• release
  • Injection of neutralizing antibodies against TNF-alpha simultaneously with the rIFN-gamma completely inhibited both the release of NO2- by macrophages and their toxoplasmastatic activity. (mysciencework.com)
  • Together, the results of the present study are the first to demonstrate that endogenous TNF-alpha is required in vivo for the expression of macrophage activation with respect to the release of reactive nitrogen intermediates and toxoplasmastatic activity and for enhanced listericidal activity in the livers and spleens of mice stimulated with rIFN-gamma. (mysciencework.com)
  • Interferon gamma release assay (T-SPOT.TB, Oxford Immunotec) was sampled during the 2 first weeks of treatment, at the end of treatment and 6 months later. (clinicaltrials.gov)
  • IFN-Gamma Human Recombinant produced in E.Coli is a single, glycosylated polypeptide chain containing 159 amino acids (24-161 a.a) without cysteine residues and having a molecular mass of 18.5kDa (confirmed by MALDI-TOF). (prospecbio.com)
  • Recombinant full length Human Interferon gamma. (abcam.com)
  • homodimeric
  • IFN-gammaR from vaccinia virus, cowpox virus and camelpox virus exist naturally as homodimers, whereas the cellular IFN-gammaR dimerises only upon binding the homodimeric IFN-gamma. (wikipedia.org)