• protein
  • The selected sdAb were evaluated for their ability to bind to commercial abrin as well as abrax (a recombinant abrin A-chain), purified abrin fractions, Abrus agglutinin (a protein related to abrin but with lower toxicity), ricin, and unrelated proteins. (mdpi.com)
  • antigens
  • Agglutination, using blood agglutinins known as hemagglutinins, is used diagnostically to identify blood types of human beings based on the reaction between the erythrocyte (Red blood cell) antigens and agglutinins . (wikipedia.org)
  • causes
  • As a result, the blood of a host applied to a diagnostic kit causes the aggregation of the pathogenic particles due to the antigen-agglutinin interaction. (wikipedia.org)
  • specific
  • The best binders were specific for the Abrus agglutinin, showing minimal binding to purified abrin fractions or unrelated proteins. (mdpi.com)