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  • scalpel
  • 3) An affidavit submitted prior to July 1, 2006, by a physical therapist licensed in Washington demonstrating education and training in sharp debridement, including the use of a scalpel. (wa.gov)
  • periodontal
  • Debridement in this case may be performed using ultrasonic instruments, which fracture the calculus, thereby facilitating its removal, as well as hand tools, including periodontal scaler and curettes, or through the use of chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide. (wikipedia.org)
  • Professional debridement techniques include the use of ultrasonic instruments (which fracture the calculus, thereby facilitating its removal), as well as the use of hand tools, including periodontal scaler and curettes. (wikipedia.org)
  • Depth
  • If a 43 debridement was perfomed on a pressure ulcer and a tramua wound, would I have to list all dx codes for the 43 or the one with greater depth? (aapc.com)
  • In the LCD that limited 5 debridement per visit, how could this be if the codes are now according to the depth? (aapc.com)
  • Services
  • Try this 'MCR Payments for Nail Debridement Services' this might help. (aapc.com)
  • Perhaps as a result, excisional debridement claims are targeted not only by recovery audit contractor (RAC) audits, but also by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). (aapc.com)
  • done
  • Code assignment cannot be based solely on the instrumentation, but instrumentation does assist in describing how the debridement was done. (aapc.com)
  • report
  • If any of these elements are missing, documentation does not meet the criteria for excisional debridement, according to RACs (see "RAC Reviewers Hit Hard on Debridement: Five Elements Must Be Documented," Report on Medicare Compliance , vol. 19, No. 6, Feb. 15). (aapc.com)