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  • Species
  • stand by a historical viewpoint that the two species are one and the same, with H. influenzae being the older name, and thus the name with higher priority. (wikipedia.org)
  • illness
  • During the mid-1980s to early 1990s, a highly virulent clonal group of Haemophilus aegyptius, localized in and around the São Paulo State of Brazil, was found to be responsible for Brazilian purpuric fever, an acute septicemic fulminant illness affecting children. (wikipedia.org)
  • problems
  • One of the problems in understanding the mechanism of transformation in Haemophilus influenzae has been that no significant amount of single-strand donor DNA has been found following entrance of the transforming DNA into the competent cell (Notani and Goodgal, 1966). (springer.com)
  • responsible
  • After discovering another, and very similar, outbreak in Londrina (located a little under 200 miles from Promissao), scientists determined that a single H. influenzae biogroup aegyptius clone is responsible for all cases of BPF. (wikipedia.org)