transit time factor

  • The transit time factor for the acceleration voltage, used in accelerator physics. (


  • Earlier this week, my daughter saw Toy Story for the first time. (
  • The first installment, as lovely as it is, comes off as a sketch of things to come: the supporting cast of toys gets maybe ten minutes total of screen time, and the script still has vestiges of the villainous version of Woody who appeared in the earlier drafts. (


  • If your loyalties reside in the National League you're even more tired of hearing about how you've been turned away in defeat more times in a row than I have at the local Hooters. (
  • Jones became a world champion and, at the same time, the only person to defeat Arnold as a professional, with a seventh-round knockout win in Atlantic City, New Jersey. (


  • Jones was known around the world of women's boxing for beating some of the best fighters of her time. (
  • Room for reflection at Museum de Fundatie, castle het Nijenhuis, Heino/Weihe NL Sibyl Heijnen is also known for her plans to transform Times Square and Broadway. (

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  • In 1994, the Mongoloid race, using a broad definition which included indigenous Americans, comprised 34% of the Earth's human population which made it the second most populous race behind Caucasoids who comprised 56% of the Earth's human population at that time. (


  • However, when I see the basic brute force factoring algorithm I think thats also polynomial. (


  • Sellers keep the producers informed, in real time, of their inventory and consumption rate. (


  • However, a clear point in time for the delivery of product data has not been specified for product manufacturers causing uncertainty and impacting negatively on the quality of product data. (
  • Stating these as binary models, however, does not reflect the time factor. (


  • Daniel , C. (1973) ,"One-at-a-Time Plans," Journal of the American Statistical Association 68, 353-360 Bevington and Robinson, Data Reduction and Error Analysis for the Physical Sciences, 2nd Ed. McGraw-Hill (1992) See Category: Experimental design, at bottom. (


  • During studying resources, managing tasks, change, reaction time and effect I explored the features of time as resource, the significance of the time factor, the improvability of time efficiency in the different managing functions, the factors supporting and hindering the quick reaction of organisations, and what rearrangements can be seen in management work nowadays. (
  • Different factors affect the berth and time assignment of each vessel. (
  • NPCs can be in different places at different times of the day. (


  • Writers of all kinds tend to think in terms of unity of time and place, which means that time itself isn't a factor in most stories: the action is confined within a safe, manageable scope. (


  • If comedy is tragedy plus time, the Toy Story series knows that when you add time to comedy, you end up with something startlingly close to tragedy again. (
  • Time factor - Shops close during the night and re-open at dawn. (


  • The Commissionaires admitted they were aware of Pritchard's hip replacement surgery and his need for time off, but denied that it was a factor in their decision to terminate his employment. (
  • Jones became world Bantamweight champion for the second time, when she defeated Brown by a ten-round decision, in Bossier City, Louisiana. (
  • In the static handling time problem, vessel handling times are considered as input, whereas in the dynamic they are decision variables. (


  • While you're on the topic of brute-force factoring, here's a way to make the program much faster for numbers with small factors. (


  • Change directs attention to the time factor from the point of view of the organisation, and management does the same from that of the person. (
  • Empirically, estimation of this model would be of interest to explore how returns to unobserved skills change over time-see, e.g. (
  • Even if you don't plan on writing more than one story or incorporating the passage of time explicitly into the plot, asking yourself how the characters would change after five or ten years allows you to see whether the story depends on a static, unchanging timeframe. (
  • In contrast, in situations where data is precious and must be analyzed with care, it is almost always better to change multiple factors at once. (


  • Not surprisingly, she loved it-she's asked to watch it three more times in two days-and we've already moved on to Toy Story 2 . (
  • Adding more time to the story in either direction has a way of exploding the story's assumptions, or of exposing fissures that lead to promising conflicts. (
  • And the abrupt time jump, which television series from Fargo to Parks and Recreation have cleverly employed, is such a useful way of advancing a story and upending the status quo that it's become a cliché in itself. (
  • It's also worth noting that the time element seems to have all but disappeared from the current incarnation of the Toy Story franchise: Bonnie, who owns the toys now, is in no danger of growing up soon, and even if she does, it would feel as if the films were repeating themselves. (
  • This story has been viewed 2481 times. (


  • The great thing about The X Factor is that it gives someone like Johnny a chance. (
  • One modern design over which OFAT has no advantage in number of runs is the Plackett-Burman which, by having all factors vary simultaneously (an important quality in experimental designs), gives generally greater precision in effect estimation. (
  • When the protector is killed, his wife (Manjari Phadnis), at the same time, delivers a baby boy (Shakti) whom Rudra gives to his loyal servant. (


  • That program has running time roughly proportional to the largest factor of the number, which in the worst case is the whole number if it's prime. (
  • But 'polynomial time' in this case means polynomial in the size of the input. (
  • There exist cases where the mental effort required to conduct a complex multi-factor analysis exceeds the effort required to acquire extra data, in which case OFAT might make sense. (
  • Finally, in the last case, the vessel arrival times are considered as variables and are optimized. (


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  • It is safe to say that nothing in this world remains untouched by Time or Weather. (


  • Even if the medical procedure and time off are not the primary reasons for the termination, they may be found to be factors in the termination. (
  • The tribunal also found that Pritchard's pending disability-related absence from work was a factor in the termination of his employment: The termination of Pritchard's employment occurred with considerable haste, five business days before his scheduled hip replacement surgery. (
  • basically it searches till it finds a factor, and then it returns a list of the concatination of the factors of the two factors it found (i and n/i). (
  • Among models found in the literature, there are four most frequently observed cases: a) discrete vs. continuous berthing space, b) static vs. dynamic vessel arrivals, c) static vs. dynamic vessel handling times, and d) variable vessel arrivals. (


  • As a constant reminder of Impermanence, Time is ageing, weathering, distressing things and beings, giving them an identity and an history, marking them up with details. (


  • ok so I thought of this factoring algorithm, and I did some quick analysis on it (attached picture, time is in seconds * 5). (
  • There was also some slightly more in-depth analysis, considering both the positive and negative aspects of the China factor, with some distinguishing between the "China factor" (中國因素) and the "Beijing factor" (北京因素). (
  • In fact, if one proceeds from a preliminary lexical analysis for "China factor" in the news archives over the past 10 years, one discovers that the term has, indeed, become increasingly common since 2000, but that its actual meaning has changed. (
  • Intelligence analysis rarely impresses itself upon policymakers, who are inevitably busy and inundated with more demands on their time and attention than they can possibly meet. (


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  • Without checking to see if factors are prime, you'll never factor numbers with large prime factors quickly. (
  • Furthermore, some researchers have shown that OFAT can be more effective than fractional factorials under certain conditions (number of runs is limited, primary goal is to attain improvements in the system, and experimental error is not large compared to factor effects, which must be additive and independent of each other). (


  • Time is Your another form. (
  • If we agree to use Wu's definition of the China factor, and take it as Beijing's ability to encroach upon Taiwan's democracy, then, according to the trends mentioned above, there are justifiable concerns that China is trying to make Taiwan another Hong Kong. (
  • Drawing from business, another way of thinking about flow is the idea of just-in-time (JIT) inventory management, where a minimum of parts stays in a factory or store, with a closed loop between supplier and manufacturer/seller. (


  • While the researchers report an enhancement of fluorescence intensity by a factor of up to 108 compared with quantum dots on an unpatterned surface, more recent (unpublished) work has exceeded a factor of 550. (
  • Employers should proceed cautiously in terminating the employment of an employee that they know will be imminently undergoing a major medical procedure and requiring time off work. (
  • It introduces the time factor in Heijnen's work. (


  • In an article titled First Year of the China Factor published on Christmas day in a Chinese-language publication, Academia Sinica research fellow Wu Jieh-min (吳介民) said that China has been using a "cross-strait political-commercial alliance" comprised of financial groups and pro-China organizations to interfere in Taiwan's elections, and in doing so, influencing policymaking, public discourse and political order. (


  • Unfortunately, this was a lost opportunity to reflect on this idea of the "China factor" and its repercussions. (


  • At the hearing, Pritchard questioned the timing of his termination, asserting his direct manager and everyone around him knew his surgery was coming. (


  • This thesis studies the influence of the time factor on the quality of the product data in the context of cross-company data communication. (
  • We can say, then, that the influence of the China factor on Taiwan during the past decade or so has been a process - at least in terms of public debate - of moving from external to internal influence, and from less to more. (


  • The research focuses on how a manufacturer can meet the required quality for its product master data on time to enable omni-channel commerce for its trading partners in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods industry. (


  • Some of the most notable objectives addressed in the literature are: Minimization of vessel total service times (waiting and handling times), Minimization of early and delayed departures, Optimization of vessel arrival times, Optimization of emissions and fuel consumption. (


  • The latter is far from optimal, but the former, which changes only one variable at a time, is worse. (


  • Factors important in the process of aerosolizing nanoparticles using a spray technique will be discussed. (
  • The China factor has been consistently present in public discourse in Taiwan for the past 12 years, and it has gradually been assuming a more important place within that discourse, although it is true that it was discussed more in the run-up to, and immediate aftermath of, presidential elections. (


  • RPC, Buying Habits and the Time Factor in Media Planning" (Conference paper). (


  • As the CEO was away at that time, Pritchard did not receive a termination letter until June 22, 2010. (


  • Committed leadership is needed because of the time and effort involved in creating a technology roadmap. (


  • If this ration is small, less micro-threads might be introduced at run-time. (


  • From the bottom of my heart, a huge THANKS to anyone who consider me as one of their favourite creator, have taken the time to comment or pushed the fuzzy-feeling thanks button during all these years. (


  • This also applies to series in which time itself has become a factor for reasons outside anyone's control. (


  • High performance computing experts are striving to keep all cores busy all the time. (
  • So, if each core is kept busy all the time, a complete utilization of the whole micro-processor is possible. (


  • Specifically, we allow for heteroskedasticity over time and a time varying factor load on the individual specific effect. (


  • Over the next five years we expect macroeconomic, market and monetary policy conditions to be aligned with strong factor performance. (



  • In comparison to the former expression, only a phase factor with unit length occurs. (


  • Golias M.M. (2011) A bi-objective berth allocation formulation to account for vessel handling time uncertainty. (