• Dawber
  • Shepherd's research career began as a research fellow in the Nuffield Department of Surgery at Oxford University (1978-79) where, leading to his Oxford MSc, he studied wound healing after cryosurgery under the supervision of Rodney Dawber. (wikipedia.org)

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  • work
  • Giving dendritic cell therapy, cryosurgery and pembrolizumab may work better at treating non-Hodgkin lymphoma. (mayo.edu)
  • I had made my first prototype of this cryosurgery tool minus the plastic parts and had insulated it with only pipe insulating foam a few years ago but although it seemed to work OK, because it wasn't doing anything new that other existing tools couldn't do just as well or better, I didn't see any great urgency in publishing anything about it at the time. (thescienceforum.com)
  • various
  • Many medical specialties have embraced cryosurgery for various pain syndromes including post-thoracotomy pain, intercostal neuralgia, inguinal pain, facial pain and facet syndrome. (podiatrytoday.com)
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  • and how fast it was growing her mom decided that she would go for cryosurgery and got everything done in the same week i researched. (lizzie-lo.com)