How deep under the skin is the femoral artery?

About how many inches under the skin is the femoral artery? I cut my leg riding my bike and it's fine now but someone said any deeper would've cut the femoral artery. It wasn't that deep though.

2-3 inches in maybe 4

How common is it for the femoral artery to be punctured during a heart cath and then need surgery to repair?

I recently had a heart cath and my femoral artery was punctured during the process.  My BP lowered and they eventually could not get a BP or a pulse.  I was rushed into surgery and the artery was repaired.  How common is this?  I was told by the cardiologist it happens about 1 in 100 caths.  The thoracic surgeon claims it is less common.  Does anyone know?

I am a cardiac nurse and I know of it happening once when I worked in CCU. I worked there for 1 yr. It also happened to my husbands grandmother. It is more like 1 in 1000. I currently work in a cardiologist office and get consents signed very often. It is a known risk and unless your cardiologist was blatantly negligent there isn't much you can do.

if your Femoral Artery is totally cut how long with it take to die?

I am watching something on tv and a person's femoral artery is totally cut. there isn't any time shown but it looks like it would take about a minute at the fastest for help to even get to the person. I know if your throat is cut you can die in about 4 minutes tops. What about the Femoral?

it depends on how the artery is cut...if it is cut clean and straight across then you have plenty of time to get help because arteries and veins are sphinctoral muscles or circular muscles that are desicned to contratc and close off the cut but if the cut is at an angle then they can not close off and the bleeding will not stop with out additional treatment. you can lose consciousness in about 30 seconds for the average adult male and death in about 3 minutes if the bleeding is unrestricted.

Where would patient complain of pain if he had superficial femoral artery stenosis?

I'm working on my med surg case study and I'm trouble finding where the location of pain would be located.

What would you expect pt. to complain of pain if he had superficial femoral artery stenosis? Popliteal stenosis?

The pain from both would be in the foot/calf. Think of the legs as a field being irrigated by the arteries.
No matter where the blockage is, the first place affected is the furthest away from the heart (hence, the foot & calf).

after femoral artery leg bypass surgery, how long before you can fly?

I will be traveling to the UK for femoral artery (leg) bypass surgery. How long before I can take a flight back home?

Ask your surgeon. It may not seem like a big deal but you need to understand that if the bypass closes up it could lead to amputation. So take your time healing on the station and and ask about how soon you can fly. It probably won't be too long after since you will be on anticoagulants the rest of your life anyway

How deep is the femoral artery?

Hi, I just wanted to know how deep down is the femoral artery?? also where is it located (in know it in the leg) but exactly where??
(also if possible can you tell me the deepness in cm rather than inches)

The femoral artery is in the thigh, not the leg (the leg starts at the knee, where the femoral becomes the popliteal artery). It's most superficial in the groin (see link below). It depends on how fat the person is, but in a skinny person it's usually <1.5cm below the skin's surface there. In obese persons it can be 5-7cm, or even more if morbidly obese (I've had patients whose artery could not be reached with a 12cm needle!). Below the groin it divides into its deep and superficial branches, both of which are much deeper in the thigh.

If the femoral artery was nicked, would amputation be needed?

It's for another story I'm writing, and I found NOTHING online that answered. If someone was shot, and the femoral artery was nicked, would amputation be absolutely needed, and if the leg wasn't amputated, would permanent damage be left to the leg? Thanks!

No, it may be repairable. I had a friend who's femoral artery got severed during an operation. He lost a lot of blood but after several transfusions and the surgeon corrected it, he did not need amputation. But after that he still experiences heavy nerve damage which has caused a pins and needles like feeling in his leg. Hope this helped.

Does anybody suffered an injury to their femoral artery and still lived a good life?

A was rob and got shot at home during july 2006. It's a one shot that when thru first to my left wrist, then to my left side of my hip, thru the left femoral artery, then thru my left upper inner thigh. I was rushed to the ER. The thing that the doctors did during the surgery was to take a piece of my vein from my right thigh and replace it with my damaged femoral artery in my left thigh. I lost > 30 pounds while staying > a week in the hospital. I managed to recover the function of my left thigh. I can walk and stand; I could run, but it looks more like a brisk/power walk.
Does anyone experience this kind of thing?
I'm still worried that this replacement vein might come off.
I will be glad if there are any medical professionals or other people equivalent professions share their views, knowledge, or experience.

Yes, I was in a car wreck that cracked my femur, bypass fracture which severed my femoral artery. I bled out profusly and ended up with a total hip and total knee. At any rate, I still have pain at the crushed site after 5 years, and I walk with a cane. I praise God I still have a leg. I just try to put the pain out of my mind and go about my business. I don't think I'll ever get over it, but that's ok. I'm here! I'm alive! I'm NOT crippled because I choose NOT to be!!! Now, I have to go cha-cha!!! God loveya.