• flagella
  • Citrobacter have hair-like extensions, called flagella, that are distributed all over the surface of the bacteria, enabling movement, as stated by the Public Health Agency of Canada. (reference.com)
  • Most C. freundii cells generally have several flagella used for locomotion, but some do not and are non-motile. (wikipedia.org)
  • found
  • EPS from the selenite-reducing bacterium Citrobacter freundii Y9 were found to make SeNPs more negatively charged by strong adsorption, which significantly enhanced the stability of SeNPs. (rsc.org)
  • There are 53 identified H antigens, numbered from H1 to H56 (H13 and H22 were not E. coli antigens but from Citrobacter freundii, and H50 was found to be the same as H10). (wikipedia.org)