I'm 275 lbs with joint pain and gait abnormalities. Exercise in water or cycling? Examples of exercises?

  • I'm 275 lbs. w/ joint pain and gait abnormalaties. should I walk in water or cycle? Can you give me an examples of exercises I should do?
  • If you are wanting to lose wight, exercise is fine. BUT, drastically cutting your carbohydrate intake will work much better. Continue to eat meat, fish, cheese, eggs, butter, leafy green salads, etc. Don't eat more than 2200 calories. Also, drink water and not diet soda. No more fruits or pasta or potato or corn or anything starchy or having carbs. I bet you'll see pounds drop off pretty quickly. But, you have to be disciplined.

procedures in using four point alternate gait in crutches?

Why do we go up and down when we walk (gait)?

  • You know how other animals don't really bob up and down as much as we do? Why do we do it a lot? Is it a product of bipedalism? If we walked digitigrade would we bob more?
  • People who study martial arts are trained in balance. They say a human walk is "a controlled fall". That is, we tend to lean forward a little as if to fall. Then we extend our legs in time to catch ourselves and move the each leg back accordingly, over and over. We fall, then rise, then fall, then rise.- catching ourselves with each step along the way.

If cannabis is a gait way gate weigh?

  • If cannabis is a gait way where is it a gate to: agriculture many go through that gate and learn how to grow nature and become more environmentally comprehensive science : biology the body and brain a drug that affects you can teach you about what it affects and give you a better understanding of it, just like the opium poppies taught scientists about dopamine neurotransmitters when it was one of the first neurotransmitters to be known. chemistry there are over 400 different cannabinoids in varying amounts certain combinations work better for people with symptoms of different diseases. Introspection: Leads to self interpretation,understanding,l... understanding the self makes it easier to understand the world around you. A gate way to clean air? I've heard a large plant creates its own convections that it actually circulates the air around it while it eats CO2 and producing OXYGEN that the plant can eat 50 pounds of hiway pollutants in one summer.
  • or a gateway to heavier more life controlling drugs. ...but i think you knew that. but all this cannabis talk has got me thirsty. and i want to put some fire to the bowl i have here. keep rockin'.

my 18 month daughter has a wide based gait problem?how can i help her &where should i consult?

I have abnormal gait and loss of balance at times. I also lean allot to my right side. what could i have?

  • I am also taking phicatropic medication. zoloft depekote seroquel. I also take snythyriod
  • It must be due to sertaline (Zoloft). Sertaline's side effects are abnormal gait and abnormal coordination. Please have your dosage assessed by your main physician.

I have ms and my gait gets screwed up after I work out at the gym, should I use a cane?

Does anyone know the names of any charities that focus on GAIT (walking) abnormalities?