Is canesten pessary safe to use during pregnancy?

  • Im 35 weeks pregnant, and seen the doctor today and i have thrush, he gave me cream and pessary tablet but im so worried to use the tablet in case its harmful to my baby, ive read a lot of stories where people said it made them bleed, my doctor said its okay to use it but im very unsure weather i should im the type of person who wont even take paracetamol during my pregnancy because im worried about the baby.
  • It's safe. In fact it is the safest form of thrush treatment during pregnancy. The only alternative is the pill which is not considered safe during pregnancy and the cream doesn't cure the problem - it just relieves the symptoms. Another more natural method if you are really worried is to use live natural yoghurt. Either use your finger or a tampon to apply it as many times per day as you can and usually after about 3 or 4 days it will clear up. Just make sure you have clean hands and don't leave the tampon in long. You need to cover as much of the surface of the inside of your vagina in yoghurt each time for it to work but the bacteria in the yoghurt naturally balance the yeast causing the thrush. However if if hasn't worked after several days then the pessary is your only option.

Can you take Erythromycin and use Canesten Pessary at the same time?

  • I'm on the antibiotic Erythromycin and as a result of this Ive got thrush, so was wondering if I can use Canesten Pessary while on this antibiotic? I don't want to use any medication that can interfere with the antibiotics or put me at harm.
  • Yes, you most certainly can use both at the same time if you need to. Lots of ladies will have the same troubles, and do exactly that. It won't interfere with your antibiotic at all, and you'll feel a lot better too.

How long should Thrush take to go away (with a pessary)?

  • I inserted the one-time pessary thing 48 hours ago. I'm pretty sure its all 'come out' now (the chalky stuff) but I'm not feeling any relief. The creams not helping much either! I usually use the oral capsule, and this is the first time I've used the pessary. How long does it usually take?
  • sometimes it takes more than one application for it to go away. if there is no relief in 3 days, apply again. if it still doesn't work, go to the doctor. are you sure you aren't talking about a yeast infection?

Do clotrimazole pessaries stop condoms working?

  • I've been given a Clotrimazole pessary and read online that it can reduce the effectiveness of latex condoms, but the nurse did not warn me about this at all and it does not mention it on the instructions leaflet, so do I need to worry? How would it damage them? Thanks!
  • Yes, antifungals for yeast infections such as the one you have been given CAN indeed cause a condom to be less effective. This is because the chemicals in the antifungal cream can actually break down the latex, just as an oil based lubricant would, making it much more likely to break. Not to mention that it's probably just better to avoid vaginal sex altogether if you have an infection of sorts, as it can be painful and you can give a yeast infection to your partner (this is not uncommon; in fact, many times a girl will give her partner a yeast infection and they will just pass it back and forth to each other without realizing it).

My doctor gave me a pessary for thrush, I still have the same symptoms, what does this mean?

  • My doctor examined me, said it's a yeast infection, gave me a 500mg clotrimazole pessary, used it and I still have the same symptoms. Funky smell and burning, no discharge though. Could it be another form of infection or do you think I could need another pessary?
  • hope you've used it correctly and best before bedtime. I'd use it for up to 3 days to see if things improve. If it doesn't, I'd try the pill or go back in.

can progynova or cyclogest pessaries cause false positive?

  • I've taken 4 pregnancy tests and they've all come back positive can cyclogest (progesterone) pessaries or progynova cause false positive?
  • No they cannot cause false positive. Two very different hormones. HcG which is the pregnancy hormone is not similar to estrogen or progesterone. Congrats, you're pregnant. get a blood test done to confirm. Talk to your doctor about this - you can continue taking progesterone for first trimester (to minimize miscarriage risk), but I would stop the other hormone. Good luck.

Did the pessary for thrush work?

  • I used a once off pessary and I think the next day some of the tablet came out all powdery and clumpy. Is this normal, or would it not work because a bit of the tablet came out?
  • Hi leesy, yes the pessary worked for me, but not sure what would happen after it coming out, are you sure it was the pessary coming out and not just some thrush discharge? I am pretty sure it would have been just discharge, as it usually looks like cottage cheese as they say and i found out thats true when i got it after taking antibiotics.

Why is it so painful for me to insert a pessary?

  • I tried to insert one and it was quite painful...also I suppose my vagina was too dry because the pessary didn't dissolve, even after 3 hours. What is wrong with my vagina?
  • Use some lubricant and the pessery will just slip in easily