• targets
  • Here, we used discovery-based proteomics to detect HLA-DR-presented peptides in synovia or peripheral blood mononuclear cells and identified 2 autoantigens, N -acetylglucosamine-6-sulfatase (GNS) and filamin A (FLNA), as targets of T and B cell responses in 52% and 56% of RA patients, respectively. (jci.org)
  • To this end, we made efforts to identify cardiac autoantigens that can potentially become immune targets in the CVB pathogenesis. (unl.edu)
  • Patients
  • Immunomodulation of RA Patients' PBMC with a Multiepitope Peptide Derived from Citrullinated Autoantigens," Mediators of Inflammation , vol. 2017, Article ID 3916519, 9 pages, 2017. (hindawi.com)
  • This, together with our demonstration that there is a predominant T cell response to MOG in patients with multiple sclerosis, clearly indicates that MOG is probably an important target autoantigen in this disease. (springer.com)
  • specific
  • NOD/Lt and C57BL/6 mice were also susceptible to severe neurological disease following injection with recombinant MOG or MOG 35-55 peptide, indicating that this specific CNS autoantigen, or some of its determinants, can induce a pathogenic response across animal species. (springer.com)