• California center offers residential and outpatient programs for adolescents, ages 12-16, who have substance abuse, behavioral, or psychological problems. (
  • Adolescent Escort Services of California, Inc. (
  • Palo Alto, California, diagnostic and treatment center for children and adolescents facing developmental and behavioral challenges. (


  • Schools and CAMHS working together as partners to support students with complex mental health needs in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Region. (
  • Presentations on the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), School support structures and roles, enhancing student safety, collaborative care planning and working together. (
  • This team supports young people in the community and works closely with both the community Healthy Young Minds Team and inpatient CAMHS services. (
  • At Healthy Young Minds Oldham (formerly CAMHS) we offer specialist services to children and young people who are experiencing mental health and emotional wellbeing difficulties. (


  • Our new Community Eating Disorders Service (CEDS) launched in July 2016. (
  • In response to this, the Medical Women's Association of Nigeria (MWAN), Rivers State branch partnered with the Ford Foundation and Rivers State Primary Health Care Management Board to implement a two-year grant (November 1st 2014 to October 31st 2016) to integrate Adolescent and Youth Friendly Health Services into PHC services in Ataba and Unyeada communities in Andoni LGA in Rivers State. (


  • Find links to sites for or about residential treatment facilities specializing in treatment of young people with emotional and behavioral health difficulties. (
  • Outdoor therapy program for adolescents with behavioral, emotional, and substance abuse issues. (
  • The "Therapeutic Schools" category focuses on schools which assist young people with emotional and behavioral health difficulties. (
  • Boarding school services grades 8-12 and offers therapeutic and educational programs for those with emotional and behavioral issues. (
  • Offers family-focused residential and outpatient mental health treatment for children with children with emotional, behavioral, and mental health issues. (
  • A community organization that provides services to enhance the emotional well-being and mental health of children, adolescents, and families. (


  • In a major report WHO summarizes evidence-based adolescent health interventions and provides guidance on priority setting and programming. (
  • A broad range of services are provided including a program for young people (12-17 years) who are misusing volatile and other substances, a temporary residential detox facility, assessment and rehab programs, a court-ordered diversion initiative, outreach, counselling, mental health interventions and general primary health care services. (

substance abuse

  • Outdoor therapy program for adolescents and troubled teens, ages 13-17 with behavioral problems, substance abuse problems, depression and defiance. (
  • Provides outpatient mental health, child abuse, and substance abuse related counseling. (


  • Specializing in behavioral health care, early intervention and educational services for children, adolescents and their families in the Delaware Valley of Pennsylvania. (
  • Adolescent intervention and crisis prevention services, specializing in transporting troubled or at risk youth to and from treatment programs and schools. (
  • Professional organization of businesses specializing in intervention, mentoring and transport services for adults and adolescents. (
  • Comprehensive behavioral health, crisis intervention, inpatient and public education services for children and families. (
  • Review: A holistic community program improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and families through targeted prevention and early intervention programs and initiatives to address alcohol and other drug issues. (

behavioral health issues

  • For sites of institutions offering rehabilitation and therapy for youth with behavioral health issues through outdoor survival training, wilderness camping or hiking experiences, or outdoor living. (
  • Locally-focused programs and organizations providing treatment and other services for children and teens with mental or behavioral health issues. (


  • Another son is now under a Child Developmental Service which is difficult to get into. (
  • On-site, group homes and community living services for kids with retardation and developmental disabilities. (
  • Provides mental health services for children and adolescents with physical, developmental or behavioral difficulties. (


  • Training services for Christians who wish to use Biblical counsel to help troubled young adults. (
  • LDI provides secondary and post-secondary education and programs for older adolescents and young adults with learning disabilities, attention deficit, hyperactivity and other disorders. (
  • Holistic treatment for teens and young adults fighting issues such as alcohol abuse, low self esteem, and mental health concerns. (
  • A full range of human services to children, adults, and families with special needs which derive from behavioral, psychological, intellectual or neurological impairments. (
  • The Adolescent Health Center's state-of-the-art dental suite provides free dental care to children, teens and young adults. (


  • Working with medical and social organizations as well as individuals to deliver behaviour management services. (

Primary Heal

  • In 2013, the Federal Ministry of Health launched a National Action Plan for integration of Adolescent and Youth Friendly Services into Primary Health Care (PHC) services in Nigeria. (
  • Review: A holistic primary health care service coordinated by the local indigenous community to improve the health and wellbeing of people living in the rural and remote area of northern Queensland. (
  • Provides primary health care with specialist services to reduce the harms from the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, including a dedicated ice and amphetamine program. (


  • Licensed psychologists and psychiatrists offering treatment services for children and adolescents. (

Healthy Young Minds Service

  • Our Healthy Young Minds Service provides a range of community-based services in each borough. (
  • Rather than being a stand-alone service, it is part of our exisitng borough-based Healthy Young Minds Service - enhancing the support already provided. (
  • In addition to the core community-based Healthy Young Minds Service, we also provide some other borough-based services. (
  • It is no longer possible to refer directly to the Healthy Young Minds Service, other than urgent referrals through accident and emergency and paediatric wards. (


  • Review: Provides a central point for current information, campaigns, resources and a range of programs and services to prevent, minimise and respond to alcohol, tobacco and other drug use and harm in Queensland. (


  • A non-profit Christian facility in Central Florida, providing residential, educational and counseling services for troubled children, ages 6-17, and their families. (
  • Increased utilization of health facility services in the project communities. (


  • Describes experience, approach, and services offered. (
  • Describes treatment options, deaf services, and animal-assisted therapy. (

child and adol

  • The Exeter, East and Mid Devon Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and Paediatric Service have developed a joint pathway to deliver care to children with restrictive eating disorders since 2012. (


  • Clinical pediatric psychologist, working in the areas of child, adolescent and family therapy and development delays. (
  • Clinical social worker for male adolescents providing services in Pleasantville, New York. (


  • Founded in 1893, offers residential services and therapeutic foster care for abandoned, abused, and neglected children. (
  • Assists adolescent girls in achieving positive change and growth through academic, therapeutic and environmental experiences. (


  • Provides diagnostic and treatment services to children, adolescents and families in Atlanta, Georgia. (
  • A practice of pediatric and child and adolescent psychologists who provide diagnostic and treatment services to children, adolescents and families in Olympia, Washington. (


  • Consultation services for at-risk troubled teens and their families providing treatment center guidance, resource evaluation, specialized school, camp placement, personal coaching and family support. (


  • Comprehensive mental health services, helping young people and their families cope with psychiatric illness and the challenges it brings. (
  • Residential adolescent Christian counseling center for struggling teens and families, with a referral service to other programs. (
  • Offers a non-profit, state-licensed youth service agency providing comprehensive community-based programs for children, youth and families. (


  • College preparatory high school for gifted, self-destructive adolescents (ages 15-21). (
  • Adolescents - young people between the ages of 10 and 19 years - are often thought of as a healthy group. (


  • Adolescent therapy provides unique non-profit treatment. (
  • The Association, with its motto- 'MatrisAnimoCurant' meaning "Healing with the love of a mother" is non-governmental, nonsectarian, non-political and non-profit making and provides a forum where women medical doctors and dentists discuss and implement programmes aimed at the improvement of health especially of women and children. (


  • As well as having a special diet for the children, they were finally receiving good support and improvements to the services provided. (
  • including child & adolescent therapy & testing, family therapy, and parenting support & skill development. (
  • Support for increasing individual and community wellbeing is acknowledged through a number of programs which address co-morbidity and mental health issues. (


  • Children's Service Center of Wyoming Valley, Inc. (


  • A family of three children with medical issues had not been well supported to access the services they needed. (
  • Wilderness therapy program for adolescents with behavior, learning, or family problems. (


  • Offers a non-profit center for adolescents aged 13-17 who suffer from conduct disorder, ADHD and juvenile delinquency. (
  • Many more suffer chronic ill-health and disability. (


  • Offering a range of community-based and residential services for at-risk youth, as well as ongoing mentoring. (
  • Non-profit human services agency in Mount Holly, New Jersey, providing special education, residential treatment and emergency shelter for emotionally troubled, disadvantaged youth. (
  • A Christ centered youth ranch program located in Arizona for pre-adolescent girls and boys 13 to 16 years old, exhibiting behavioral problems, or other troubled behavior. (
  • Offers experiential programs for youth with mental health issues, in the Tongass National Forest and on the Stikine River. (
  • Offers professional services to transport teens and from youth treatment facilities. (
  • not-for-profit charity dedicated to the behavioral and mental health needs of children and youth through a range of community, outpatient, and residential programs in Maine. (
  • Scale up of Adolescent Youth Friendly services to other LGAs. (


  • The Rivers State Branch, in the preceding 31 years of her existence has carried out several activities in collaboration with partners such as the Rivers State government, Ford Foundation, Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Program (NSRP), British Council, Word Diabetes Federation, IPAS (formerly International Pregnancy Advisory Services), Local Governments and the Civil Society Malaria Immunization and Nutrition (ACOMIN) Programme. (


  • Most community-based programs emphasize outpatient treatment and other non-residential services, but residential services often are included. (


  • Businesses and organizations specializing in escorting teens and children to behavioral health treatment programs. (


  • Umbrella category for sites about treatment programs, school, counselors, and other services for children and adolescents with behavioral health problems. (


  • It is estimated that one in ten children and young people have a diagnosable mental health condition, while similar numbers with less serious mental health problems will need help at some point during their development. (
  • Offers service to parents wanting help transporting their troubled teenagers to a teen help provider. (


  • Nevertheless, many adolescents do die prematurely due to accidents, suicide, violence, pregnancy related complications and other illnesses that are either preventable or treatable. (


  • A boarding school for adolescent boys and girls in grade 6-12. (
  • a strategy to address the reproductive health needs of vulnerable, out-of-school young women in oilproducing communities in Rivers State, Nigeria. (


  • A mother of a nine-year-old girl who is non-verbal and has severe Autism contacted an advocate about the service her daughter received from the local hospital. (


  • Review: Rich insight into lifestyle and health issues of rural and remote Aboriginal communities. (


  • Review: Comprehensive mental health and comorbidity service for young people. (


  • Includes service descriptions and FAQs. (
  • Includes referral services, parent forums and chat with professionals. (


  • Methodist Hospitals Behavioral Medicine accepts patients age 13 to 17, and receive referrals from schools, courts, social workers, churches, mental health agencies and physicians. (


  • To make sure people can easily access our service, we now have a single point of access via the Oldham Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH). (
  • she was unable to access medication for her son from either of the two community mental health services or the mental health ward at the hospital after hours. (
  • Access to action plans, dual diagnosis policy, screening tools, training options and resources targeting health professionals, industry and non-government agencies. (


  • The manager also acknowledged the systemic errors that had taken place and said the community mental health service was already under review with a report due at the end of the year. (