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  • By measuring the area and the intensities of the brightest portions of the nuclear image, the bright, punctate nuclear imagery of apoptotic cells can be distinguished from the evenly stained nuclear imagery of a normal, healthy nucleus. (merckmillipore.com)
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  • Users of the LSRII will be able to sign up on a first come/first serve basis however you will not be able to sign up for more than 3 hours without prior permission from the flow facility manager, Amy Burnside . (umass.edu)
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  • Chargeback costs are quite reasonable considering her expertise on the machine and I would highly recommend using this core to anyone needing flow cytometry. (umass.edu)
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  • Once spreading is complete, continued actin polymerization begins to drive an inward flow of actin toward the center of the contact site and in the plane of the IS. (rupress.org)