• antigen
  • In Sub-Saharan Africa, the prevalence rates of detectable cryptococcal antigen in peripheral blood is often 4-12% in persons with CD4 counts lower than 100 cells/mcL. (wikipedia.org)
  • numerous tyrosine kinase cell signaling proteins are responsible for the growth and proliferation of eosinophils {see clonal eosinophilia}), methotrexate and Hydroxycarbamide (both are chemotherapy and immunosuppressant drugs), and Alemtuzumab (a antibody that binds to the CD52 antigen on mature lymphocytes thereby marking them for destruction by the body). (wikipedia.org)
  • levels
  • The study determined the CD4 lymphocytes count levels of HIV positive patient at first presentation at STI/HIV Clinic at Suntreso Government Hospital in Kumasi, Ghana. (bmj.com)
  • present
  • The immunophenotype CD4+/CD8- is present in 60% of cases, the CD4+/CD8+ immunophenotype is present in 25%, and the CD4-/CD8+ immunophenotype is present in 15% of cases. (wikipedia.org)
  • normal
  • Normal values (95% confidence intervals) are approximately 30-60% CD4 and 10-30% CD8 depending on age (ratio 0.9 to 3.7 in adults). (wikipedia.org)