected in childhood.  (+info)

(4/212) Endobronchial actinomycosis simulating endobronchial tuberculosis: a case report.

We report a case of a 70-year-old woman who presented with mild exertional dyspnea and cough. Fiberoptic bronchoscopic findings revealed an endobronchial polypoid lesion with stenotic bronchus. The lesion was very similar to endobronchial tuberculosis. Histologic examination of the biopsy specimen demonstrated Actinomyces infection. There was a clinical response to intravenous penicillin therapy. Primary endobronchial actinomycosis must be considered in the differential diagnosis of an endobronchial lesion, especially endobronchial tuberculosis in Korea.  (+info)

(5/212) Actinomyces bowdenii sp. nov., isolated from canine and feline clinical specimens.

Four strains of a previously undescribed Actinomyces-like bacterium were isolated from canine and feline clinical specimens. Phenotypic studies indicated the strains were members of the genus Actinomyces, and most closely resembled Actinomyces viscosus serotype I and Actinomyces slackii. Comparative 16S rRNA gene sequencing studies demonstrated the unknown bacterium constitutes a new subline within a group of Actinomyces species, which includes Actinomyces bovis, the type species of the genus. Based on phylogenetic and phenotypic evidence it is proposed that the unknown bacterium be classified as Actinomyces bowdenii sp. nov. The type strain of Actinomyces bowdenii is CCUG 37421T.  (+info)

(6/212) Infection of a hip prosthesis by Actinomyces naeslundii.

We present the case of a 77-year-old woman who developed an Actinomyces naeslundii infection of a hip prosthesis. The isolate grew well aerobically with 5% CO(2). Possible diagnostic problems may arise in the microbiological laboratory because aerobic growth is not sufficiently accounted for in some of the traditional identification schemes and commercial test kits. Therefore, besides presenting an unusual pathogen in this setting, this report focuses on possible diagnostic problems in the microbiological laboratory.  (+info)

(7/212) Molecular and genetic analyses of Actinomyces spp.

Members of the genus Actinomyces are predominant primary colonizers of the oral cavity and play an important role in initiating plaque development. These bacteria have evolved unique mechanisms that favor colonization and persistence in this micro-environment. The expression of cell-surface fimbriae is correlated with the ability of these bacteria to adhere to specific receptors on the tooth and mucosal surfaces, and to interact with other plaque bacteria. The elaboration of sialidase is thought to enhance fimbriae-mediated adherence by unmasking the fimbrial receptors on mammalian cells. The presence of certain cell-associated or extracellular enzymes, including those involved in sucrose or urea metabolism, may provide the means for these bacteria to thrive under conditions when other growth nutrients are not available. Moreover, these enzyme activities may influence the distribution of other plaque bacteria and promote selection for Actinomyces spp. in certain ecological niches. The recent development of a genetic transfer system for Actinomyces spp. has allowed for studies the results of which demonstrate the existence of multiple genes involved in fimbriae synthesis and function, and facilitated the construction of allelic replacement mutants at each gene locus. Analyses of these mutants have revealed a direct correlation between the synthesis of assembled fimbriae and the observed adherence properties. Further genetic analysis of the various enzyme activities detected from strains of Actinomyces should allow for an assessment of the role of these components in microbial ecology, and their contribution to the overall success of Actinomyces spp. as a primary colonizer and a key player in oral health and disease.  (+info)

(8/212) Actinomyces canis sp. nov., isolated from dogs.

Three strains of a previously undescribed catalase-positive Actinomyces-like bacterium were isolated from dogs. Biochemical testing and PAGE analysis of whole-cell proteins indicated that the strains were phenotypically highly related to each other but different from previously described Actinomyces and Arcanobacterium species. Sequencing of 16S rRNA showed that the unknown bacterium represents a new subline within a cluster of species which includes Actinomyces hyovaginalis, Actinomyces georgiae, Actinomyces meyeri, Actinomyces odontolyticus, Actinomyces radingae and Actinomyces turicensis. On the basis of phenotypic evidence and 16S rRNA sequence divergence levels (greater than 5% with recognized Actinomyces species) it is proposed that the unknown strains from canine sources be classified as a new species with the name Actinomyces canis sp. nov. The type strain of Actinomyces canis is CCUG 41706T (= CIP 106351T).  (+info)

  • penicillin
  • Treatment for actinomycosis is long-term, with 1-2 months of penicillin given through a vein, followed by 6-12 months of penicillin taken by mouth. (
  • Treatment for actinomycosis consists of antibiotics such as penicillin or amoxicillin for 5 to 12 months, as well as surgery if the disease is extensive. (
  • mucosal
  • This type of actinomycosis is much more common in adults and is frequently associated with aspiration of oral secretions or foreign bodies, which then disrupt the normal bronchial mucosal barriers. (
  • Laryngeal actinomycosis might be related to poor oral hygiene and mucosal barrier disruption, as well as to being immunocompromised. (
  • sulfur
  • The classic presentation of actinomycosis typically is the indolent development of a firm mass, which often develops fistulous tracts that drain purulent material or sulfur granules. (
  • tissue
  • Actinomycosis is difficult to treat because of its dense tissue location. (
  • An affected human often has recently had dental work, poor oral hygiene, periodontal disease, radiation therapy, or trauma (broken jaw) causing local tissue damage to the oral mucosa, all of which predispose the person to developing actinomycosis. (
  • One of the hallmarks of actinomycosis is its potential to dissect through tissue planes, disregarding normal anatomic barriers. (
  • appendix
  • Actinomycosis of the appendix mimicking appendiceal tumor: a case report," World Journal of Gastroenterology , vol. 16, no. 3, pp. 395-397, 2010. (
  • case
  • Vocal Cord Actinomycosis: A Case Report', Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology , 23(2), pp. 49-52. (
  • Here we report a case of actinomycosis of the larynx in a 14-year-old shepherd boy who was not immunocompromised but had a history of tooth extraction two months prior to admission to the hospital and severe laryngitis one year prior to admission. (