• soil
  • BLS may also survive on plant debris in the soil for 1-2 years, therefore a 2-year rotation out of pepper and tomato is essential. (blogspot.com)
  • Geomyces pannorum is a yellow-brown filamentous fungus of the phylum Ascomycota commonly found in cold soil environments including the permafrost of the Northern hemisphere. (wikipedia.org)
  • effective
  • Hot water is more effective for controlling bacteria on and within seed, but hot water can adversely affect germination if not properly performed (see ref. 3). (blogspot.com)
  • date
  • To add to the identification confusion, January 1st is commonly used as the date of birth.The use of "Jr.," "Sr.," "I," "II," etc., is not generally common. (biavto23.ru)