Can you get frostbite on your tongue if you pig out on ice cream?

When I eat a ton of ice cream, my tongue feels really funny. Why does that happened? Can you get frostbite on your tongue from eating too much ice cream?
Ohhhh okay. I just wondered. I usually don't eat ice cream so I didn't know. But this one was so good so I ate the whole quart and then I couldn't feel my tongue. It was so hawd to fweel my twongue.

i doubt it the icecream melts too fast to freeze you tounge andkill the cells... frostbite. but you may geta a icecreeam headache

Does anyone know a treatment for the black skin that comes from severe frostbite?

I got frostbite a year ago, and the side of my finger is blackened. What can i do?

The "black skin" from frostbite is necrotic tissue, (dead tissue) and it has to be "surgically" removed to avoid spreading and infection. It may or may not require amputation of the entire finger, depending on the severity. It can't simply be "scrapped off."

How cold and how long to get frostbite?

At 0 degrees Farenheit, and standing outside, how long would it take to get frostbite?

What about if you were jogging?

Can you find me a good source with this information?

When wind chill is
0°F to -19°F (-18°C to -28°C) Frostbite possible. Exposed skin can freeze within 5 minutes.

-20°F to -69°F (-29°C to -56°C) EXTREMELY COLD. Frostbite likely. Exposed skin can freeze within 1 minute. Outdoor activity becomes dangerous.

≤ -70°F (≤ -57°C) FRIGIDLY COLD. Exposed skin can freeze in 30 seconds.

How long does it take to get Frostbite?

How long will it take to get frostbite if you are outside in -6 degree weather? My school seems to have forgotten.

Pretty long. Put on a scarf and a pair of gloves and you'll be set for a few hours of out doors fun. Here's a link with a picture of how temperature and wind conditions affect to the risk of frostbites. The lightest shade means it's very unlikely, the middle shade means heightened chance, and the dark red one means get inside and have a cup of coffee.

So man up, and go outside. It's been -30 degrees in here all week.

How long does it take for frostbite to turn black?

Not sure if I have frostbite or not, and am wondering how long it takes severe frostbitten areas to turn black, or for them to blister. Would I know immediately if I had frostbite that was moderate to severe?

48Hr's-1 Week also use dry sterile dressing to areas and keep them as still as possible after putting your hands in hot water and if they seem to get black go to the hospital.

How long does frostbite take to heal?

Okay so I got frostbite on my nose, I know it doesnt sound possible but it is cause I broke my nose a couple days ago and I was in so much pain that the ice was the only way it could stop it a little. So I held the ice to my face for the entire day and my right side of my
Nose turned a pinkish purple almost black looking. It's not that bad cause I can still feel my skin and it's starting to itch. And will it cause scarring to ?

I don't think that's frost bite
sounds more like a bruise
You know, the type you get from breaking your nose?

How long does it take for dry ice to cause frostbite?

When holding dry ice, how long does it take for the ice to cause frostbite?

Almost immediately, if not 1 minute later. Have you done so?

Are people who have had the beginning stages of frostbite more susceptible after that to the cold?

My daughter got the beginning stages of frostbite last spring playing soccer. With winter here, and soccer starting up again, I'm just wondering if she will be more susceptible to the cold.

Not at all. Even when damage has occured, you are no more susceptible to frost bite.