• leaf
  • Catananche caerulea is a greyish green perennial herbaceous plant with a basal leaf rosette and conspicuous blue-purple or sometimes white flowerheads, belonging to the daisy family. (wikipedia.org)
  • name
  • Its vernacular names in French are catananche bleue, cigaline, and cupidone bleue, in German it is called Blaue Rasselblume, while in Italian it carries the name cupidone azzurro. (wikipedia.org)
  • The simple translation of the root words from the Greek κατάνάγκη (katanagkē), itself a contraction of κατά (kata), "down" and άνάγκη (anagkē), "force", is "compulsion", which is suggested to refer to the use of this plant in love potions, and is reflected in the vernacular name Cupid's dart. (wikipedia.org)
  • Italy
  • Cupid's dart occurs in the wild in western North-Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya) and south-western Europe (Portugal, Spain including the Balearic Islands, Andorra, France, and Italy). (wikipedia.org)