• Antihistamines
  • This had clinically significant effects in controlled trials of higher-than-usual doses of loratadine (20 mg).[citation needed] Antihistamines should be discontinued about 48 hr prior to skin allergy tests, since these drugs may prevent or diminish otherwise-positive reactions to dermal activity indicators. (wikipedia.org)
  • dizziness
  • Adverse effects which have been reported during therapy with loratadine and pseudoephedrine included dizziness, syncopal episodes, palpitations , ventricular arrhythmias including torsades de pointes, cardiac arrest, and cardiac death. (drugs.com)
  • found
  • Substances that act as inhibitors of the CYP3A4 enzyme such as ketoconazole , erythromycin , cimetidine , and furanocoumarin derivatives (found in grapefruit) lead to increased plasma levels of loratadine - that is, more of the drug was present in the bloodstream than typical for a dose. (wikipedia.org)
  • ive found some loratadine (10) in the medicine cabinet. (drugs.com)
  • And then instead of delving into p once more, I found LORATADINE was LPS. (angelfire.com)
  • Traces of unmetabolised loratadine can be found in the urine. (wikipedia.org)