• mask
  • There will be a picture of a face and mask in the header bar with the letters NIV (non-invasive ventilation). (starship.org.nz)
  • Comparative studies indicate that the standard laryngeal tube is generally as effective as the laryngeal mask airway, while some studies indicate that the Pro-seal laryngeal mask may be more effective than the standard laryngeal tube under controlled ventilation conditions in general anaesthesia. (wikipedia.org)
  • system
  • The Sting Ray's interior carried a new interpretation of the twin-cowl Corvette dash motif used since 1958, It was also more practical, now incorporating a roomy glovebox, an improved heater, and the cowl-ventilation system. (wikipedia.org)
  • years
  • Page B, Vieillard-Baron A, Beauchet A, Aegerter Ph, Prin S, Jardin F. Low stretch ventilation strategy in acute respiratory distress syndrome/8 years of clinical experience in a single center. (springer.com)
  • disease
  • Also studied were 38 age matched children who had had hyaline membrane disease but had not required ventilation, 25 unmatched children who were born prematurely but did not develop hyaline membrane disease, and 39 randomly selected pupils of similar age. (bmj.com)