Is a lymphocyte count of 68 very elevated for a toddler?

  • my 18 month old has had elevated lymphocytes for over a month. her only other symptom is fatigue. her drs say she must have a virus, but with its been this way for 5 weeks. she wakes up in the morning acting tired until her nap. she has also started sleeping through the night since all this started, which shes never done in her life. im worried sick.

What can cause high monocytes and lymphocytes?

  • My monocytes went to normal before but back up now and also my lymphocytes are high by .1 so no overly high I have fatty liver can that cause it

what indicates high neutrophils count in a postpartum patient? how bout low lymphocytes count to a postpartum?

  • a postpartum NSD patient has a high neutrophils level and low lymphocytes level in her blood. what are the indications to this patient?
  • well.....prob normal....can be from pain,infection,mastitis,,etc........... ...not too specific of anything.if wbc is normal..good to go home

is atypical lymphocytes the same as mild lymphocytosis?

  • just wandering if an increase in lymphocytes also known as mild lymphocytosis is the same as atypical lymphocytes? as i know its linked to HIV so freaking out LOL...but im hoping i just have an infection. how do they check for atypical lymphocytes?
  • Atypical lymphocytes are a type of lymphocyte. Atypical lymphs may be mistaken as immature lymphocytes (indicative of a leukemia), however they are not generally associated with leukemia. Atypical lymphs are usually identified by a trained Medical Technologist looking at a stained smear of the blood. Atypical lymphs are much more blue in the cytoplasm (they stain darker blue). In the lab call them reactive lymphs. Immature lymphs have very smooth nuclear chromatin and nucleoli are common in ALL (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia) and not very common in CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia). Lymphs are your primary cell-mediated immune reaction to viral infections. We see atypical lymphs frequently in infectious mononucleosis and other viral infections. They are NOT diagnostic of HIV, Hepatitis or any other viral infection, for that matter; they are just commonly observed in viral infections. Having a viral infection does not mean you will have atypical lymphs. Lymphocytosis is just a fancy word meaning "lots of lymphs" (of whatever kind they are - reactive or not). Without more information, I would just chalk this up to a simple viral infection. If, however, you have other symptoms or the symptoms you do have worsen, then be sure to visit your physician for an accurate diagnosis. HTH!

Why (say you have a cut and infection) would your neutrophil % be elevated and your lymphocyte % be decreased?

  • Why (say you have a cut and infection) would your neutrophil % be elevated and your lymphocyte % be decreased?
  • Adorable puppy! "Why would your neutrophil % be elevated..." -- Neutrophils are the most numerous white blood cell we have and are the first to arrive at the scene of infection, inflammation or trauma. "...and your lymphocyte % be decreased?" -- There are a number of things that cause a low lymphocyte count but they aren't related to cuts. The most common reason is viral infection. Lymphocytes are important in fighting bacterial and viral infections and B lymphocytes produce antibodies. Viral infections can cause a temporary drop in the lymphocyte count that returns to normal a few weeks after the viral infection is resolved. I would suggest a recheck in a few weeks.

What does High Platelet & High Lymphocyte Count indicate?

  • I have several chronic conditions including Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, IBS & Interstititialcystitis. My recent bloodwork came back with High Platelet Count 581 & High Lymphocyte Count 43.3. What might this combination indicate? I have been refered to an Oncologist and am pretty nervous. Thanks!
  • it might indicate tahtyou were falsely diagnosed with fibro--but really ahve anotehr condition with similar symptoms while fibro is a very real neuro disaorder it is highly overdiagnosed by incomeptant docs that use ita s a genral label for pain

How can I decrease my lymphocyte count?

  • I've recently done a full blood count and saw that my lymphocyte count went up to 51%. This really concerns me. Is there anything I can eat or do to decrease this count? What about medication/supplements? Thanks
  • High lymphocyte counts are generally a symptom of another condition. Instead of focusing on lower the lymphocyte count let doctors run more tests to determine if any other medical conditions exist. I recommend you don't take any drugs or supplements to reduce your lymphocytes unless you doctor prescribes them. Tampering with you bodies immune system can be very dangerous. Also the 51% percent is a percent of your total white blood cell count so its possible that you don't have a high number of lymphocytes just a high percentage of your white blood cells are lymphocytes. People with an overall number of white blood cells count near the lower range often have a high percentage of lymphocytes. This is good because Lymphocytes are the strongest of the white blood cells so your body my be offsetting an overall low white count with a high percentage of lymphocytes.


  • I recently had some blood work done and everything came out fine except these two test? my doctor hasnt really called regarfing them and i am very concerned in why this results where high ABSOLUTE LYMPHOCYTES 4176 850 - 3900 cells/uL H ABSOLUTE EOSINOPHILS 512 15 - 500 cells/uL H . i do have asthma and some allergies, would this be a reason why?