• ions
  • Abstract: This research was developed to study the effect of the ions magnesium and iron and the protein conalbumin in the development of the strain Staphylococus aureus S-6. (unicamp.br)
  • Tan AT, Woodworth RC (1969) Ultraviolet difference spectral studies of conalbumin complexes with transition metal ions. (springer.com)
  • chicken
  • XX CC Chimeric chicken conalbumin promoter/SV40 early gene recombinants CC grown in Hela cells. (stanford.edu)
  • CC NCBI gi: 207784 CC NM (pSVCA) CC CM (no) CC NA (ds-DNA) CC TP (circular) CC ST () CC TY (plasmid) CC SP () CC HO (E.coli) CC CP () CC FN (cloning) CC SE () CC PA (pBR322)(chicken conalbumin promoter)(SV40 early gene)(pHS102) CC BR () CC OF () CC OR () XX FH Key Location/Qualifiers FH FT misc_feature 0. (stanford.edu)
  • Results
  • Methods and Results- We first showed that conalbumin-immunized ApoE┬░TK mice mounted a significant immune response to the antigen that was fully and specifically blocked by an in vivo ganciclovir (GCV) treatment. (ahajournals.org)