What could be the result of Frontal Lobe damage?

  • My uncle was in a car accident and they think he might have frontal lobe damage or injuries, they cant examine anything until he wakes up , he's in coma.

Persistent headache in my frontal lobe area?

  • I've taken ibuprofan but I won't go away. It's more to the sides of my frontal lobe and just above my eyes. It hurts like hell and nothing I take makes it go away. I've got a wisdom tooth coming thru but I don't think it really hurts that much.
  • Download what you have written here and take it with you when you go and see a doctor. Ask the doctor to have some tests done so as to eliminate that it is nothing serious. Ask the doctor to do an eye test as well, as you might need reading glasses.

Is there a cure for frontal lobe syndrome?

  • My sister got knocked down accidentally by my sister's boyfriend when she was really little and had a couple of concussions. She has had a history of fainting , headaches, speech problems and explosive anger at times. She is a teen now and I just found out that her problem probably has been caused by my sister's boyfriend and she still has the problems. We don't want her to go on medication, but we were wondering is there a natural cure for frontal lobe syndrome?
  • Cure ? I don't want to promise. Just I hope. But an improvement ,yes. With patience and perseverance. What I'm going to suggest here is from my vast experience. You should to consider the following, but with attention to specific problems and reactions. Immediate reward- for each "good"behavior Music therapy- promote well-being Chiropractic procedure- I saw a case with real improvement when the procedure was truly from professional man. Physical eyes exercises- during 3 months Sustained attention- At least 5-15 minutes, to improve attentional function. Eating patterns- Interfere with normal nutrition papayas,pineapple,watermelon,spinach, broccoli,cabbage,carrots. Psychotherapy Zinc supplement- positive effect in some individuals Omega 3 supplement- for direct implication in brain metabolism I really want to help and I will be happy to hear about your progress.

If the frontal lobe of a person's brain is damaged; what kind of personality disorders might they have?

  • If the frontal lobe is damaged, n the lobe controls personality, then wont that part of the brain b damaged too? IF so, how do u know that a person has a dysfunctional personality? Is it necessarily bad? explain please, thanks.

What is a small hypodensity in subcortial white matter on the left frontal lobe.?

  • There was an impression on a CT scan of the brain and it said: No acute post traumatic lesion. Small hypodensity in subcortial white matter on the left frontal lobe. this findings is nonspecific, further investigation with MRI is suggested. Can someone please explain this? Thank you What is a small hypodensity in subcortical white matter on the left frontal lobe???
  • A CT scan corresponds to how well a particular tissue absorbs X-rays - as X-rays are developed on film, the more energy that is absorbed results in a darker colour being produced - thus, on an X-ray (and a CT scan) bone is white (it absorbs more X-rays than surrounding tissue), air is black (it absorbs very little), and brain matter is a midlin' shade of grey (it absorbs some). Things darker are hypodense (lower density). http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview/id/231561.html Sounds like some form of trauma,lesion/hemorrhage(maybe stroke related),toxin exposure,low oxygen or infection .This link will go into further detail. MRI will provide a more precise diagnosis,ask for information in terms you can understand.

Is it possible that someone diagnosed ADD when he was 2 could have a larger frontal lobe issue that was missed?

  • during that same exam. I'm noticing that I have alot of symptoms in regards to frontal lobe syndrome
  • stop self diagnosis this is so harmful to you hell i could say i have cancer with my feelings but really its just lupus and i also could think that i have heart problems but its just panic disorder its not good for you at all

What are the effects of drinking with a brain injury?

  • Well i have a Frontal Lobe Brain injury.I'm 19 and i want to start going to bars with my friends.I feel no urgue to drink and i personally do not like it at all, but i feel pressured into it as EVERYONE i know does it even people i never expected.I feel if i dont do it that i am a loser,especially being 19.So what are the effects of drinking with a Tbi?
  • The disinhibition from the alcohol may be even more pronounced with a frontal lobe injury. It could be very, very risky, indeed. Drinking alcohol with your TBI would be foolish, to say the least. The people that are pressuring you are the "losers" - not you! If you want to participate socially with your friends at the bar - go ahead. Simply order a soda and leave it at that. You owe them NO explanation whatsoever - other than the fact that you are mature enough to make your own decisions. Hang tough, ~M~

how long do brain tumors in frontal lobes last?

  • How long can the brain tumor located in the frontal lobes last before resulting in death without using antibiotics.
  • That's hard to say. If benign, it will "last" for as long as the person lives. Tumors don't just go away. Because of the location, frontal tumors can have a big impact on behavior and can cause reckless, irresponsible behavior which could endanger a person bringing about an untimely death. If malignant and slow-growing, it could take years. If malignant and aggressive, as long as 18 months. Depends on at what stage of the tumor the diagnosis is made, how long the tumor has been present. Antibiotics aren't used to treat tumors, they are not a bacterial infection. You'd have to be much more specific in your question.