• muscle
  • One of the first signs of myotonic dystrophy is often muscle stiffness - delayed relaxation of voluntary muscles after contraction (myotonia). (mda.org.au)
  • Complicating the immediate recognition of myotonic dystrophy is the fact that patients frequently first seek medical attention for one of the conditions accompanying muscle involvement. (mda.org.au)
  • aims
  • Treatment of myotonic muscular dystrophy aims to prevent deformity of the spine and joints to maintain the patient's ability to walk and keep him physically and emotionally healthy, explains the University of Maryland Medical Center. (reference.com)
  • Antisense
  • Antisense therapy can reverse some aspects of myotonic dystrophy (DM): That's the conclusion from a new study in a mouse model, reported in the July 17 issue of Science . (lww.com)