• chemical
  • Manufacture of this product on a semi-industrial scale was first performed by G. Frederick Smith in his garage in Urbana Illinois, but later at a permanent facility in Columbus, OH called G. Frederick Smith Chemical Co. He sold the magnesium perchlorate to A. H. Thomas Co., now Thomas Scientific, under the trade name Dehydrite. (wikipedia.org)
  • naturally
  • Environmentally, Magnesium peroxide is not a naturally occurring compound and is not known to persist in the environment for prolonged times, in its complete state, or to bio-accumulate. (wikipedia.org)
  • compounds
  • Due to its ability to react with common oxygen and simple carbon-oxygen compounds the magnesium may exist in oxidized compounds including MgO2, OMgO2, MgO, and O2MgO2. (wikipedia.org)
  • high
  • In order to use it effectively, Meishen developed a kind of magnesium hydroxide with high activity and low cost. (blogarama.com)
  • Magnesium l-threonate is able to deliver high amounts of magnesium to the central nervous system and has in animal studies as well as human trials shown efficacy in treating cognitive impairment. (wikipedia.org)