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  • role
  • Pioneering asymptotic statistics, proved an early version of the Bernstein-von Mises theorem on the irrelevance of the (regular) prior distribution on the limiting posterior distribution, highlighting the asymptotic role of the Fisher information. (wikipedia.org)
  • logic
  • Arguments in subjective logic are subjective opinions about state variables which can take values from a domain (aka state space), where a state value can be thought of as a proposition which can be true or false. (wikipedia.org)
  • These philosophical ideas are directly reflected in the mathematical formalism of subjective logic. (wikipedia.org)
  • Jeffrey also wrote, or co-wrote, two widely used and influential logic textbooks: Formal Logic: Its Scope and Limits, a basic introduction to logic, and Computability and Logic, a more advanced text dealing with, among other things, the famous negative results of twentieth century logic such as Gödel's incompleteness theorems and Tarski's indefinability theorem. (wikipedia.org)
  • problem
  • Bayes' solution to a problem of inverse probability was presented in "An Essay towards solving a Problem in the Doctrine of Chances" which was read to the Royal Society in 1763 after Bayes' death. (wikipedia.org)
  • Bayes' "Essay" contains his solution to a similar problem posed by Abraham de Moivre, author of The Doctrine of Chances (1718). (wikipedia.org)