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  • In addition to routine pre, intra and post op care the residents are exposed to working with frameless stereotaxy system, intra-operative electrophysiological monitoring systems, the LINAC Cyberknife and Gamma knife radiosurgery system and deep brain stimulation as well as epilepsy monitoring procedures. (rwjbh.org)
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  • In addition to a general Medical Library at SBMC there is a dedicated Otto York Neurosurgical library with large number of titles and tapes and there are many standard neurosurgical, neuroradiological and neurology texts available at the resident's office. (rwjbh.org)
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  • This website, and our recently updated 2016-2017 Neurology Applicant Newsletter , will highlight each and every one of the crown jewels of our program: most importantly, our residents, but also our hospitals, faculty, and future plans. (cornell.edu)
  • Both institutions have functional MRI (fMRI) and positron emission tomography (PET) programs, offering residents experience with the most advanced equipment available for functional brain imaging. (cornell.edu)
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  • To identify, select, and cultivate physicians with special aptitudes for careers in research, teaching, and/or public service. (cornell.edu)