are there any famous people with fissured tongues?

are there any famous people with fissured tongues? and if i make out with someone do they feel the fissures? and if u really liked someone and they had a fissured tongue, would you care?

Once and if you have fissured tongue, you would just have to deal with it, because it will be a part of your life.

Famous people (if you're talking about celebrities) wouldn't normally talk about something that is so private. That would make them look / feel awkward. They would come forward only when it wouldn't pose any threat to their celebrity status. So, you never know when someone will come forward with such info.
In terms of liking somebody, only the character and personality matter. If the liking depends only on a tongue, then that is shallow anyway. Such relationship will fall apart even with split ends of the hair. That would be such a lame excuse to get out of a relationship.

You'll get some info on Fissured Tongue here :

Cracked or Fissured Tongue?

Can someone tell me how to cure a cracked or fissured tongue? I want to get rid of the cracks but have no idea how. If you could include the main causes, it would be great too. Thank you.

Usually caused by dryness. Keep your mouth moist, avoid hot/cold food and liquids. And keep your mouth shut when you sleep.

Is this fissured tongue, geographical tongue or what?

This is a photo:
What is up with my tongue?
I hate my tongue.
I bought a toothbrush with a tongue scraper on it but it hasn't worked.


What causes my tongue to swell when out in cold weather?

If I'm outside and talking to someone, after a few minutes my tongue gets a bit numb on the sides and swells, making it hard for me to talk. What's happening? I have a fissured tongue, is that related?
*I did not bite it or cut it, its been going on for a few years*

Did you bite your tongue or cut it on something because that might cause it to swell...

fissured tongue?

unfortunatly i have a fissured tongue...does anybody know if hooking up with someone with a fissured tongue feels differnet? and also, will brushing my tongue or whatever increase the fissures? thanks.


What else comes with geographic tongue?

I am 11 female. I have geographic tongue and I was wondering what else comes with geographic tongue like most people who have geographic tongue have Fissured tongue.

fissured tongue help?

i have had a fissured tongue for as long as i can remember. i am the only one in my family. my tongue has one very large wide crack in the center and many other cracks.
there is this guy that i am getting close to but i'm afraid if we kiss he will be able to feel them. do people feel them or not?
and is there anything i can do about the condition?

what u have on ur tongue is called geographic tongue and it is normal physiologic condition and no treatment for it but always keep clean with your brush or use a tongue scraper to prevent food entrapment inside the cracks and cause bad breath
N.P it can be only seen

Fissured Tongue Treatment?

Hi I have a fissured tongue condition ever since I can remember, now I'm 26 and I've noticed that my tongue is after getting way more fissures and even the main one in the middle is now longer,wider and deeper. I must say that especially this year I have increased my oral hygiene in a big way, I brush my teeth twice sometimes thrice daily and I also use interdental brushes and a good mouth wash.
Sometimes I can taste this very mild but yet very present perhaps tingling on my tongue and the plate area even if I haven't eaten yet so I can't blame the food.

I have searched about this matter all over google and I am very disappointed,especially as far as treatment is concerned there's absolutely nothing on the net. They say that it is considered benign condition and that it doesn't have to be treated, yeah right maybe by someone who doesn't have it, it doesn't hurt I agree but I am not quite comfortable watching my tongue to all apart in front of my eyes, that's how I feel it's terrible.

There was one article about Vitamin B deficiency also. I take fish oil+B complex+and vitamin C nearly every day, NO BLOODY GOOD.

Is there anything I can do? by the way I don't have down syndrome or Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome.

I appreciate all answers especially from people who suffer with the same.

P.S. We are talking about Fissured tongue not Geographical tongue
see the difference before you answer

thanks everyone
TO: Lyubov Yevseenko

I really really do apreciate your effort and time but this exactly the answer that I don't need (extracted from google), I have seen this already on google, that it is a benign condition and doesn't need cure and.....................

but thanks anyway.

keep 'em coming

There is no known reason for fissured tongue but by virtue of its anatomical position, the tongue is subject to irritants from multiple different sources. Anything coming into the mouth, such as hot or spicy foods, can burn or irritate the tongue, and thus become the source of recurring pain or swelling. The tongue can rub against uneven or broken teeth causing a recurrent, painful problem resulting in a fissured tongue.

During times of anxiety or tension, even during sleep, people can chew on their tongue leading to damage (fissures in tongue amongst other things). Additionally, allergic reactions to foods can cause the symptoms you describe. A problem called 'acid reflux' brings acid from the stomach into the throat and mouth, usually at night, with a resultant burning of the tongue. Tobacco in any form as well as alcohol are significant tongue irritants.
Problems may also develop in the tongue without an apparent outside cause.

A fissured tongue may be an indication of a yeast infection, and diabetics are more prone to infections than the general population. Other medical conditions, such as anemia and vitamin or mineral deficiencies, or local irritants, such as cigarette smoking, alcohol, and strong mouthwashes, may also cause fissured tongue. If you are concerned about a sore, fissured tongue or burning tongue, talk to your doctor.

Fissured tongue is a benign problem that does not require any specific treatment or cure. You can brush the top surface of your tongue to remove any remainder that may cause irritation.